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  1. Happy new year to you too firewill! Thank you for your incredibly well-made addons, they are a joy to fly!
  2. chops


    This is a great map Temppa! Thanks for all your hard work. I'm also really enjoying Anizay. As one of my coop friends said, you have a great gift for creating very realistic-feeling and atmospheric terrains.
  3. Great stuff Mad Cheese! This is a work of art!
  4. Looks fantastic! Really looking forward to trying this out. This is exactly the kind of thing Arma coop needs!
  5. Great work so far! From my own experience Arma always takes longer and is harder than you expect. Keep at it! Really looking forward to seeing these in action.
  6. chops


    Great to hear all is well mate! Nice to have you back.
  7. Such beautiful work Firewill! Thank you!
  8. chops


    Have played a couple of coop missions on Anizay, it's a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks for your hard work guys!
  9. chops

    HQ Replacement CSAT

    Very sorry to hear of your troubles eduardcomando. Must be terrible not only for you personally, but to see your country in such a bad way. Best of luck to you for the future.
  10. Hi all, With the kind permission of the original auther @aussnipe73 I am attempting to upgrade and update his formidable Iowa class battleship. The point is to have all nine guns firing independently, via Drongo's artillery, which is still being worked on. The triple-gun turrets are currently static weapons separate from the actual battleship model itself (plan it to attachTo them to the ship. Long story). So the problem is I'm trying to configure each physical turret to have three gunners, one for each gun, but I can't figure out the required config and model.cfg entries to get this to work. I've tried entering a second manned turret/gun (guided by the turrets wiki), but as you can see below, some of the shells fire dead ahead as the gunBeg points are not rotating or elevating with the "main" turret. The red lines are from the bullet tracking function. I also seem to have four gunner slots in the damn thing, instead of just the two that I'm aiming for so far. Soooo.... Here's the relevant config section: And the model.cfg entries: The model itself is set up just fine for one gun to work. I've just followed the same conventions for a second "turret" within this physical one: Ideally I'd love to have each gun elevating independently, just like the real thing, but if all three guns moved together, but each with independent gunners able to fire, that'd do just fine. Many thanks in advance. I reckon the Iowa would be great to have back in game delivering all nine 16-inch guns of naval shore bombardment goodness!
  11. Drongo doesn't frequent these forums very often. He's active on YouTube and Patreon.
  12. @georgischer Maschinengewehr I can't live with the shame. Please accept my apologies on behalf of everyone who hasn't made an artillery mod for forgetting about artillery.
  13. chops

    HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    @Devastator_cm The ANZAC class frigate in CUP has a 127mm cannon that fires on surface targets and can also be used for shore bombardment using Drongo's artillery. The CUP config might be worth a look? Love your work guys!
  14. chops

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    The thing I find most infuriating in all this is that AI driving once worked OK. It was stuffed up in a patch and the devs seemed to have shrugged and moved on. It really hinders my enjoyment of the larger-scale command engine/combined arms type of battles that Arma excells at, and is on offer nowhere else. I guess the only point of this thread is to vent our collective spleen at the glaring and noe permanent faults.
  15. chops

    HAFM NAVY v1.5 Release

    Fantastic work here fellas! Really impressive. Looks like you have put a lot of time and effort in.