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Found 6 results

  1. Drongo's Command Enhancement Version 021 released DCE greatly enhances control over your AI squadmates and lets you take command of large-scale combined ops, letting you switch to any unit at any time. DCE delivers a huge array of vital enhancements to Arma 3 battles in SP or MP: Streamlined and expanded squad control Command large scale combined-arms operations (platoon, company or even battalion) Detailed information sharing (contact reports, map-markers for enemy and friendly units, casualty reports) Many vital quality of life features Squad dialog: Command dialog: Version 21 trailer: Overview: Squad Engine If you're reading this, you've probably at one point been tempted to headbutt your monitor in rage at your insubordinate AI or the cumbersome vanilla command menu ("F5, F6,0,0,7, argh I'm dead!"). With a single intuitive click DCE lets you control: formation stance behaviour combat mode and more DCE also expands control of your squad with commands such as: quick-posture (Contact!, Patrol, etc) deploy/undeploy statics garrison structure heal self/others dismount cargo only eject all all/dismounts only/vehicles only halt/follow and more Command Engine DCE seamlessly brings all the elements on the Arma 3 battlefield together for that only-in-Arma combined arms experience. Command your tank platoons forward, order your infantry to secure buildings, call in gunships for search and destroy missions, insert your spec ops with via helo. Play Arma 3 as a real-time tactics wargame with a first person option. Control AI groups with single-click orders controlling: waypoints (add, change type, delete, etc) mount/dismount vehicles crew/decrew vehicles formation combat mode behaviour speed altitude landing (helos only) deploy statics formation direction searching garrisoning and more Take control of any unit on your side to get into the action yourself. InfoShare Maintain situational awareness with friendly chatter and reports: Contact reports (reporting enemy composition, size and position) Map markers for friendly elements Map markers for spotted enemy elements Casualty reports Quality Of Life We've all been there. You're engrossed in the thrill of capturing that a bitterly-contested town when suddenly a "friendly" APC rear-ends your tank and now your MBT is sitting in the middle of the vital crossroads on its roof. A quick dash of DCE magic sees everything put right. Other blood-pressure reducing features include: Teleport (great for when AI groups just don't want to move) Dynamic view distance settings Enable/disable Dynamic Simulation at any time Clean up dead vehicles Animation fixer FPS counter and more DCE also offers 14 function keys which can be assigned to any script by mission makers. This is extremely useful when testing or when you want to make a custom mission but don't want the hassle of writing a dialog from scratch. Using in game To bring up the menu, hit your DCE key ("Window App" by default, change under CONFIGURE > CONTROLS > CONFIGURE ADDONS in mission). Most of the buttons and functions are self-explanatory or can be learned by playing around in the editor for a few minutes. Known Bugs Not a bug, but a limitation: Only a single group at a time can be given dialog orders (in HC you can select multiple groups and give orders) Using the Switch button from the Command menu seems to disable the AI of the unit switched to Future Plans Make units report when they are under fire with no casualties Scripted modules for quickly setting up company-scaled combined arms missions with objectives, end-game conditions and automatically generated enemy forces Permissions You may not adapt the dialogs for your own usage. The rights of any 3rd party scripts used in this work belong with the owner. I do not and have never claimed ownership over the work of other people. All 3rd party scripts are used in good faith. You may NOT reverse-engineer this addon for your personal use without my written permission. You may NOT publicly distribute altered versions of this system without my written permission. You may NOT use this system or any derivatives thereof in any way for monetary gain. You may NOT use this system or derivatives thereof as part of any submission to any contest of any kind. Credits Thank you very much to SaMara and Tonic-_- for allowing me to use their dialog code in earlier releases. Drongo69: concept and coding. Chops: testing and input. RootLocus: testing DT for OFP. Sanctuary: help with DT for OFP. Macser: help with DT for OFP. Vektorboson: help with DT for OFP. Grumpy Old Man: for letting me use his code for spotting and reporting units. Kenoxite: icons idea, some icons BIS: some functions Requires CBA Download version 21 (~402 KB)
  2. Crito

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Sharing my A3DMS Missions for Arma 3 Exile. These Missions are set up to use reinforcements on both static and bandit missions. Working vehicle, helicopter, and foot soldiers when a defined number of AI in a group are killed the reinforcements will come in. The helicopter will fly around as gun ship it will not drop troops If you enable it may or may not work right has a mind of its own when doing pardrops. Take a look at the bandit mission blackHawkDown.sqf, static missions Saltflats.sqf, StoptheMayor.sqf, and Chelonisipower.sqf to see the randomization these have to offer. I run these on my server and players like the randomization because it never plays out the same and they dont get use to the same exact stuff at the missions. If you use dms you cannot use just the missions out of here it will not work you need the scripts folder and the missions folder due to the changes I had to make to 2 scripts and all bandit missions to get this all to work. Also In the blackHawkDown.sqf is specific cordinates put in each pos case and it runs of choosing a mission location off of chordinates you put in there instead of the normal bandit mission random locations. I did this because the buildings for this mission do not work well on hills. the cordinates that are there are for Altis map so if you use another map you need to get cordinates put in where you want possible spawns to be. https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Reworked-A3DMS-Missions
  3. SURROUNDED, COMBATANTS, AREAS-OF-OPERATION, and REINFORCEMENTS by Richard Von Quest VERSION: v0.6.7 beta UPDATED: 23 DEC 2020 DONATE: Support Project // INTRODUCTION: Enemy Spawner, Ambient Real-Time Combat, and Map Occupation System! WORKS WITH ANY and ALL ADDONs & FACTIONS. This is the Stand-Alone Module system of my DARK Project from SpookWarCom. Fully customizable, with numerous User Option Settings for intensely dynamic game-play for any and ALL ArmA Maps. Even NEW Maps!! Create anything from quiet stealthy "Behind-Enemy-Lines" Black-Op Missions, or Defending a NATO Base. Maybe some Terrorists and War Lord controlled 3rd-World territory, or perhaps an epic full-blown chaotic War-Zone where you are fighting for the freedom of an occupied sovereign country that lasts for months. The choice is yours... The heart of the System is the Areas-of-Operation. You can select 'Known' Intel, or probable 'Unknown' Intel. Select the EXACT number of AOs or select RANDOM for each group. Mix-n-Match the Modules and Options as you wish for a gazillion of variations. Very Easy to use. Very very noob friendly! Just enter Config Paths, and/or Classnames for a fully customized scenario. Control your Maps with precision! Spawn 1 Terrorist, 100 Civilians, or thousands of Enemy Squads. I give all the power to the player. "Behind Enemy Lines" // FEATURES: Ease of Use! Noob & FPS Friendly! Spawn ANY Unit from ANY ADDON!!! ALL Maps, Mods, Factions Supported Supports all styles of Gameplay Supports User Custom .sqf Files Create 1 AO or an entire WarZone Spawns BLUFOR, OPFOR, INDEP, CIVs Hyper-Flexible with complete freedom! De-spawns Units over 3km away Enemy can Radio nearby Helis for CAS "Bad Guys", MERCs, etc (non-military) Reinforcements: ParaTroops, Arty, etc Great ALiVE alternitive for ease-of-use Flies Buzzing on Dead Bodies Random "Items" for looting/immersion Areas-of-Operation for Hot/Cold spots Intel for AOs with Static/Probable % Custom Marker Details for EACH AO Too much to list here - check it out! // NOTES: Module #1 -- SURROUNDED This Module Spawns Units all around the Player, at all times, at all locations in a user-set (continuing or limited) loop. You will be surrounded by these Units anywhere. They spawn around you at all times. Use for BLUFOR and/or OPFOR. Control any and all details. Set to have the units patrol at random or use the Player has the focus/center point. Module #2 -- COMBATANTS & CIVs This Module Spawns Units both normal Civilians and Units that are "Armed Civillian" Units. These are the Non-Military Units (Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, Civilians, War Lords, Rebels, Resistance Fighters, Gangs, Black-Ops, Locals, MERCs, etc). They Spawn all around the Player, at all times, at all locations. They spawn as single units, or as loose groups that have a higher probability to seek out Buildings and interior locations. Often disorganized, unarmored, little discipline, etc. Module #3 -- AREAS-OF-OPERATION This Module sets "AOs" randomly around Map. These Units ONLY Spawn when you are near these Areas. This will create Hot & Cold areas scattered around the entire Map for a more organic and realistic experience. Set as STATIC Intel (100%) or DYNAMIC (Unknown 0%-100%) Intel. Player has complete control for all settings. Set from the Config Level, and/or Classnames. Set Marker type, color, etc. NOTES / INFO: Module #4 -- REINFORCEMENTS This Module adds Enemy Reinforcements to the Map. When the enemy feels threatened, or overun, they can call for help. You can set the probability of how likely they will make that radio call. Reinforcements can be in the form of QRF Heli Teams, Paratroops, Artillery, and Mortars. Make sure you always set this to the ENEMY. // REQUIRED: 1. n/a // DONATE: ENEMY SPAWN SYSTEM Von Quest Industries // LICENSE: // USAGE: Place ANY Module. Set your settings as needed. More info is right INSIDE the Modules - just hover over the option for the popup tool-tip. // CREDIT & THANKS: *TPW (w/ Larrow) for the Ambient Aircraft Script
  4. Download Links: RNR6 1.1: RNR6 1.1 (Google Drive) INTRODUCTION This is an independent reinforcements script addon for HETMAN - Artificial Leader (NR6 Edition or Original). It is designed to be used in conjunction with HAL as it adds dynamic group spawns per side according to losses sustained per side. USAGE Place the script SQF file and description.ext inside your mission directory. (Adapt description.ext if needed) Run the script using the following code in the init.sqf of your mission or on the init line of any map object: [Side, Strength (in number of groups per spawn from 1 to 10), Spawning Positions (as array), Spawning Radius (In meters, recommended 100 to 700 depending on Strength. Minimum 10m.), Available Forces (number of groups), Faction, Threshold (from 0 to 1), Array of leaders for that side (example : [LeaderHQ,LeaderHQB,LeaderHQC])] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; Ex: [east,1,[(getpos RO1),(getpos RO2),(getpos RO3)],100,50,"LOP_TKA",1,[LeaderHQC,LeaderHQD]] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; Ex (using custom faction): [west,1,[(getpos RB1),(getpos RB2)],100,30,"custom",1,[LeaderHQ,LeaderHQB],[['Hum_al_serg','Hum_al_corp','Hum_al_sold','Hum_al_sold','Hum_al_sold','Hum_al_corp','Hum_al_sold','Hum_al_snip','Hum_al_soldAT'],['Hum_al_serg','Hum_al_soldAT','Hum_al_soldAT','Hum_al_sold'],['C_mako1_al_F'],['MEOP_veh_kodiakArm_alliance']]] spawn NR6_fnc_Reinforcements; FEATURES -Adds a reinforcements system fully configurable per side and per leader. -Only available sides are east and west so far. I plan to add support for independent as well. CHANGE LOG RNR6 1.1 -Optimization of code; -Added ability to have multiple spawning positions; -Ability to add custom factions inside script or from editor using calling arguments; -Usage of functions instead of execVM for better performance; RNR6 1.00 -Initial release CREDITS Credits for the original HAL go to Rydygier who created the powerful script that has been greatly improving large scale battlefield scenarios since previous versions of Arma. BUG REPORTING If you encounter any bugs or have any requests, feel free to comment on this thread.
  5. I'm hosting a Zeus mission in the future and I want to allow players to be able to respawn. However, I don't want a timed respawn and I want them to respawn as a group. I don't want them to respawn individually. The reinforcements would respawn back in the base whilst the rest of the unit is fighting. The reason I want to do manual reinforcement respawns for my players is so that I can wait for an appropriate amount of players to die before respawning all of them at a time that's convenient. How could I set this up to where I could perform a reinforcement respawn whilst playing as Zeus? How can I do this?
  6. Gday there, having a bit of trouble with getting addons working. I do not use steam, i have a retail copy of arma 2:reinforcements.I have the island fsf_jungle which works fine (minus a couple .pbo) and a mech one also. I have followed the instructions of making modfolders and it has only worked for the two out of ten addons I've tried. I have vehicles not showing up in editor, some do then spawn as a civilian.... And the isla duala island pack won't show up at all (it is needed for fsf_jungle to work). Is there an issue with the OA version? It says OA lite in the expansion menu.