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    Arma 3 has stopped responding.

    Me too. I see no one has inclined to help us with this yet.
  2. Isn't that the script hackers that use to get on DayZ all the time?

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive!

    Started with OFP in Nov. 2001 and am greatfull for the alpha release. Looks great guys!! Now fix all the bugs, jk. Thank you!

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Come on guys its a alpha for crying out loud. I'm just glad we can play with the alpha. Would you rather have nothing and just be looking for the release date to come far down the road?

    CTF Catpure The Flag

    I know its only ARMA 3 alpha but is there any CTF missions that have been made? Don't know if they can even be made yet. Tried to unpbo some old ARMA 2 CTF missions and mess with them a bit but couldn't get anything to take. I am a bit rusty though. Been playing this since OFP first came out and when ARMA came out seems like all PVP went to sector control, CTI and other missions I didn't much care for. Capture The Flag was the best, "nothing like that rush you get when you grab the flag and everyone on the enemy wants a piece of you" and when we got away from it, it just kinda ruined the game for me. Hope that doesn't happen again with ARMA 3 because I'm really digging what they have done and have a renewed interest in the series. Thank you BIS!!