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  1. Someone more knowledgeable might prove me wrong, but I would start with the init.sqf
  2. BadHabitz

    ACE Default Loadout

    If this is what you need you can create a mission template and post the zipped mission folder to Discord, or host it at Google Drive. The user just has to use that template to start the mission-making process and you're good to go.
  3. We've been waiting for five years. You can wait a while longer.
  4. requiredAddons needs the cfgPatches name of any other config that you're inheriting from, not the pbo name (unless they're identical to each other). When done right this will prevent your mod from working if the parent mod is not also working. It might even prevent you from loading the game at all, if I remember correctly. hiddenSelections[] = , you need to find what the hiddenSelections are from the original config. It tells the hiddenSelectionsTextures line what goes where and in what order. What does the config from the Titus have for that? Try to get that working before you move on to get some of your other questions answered.
  5. LHDs don't have catapults. They are helicopter/VTOL ships.
  6. Thanks. This code works for me. if (!local player) exitWith {}; if (backpack player != "") exitWith {hint "Please unequip backpack";}; player addBackpack "B_Parachute"; hint "Parachute equipped";
  7. So, I've got a basic script that I'm adding as an addAction to a box: if (!local player) exitWith {}; player addBackpack "B_Parachute"; hint "Parachute equipped"; What I want to do is add a check that makes sure the backpack slot is empty first, and if not it will give a hint "Please unequip backpack". Also, the locality check on the first line... I know it doesn't hurt anything when I use it, for this and other scripts, but do I need it? Thanks in advance.
  8. BadHabitz

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    I'd like to see new terrains divorced from big content releases. I can't persuade 50 people to spend $20 for content that we won't use 75%+ of. Cold War Europe stuff is not in our wheelhouse, but we're always on the lookout for new terrains. Would be much easier to push people to buy a terrain for $5-$10. GM would be much easier to digest if there was an option to buy the terrain and other content separate from each other. Hopefully this can be done in the future and done retroactively for GM.
  9. BadHabitz

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    No reason to pay for this unless my entire unit does as well, which honestly isn't going to happen. No reason to pay for mods I cant use in my unit's missions. A shame. Even as a purchaser of the Supporter Edition I've spent a ton of money on Arma 3 and it's DLC as gifts to friends and comrades. If this pay model extends to the rest of the future paid mods it's going to be a sad future for what's left of this great community.
  10. Look at the config for the CSAT infantry uniforms. Those have protection in the uniforms and not the vests. You should be able to figure it out from there.
  11. Any idea why I'm getting this floating ceiling light issue on the CUP LHD? Only mods used are CBA and CUP (Weapons, Units, Vehicles). Thanks.
  12. Thanks. This last bit pretty much did the trick. Coupled with configuring my mod for ACE and your advice here I got it to work, so thanks for that. And thanks for the bit of knowledge as well. Semi-related questions, if you have a minute, looking at the community page for CfgPatches it says that CfgVehicle entries go in 'units' and CfgWeapons go in 'weapons', would I also include classes that are scope=0 or scope=1? And I've also seen mods having a line for ammo and magazines in CfgPatches in the past, but that's not in the documentation, so is that just not documented or is it people that didn't know any better? Thanks again.
  13. Thanks. I was under the impression that I only needed requiredAddons if I was overwriting pre-existing classes. Since all of my code is inheriting and not overwriting I didn't think I needed it. But looking into it I see it's also for load order, so I can see how that would help. I added "A3_Data_F_Tank_Loadorder", which didn't work. I also added "A3_Weapons_F_Explosives" since it's inheriting from that CfgPatches and I added "A3_Weapons_F" for good measure. Then I tried adding my CfgVehicles entry "BHZ_TrainingTripMine" into units[]={}; When that didn't work I also added the magazine and ammo entry as well. I don't think I needed those, wasn't sure if I should try to put them in weapons or not. Either way I feel like I was just throwing everything at the problem and nothing has worked yet.
  14. I'm trying to make a tripwire mine that has the sound/smoke/noise effect that the LoW training mine has. I've gotten 99% of it to work, but that last thing I need help with. In the mission editor I can see my new explosive, and it's in the explosive category. It also fires properly and has the desired effects. That's the good. What's not working is that I can't defuse the mine. In the arsenal it shows up in magazines and not explosives. I believe these two symptoms are related. If I can just figure out how to get this to show up in the explosives tab of the arsenal I think it will fix my lack of ability to defuse. I'm inheriting from stuff that already works, and I don't think I've changed anything that would cause my problem. So I'm here to see if anyone can find what I've missed. Thanks. class CfgPatches { class BHZ_TrainingTripMine { units[]= {}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=1; requiredAddons[]={}; }; }; class CfgAmmo { class APERSTripMine_Wire_Ammo; class BHZ_TrainingTripMine_Ammo: APERSTripMine_Wire_Ammo { _generalMacro = "BHZ_TrainingTripMine_Ammo"; model = "\A3\Weapons_F\explosives\mine_AP_tripwire"; defaultMagazine = "BHZ_TrainingTripMine_Mag"; hit = 1; indirectHit = 0; indirectHitRange = 0; suppressionRadiusHit = 0; mineInconspicuousness = 30; mineCanBeReactivated = 0; mineModelDisabled = "\A3\Weapons_F\explosives\mine_AP_tripwire_d"; minDamageForCamShakeHit = 1.55; explosionEffects = "BHZ_TrainingTripMine_Effect"; effectsSmoke = "SmokeShellOrange"; CraterEffects = "IEDMineSmallLandCrater"; picture = "\A3\Weapons_F\Data\UI\gear_mine_AP_tripwire_CA.paa"; class CamShakeExplode { power = 0; duration = 0.2; frequency = 20; distance = 0; }; class CamShakeHit { power = 0; duration = 0.2; frequency = 20; distance = 1; }; soundTrigger[] = {""}; soundActivation[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Orange\arsenal\explosives\TrainingMine\TrainingMine_Placement_01",1.9952624,1,20}; soundDeactivation[] = {"A3\Sounds_F_Orange\arsenal\explosives\TrainingMine\TrainingMine_Deactivate_01",1.9952624,1,20}; SoundSetExplosion[] = {"TrainingMine_Exp_SoundSet","TrainingMine_Report_SoundSet"}; }; class BHZ_TrainingTripMine_Ammo_Scripted: APERSTripMine_Wire_Ammo { triggerWhenDestroyed = 1; }; }; class CfgMagazines { class APERSTripMine_Wire_Mag; class BHZ_TrainingTripMine_Mag: APERSTripMine_Wire_Mag { _generalMacro = "BHZ_TrainingTripMine_Mag"; count = 1; scope = 2; mass = 15; ammo = "BHZ_TrainingTripMine_Ammo"; picture = "\A3\Weapons_F\Data\UI\gear_mine_AP_tripwire_CA.paa"; model = "\A3\Weapons_F\explosives\mine_AP_tripwire_i"; displayName = "Training Trip Mine"; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class APERSTripMine; class BHZ_TrainingTripMine: APERSTripMine { _generalMacro = "BHZ_TrainingTripMine"; scope = 2; ammo = "BHZ_TrainingTripMine_Ammo"; displayName = "Training Tripwire Mine"; picture = "\A3\Weapons_F\Data\UI\gear_mine_AP_tripwire_CA.paa"; vehicleClass = "Mines"; editorPreview = "\A3\EditorPreviews_F\Data\CfgVehicles\APERSTripMine.jpg"; }; }; class BHZ_TrainingTripMine_Effect { class LightTTM { intensity = 1; interval = 1; lifeTime = 14; position[] = {-1.65,0.15,0.1}; simulation = "light"; type = "TrainingMine_light"; }; class Smoke { intensity = 0.1; interval = 1; lifeTime = 14; position[] = {-1.65,0.15,0.1}; simulation = "particles"; type = "TrainingMine_smoke"; }; class Sparks { intensity = 1; interval = 1; lifeTime = 14; position[] = {-1.65,0.15,0.1}; simulation = "particles"; type = "TrainingMine_FireSparks"; }; };
  15. Anyone understand the difference if I use widthRailWay=1 or widthRailWay=4 ?