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Found 46 results

  1. I had a Function wrote by a friend that I need to call in a MP mission file. The Function is saved in the file already in a sub folder called functions and is called fn_MoveObject.sqf How would I go about calling this function in an SQF? Also is there a better way to call an sqf on a MP mission than "call{Ham addaction [ "Check in with the Sergeant", { "HamTalk.sqf" remoteExec ["execVM", 2];}];};"
  2. I cannot seem to get the custom/filtered list working for the BIS_fnc_garage function. The documentation for the function does not seem to work when I add the BIS_fnc_garage_data which takes an array of whitelisted vehicles. Official Docs: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_garage Here is my code: I put this together with an example from Larow and the documentation if memory serves me right. Any help with getting this working would be appreciated. 👍
  3. In its simplest form, is to add/remove the ability for different curators to interact with man/unmanned vehicles. Let us say that the FIA player (BLUFOR) has placed a turret in the trees for an ambush on the AAF player (Independent). While the turret is controlled by the FIA player, the AAF player is unable to interact with it in curator mode. As soon as the FIA unit manning the turret dies (or is told to leave it), the turret can now be accessed by all curators on the map while they are in curator mode (e.g. moved, deleted…). If the AAF player decides that he wants to man the turret, while controlled by the AAF player, no other curator can interact with it while they are in curator mode. In simplest terms, an unmanned vehicle is shown to all curators with the yellow circle in-game. Once the vehicle’s ownership has changed, it no longer shows up to all curators until it is empty again. I have put together the start of the script, but my knowledge of scripting is limited (still learning really). Was wondering if anyone could give me a hand/advice?
  4. This script adds every unit placed, by one of the four BLUFOR Curators, to every BLUFOR Curator on the map. I was wondering how I would make it so that this script would add Curator-placed units to all allied Curators on the map. For example, if I had three teams, who are all enemies, (BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independent) and each team has three players (ZeusBLUFOR001_Curator for BLUFOR, ZeusOPFOR001_Curator for OPFOR and so on). How would I add these players to a "group" which can then be used in the above script to add each placed unit by one of the players to all their allies? Do I need to create three arrays and add the Curators (so if I plan to create or remove Curators, I can adjust appropriately), and if so, how? Something like: Array 1 - Curator_west Array 2 - Curator_east Array 3 - Curator_independent Then I was hoping I could write: Then addCuratorEditableObjects to the Curators which are in their associated array (group).
  5. What I am trying to do is create a flag capturing system using the BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd. So I am currently testing to see if, while playing as an FIA BLUFOR unit, I can take an AAF flag down from a flagpole and swap it with an FIA flag. I am hoping I can get the animation of the flag coming down the pole, then once it has reached the bottom, swap with an FIA flag, then rise back up the pole, all while using the hold action button. If the unit lets go of the action button, the flag goes back to the top as if nothing has changed. If the flag is already an FIA flag, then the hold action button should not appear. This should be the same if I am playing an AFF Independent unit, except it is only FIA flags that can be captured. I currently have the hold action working, I am just not sure about how to use the BIS_fnc_animateFlag to move the flag down, swap it, then move it back up to the top.
  6. Hello, I have a problem with my config.cpp. I want to create a mod in which I add functions to the function library. I have already looked at and tried many posts and github mods, but all variants end up with the same problem. The functions are not found after Arma start. (Warning Message: Script beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save\fn_dbSaveAct.sqf not found) THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED !!! LOOK AT THE END OF THE POST I will now enter a variant as an example that seems to me the most sensible of the approx. 40 variants that I have tried. config.cpp: class CfgPatches { class beo_mod_serv_db { author = "MBMC"; requiredAddons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; }; }; class CfgFunctions { class mbmc { class beo_mod_serv_db_save { file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save"; // I forgot the addons\ folder class dbSaveAct{}; class dbSaveAm{}; class dbSaveAmPylon{}; class dbSaveBui{}; class dbSaveCargo{}; class dbSaveFiller{}; class dbSaveFobObj{}; class dbSaveGarage{}; class dbSaveGearVeh{}; class dbSaveLoc{}; class dbSaveMark{}; class dbSaveMarkUser{}; class dbSaveMhq{}; class dbSaveMineF{}; class dbSaveSani{}; class dbSaveSup{}; class dbSaveVar{}; class dbSaveVeh{}; }; class beo_mod_serv_db_save_ini { file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save\ini"; // I forgot the addons\ folder class dbIniAryNum{}; class dbIniArySize{}; class dbIniD{}; class dbIniDelete{}; class dbIniM{}; class dbIniS{}; class dbIniSave{}; class dbIniSin{}; }; class beo_mod_serv_db_load { file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\load"; // I forgot the addons\ folder class dbLoadAct{}; class dbLoadAm{}; class dbLoadAmPylon{}; class dbLoadStatic{}; class dbLoadBui{}; class dbLoadCargo{}; class dbLoadComp{}; class dbLoadFiller{}; class dbLoadFlag{}; class dbLoadFob{}; class dbLoadGarage{}; class dbLoadLoc{}; class dbLoadMain{}; class dbLoadMark{}; class dbLoadMarkFin{}; class dbLoadMhq{}; class dbLoadMis{}; class dbLoadSani{}; class dbLoadSup{}; class dbLoadVeh{}; }; class beo_mod_serv_db_load_ini { file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\load\ini"; // I forgot the addons\ folder class dbIniL{}; class dbIniLd{}; class dbIniLm{}; class dbIniLmd{}; class dbIniLoadUser{}; class dbIniLs{}; }; }; }; Mod Structure: @beo_server >> addons >> beo_serv_db >> inside folder "beo_serv_db": config.cpp folder name: fnc inside folder "fnc": folder name: save >> lot of functions: fn_dbSaveAct,fn_dbSaveAm,fn_dbSaveAmPylon..... etc. and another folder: ini >> also lot of functions: fn_dbIniAryNum,fn_dbIniArySize.....etc folder name: load >> lot of functions: fn_dbLoadAct,fn_dbLoadAm,fn_dbLoadAmPylon.....etc. and another folder: ini >> also lot of functions: fn_dbIniL,fn_dbIniLd......etc I test it also with only one function in only one fnc folder but I cant get it to work. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Functions_Library#:~:text=Arma 3 Functions Library is,Functions manager to be present. In this wiki post I test both variants File Path and Folder Path but same results. I create the mod with Arma 3 Tools and Addon Builder. I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance. MBMC SOLUTION: After another 2 days of testing, I found the solution. So if anyone has the same problem here is the solution: config.cpp: I forgot the "addons" folder. So the file path must be: file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save"; file = "addons\yourModPBOname\FolderOfYourFunctions\SubFolderIfYouNeed"; So this post can be closed.
  7. Hello everyone, Here is a small project that may be helpful to everyone that doesn't always have access to internet/the wiki, or to everyone needing the biki when it is down. With the support of peeps in the #community_wiki Arma 3 Discord channel, I managed to extract wiki data to make a COMREF (Operation Flashpoint flashbacks intensify) This is basically offline documentation for commands and functions in all Arma titles - note that some glitches are still present, but the data is pretty much usable. newest version: 2020-11-23 COMREF (update after 2.00) old versions: - 2020-06-12 COMREF (added messagebox colours and better parsing) - 2020-06-10 COMREF (first version) My little helpers: @Grezvany13, @Dedmen, @x39, @optix, @Heyoxe, @A3_Stickie
  8. Hey guys! First script I've ever put up on the forums, but as far as I know no one has posted a hostage script using the new HoldAction function. I needed it for a mission and figured it may be helpful to some! I'm not sure if it works in MP yet, 2 AM so I haven't gotten to test.Tested and working in MP! For me anyway. Any bugs or blatant mis-coding, let me know! Features: Random hostage animation. AI joins player group after release. Uses Arma 3 Hostage Icons. Multiplayer Compatible (JIP should work too) Random interruption and completion dialogue from hostage. Nothing too fancy! Just simple. INSTRUCTIONS/CODE: SCRIPT: For use on units spawned via script, see @davidoss's wonderful example right here. Changelogs: For those who just want a download link: DOWNLOAD HERE (Google Drive)
  9. Hey all, just came up with an idea of a function and implemented it. I kinda liked the idea and thought it would be nice to share it here :). So, the function takes as arguments the desired duration of the ArmA day in real-life hours, the day-to-night ratio (how many times the day is bigger than the night) and the (ArmA) date. It returns the needed multipliers (for the desired day and night duration in respect to the total duration of the day) as well as the sunrise and sunset times for that specific day (this is somewhat redundant since you could get them from BIS_fnc_sunriseSunsetTime, but since this function is used inside my function I thought it would be nice to return them). A simple use example would be // The function will be called myTag_fnc_timeVals for this example but you can name it whatever you want // Set variables (most probably you will get them from somewhere such as a mission parameter with "BIS_fnc_getParamValue" private _dayDur = 0.3; // Duration of ArmA day in real-life hours (half an hour in real life corresponds to one full ArmA day) private _dnFac = 1.5; // Day lasts 1.5 times the duration of the night // Get day multiplier, night multiplier, sunrise (ArmA) time and sunset (ArmA) time for the current (ArmA) day given by command "date" _timeVals = [_dayDur, _dnFac, date] call myTag_fnc_timeVals; // Handle the time in a "continuous" manner while{true} do { // Check time of day if(daytime > (_timeVals select 3) || {daytime < (_timeVals select 2)}) then { setTimeMultiplier (_timeVals select 1); // Use night multiplier } else { setTimeMultiplier (_timeVals select 0); // Use day multiplier }; // Sleep (a lot...) sleep 120; }; Below is the implementation of the function. I would like to apologise in advance though, for the cluttering with posting all the code here. I thought it could be a convenience for anyone who would like to use it. The function can also be found in this GitLab repository. In the code posted here, I have skipped parameter checks which you can implement yourself or copy the code from the provided link. NOTE: Due to the fact that the function will force the day and the night to have the given relation (given by the fraction), and due to the fact that possibly the "natural" day has different duration than the "natural" night, setting the ratio to 1 does not mean that the time multipliers will be 1. If you want to return to "normal" time use directly setTimeMultiplier command. Finally, please feel free to suggest (or implement yourself and share back) any improvements, or changes :). /* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Inputs * ---------- * dayDur [Number] (Optional): Duration of the whole day in real hours (defaults to 24) * dnFac [Number] (Optional): The day-to-night ratio (defaults to 1) * dayOfYear [date] (Optional): The day of the year for which the multipliers will be * calculated (defaults to the current ArmA date) * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Output * ---------- * data [Array]: - _this select 0 [Number]: Day multiplier * - _this select 1 [Number]: Night multiplier * - _this select 2 [Number]: Sunrise time * - _this select 3 [Number]: Sunset time * * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */ // Get input variables params[["_dayDur", 24, [24]], // Total duration of day ["_dnFac", 1, [1]], // Day-to-Night factor ["_dayOfYear", date, [date]]]; // Asked date // Declare some variables private _riseSet = _dayOfYear call BIS_fnc_sunriseSunsetTime; // Get the sunrise and sunset times of the day private _durs = [nil, nil]; // Calculate day and night duration (in real life hours) _durs set[0, (_riseSet select 1) - (_riseSet select 0)]; // Calculate day duration _durs set[1, 24 - (_durs select 0)]; // Calculate night duration // Calculate multipliers /* Solve simultaneously: * * dayDur * dayMul + nightDur * nightMul = 24 (1) * (dayDur * dayMul)/(nightDur * nightMul) = dayNightFrac (2) * * The result is: * * dayMul = 24/(nightDur * (1 + dayNightFrac)) * nightMul = (nightDur * dayNightFrac * dayMul)/dayDur */ private _dMul = 24/((_durs select 1) * (1 + _dnFac)); // Calculate the day multiplier private _nMul = ((_durs select 1) * _dnFac * _dMul)/(_durs select 0); // Calculate the night multiplier // Multiply with "global multiplier" _dMul = _dMul * 24/_dayDur; // Final day multiplier _nMul = _nMul * 24/_dayDur; // Final night multiplier // Return and exit [_dMul, _nMul, _riseSet select 0, _riseSet select 1] Hope this will be useful to someone. Take care, have fun and ArmA a lot :). EDIT: Corrected the code. A "total multiplier" was missing and day and night multipliers needed corrections. Now works correctly (I hope)... EDIT: A couple of bug fixes... Sorry ;(
  10. Hi everyone ! So I have a really simple question that I'm sure you have already seen before. It's about skip time, but more like "X hours and Y minutes. I'm searching for hours now, I keep trying again and again, without any success. Even the BIKI can't make me do things correctly ! :( So here I am ! I have made 2 samples to my function : cutText ["", "BLACK FADED", 600]; private ["_hoursToSkip","_minutesToSkip"]; _msg = [[" _hoursToSkip HEURES AND _minutesToSkip MINNUTES LATER ... ","<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '1.0'>%1</t><br/>"]]spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; _hoursToSkip = _this select 0; _minutesToSkip= _this select 1; skipTime (_hoursToSkip + 0._minutesToSkip - daytime + 24 ) % 24; waitUntil{scriptDone _msg}; cutText ["", "BLACK IN", 5]; cutText ["", "BLACK FADED", 600]; private ["_hoursToSkip","_minutesToSkip"]; _msg = [[" _hoursToSkip HEURES ET _minutesToSkip MINNUTES PLUS TARD ... ","<t align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '1.0'>%1</t><br/>"]]spawn BIS_fnc_typeText; return date = _actualDate; _actualDateN = dateToNumber _actualDate; _actualDateN + _hoursToSkip*0.00274 + _minutesToSkip*0.000046 = _newDateN; _finalDate = numberToDate _newDateN; setDate _finalDate; waitUntil{scriptDone _msg}; cutText ["", "BLACK IN", 5]; Declared in the "description.ext" file : class CfgFunctions { class Y { class timeSkip { file = "functions"; class timeSkip {}; ext = ".sqf"; }; }; }; Saved as "functions\fn_timeSkip.sqf" and detected in the InGame function menu aswell. None of them works with this command : [["5","5"],"Y_fnc_timeSkip",true,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; I need to make it work in multiplayer. The beginning of the function work great, I got a black screen. But nothing else. Sometimes, the _msg appears (with [5,5] as array instead of ["5","5"]), sometimes not. Can you help me with that ? Thanks a lot ! :) Full working code here (link to reply on this topic)
  11. Dear follow Arma addicts, can anyone point me towards a performance conscious script for: 1) Replacing all the non tracer ammunition from both player and ai with tracer ammunition, both at their weapons and inventories. 2) I believe tracer ammunition effects only happens when the magazine is almost empty. Is there any way to make every round have (or simulate) tracer effects? Basically I want to simulate old school battlefield games (BF2, BF3) were all rounds have tracer like effects that help players identify the origin and location that fire is coming from. (I need to up the feedback and gameplay friendliness of my mission while compromising some realism). Thank you in advanced!
  12. Hey guys just tested a mission and came up with an issue. I am using this code: ["init", [y, "images\spoilers.jpg", "Spoilers"]] call BIS_fnc_initLeaflet; ["init", [x, "images\spoilers.jpg", "Spoilers"]] call BIS_fnc_initLeaflet; in an MP mission. All worked fine but one thing. The action to see the leaflet both times was only visible to the host. Clients could not even see the action. How can I make the above action visible to all in MP please?
  13. Hi everyone and happy new year! Introduction This is my first script in 2020. @Ori150418 posted a request about a marker searching system and this piqued my interest so I got to work. This script adds a searchable list with all markers to the right side of the map (see video below). Features Adds list with all markers Markers are searchable by their text Updates positions periodically Updates markers when opening the map Includes user made markers List is hideable Note: The performance might suffer in missions with a lot of markers. The example mission has a small test built into it which generates 100 markers randomly on the map. I'd appreciate feedback about the performance as I have a good enough system to not notice a difference. Usage Copy the file "fn_markersearch.sqf" to your mission directory Add the following line to your init.sqf/initPlayerLocal.sqf: ["init"] execVM "path\to\file\fn_markersearch.sqf" Video Downloads https://github.com/7erra/marker_search Have fun!
  14. Hello everyone, I need a little help I try to create, through a script, a combination of modules to add a civilian presence to the cities crossed by the player. The problem is that at the launch of the mission, despite the generation of three modules (visible and existing in Zeus mode) the main module (ModuleCivilianPresence_F) does not link with the other two modules (ModuleCivilianPresenceSafeSpot_F and ModuleCivilianPresenceUnit_F), and I have the following error message : "bis_fnc_moduleCivilianPresence [x] Civilian Presence L-Alpha 1-2: 1 terminated." There are at least 1 spawnpoint and 1 position module. " How to make dialogue, synchronize the three modules, created via a script, ingame ? This is just a piece of extracted code; the rest of my project works perfectly : Do not pay attention to the two ways to create a unit, both ways work exactly the same, I put the necessary characters to hide the text for reading the script > /* and */ _townLoc = nearestLocations [getPos player, ["NameVillage","NameCity","NameCityCapital","NameLocal","CityCenter","Airport"], 2500]; if ((count _townLoc) > 0) then { sleep 0.01; _townPos = locationPosition (_townLoc select 0); /* sleep 0.50; _MCP_Spawn = (createGroup sideLogic) createUnit ["ModuleCivilianPresenceUnit_F",_townPos,[],0,"NONE"]; _MCP_Spawn setvariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false]; sleep 0.50; _MCP_SafeSpot = (createGroup sideLogic) createUnit ["ModuleCivilianPresenceSafeSpot_F",_townPos,[],0,"NONE"]; _MCP_SafeSpot setvariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false]; sleep 0.50; _MCP_Module = (createGroup sideLogic) createUnit ["ModuleCivilianPresence_F",_townPos,[],0,"NONE"]; _MCP_Module setvariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false]; */ sleep 0.50; _MCP_SafeSpot = "ModuleCivilianPresenceSafeSpot_F" createUnit [_townPos, createGroup sideLogic, "this setVariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false];", 0.6, "PRIVATE"]; sleep 0.50; _MCP_Spawn = "ModuleCivilianPresenceUnit_F" createUnit [_townPos, createGroup sideLogic, "this setVariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false];", 0.6, "PRIVATE"]; sleep 0.50; _MCP_Module = "ModuleCivilianPresence_F" createUnit [_townPos, createGroup sideLogic, "this setVariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false];", 0.6, "PRIVATE"]; }; Otherwise I also tried another method : I to place the necessary modules in the 3den editor, then move them by script when the player is near a locality. The modules change position, but the created civil entities always go to the moduleCivilianPresenceSafeSpot module's initial position, ie the position of the module when it was placed in the editor, even if it was changed position. :/
  15. Does anyone have any idea how to use the function "BIS_fnc_isCuratorEditable" to kill curator editable units when they enter a trigger. I am trying to create a restriction zone around my map which kills the player and curator units when they enter the zone but will allow none curator units to pass through (so I can simulate reinforcements entering the region after a certain amount of time). I have been running some tests to get an idea on how the "BIS_fnc_isCuratorEditable" function works. I currently have four triggers around the map which tell me through a hint whether a unit is curator editable or not. I am now trying to work out how to change it from giving me a hint which is either true or false, to killing the unit if true or allow the unit through if false. Something along the lines of... Just can not seem to work it out. Also tried this to no avail...
  16. So I have made "script" for myself that I put in the Player Init. This only executes once. But I want it to execute every time I spawn/respawn (so everytime the player starts existing). The script works great if I put it in the Init of the Player. But i wanted to make a .sqf file I could call/execute so I wont have to put everything in every Player. But the scipt is not working/compiling. The code I put in to the Init: varPlayer=this; spawnPos=getPos varPlayer; telePos=getPos varPlayer; [varPlayer, 3] call BIS_fnc_traceBullets; varPlayer addAction["<t color='#59b300'>Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;}]; varPlayer addAction["<t color='#d9006c'>Go to Spawn</t>", {varPlayer setPos spawnPos;}]; varPlayer addAction["<t color='#bfff00'>Teleport</t>", {varPlayer setPos telePos;}]; varPlayer addAction["<t color='#4cffff'>set Teleport</t>", {telePos=getPos varPlayer;}]; varPlayer addAction["<t color='#0080ff'>Teleport with Map</t>", "teleport.sqf"]; The code I put in to the .sqf: _spawnPos=getPos _this; _telePos=getPos _this; [_this, 3] call BIS_fnc_traceBullets; _this addAction["<t color='#59b300'>Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;}]; _this addAction["<t color='#d9006c'>Go to Spawn</t>", {_this setPos _spawnPos;}]; _this addAction["<t color='#bfff00'>Teleport</t>", {_this setPos _telePos;}]; _this addAction["<t color='#4cffff'>set Teleport</t>", {telePos=getPos _this;}]; _this addAction["<t color='#0080ff'>Teleport with Map</t>", "teleport.sqf"]; How I called it in the Init: _nul = []execVM "myFunction.sqf"; It wont run, but why? So for short. What i need help with is: finding the problem with the sqf executing the sqf every time the player starts existing Thx for reading my crap and I hope you can help me. :)
  17. You know the vehicles I'm talking about - the HEMTT ammo / fuel / repair truck, the Huron containers, Taru pods, Zamaks, etc... you drive up to it and it just automatically repairs / refuels or rearms you, as is the case. I've searched high and low through the functions and config files, and I can't find the scripting that is making this effect happen. Does anyone know what it is, or where it can be found? Please don't answer with references to your own or other's Rearm / Refuel / Repair scripts, I have a ton of those but that's not what I'm asking - thank you! Why am I looking for this, specifically? 1. Vehicle rearming, with turrets and especially with dynamic loadouts, is especially problematic. I challenge you to reload 13 out of 19 rockets, exactly, on a rocket pod that's not on the vanilla configuration of a dynamic loadout aircraft. The vehicle rearm script on the Huron pod just works, it an cosmetically appealing way: the numbers just increase while you're next to the rearming source, until you're fully reloaded, and it doesn't seem to care whether it's a vanilla loadout or a dynamic one, whether the turret is local or not, etc. 2. There's no way to adjust the "flow rate" of vehicle rearming, repairs, or refueling. 3. The effect itself is capricious. Sometimes it works as intended (drive up to the box/ car/ whatever) and the vehicle resupplies as intended. Sometimes it doesn't, but it provides you with an action (complete with a lovely icon) to perform it. And sometimes it doesn't work at all. Thank you in advance! Ryko
  18. Is there a way to change BIS' jukebox function so that it selects the tracks from a custom array instead of the whole cfgMusic? Here's the function:
  19. Hi, I am currently trying to find a way to check if local player is function caller in sqf file. I have civilian with addAction, which calls this script: _caller = _this select 2; if (local player == _caller) then { _handle = createdialog "Interaction"; } I need to show the GUI only to player using the action. Sorry if it's somewhere on these forums, but I was unable to find it. Thanks for your answers 🙂 WendAF
  20. Hi everyone, I found this topic And in it there is a code given by Larrow : //initPlayerLocal.sqf //Start custom loading screen aswell [] spawn { [ "MyLoadingScreen" ] call BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen; uiSleep 20; [ "MyLoadingScreen" ] call BIS_fnc_endLoadingScreen; }; waitUntil { //If there are no current loading screens if ( missionnamespace getvariable ["BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen_ids",[]] isEqualTo [] ) then { //Continue true }else{ //Otherwise log current loading screens to RPT diag_log str ( missionnamespace getvariable ["BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen_ids",[]] ); false }; }; _loadedTime = time; uiSleep 1; hint format[ "Finished loaded %1 seconds ago", time - _loadedTime ]; It works fine but the problem is that with the function BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen my loading screen doesn't appears and if i use the command startLoadingScreen it appears. But i need to use the function for the following waitUntil. So : startLoadingScreen ["", "begin_dialog"]; Works fine but can't use with the waitUntil. ["begin_dialog"] call BIS_fnc_startLoadingScreen; Doesn't works! Can anyone help me?
  21. HI. Maybe someone can find this usable. Iterate trough config weapon classes and returns array of weapons/ammo according to given parameters /* file : fnc_getWeapon.sqf author: DaVidoSS description: Iterate trough config weapon classes and returns array of weapons/ammo according to given parameters parameters: 0: STRING one from listed below "assault" "handgun" "submachine" "rocket launcher" "missile launcher" "grenade launcher" "light machine" "medium machine" "marksman" "sniper" "all" 1: SCALAR or STRING "all" for all available classes of param 0 NUMBER classes of param 0 2: BOOLEAN true - for return ammo classes too in form ["weapon",["ammo","ammo"...]] false - for return without ammo classes in form ["weapon","weapon"...] Return: ARRAY Usage: fnc_getWeapon = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "fnc_getWeapon.sqf"; _10assaultGunsWithAmmo = ["assault" ,10,true] call fnc_getWeapon; _1MarksmanGunWithoutAmmo = ["marksman" ,1,false] call fnc_getWeapon; _allGunsofAllTypeWithAmmo = ["all","all",true] call fnc_getWeapon; */ private _paramsCheck = params [["_type","all",[""]],["_allof","all",["",0]],["_withMags",false,[true]]]; if (!_paramsCheck) exitWith {["***********ERROR:fnc_getWeapon - exiting due wrong params given %1",str _this] call BIS_fnc_error; false}; private _array = []; private _return = []; { private _class = (configName _x); if (getNumber (configfile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _class >> "type") < 5) then { private _magazines = getArray (configfile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _class >> "magazines"); private _name = toLower (getText (configfile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _class >> "descriptionShort")); if !(_magazines isEqualTo []) then { if (toLower _type != "all") then { if ((_name find (toLower _type)) > -1) then { if (_withMags) then { _array pushBack [_class,_magazines]; } else { _array pushBack _class; }; }; } else { if (_withMags) then { _array pushBack [_class,_magazines]; } else { _array pushBack _class; }; }; }; }; } forEach ("isClass _x && {(getNumber (_x >> 'scope')) isEqualTo 2}" configClasses (configfile >> "CfgWeapons")); switch (true) do { case (_allof isEqualType 0): { if (_allof isEqualTo 1) exitWith { _return pushBack (selectRandom _array); }; if (_allof > 1 && {count _array >= _allof}) then { for "_i" from 1 to _allof do { _return pushBackUnique (selectRandom (_array - _return)); }; } else { if (_allof < 1) exitWith {_return pushBack (selectRandom _array)}; _return = _array; }; }; case (_allof isEqualType ""): { _return = _array; }; default {}; }; (_return) Enjoy :-)
  22. Helo. I have a seeding problem with the random function that I just can't figure out. while { surfaceIsWater _suitable || count _list > 0} do { while {_spot distance officer_jeff < 1000 || surfaceIsWater _spot} do { _prevStep = _center getPos[ (random 2000), (random 350)]; for "_i" from 0 to 2 do { _step = _prevStep getPos[ (random 2001), (random 351)]; _prevStep = _step; }; _spot = [_step select 0,_step select 1,0]; }; _suitable = [_spot, 0, 300, 20, 0, 0.7, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _list = nearestTerrainObjects [_suitable,["TREE","BUILDING","RUIN","ROCK","HOUSE"], _howBig,false]; }; If the script can't find a position that is not a water surface, it restarts BUT the RANDOM functions just keeps giving me the same position every time the cycle ends. I don't understand, is it not supposed to be random? I also tried this with seed using the alternate syntax of random: while { surfaceIsWater _suitable || count _list > 0} do { while {_spot distance officer_jeff < 1000 || surfaceIsWater _spot} do { _prevStep = _center getPos[ (time random 2000), (time random 350)]; for "_i" from 0 to 2 do { _step = _prevStep getPos[ (time random 2001), (time random 351)]; _prevStep = _step; }; _spot = [_step select 0,_step select 1,0]; }; _suitable = [_spot, 0, 300, 20, 0, 0.7, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _list = nearestTerrainObjects [_suitable,["TREE","BUILDING","RUIN","ROCK","HOUSE"], _howBig,false]; }; Here is an example output: 15:12:48 "[823.795,10712.5] as _suitable, 56 as count _list, [816.133,10551.5,0] as _spot " 15:12:49 "[820.423,10745.8] as _suitable, 46 as count _list, [816.133,10551.5,0] as _spot " 15:12:50 "[828.004,10684.4] as _suitable, 76 as count _list, [816.133,10551.5,0] as _spot " Any help would be much appreciated.
  23. Hi to everyone. My problem is that I wanna fill my dialog by calling a funcion after creating it, but it doesn't work at all. I mean, the dialog is created but empty. Here's my code: When I wanna create the dialog I use ["INIT"] call my_function; disableSerialization; private _ui = uiNamespace getVariable "MyDialog"; private _list = _ui displayCtrl 1600; private _cat = _ui displayCtrl 1601; private _categories = "true" configClasses (getMissionConfig "HG_DefaultShop"); actDialog = { lbClear _list; _num = _this select 0; private _object = getText( _categories select _numCat >> "displayName"); _cat ctrlSetText _objeto; //Some lb commands. }; switch (_this select 0) do { case "INIT": { createDialog "MyDialog"; _num = 0; [_num] call actDialog; }; }; I hope u guys can help me! Thanks!!
  24. I was wondering how one could go about using a Trigger to Spawn a Function once a player enters a Trigger's area. Then delete the Function once the player leaves the Trigger? While having that process repeatable. So far I have tried using the Trigger's Activation field to call the Function (BIS_fnc_Crows), and then the Trigger's Deativation field to delete that Function. However that's where my problem is. As everything I have tired..including searching the internet and using script commands such as deleteVehicle and other similar commands has all failed! I know it's possible as I have done similar things in the past but it dont help that I have not scripted anything since early A2 days, and A3 is seemingly more complex.
  25. hello guys, i've run into a strange problem and really have no idea where start to look for a solution! i've my big function container (its a big read, i post it just for the records...): ...it contains all my functions for this mission, but...when i launch mission, it start say that FUNCTION_NAME is not defined (where "FUNCTION_NAME" is the name of one of my functions, that as you can see are defined. i pre-load the file containing the functions in my initServer.sqf : call compile preprocessFile "DDscripts\DWARfunctions.sqf"; null = [] spawn SPAWNERconvoyB; null = [] spawn SPAWNERconvoyR; null = [] spawn SPAWNERciv; null = [] spawn SPAWNERind; null = [] spawn SPAWNERmine; even more strange, i noticed adding >> uiSleep 10; between a function spawn and another, some start to work!! i even started to think its like the functions are not pre-loaded, and server dont recognize them ! but isnt supposed to do this the >> calling compile preProcessFile ... ?? i'm seriously confused....any light on this? thanks !