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  1. Hey there have tried thus and still no change. Some mods seem to work and most don't still, no difference from before. Any ideas as to why? Also on install of arrowhead I've lost the private military company units from reinforcements now.
  2. So reinforcements doesn't have the OA software? Or arma 2? It says OA lite in expansions? And it should have arma 2 shouldn't it? Any explanation on why a couple mods work? I have installed the latest patches and in doing so the latest oa patch has been installed also. Thanks for any help
  3. Gday there, having a bit of trouble with getting addons working. I do not use steam, i have a retail copy of arma 2:reinforcements.I have the island fsf_jungle which works fine (minus a couple .pbo) and a mech one also. I have followed the instructions of making modfolders and it has only worked for the two out of ten addons I've tried. I have vehicles not showing up in editor, some do then spawn as a civilian.... And the isla duala island pack won't show up at all (it is needed for fsf_jungle to work). Is there an issue with the OA version? It says OA lite in the expansion menu.