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  1. Ohhh sweet baby Jesus!
  2. Hello, You will have more luck finding someone to answer your question in the modelling forum. Cheers
  3. chops


  4. You, good sirs, are the last of the true gentle! Thanks very much for this. I can't play Arma without it and these improvements are very welcome and much appreciated.
  5. Stunning work, mate! These seem like they have come along very quickly.
  6. This just looks better and better! Appreciate that you're making it run smoothly and work well, as well as looking oh so very pretty.
  7. I can't say that I understand much of what you're doing, but the potential results sound extremely impressive! Will be following with interest. Best of luck!
  8. Very impressive renders! What modelling program are you using? I've mucked around a bit in Blender.
  9. Excellent! Looks like the kind of thing Arma 3 could have done with from the start!
  10. Looks fantastic so far! Very keen to see how this goes.
  11. It's a bit undignified how excited this middle-aged man here is to use this map.
  12. Looking magnificent! And to think I nearly gave in to the urge to bump this thread😁
  13. Mate! Almost seems a shame to bring death and destruction to such a beautiful map!
  14. Less time posting is more time working! The JBAD and Opteryx additions sound like a lot of effort, but will no doubt be worth it 👍