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  1. kenoxite

    Squad Feedback

    Updated: - CHANGE: Increased default view distance for squadmates from 500 to 800m for land and from 1500 to 2000m for air - FIX: Fixed instance in which the HUD auto enabled without user input
  2. kenoxite

    Squad Feedback

    No problem! I'm also a SP guy, so this was made mainly for myself. I've been using a (quite crude) version of this mod for years now. It wasn't until recently that I decided to make it public. Also, I'm pretty sure that we SP crowd are a significant chunk of the playerbase (if not the majority, although we just don't like to talk as much ), so I figured this tool would help quite a few others.
  3. kenoxite

    Squad Feedback

    Updated: - NEW: Option to disable known enemies checks when not in a group, enabled by default. The known enemies will be those that the unit you are controlling perceives. Even if disabled, known enemies will still be shown if you have 'Allow Enemy Tracking Devices' enabled and one of those devices equipped. - NEW: Option to enable more precise visibility checks for enemy vehicles, disabled by default. This will check all the corners of their bounding box instead of a single point, so it will severely affect performance. - FIX: Enemy icons for armor was checking for the wrong parent class, displaying always the Unknown icon. Now enemy armor will display the armor icon, as it should. - FIX: More consistent results for the checks of group change - CHANGE: Separated clean enemy taggers as a function
  4. kenoxite

    Squad Feedback

    Updated: - NEW: Enemy icons will now reflect the type of unit - NEW: Group and formation leaders index will now always be shown if "Always Show Index" is on - FIX: Fixed default enemy tracking devices not being detected in some instances - FIX: Unknown enemy position icon now changes size based on the last known position, not the real enemy position - CHANGE: No calculations will be done to display the HUD when the enemy and/or player are still, the stored values in the unit vars will be used instead. This helps improve performance but adds some jerkiness in the updating of the enemy icons - CHANGE: Removed redundant visibility calculations from HUD text functions - CHANGE: Refactored alpha function - CHANGE: Now using CBA_fnc_getFov instead of getObjectFOV
  5. kenoxite

    Squad Feedback

    Glad you're finding it useful! There's no current option to do that, but you have some hints about the type of enemy right now. Vehicles will always display a bigger icon than infantry. I might consider including an option to show either class name or generic type of unit (infantry, tank, car, etc). The problem is that there's going to be a cluster of texts if enemies are too close, particularly at the distances you might find enemies in an air vehicle, which would make this option not that useful. Another option would be to change the generic "unknown" enemy icon that I'm using right now with one specific of that type of unit, but at a distance I'm afraid it wouldn't be that easy to tell apart. I don't know, I'm still tweaking all this. I'll look into it.
  6. Enhanced visual feedback SINGLEPLAYER ONLY About Squad Feedback aims to enhance AI / player communication via visual cues so you receive the same information your AI team does, including team status and known enemy locations. Features This mod can display the following information about each unit in your group: Index Its number in your group If it's the group leader or formation leader Group leaders will have their index between chevrons (like <1>). Formation leaders will display a ^ besides it (like 1^). If the unit is both it will be displayed like this: <1>^ Role Based on attributes and currently equipped weapon, which can be different from its class Class Health status Ammo status Team color Distance Alive status Dead squadmates can display a relevant icon (a skull) after a configurable time delay Also, as part of the group you can also receive information about current known enemies, including: Current or last known position Distance You can toggle the visibility of each one of those mentioned above in the Addon Settings panel. Occlusion Enemy units are subjected to occlusion and visibility checks, trying to emulate the way AI detects and follows threats: Enemy Tracking Devices By default, known enemies will automatically tracked whenever you have equipped one of the following items: Combat Goggles (any version, including balaclavas) Tactical Glasses (any version) VR Goggles Assassin Helmet (any version) Defender Helmet (any version) Fighter Pilot Helmet (any version) Special Purpose Helmet (any version) You can toggle this option off or add more gear with this feature by adding class names (without quotes and separated by commas) in the HUD Display - Advanced section of the Addon Settings panel. Default Keybinds Display Squad HUD (Toggle): TAB Display Known Enemies (Toggle): Ctrl + TAB You can change those keybinds by going to: Options > Controls > Configure Addons (in the lower part of the controls window) > Squad Feedback (select it from the ADDON combo box) Changing Settings You can change the default settings by going to: Options > Addon Options > Squad Feedback (select it from the ADDON combo box) If you hover over a setting's name a tooltip with extended information about what it does will be displayed. Credits CBA_A3 - Without this the customization options wouldn't be the same. Also, some nifty functions were used killzone kid - for the very useful zoom function "pulse" by Trendy from the Noun Project, used in the logo Permissions This project falls under the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA).
  7. kenoxite

    2035 Central Africa

    Updated: - Fixed ballistic values for "Light Fatigues (Green Hex)" being way too high. Also changed model to "o_officer_noinsignia_f" - CAAF T-100M now has an AK-12s in its loadout instead of Katibas - CAAF Recon JTAC tropic now uses the olive laser designator - Revised LBV Harness texture - Enabled CAAF Recon Autorifleman - Revised textures of GA carrier vests - Rebels now use a green RPG-42 - New GA plate carriers: black, brown, olive - New light helmets: tropic, arid, green, brown and black. CAAF Recon can now randomly equip them - New CSAT Pacific retexture for the Orca - Replaced Katiba with CTAR in Orca cargo
  8. Central Africa factions set in 2035 Factions: CSAT (Central Africa) (OPFOR) CAAF (Tropic)/(Arid) (Independent) Rebels (Central Africa) (OPFOR & Independent) Civilians (Central AFrica) (civilian - african and asian) CAAF Central African Armed Forces (CAAF) based on a mix of several current central African nations and the armaverse. They appear as two separate factions: CAAF (Tropic) and CAAF (Arid). Both are the same except for the camo patterns they use. While their nation isn't immune to foreign interests they've remained mostly an independent actor. Russia has been a main provider for gear and hardware, but they have had also deals going on with other independent nations. They have been at war for decades with their nearest neighbor, the newest CSAT member, usually winning the conflicts. CSAT Under the initiative of the new head of state, an ambitious young general, this African country has managed to get their foot inside CSAT. This was considered by him as a key factor for the survival of their nation against their hostile neighboring country. From all the CSAT members, they have China as their closest friend. They were the main actor in favor of their membership and provide them with training, hardware and men for specialized roles. While the continuous training of the African military should lead to the roles now filled by Chinese being eventually filled by locals, some suspect the Chinese control over their army will never end. Rebels An amalgam of idealists, displaced and criminals, the central african rebels have received an influx of new blood from deserters who didn't like to be part of CSAT's puppet army. Although they pose a threat to the stability of both nations, CAAF has been accused lately of funding them to use them as a weapon against its neighbour. Download Gallery https://imgur.com/a/CxR1qjR Central Africa in the Armaverse There's mention of some countries that could be host for any of these factions, such as: Bocano North Lombakka South Lombakka Suggested terrains Here's a Steam list with some terrains that could work with these factions: 2035 Central Africa terrains Credits Textures: anitaanitawartihamid (camos) - Background Vectors by Vecteezy krzychuzokecia (Orca CSAT Pacific) Texture templates: DreamRebel (T-100, Zamak) IndeedPete (headgear, uniforms, weapons) Overall to all the participants in the Community Texture Templates thread. While I ended up tweaking and modifying most templates they did help me a lot for understanding how re-texturing works post-OFP. Other: ALiVE team (crates and preview images via ALiVE Orbat Creator) Permissions This project falls under the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA).
  9. kenoxite

    OFP Materials

    BTW, the latest version was included in the Extended Effects mod/whatever. It was still tagged as "preview" because I was planning on creating another installer (and never actually worked on it). But that version is the final one. It fixes several texture assignments for vanilla OFP textures, removes the yellow tint (although you'll see yellow still because OFP's sun tints yellow everything most hours of the day) and adds support for a shitton of mods and addons, among other things. Here's the link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7a3fv9hi157j2ap/OFP+Materials+v1.2+preview.zip (same link from the ExtFX thread).
  10. kenoxite

    Extended Effects

    You're probably doing it correctly already if you're seeing something where the numbers should be. The problem is OFP/CWA has seriour problems rendering those kind of textures on the fly. Or to be more precise, to render them as sharply as you would expect. The trick I had to use in order to display the numbres in ExtFX without blurriness was to include absolutely all the textures of the numbers inside the models of the vehicles that use it. Otherwise some people will experience what you have. And I say some people because, for some reason, it works OK for some (not for me, though). So, what can you do? Well, you could create a new object (in Oxygen) that only contains those numbers and manually place it somewhere on the map, so the numbers are loaded into memory from the start of the mission. That won't help with campaing misisons or the like, though. Or you could fiddle with texture sizes, decals, etc in the OFP options. That sometimes made it work for me, but not consistently. Anyway, it's been years since I've touched anything OFP related (nor plan to TBH), but I was browsing these forums and thought I'd chime in.
  11. kenoxite

    Extended Effects

    1. Now I understand what you meant. Yes, you're right, modelOptics was using the unsuppressed MP5 muzzle. I'll fix this in a next release, but meanwhile you can make the change yourself by changing the #define HK_SMG to this: #define HK_SMG model="\ww4_wpn\WW4_MP5SD.p3d"; modelOptics="optika_HK"; reloadMagazineSound[]={"\ww4ext_sounds\rifle\M4Reload.wss",0.010316,1}; 2. True, but if we go this path we can find many other instances where model styles and quality won't match, particularly in vehicles. I'll see what we can do with this, though, although @krzychuzokecia is the one revamping most guns for next WW4Ext version (he also revamped the AKs). 3.1. The M2 sound I think came from the Stryker addon. Can't remember. It's one of the few sounds that haven't been redone. The rest were done by scratch by using YouTube videos as source (that and a lot of postediting). You can try the M82 sound instead, which is a tweaked version of the M2 one and sounds way more beefy. To do so change the #define M2_MAG to this: #define M2_MAG sound[]={"\ww4ext_sounds\sniper\m82barrett.wss",1.0,1}; soundContinuous=0; I personally find this one a little bit too much, but you might enjoy this more than the default one. 3.2 The XM sounds are the ones used in the next WW4Ext release for the M4s. I honestly haven't researched how an XM117 sounds, though. 4. Yes, that and almost all the vehicles have been revised. There were still some to be polished, but the majority are already. Also, information like the blackening of vehicles when destroyed, z levels of transparent textures, etc was lost or corrupted when converting the BIS models to MLOD through ODOL explorer. We were tweaking all that kind of stuff too.
  12. kenoxite

    Extended Effects

    I've updated the config in the shared folder in google drive. There's now two versions of the config file, one for version 5.1 and one for version 5.1.2. Use the one corresponding on the WGL version you have installed. I've also included a version with WGL settings with everything disabled but smoke, explosion and fire effects for destroyed vehicles. Regardless of your settings it's important that you disble the tracers, as they conflict with the new CWA "find" scripting command and might cause OFP/CWA to crash. You should be able to use the extfx 5.1 config with ShackTack's version, as long as they were using the vanilla 5.1 config.
  13. kenoxite

    Extended Effects

    The only thing the WW4_Extended_FX definitions file modifies are the models and sounds of the weapons. Ammo, RoF and all the rest of parameters aren't modified, so what you're seeing is vanilla behaviour. Maybe it's just the new sound for AK bursts, which is a bit faster than the original BIS one. The MP5 replacement uses vanilla WW4 version. I didn't edit this model, so what you see might also happen in WW4 or WW4 Ext. I guess the muzzle flash wasn't removed from the suppressed version of that SMG. I might add that. I thought about it, but never actually did it. While it'd be nice to have I'm still not too convinced. Yes, I guess you have a point here. We'll see. Actually, IIRC the sounds were pretty much set as final at that stage. The only one that really needed further tweaking was the SVD one, to remove the "Phil Collins synth drum effect" (as @krzychuzokecia aptly named it :p). So, feel free to list any sounds you think that are off or could be tweaked further. Anyway, I think I haven't commented this anywhere yet, but the sounds and models from WW4 Extended used in ExtFX are from the unpublished next WW4Ext release. So, any suggestion or bug report you have on this will be applied there, and then retrofitted into this project. I'll look into it. By now you can already disable it by placing a game logic in the editor and naming it "WW4burnexplo" (without quotation marks). That's the name of the logic used by vanilla WW4 to enable burnt vehicle effects, and the ExtFX script will disable its own version if it finds that logic. But, as I've said, I'll add a new option to disable all this for good. Indeed it is amazing :) While there's other great mods WGL has always been for me the gold standard of modding in OFP/CWA. It was focused on multiplayer, so performance was a priority for their team, as you have noticed already. That, plus enhanced effects and some AI tweaks. Their team has always been an inspiration to me and what have pushed me to become better at scripting and config editing for my own projects. WGL is also the grandfather of the later Armas ACE, ACE2, which you probably know already. You actually can use them without problems (I just did). Make sure you also edited the @wgl5\bin\models_base.hpp file this way: //#define CUSTOM_MODELS #define DMA_ARMY_MODELS //#define DMA_NAVAL_MODELS //#define BWMOD_MODELS //#define SFP_MODELS //#define RYAN_MODELS //#define BIS_MODELS //#define WGL5_MODELS You also need to load the dma addons along the wgl and extfx mods using a line like this: @extfx;@wgl5;@WGL_DMApackARMY; For more download links and info you should check out the WGL5 moddb page that @barccy set up there. Ok, I'll check it out. That's not a big problem, but it adds to the time and difficulty of recreating that gun, yes.
  14. kenoxite

    Extended Effects

    Sure thing. This weekend I was planning on explaining in more detail how to integrate ExtFX with other mods that provide their own config, anyway. I've created a new folder with custom CONFIG.bin files for other mods: You can get them here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0By2CaodBQ84GaDNQaGdpSjdpWU0?usp=sharing So far only WGL and GRAA are included. I've also included readmes to let all of you know what was changed in order to integrate both mods, along with the suggested mod order (which is, @extfx always before the mod you want to load). For mods or addon packs that don't provide a custom config.bin you can just load @extfx AFTER the mod/addon. Basically, when integrating this with one of those mods you want to load first the definitions.hpp file (and place it in the mod's /bin folder first) and then add the EH define to the Man, LandVehicle, Air and Ship classes. You should also add PRELOADBANKS_CUSTOM to PreloadBanks and PRELOADADDONS_CUSTOM to PreloadAddons, to make sure the tracers pbo is correctly loaded when the game starts. As for the performance you perceive from GRAA's, I just don't see it. "Heavy" missions like BIS Battlefields perform exactly the same as with the Vanilla_ExtFX definition. Maybe slightly worse. But, hey, whatever works for you. And about the ENABLE_BURNING_VEH feature, that's already included in ExtFX. It actually uses an expanded version of Sanctuary's script (the same used in GRAA). The only difference is that burning times and probabilities are tied to the type of vehicle, its current ammo, etc. Bikes won't explode in a ball of fire, etc. ExtFX version is more tamed in general and a bit more realistic, if you like. You can enable or disable the rest of features (ENABLE_FREEAIM, ENABLE_DESTR_VEH), as those aren't modified by ExtFX and never will.
  15. kenoxite

    Extended Effects

    1- That's not possible 2- Make sure you comment the normal english and russian language definitions and comment out the ECP ones. It should look more or less like this: // Release version //+ (call preprocessfile "..\@extfx\EXT_DSAI_lang\english.sqf") //+ (call preprocessfile "..\@extfx\EXT_DSAI_lang\russian.sqf") + (call preprocessfile "..\@extfx\EXT_DSAI_lang\arabic.sqf") // Release version (ECP) ** Requires ECP_DSAI.pbo ** + (call preprocessfile "..\@extfx\EXT_DSAI_lang\english_ECP.sqf") + (call preprocessfile "..\@extfx\EXT_DSAI_lang\russian_ECP.sqf") Anyway, if you say you have trouble keeping up with performance the last thing you want to do is to throw yet even more stuff in your missions or tests. ECP DSAI support was provided just because I knew someone would ask for it, but it's not really needed. ExtFX DSAI has hundreds of voices already, all from the Arma series, unlike the rest that are ripped from Call of Duty or Battlefield or whatever (the exception is the included arabic voices, which are from those other games too, it seems, but I'm thinking on providing it separately in a next release instead of built-in in the ExtFX package).