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  1. Hi KKlowboy, is been a long time, was trying to reach you in Alpha Squad home page, but it looks is down and corrupted,  the squad still gaming?  do you have coms,  ts3, discord , will really like to talk to you again, Saludos Bass

  2. start Steam as admin
  3. kklownboy


    usually the little stutters are a Process that is polling every x-seconds. A utility that checks the temp of some hardware,or some such. I have even had FPS overlay counters do that. Sometimes changing priority (game to highest, crap to lowest) can do wonders. But there is also the lag from latency for settings in your Bios
  4. kklownboy

    Make all DLC Maps Free

    actually nothing of the game should be free, unless modders want it to. Make money get a job. free crowded pub servers are the worst .... Devs, programmers and Artists need to eat too
  5. kklownboy

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    so...more weaksauce from you. ignore list for you
  6. cause in real life no cliky noises happen with radios.... TFR has its ++'s , but real 3D sound is my preferred sound space.
  7. what rounds? but trying to be dead on like laser can be and is problematic, I've run into this all the time. That's why I try out the weapon combos and just use "dope". It is the feel that gets you the one shot. And turn off the magic reticule... its what makes you sad... . Live with the site and the environment/weapon system you choose/ rounds....
  8. @snkman; hope you find peace in your work. as for Zorrobye...meh Would be great if there was a real grouplink for A3+. Grouplink 2 and 3 were some of the best game sessions ever in Arma for me.
  9. kklownboy

    AC-130 Gunship

    look in the scripting side of the forum
  10. @ TBsThug; you expect an answer from over a year ago? and he hasn't been online since August 4, 2017 GL