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  1. Drongo's Command Enhancement

    The target button makes your squad AI shoot directly at the target under your cursor. This is for situations like when an enemy MRAP rolls up 10 meters in front of you and your AI won't engage. In short "Shoot that now!". Suppression is area fire around the target. I have never looked at fastroping or slingloads, I'll put it on the to do list. You can exclude any group from DCE by adding it to dceExcludedGroups. For example: dceExcludedGroups = dceExcludedGroups + [_myGroup]; There is an update of DCE coming soon. Some of the fixes/updates: Dialog now displays properly on all UI sizes (thanks X39) Waypoint system updated and now has black lines from the group to each waypoint (like High Command) Reinforcements system integrated at the addon level (can still customize with scripting) Can now see individual markers for each man and vehicles in the selected group in Command New markers for marking the individual men/vehicles in a squad Can turn off reports of civilians General tidy up, optimization and modernizing of code There are still some sporadic waypoint issues with vehicles for some reason (issues which don't affect infantry, helos or jets). I pray to Odin that BIS fixes the tank AI with the upcoming DLC. If AI tanks still keep turning their rear armour to the enemy and crashing into each other all the time, then the whole DLC will be worthless. My air and artillery mods are very functional and I use them every week in my coop games. But they lack the final polish for a public release. I also want to add a lot of features to DAS. So it depends on my motivation.
  2. Drongo's Air Support

    I just took a look at your PM again to refresh my memory, lots of good stuff there. I am focused on bugfixing and improving DCE at the moment, but after that the air and arty will get a proper look. I'll probably have a bunch of questions for you.
  3. Drongo's Air Support

    I hadn't thought of that, though I script drops in some of my missions. I'll take a look at it.
  4. Drongo's Command Enhancement

    Here is a short overview of the reinforcements system. Writing your own army lists is very simple. It is really easy to set up and customize.
  5. Drongo's Command Enhancement

    Drongo's RTS overview with a lot of DCE usage and intelligent commentary on the world at large:
  6. Pook ARTY Pack

    Hi hcpookie. Do your arty units use unique values for their mags and ammo, or do they inherit straight from BIS values? I'd like to accommodate your artillery when I re-release my artillery addon. Not sure if the rocket stuff is doable, but the tube stuff should be easy enough.
  7. Drongo's Air Support

    No, though it looks like it would have saved me a lot of hassle. Cheers mate, a lot of work has gone into it. I never stopped modding over the past few years, I just stopped public releases.
  8. Drongo's Air Support

    Notepad++, vodka and autism Basically it is the result of years of trial and error, starting with the dialog for CoC United Artillery back in OFP. They had very nicely defined dialog code that allowed me to bumble through creating my own even though I didn't understand a lot of it. When I moved to Arma 3, SaMara and Tonic-_- were kind enough to let me use some of their dialog code to get started. Since then I have learned a lot, thanks to persistence and the comments of other modders. Now I use a standard template for every dialog I make.
  9. Drongo's Air Support

    Here is an overview of the latest version of DAS:
  10. Drongo's Command Enhancement

    I have a Patreon, link in the first post. TSC I think was only for OFP and did basically DCE, DAS and the arty do for Arma. I've released so much stuff over the years I can't remember it all tbh. The mods never did explain what was wrong with that campaign, just hid the thread and gave me a 3 month PR lol. Anyway, the system behind it (Random Displacements Campaign) has been fully developed in private and is fantastic fun. It is a dynamic company-level combined-arms MP campaign with a frontline that moves across the map as players win/lose missions. It is easy to port to any island or units. It gives a summary at the end about how the men in your unit and civilians in your AO felt about you and what kind of career (or warcrimes trial) you face thereafter. It showcases Arma at its glorious combined arms best, so no wonder BIS deleted it, I should be making Life mods or DayZ clones instead.
  11. Drongo's Command Enhancement

    The modules are legacy stuff from earlier versions. I was thinking of adding modules like scripted objectives, scripted end-gamed conditions and scripted enemy displacements like I did with my Scripted Objectives System for the first Arma. For the civilian stuff, I can make a button to toggle reporting civs on or off. It depends on my motivation. TBH I thought people would be more interested in this release, there is nothing out there like DCE. But the community response has been lukewarm at best. It is much less ballache to just release privately and not worry about documentation, testing, etc.
  12. Drongo's Command Enhancement

    Thanks foxhound. Definitely. DCE will continue to be upgraded, so I encourage everyone to post suggestions (and any bugs they find).
  13. Drongo's Command Enhancement

    First post updated with a download link. Here is a video overview:
  14. Drongo's Air Support

    My command stuff will be out very soon, the air and arty within a few weeks to a few months probably.