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  1. HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    Fantastic work here fellas! Really impressive. Looks like you have put a lot of time and effort in.
  2. Dear kimi, I would like to thank you for this marvellous addon. It makes flying helicopters in Arma so much more enjoyable. In my opinion, the glaring omission of HUDs for the vanilla transport helos dettracted a lot from the game. Dear undergraduates of Chop's online ettiquette finishing school, Try: "Hi Kimi, this is a great addon, I use it all the time. Just wondering if there's a way I can [insert request/query]? I've looked through this thread and the readme and couldn't find the answer. Thanks [name of undergraduate]." Warm regards Chops
  3. I don't want to fight a war on this island. I want to find a beautiful Italian woman and live out my days strolling through the rolling hills and picturesque streets. :)
  4. As commander, you don't have to hold the forward button down the entire time, just until a few seconds after the tank starts moving, then the AI driver will continue on. From the limited amount of time I've played with the new changes, I find the new way far more rsponsive and therefore far less frustrating. As far as I know, that's now an option, rather than being mandatory. Probably helps a lot for modders trying to build all kinds of weird and wonderful things. :) That said, a couple of things are bugging me about the new changes. There doesn't seem to be a 'forward fast' command any more You can't go from normal speed forward, then to slow, you have to come to a complete halt first
  5. I've spent hundreds of hours having a load of fun with CUP. Thank you so much for all your hard work Chairborne. I know it must have been work too. All that editing of configs, model.cfgs, rvmats isn't any kind of entertainment. So again, thank you very much, all the best with your future endeavours.
  6. HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    Efcharisto Aplion! Love your work mate!
  7. Smarter tanks script

    Great to see the great .kyu back in action!
  8. HAFM NAVY v1.0

    I know your pain Aplion. While engine updates to Arma are welcome, BIS doesn't seem to do much to ensure backwards compatability. It's infuriating to spend all that time making mods, only for them to become broken every time there's a significant patch.
  9. Howdy there! Are there any plans of releasing your Arleigh Burke destroyer mod?

    1. chops


      I'm still working on it, bit by bit.

    2. Laqueesha


      Alright, thanks. Glad to hear!

  10. Texturing has always been too big a hurdle for me. It's straightforward enough - with time and determination - to get a model in game from Blender via O2. Also a texturing tutorial would be of great use to people wanting to do retextures of existing addons as well. Offering to do tutorials on addon making is a huge help to the community, I reckon. So good on ya Burnes!
  11. Good luck with everything. Just keep those top-notch mods coming :)
  12. How on earth do you get away with being such an ungrateful member? Less of the profanity please, even though I agree with your sentiments RR
  13. Really impressive work! Love the animations. Now please stop. I'm terrified of sharks :unsure:
  14. Perhaps a module or global command enabling the AI to target and fire upon empty enemy vehicles would help? It's always been a bit of a hack/cheat when under fire from enemy AI when in a vehicle - just jump out and they stop shooting (at the vehicle at least). From the early OFP days it has struck me as a little silly that the AI can distinguish between a manned vehicle and an unmanned one. If you're in an M1 Abrams and you see a T-72, you shoot it, end of story. AI behaviour should reflect that.
  15. Great work with this mod guys! Love your work and looking forward to more. Thanks!