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  1. Here it is this whole thing should finally be solved https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Working-Drag-Dead-Body-Script-For-Exile uses all the original code from bangbob I just made a script to monitor and add the drag to new units that are spawned in server and figured out the cfgRemoteExec was blocking it.
  2. went back to this and got it working only issue Im finding now is a small one with the detatch animation where the dragged player does not lay flat back on ground but will share what I have when I get the instructions for use put together.
  3. This is a tool to help price vehicles for trader files It will auto price, auto generat quality values, sort them in catagories of unarmed and armed for vehicles placed into editor or placed into the array found inside the config.sqf. Results are not limited to just pricing, the results given are pricing formating for trader files along with class names list for trader files. If you use R3FLogistics it will also provide formatting for can transport by using the vehicles actual capacity of its inventory as the results. There is a config file provided to set settings for different pricing results. Pricing is all calculated by Armor, Speed, Fuel, Capacity, Ammo Type, How Much Ammo, and How many Weapons are on the vehicle. Quality values are based of Armor, number of Weapons, and Ammo type. Also provided an Example of the output that is generated with this tool. For the most part I built it to be a copy and paste situation so you can price vehicles quickly. Commas do need removed where necessary. https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Trader-Vehicle-Auto-Pricing
  4. Just updated congi.sqf with a warning about depth settings. I just found that if you set both to the same number than for some reason it breaks it. ///////!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING DO NOT SET THESE TWO SETTINGS EXACTLY THE SAME OR THINGS WILL BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BS_locations_WaterDepth_max = 50; /// the max water depth you want your crates to spawn in BS_locations_WaterDepth_MIN = 25; /// the min water depth you want your crates to spawn in ///////!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING DO NOT SET THESE TWO SETTINGS EXACTLY THE SAME OR THINGS WILL BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. This AI system has been completley reworked with alot of new features!!
  6. Crito

    GeForce now problem?

    nvidia shouldn't have anything to do with being able to access the logs using the info he provided to get to the logs using the search box on your windows task bar. As NutzMcKracken said if this is the first time trying to join the server, you will hang on it for a bit depending on the size of the servers mission file because it has to download the mission file to your PC. If you are stuck on the load screen for 10 minutes than I would say you need to look into your rpt using what was provided by NutzMcKracken %localappdata%\ArmA 3\
  7. Completely Reworked version with major fixes and added respect payout to players available now on the github link.
  8. I will improve upon this whole thing and add that in
  9. I will look into this I also noticed sometimes they do patrol around and sometimes they just sit still.
  10. Awhile back I threw together an AI system for this and was not to happy with the outcome. So I spent quite some time reworking the entire AI portion of this and finally came up with something I was happy with. Ketanna also added some of his features for water depth and distance to the shipwrecks that was a nice addition to this. I have provided a video demonstating the AI events when driver gets killed and when player reaches the crate. so you can see some of this in action. Thank you to Bigfoot for allowing his initial version 1.0.3 to be added onto. Github link to the server files https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/BigFootShipWrecks-with-Critos-AI-Guards . The following is the readme that includes all the features ect. # BigFootShipWrecks with Critos AI Guards # bigfoots-shipwrecks #Changelog: * 4/17/2022 v1.0.3 - Crito release with AI boat Guards credit goes to Bigfoot for v1.0.2 to work off of. * 8/5/2016 v1.0.2 - fixed undefined log call in preinit * 8/5/2016 v1.0.1 - fixed filename typo * 8/5/2016 v1.0.0 - initial release #Author: *Bigfoot #Credits: * Earliest known script variation: Darth_Rogue, Chisel, deadeye, and Robio. * Based on modified script by Tuna. * TaylorSwift for very helpful mod template. * Second_Coming for Occupation mod from which I learned techniques. * Thank you to all previous scriptors listed above and and Bigfoot for previous versions. - Crito #Summary: Exile forum thread: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/17352-bigfoots-shipwrecks/ This addon spawns shipwrecks with loot crates and markers in random water locations on server restart with AI boats guarding each location. Each wreck now has its own cleanup. Clean up of the wreck only happens when both the crate and player make it farther than distance defined in config settings. Default is 1,000 meters. New ship wrecks sites respawn when all of the initial spawned shipwrecks have been cleared. Dead driver event - If driver gets shot out of a boat than the rest of the AI in that boat will jump out and swim to wreck to guard it under water while the other Boats with drivers remain driving around fighting above water until their driver is killed. Player at crate event - If a player skips fighting the AI on the surface and goes straight under water to crate the AI will jump out of the boats and swim down to attack the player. This happens when the notification about player taking crate is triggered. configs settings added for setting water how deep of water you want the crates to spawn in. These are a minimum and maximum depth so if you don't want to swim forever to the crate than have them spawn in shallow waters. config settings added for distance between each wreck. This is so wrecks do not spawn close to one another if you do not want them to. Inventory can NOT be taken from crates while the crate is underwater, due to Arma mechanics. Use R3F, Igiload, or built-in Exile crate mounting to load crates onto SDVs to be transported to shore. Feel free to extend this however you like. I encourage you to post your edits on http://www.exilemod.com/topic/17352-bigfoots-shipwrecks/ so others can enjoy your improvements and contribute with further enhancements. Most settings can be configured to your preference in config.sqf. #Features: * Configurable crate loot, with loot spawn percentages, guaranteed items, additional random items, random poptab count, and random classname selection for loot items. * Spawns up to a certain configurable number of shipwrecks in the ocean, at a configurable distance from a configurable center point. * Displays marker on shipwreck. * Players within a configurable distance of the shipwreck will cause the marker to disappear and an Exile Toast as well as chat message to be displayed to all players with the shipwreck's/player's coordinates. This can be turned on or off. * Cleans up completed shipwrecks. * Shipwrecks Respawn. * AI boats guard the shipwrecks. * spawns shipwrecks a configurable distance away from each other. * spawns shipwrecks at a configurable water depth. * AI event when player reaches crate if AI are still alive. * AI event if driver is killed and crew is still in the boat. #Roadmap: * Add optional AI spawns around crates. //done by Crito * Allow shipwrecks to cluster in certain areas - e.g 2/3 of ships would spawn in Altis central bay, and 1/3 of shipwrecks would spawn in deep water surrounding altis. * Increased chance for certain loot #License: This work is license under the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA). Full license text can be found in /src/BigfootsShipwrecks_Server/APL SA.txt. Essentially you must not charge for, or to use, this addon. If you make modifications to this addon, it can only be distributed with the same APL-SA license. This is so others in the Exile Mod community can benefit from collaborative efforts. #Installation: Drop the BigfootsShipwrecks_Server.pbo file in your @ExileServer/addons/ folder. #Configuration: Edit values in config.sqf to your liking.
  11. https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Roaming-Jets-for-dog-fights This is a drop and play pbo for exile servers that spawns in roaming jets. Advise to unpbo and change the config.sqf to your liking then repbo and drop in ExileServer\addons folder. These jets only target other jets they do not target helicopters. Planes that cannot fight jets are Blacklisted in config to be ignored by the AI jets. You can add to the Blacklist if you have planes you don't want the AI jets attacking. Jets do not attack ground units. There is also a % chance setting for a loot crate to spawn on exposion of AI jet that is shot and destroyed and will parachute to ground displaying chordinates in chat channel. These chordinates are as it spawns so they change slightly as it falls to ground but that makes players have to hunt them and not find them so easily. So in a nutshell your players in helicopters and planes that are blacklisted are safe from attack and this makes it nice for the players who like to fly jets to dog fight other jets.
  12. Added the fix for territories that use the same nicknames vehicles become stuck in VG. Info for this fix included in the usage instructions.
  13. Overrides for Exile Virtual Garage that dissable nicknames when storing vehicles. https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/No-More-Nick-Names-Exile-VG
  14. This should be sorted in the copy I sent you.