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  1. I've been searching for this object name, but I don't even know what it would be called. I searched the objects pics list at armaholics but didn't see it. Bascially, what's the object class name for the divot or pile of dirt/rocks that a chopper makes when it crashes?
  2. I'm still having no luck with mine. Server 2008 R2 has a firewall but I turned it all off so I don't think it could be causing the issue. If I click Remote and put in the server IP then the ping comes up just fine. In the regular browser it still shows 2500. This is bizarre.
  3. Unfortunately I don't have access to a linux server. Do you? Can you try that ping to for me? I just tried using a beta server but no luck. Thanks!
  4. Same issue here. Server 2008 R2 Windows firewall is OFF UAC is OFF. Ports 2302, 2303, 2305 are open in our Cisco ASA. Icmp is allowed to the server. Server shows up with green circle but no ping. If I add it as remote host, then my ping shows up correctly. I haven't patched it with any betas but I guess that'll be my next step.
  5. What causes the orange question marks in the server browser? I finally managed to get my server working in CO by copying the OA stuff into the Arma2 folder but my server shows up with an orange ? and no ping. I ran an Arma 1 server on this same box no problem and all the ports are being properly forwarded through the firewall.
  6. I've followed these step-by-step instructions but my server still doesn't seem to be running in CO mode. I've joined it and tried to start a CO map and it takes me back to the missions screen. It'll play some of the BIS stock coops fine. I tried going to the Kelley's Heroes guide: http://www.kellys-heroes.eu/files/tutorials/dedicated/ Either that site doesn't exist anymore or I can't connect for some reason. Here's what I've done: 1. Installed ArmA 2 c:\games\Arma2 2. Installed ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead into c:\games\arma 2 operation arrowhead 3. Installed the latest beta patch ARMA2_OA_Build_77819.zip 4. Copied the contents of c:\games\arma 2 operation arrowhead\expansion\beta\expansion\addons into c:\games\arma 2 operation arrowhead\expansion\addons 5. Copied the contents of c:\games\arma 2 operation arrowhead\expansion\beta\expansion\dta into c:\games\arma 2 operation arrowhead\expansion\dta In step 5, I overwrote the existing files in the c:\games\arma 2 operation arrowhead\expansion\dta directory with the beta ones. 6. Copied the c:\games\arma 2 operation arrowhead\expansion\beta\arma2oaserver.exe and overwrote the one in c:\games\arma 2 operation arrowhead\ 7. Created a batch file with the following startup: "C:\games\arma 2 operation arrowhead\ARMA2OASERVER.exe" "-mod=ca;" -nosplash -port=2302 -config=dedicated.cfg -cfg=dedicatedperf.cfg -profiles=server -name=server -gamerTag=server 8. Scratched my head and cursed a lot as it still doesn't work. I mean seriously, WTF do I have to EFFING do to get a CO server working? Why is there no BIS FAQ on this? The dedicated server stuff on the wiki is ancient...dating back to Arma1 with almost nothing about Arma2 much less CO. FFS, there should be more documentation on this. I ran dedicated servers for both OFP and Arma 1 so it's not like I'm a noob at this either. So if someone can please show me the error of my ways, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  7. Where do I find the exe to run a combined ops server? I downloaded the latest patch and applied it to the install on my server, but I don't see an arma2co_server.exe or anything like it. Do I run it from the regular exe with -server?
  8. KaRRiLLioN

    Gossamer's Warfare --- Variant of Warfare BE

    Is there someplace I can get a list of the rules for this mission? I need something that explains what all the upgrades do and how to do certain things. For example, I saw someone paradrop a squad into a town without a chopper or plane so I assumed it must be under one of the menus but I have yet to find it. Also, it'd be cool to get the equipment menu equivalent to the BE Warfare version. So far, I like this version better than the BE versions, mainly because it doesn't have all the AI commander stuff. When I made RTS IV for Arma 1, I found it necessary to keep that stuff out just to keep the servers from tanking. OTOH, I hate going into a Gossamer WF game where one team has been taking towns, etc. w/o any opposition and they don't want to restart even though they have a 2-hr headstart. Not much to be done about it, I know, but annoying.
  9. KaRRiLLioN

    Warfare Questions

    I'm tenatively poking my foot back into ArmA after about a year away. Â I've tried Warfare a couple of times, namely Matt's latest version on my server. I find the concept interesting, but a bit clunky in some regards so want to gauge opinions on the matter. Camps: Â You take one and can respawn right back at it after death. Â Doesn't this seem to take away from realism? Â I played last night with a few humans vs AI and simply respawned over and over at a town, buying ammo/weapons until I wiped out all the Resistance/Tanks guarding it. Do you all like the idea of camps like that? Point of purchase at factories: Â I discovered you must be right at the base to order any tanks/aircraft. Â In RTSIV I implemented "wireless" vehicle/unit production so you could be anywhere and still order factory builds remotely and have crewed tanks, etc. drive from the base to your location or wherever you sent them. Am I missing something or are you required to be next to a factory to produce something? Do you like this requirement, or does it seem more realistic to allow ordering via radio? Artillery: Â Okay, I like the *idea* of arty, but in practice it tends to be overpowered, especially when it's raining down on your base. Â OTOH, apparently the arty is stationary (unless I'm missing a towing ability here). Would a hard cap on arty units be a good thing? AI Supply: Â This seems to be a throwback to the BIS CTI idea, but it seems to be extraneous and buggy, especially when you get more players on a server. Wouldn't it be better to cut down on the AI overhead and simply assign a value to towns, then add in a random factor that would make you miss payments from towns on occasion instead of having AI drive trucks all over the place? Resistance AI: Â I think the coop aspect of AI is interesting especially if you don't have that many people on the teams. Do most of you prefer having AI to fight in the towns initially? Â Even if teams are full? It seems to me that ArmA became more of a coop game than PvP. As an aside, I noticed some whacky thing when testing base structures. Â If I make an independently crewed M1Abrams and an enemy structure, the Abrams will shoot it with its sabot and destroy it. Â If I have an Abrams in my group, it'll shoot at the structure with its MG. Â Very odd. AA Pods will not engage fixed wing aircraft, but they'll shoot down choppers in a heartbeat. Â WTF?
  10. KaRRiLLioN

    Captured Depos and Structures.

    I played warfare for the first time this weekend and noticed the insta-build walls/defenses myself. Personally, I think his idea was very clever, even if it wasn't in the spirit of gameplay. But this is something quite easy for the creator to fix, IMO. While I think the method of building is interesting, nobody actually builds the walls. I think workers or soldiers should come out of the complex and do it. If they're killed during construction, then the wall isn't built. As it is now, you're looking at legos.
  11. KaRRiLLioN

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    So how's 1.09 looking? I tried to read the thread but it's kinda long.
  12. KaRRiLLioN

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    1.11e had a bit of buggy code in it so I wouldn't use it. 1.11d is virtually identical but doesn't have the bug in it.
  13. KaRRiLLioN

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    I haven't been here a while but noticed you were trying to get the latest versions. I tested the link for 1.11d in the first post and it works. Let me know if it still isn't working for you. I took down my server for the time being since I don't play ArmA and some of my friends begged me to put the OFP server back up so they could play RTS3.
  14. KaRRiLLioN

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    XML's can be flakey at times.
  15. KaRRiLLioN

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    It's quite possible that if your XML is not working, then you'll have only brackets after your name. What version of RTS were you playing when the guy came in and starting making sandbag towers? 1.11d or 1.11e?