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    OFP/ACWA SP mission design discussion; Modding; Editing; Play-testing. Long Live OFP:R

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    Ukrainian dad and hubbie, currently living on the Iberian peninsule, that loves to relax after dealing with the stress of a whole day full of job, friend, kid and mrs. drama, by playing mostly wargames

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  1. crzazszus001

    Extended Effects

    Thanks will try it asap Based on this reply, I can already tell I was at fault for not thinking of that. Agreed that quickly zooming in on completely different locations is a great feature and also it will probably avoid the horrid switching to zoomed glasses after loading all your other gear into a vehicle. Thanks to both @hitman1987 and to @krzychuzokecia 🙂✊
  2. crzazszus001

    Extended Effects

    Whenever I use this mod, everything seems to work as intended except that the binoculars don't work. Too bad because otherwise I would barely play vanilla ever again. Anyone knows why this happens and/or can help troubleshooting the issue? Thanks in advance... 😔