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  1. After running this on live server and actually being able to use it on other players I have found some things that need worked on. I will try to work the issues out but im not the greatest at coding I just know enough to get small things done. So if anyone wants to takle the issues than it would be awsome to see it shared. We have found that it needs some server side code that updates the dead players body position after being dragged. Also when one player drags another than any other players watching just see the player being drug like a rubberband on thier end. We also found that when reviving there has been a rare chance that revived player gets sent to debug zone. These are things that I was not able to test on my test server alone and did not run into them until put into the live server and started playing with it on other players.
  2. Dont call me king but here it is working version for exile https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Working-Drag-Dead-Body-Script-For-Exile
  3. This spawns a loudspeaker at the Altis Terminal trader that plays music up to 350 meters. Sound is 3D so it is louder outside buildings and gets harder to hear farther away you move from the speaker. The location of the loudspeaker can be changed in the LoudSpeaker.sqf by using editor to get all the necessary cordinates and plugging them into the correct locations. If you understand code you can add your own sound files by adding necessary information into the playList.hpp and LoudSpeaker.sqf then adding in .ogg sound into music folder. Songs are chosen randomly but the same song is heard by everyone in the area. If you join and do not hear a song playing you will have to wait about 5 minutes before you hear the music becuase the current song was remote executed before you joined and since you were not on you cant hear it but when the next song starts you will hear it because you were connected when server remote executed it for you to hear. this applies also if you dissconnect and rejoing you will have to wait for next song to start hearing the music. Need support feel free to contact Crito at our discord https://discord.gg/WEFzqPa You can get the script here https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Crito-s-Loudspeaker This is not a final copy it will be improved upon over time. First improvement in works is the way it is activated.
  4. Crito

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Updated on Github I replaced the sqf with the original version because I forgot the one provided is one I use on my server and has a bunch of RHS loot that will probably thorw errors if you are not using RHS.
  5. Crito

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Sharing my A3DMS Missions for Arma 3 Exile. These Missions are set up to use reinforcements on both static and bandit missions. Working vehicle, helicopter, and foot soldiers when a defined number of AI in a group are killed the reinforcements will come in. The helicopter will fly around as gun ship it will not drop troops If you enable it may or may not work right has a mind of its own when doing pardrops. Take a look at the bandit mission blackHawkDown.sqf, static missions Saltflats.sqf, StoptheMayor.sqf, and Chelonisipower.sqf to see the randomization these have to offer. I run these on my server and players like the randomization because it never plays out the same and they dont get use to the same exact stuff at the missions. If you use dms you cannot use just the missions out of here it will not work you need the scripts folder and the missions folder due to the changes I had to make to 2 scripts and all bandit missions to get this all to work. Also In the blackHawkDown.sqf is specific cordinates put in each pos case and it runs of choosing a mission location off of chordinates you put in there instead of the normal bandit mission random locations. I did this because the buildings for this mission do not work well on hills. the cordinates that are there are for Altis map so if you use another map you need to get cordinates put in where you want possible spawns to be. https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Reworked-A3DMS-Missions
  6. starting to sound like something is not right with your respawn in general. Do you have a recent .rpt I could look at?
  7. sounds like your using infastar you need to go into @infiSTAR_Exile\addons and extract a3_infiSTAR_Exile.pbo then open EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp and find this section allowedIDDs[] = { /* default idds */ -1,0,4,5,6,8,12,15,18,24,49,54,55,70,72,101,160,174,177,999,131,63,602,301, /* exile idds */ 24001,24002,20023,24005,24004,24010,24025,20021,20017,24012,24027, 20019,20016,24007,20024,20018,24008,24011,24015,24000,24006,24014, 20020,24026,4002,4000,4001,4003,1500, 24033,24030,24029,24028,24031,24034, 4004,21000, // Bounty system and MarXet 8457, // http://www.exilemod.com/topic/9040-xm8-apps/ 65431, // r3f menu fix 6666, // Paintshop 0711, // Advanced Banking 0720,24036, // Virtual Garage 5501,5502,5503,5504,5505,5506,5507, // BRAma Cookbook -1339,-1340, // custom infiSTAR dialogs (some editor & a private chat menu) 9123, // Bones Service Point Script 86000, // xsSpawn 42289, // SM VG 99990,5280,5581,5589,5590,5512,9918,9919,9920,5981,8560,5281, //Firewill 5160,5161,5180,5166,5167,5175,5165,5162,5163,5177,5164,5168,5169,5170,5171,5176,5179,5178,5225,5172, //Firewill 99990,5280,5581,5589,5590,5512,9918,9919,9920,5981,8560,5281, //Firewill 5160,5161,5180,5166,5167,5175,5165,5162,5163,5177,5164,5168,5169,5170,5171,5176,5179,5178,5225,5172, //Firewill -1,101,1200,2801,2802,2803,2804,2805,2822,2823,1105,1106,1107,1108,1109,1110,1111,1112,1113,1114,1115,1116,1117,1118,1500,1501,1502,1503,1504,1600,1601,1602,1603,1604,1605,1606,2821,2824,61461, //RHS /* main idd - never delete it */ 46 }; Add in the xsSpawn like I have in here, save it and pack the .pbo back up and that should take care of the black screen because infastar blocks it unless you have this added in.
  8. Iam not sure I figured it should work without xsspawn. I will need to test this without xsspawn on my test server and see If I get the same results. So from what I understand is the loadout works you just do not get the option to halo spawn?
  9. in your @exileserver\addons\exile_server_config.pbo\config.cpp find this section and make sure its set right. /** * Enables or disables parachute spawning. * * 1 = On * 0 = Off */ parachuteSpawning = 1;
  10. I have just updated the file on my github, includes 9 different UID Loadouts some with launchers and pistols and reworked respect base loadouts.
  11. are you using this? https://github.com/xstremebam/xsSpawn
  12. as for the code you are asking about @DEH4NK are you wanting the player to remain as a bambi?
  13. I just pushed a fixed version on the githublink, It was brought to my attention that the UID portion was not working on the last version so I fixed and tested it thoroughly and all is working now.
  14. https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Bambi-Loadout Loadout script with player UID's or respect based with randomized weapon tiers. INSTALLATION: Put the ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf inside a folder named custom and place it into your mission.map.pbo or if you already have a custom folder in your mission.map.pbo then just paste this file into it. Next you need to add the following code to the custom code section of your config.cpp file found in your mission.map.pbo. ExileServer_object_player_createBambi = "custom\ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf"; ABOUT THIS SCRIPT AND HOW IT ALL WORKS. In this script you will find 4 weapons tiers that you can change or add any weapons in each tier to your liking. Below the weapon tiers are 5 loaduts based on Player UID's. This is where you will put together a loadout that only 1 player is able to spawn in with and no one else. Below the 5 UID based loadouts you will find the loadouts based off of player respect. If the player does not have a UID assigned to loadout in the UID loadout section then they will automatically be using the respect based loadouts. In each respect based loadout you will notice there is no specific weapon or ammo assigned to the loadouts. That is what This line of code is for [_bambiPlayer,_Tier1PrimaryWeapons,3] call bis_fnc_addWeapon; _Tier1PrimaryWeapons points to the weapon tier that will randomly be selected for the player and the ammo will automatically be given for whatever weapon they end up with. ,3] is the number of magazines you want the player to have when they spawn in, but if you give them alot of ammo you need to make sure you give them the ability to carry all ammo and items you can not give them a uniform and no vest or backpack and expect them to carry 10 magazines and food, water, ect. if weapons added to the weapon tiers do not support the attachments in the random attachments it will still work the gun will be givin but it will ignore the attachments portion. To add a specific weapon to loadout just replace _Tier1PrimaryWeapons in [_bambiPlayer,_Tier1PrimaryWeapons,3] with a specific weapon enclosed in quotes. 12/1/2020 Added Randomization of weapon attachments.