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  1. Bogusone

    HandgunMP mod

    Hello everyone! In this update of HandgunMPx mod I added MP5-SD submachinegun with 3D aimpoint sights to be used with rifle aiming animations. Now there are 2 rifles with 3D aimpoint sights: XMS short assault rifle and MP5-SD submachinegun. Video of MP5 SD with 3D aimpoint sight in use: https://www.moddb.com/mods/handgunmod/videos/mp5-sd-with-aimpoint-sights Download link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/handgunmod/downloads/handgunmpx
  2. Bogusone

    HandgunMP mod

    Hello everyone. I made some fixes. Changelog: Version: 0.852: 1) Fixed bonus ECP+HandgunMP mod configuration file. Now it works. 2) Fixed bonus ECP+HandgunMPx mod configuration file. Now it also works. Please download the latest version.
  3. Bogusone

    HandgunMP mod

    Everyone, Please download the latest version of HandgunMP mod! Previous version had missing animations. Please accept my apologies ;( Changelog: Version: 0.851: 1) Fixed missing animations. P.S. Experimental version: HandgunMPx mod was not affected.
  4. From recent Multiplayer sessions: MP-5 SD with aimpoint. STGN's M4 SD with ACOG.
  5. Bogusone

    HandgunMP mod

    Hello everyone, I released ww4mod25 plus HandgunMP mod 🙂
  6. Bogusone

    HandgunMP mod

    Thank you, krzychuzokecia 👍
  7. Bogusone

    HandgunMP mod

    Thanks! I released an experimental HandgunMPx mod. This experimental version adds rifle aiming animations for Crouched and Standing stances and experimental XMS rifle with 3D aimpoint sight to be used with those animations. Download link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/handgunmod/downloads/handgunmpx I also released a fix of main mod.
  8. From Multiplayer session:
  9. Bogusone

    HandgunMP mod

    Download: New experimental version Download: Permissions: