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  1. Mate, your trash objects are utter garbage! 😁
  2. Suddenly I'm coming back to these forums a lot more! Really impressive work!
  3. This looks magnificent! Very much looking forward to trying it out.
  4. Very pleased to see this is still underway mate! Great stuff!
  5. So much awesome work, Firewill! Thank you!
  6. Congratulations to all involved! A massive achievement!
  7. chops

    Hyuga Class DDH

    A few setbacks there Mankyle, but nothing you can't overcome!
  8. chops

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Jeez, you blokes never stop! 👍
  9. Will be a fine addition to the Arma seas, mate!
  10. Keep pumping out that fine work!
  11. chops

    Dynamic Cover System

    You're a gentleman and a scholar! Thanks!
  12. chops


    Thanks for the update mosstone! You're making some great progress. This will be a really unique and very welcome achievement in Arma 3.
  13. chops

    Dynamic Cover System

    "This item was deleted" 😥 I was keen to have a look at this. Any chance someone could kindly reupload? Cheers