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  1. US 75th Rangers

    Thanks for the reply. PM sent
  2. US 75th Rangers

    What's your pbo plan? As someone who has curated modpacks for several milsim units over the years, I generally appreciate when a mod takes a modular approach to pbo's. Please don't take this the wrong way, but in my position I'm focused solely on the gear you're creating (which looks fantastic, btw), and not on the units you'll be putting together. That being said, the mod as a single pbo including units and gear is a minor nuisance, as the units add one more category (or worse) to the editor that I don't need. My recommendation is to include a separate pbo with your units, that can be ran as an option. Include it in your Workshop entry, but those of us that use Arma3Sync and other methods would be grateful. Thanks. PS: If you need any help with configs or have any questions about doing what I'm proposing, please don't hesitate to let me know.
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    No, there's a compatibility mod on the Workshop that you need to make it work properly.
  4. I made a parachute mod using the Arma 2 sample data, but I have a problem with the parachutes burning when they hit the ground (in some cases). I see that on July 25th, 2013, a SPOTREP was posted that had the entry "Fixed: Destroyed parachute doesn't start to burn" . I'm wondering if anyone knows what they did or knows how to help me out. Thanks.
  5. What file/code changes the First Aid Kits into Bandages/Morphine when it's added to your inventory?
  6. Hi There!
    I learnt about your experience in Navy from your old post (Abandoned naval CIC...).

    I was thrilled as I'm looking for someone who can share some knowledge about the Naval systems.
    I work as UI/UX designer and soon i would be involving myself in one of the projects that is similar to Command and monitoring system or similar stuff.
    Can I get in touch with you to gain some knowledge?

    Please feel free to let me know.
    Appreciate your help and guidance.


    Thanks & Regards,



  7. [MOD]Helmet Config isn't working

    Missing a few instances of }; to close your classes for helmet1, helmet2 and helmet4. Also, you might want to change your class names to avoid potential mod conflicts. Like class AAB_custom_helmets and class AAB_helmet1.
  8. Military Codes & Callsigns

    AO= Area of Operations; ENDEX= End Exercise; COMEX= Commence Exercise; FOB= Forward Operating Base
  9. [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    Looks impressive. Kudos for making it work. Why is it over 4Gb? Lots of custom buildings?
  10. It works. I'm using playMove for the starting animation, and switchMove for anything that alters that. Thanks!
  11. I'm running into a problem trying to get the player to start an animation while using a bis_fnc_holdActionAdd. Should be specifically line 6 and line 9 in my code in the spoiler. I did try player switchMove "Acts_millerDisarming_deskCrouch_loop" and it didn't work. So I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. What I posted works fine on a dedicated, as in your guy (and only your guy) gets the loadout. I've been doing it for years.
  13. Fair enough. I just know that it works in MP.
  14. Get rid of the first line of code you added, and replace with if (!local player) exitWith {};. Then replace "this" with "player". Done. Example:
  15. Achilles

    Concerning the ability for Zeus to lock doors and have them set for breaching, how do I get my custom explosive added to the list of explosives that can be used? Is there something I can add to my mod for that to work, or do I have to alter Ares/Achilles? Also, in my testing I placed a small military building in the VR and the "Lock Doors" option was not available. Does it not work on VR, or is there some other condition in place to get it to work? It worked on other maps for me, but not VR. Thanks.