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  1. Project Zenith

    Your work continually impresses. Can't wait until we get the chance to Barbie-up with your latest stuff.
  2. US 75th Rangers

    You make a compelling argument.
  3. Unlockable Spawns

    In the 3D editor, you can always just sync your respawn module to a trigger.
  4. Thanks for taking a look. I did several things to troubleshoot what my problem was. Everything was looking good, so I opened up the mission I was having trouble in... and it was working fine. Strange.
  5. Seems as though the 2nd screen on the data terminal can't be changed through commands anymore. When I use this setObjectTexture [0, "mypic.paa"]; it will change the picture on the left. Using this setObjectTexture [1, "mypic.paa"]; has no effect on the right screen. I've manipulated both screens in the past, and in my recent effort I even did a copy/paste from a previous mission and it doesn't work. Then I checked my previous mission that used to work, and it no longer works. Anyone else see the same issue? edit: Nevermind. Problem was on my end I guess. Maybe restarting the game helped?
  6. Anyone wanna start a Milsim?

    My advice for you would be to join a group that's already out there. Get some experience. Figure out what works and how to do stuff. Meet some people. If after a bit of time you're still wanting to start something from scratch, you might know some people, know how stuff works, and have some experience that will help you start your own unit.
  7. Zeus Deck Boss

    Would this have any effect on respawn modules?
  8. Thanks Larrow. holdActionAdd is something I do a fair amount of already, so what I'm looking for is the UI effect of the initInspectable that can also run a command once inspected. If I could get the UI element of initInspectable to popup as part of a holdActionAdd I think that'd be about perfect.
  9. I really like what BIS_fnc_initInspectable can be used to for when I'm making the missions for my unit. I like to add objects that they actually need to interact with as objectives. But what I'd really like to figure out is how to be able to use that function, so that when it's used it will be able to run a script or run a command such as deleteVehicle. That way I can use it with a trigger, or other things. The problem on my end is my scripting skills rank somewhere beneath complete novice. So I'm here begging the genius scripters of the community to give me a hand. Thanks.
  10. Inspect leaflet as task

    MP dedicated server capable?
  11. US 75th Rangers

    Thanks for the reply. PM sent
  12. US 75th Rangers

    What's your pbo plan? As someone who has curated modpacks for several milsim units over the years, I generally appreciate when a mod takes a modular approach to pbo's. Please don't take this the wrong way, but in my position I'm focused solely on the gear you're creating (which looks fantastic, btw), and not on the units you'll be putting together. That being said, the mod as a single pbo including units and gear is a minor nuisance, as the units add one more category (or worse) to the editor that I don't need. My recommendation is to include a separate pbo with your units, that can be ran as an option. Include it in your Workshop entry, but those of us that use Arma3Sync and other methods would be grateful. Thanks. PS: If you need any help with configs or have any questions about doing what I'm proposing, please don't hesitate to let me know.
  13. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    No, there's a compatibility mod on the Workshop that you need to make it work properly.
  14. I made a parachute mod using the Arma 2 sample data, but I have a problem with the parachutes burning when they hit the ground (in some cases). I see that on July 25th, 2013, a SPOTREP was posted that had the entry "Fixed: Destroyed parachute doesn't start to burn" . I'm wondering if anyone knows what they did or knows how to help me out. Thanks.
  15. What file/code changes the First Aid Kits into Bandages/Morphine when it's added to your inventory?