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  1. Are you using respawn modules? Do you have them set for the right faction to spawn? Or are you using respawn_west markers?
  2. Zeus after JIP

    They are. I've never experienced a problem with someone rejoining a mission and not being able to access Zeus powers, so besides the standard stuff I'm afraid I don't have much to offer.
  3. Zeus after JIP

    Could also add a few different Zeus modules to help: 1) putting #adminLogged in the owner block, meaning the person logged in as admin of the server will have Zeus access; 2) putting the intended person's SteamID/ArmaID number in the owner block will enable them to use Zeus regardless of the slot they use to load in.
  4. Zeus after JIP

    We run with 2 Zeus's in our missions. The first guy has Zeus powers right away. The 2nd guy loading in has to respawn in order to get it to work. Alternately, using the Achilles-Ares mod the 1st guy can grant powers to the 2nd guy with no respawn needed. Hope any of this helps you.
  5. So, I did manage to get this to work. Add to classname in config.cpp: class EventHandlers: EventHandlers { init = "(_this select 0) setIdentity ""OPRB_Poseidon_id"""; }; Guy looks right being dropped in Zeus. In the editor the unit will have the default face in the editor, but will have the face and name I want when the mission runs.
  6. Trying to put together a script, but it's beyond me. I have a custom soldier classname "OPRB_Poseidon", and I want him to have a specific identity, but when I put them in a mission from the editor or Zeus, it gives the character a random name from a list. So what I want is something where if it detects OPRB_Poseidon it will setIdentity OPRB_Poseidon_id on that character. I want to be able to place the character down and have the identity automatically assigned if I drop him in the editor or Zeus. Is this even possible? Please keep in mind I'm looking for dedicated MP compatibility. Something like this? if (typeOf vehicle == "OPRB_Poseidon") then {this setidentity "OPRB_Poseidon_id"}; But I don't think it will work because I use "this"
  7. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Can anyone else confirm if the ability to move around in the C-130 while in flight was removed or if it is broken? I loaded with only RHSUSAF from Steam Workshop.
  8. Welcome to Glasgow

    Looking good!
  9. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for the update! Question: For those of us that run multiple weapons mods and run compatibility mods to get all of the weapons and ammo to play nice, how do we go about fixing the compats to work with the new magazine system? At present if I try to use "Mod X" magazines with RHS weapons the magazine is invisible. Thanks in advance.
  10. What's on line 77? Or around there? In my experience, I don't use commas in configs unless it's in an array. I can't remember the error that I had before, but it went away when I removed the commas from my author line.
  11. Looks good! Congrats!
  12. It has less to do with the platform and more to do with the weapon system, as the role of the ship doesn't determine the actual use of the ship, it's the capabilities of the weapon systems. Case in point; prior to 1992 the Sea Sparrow Anti-Air missile was, by doctrine, only used against air targets. Then in October the USS America accidentally fired two Sea Sparrows at a Turkish destroyer, hitting the bridge. After that, Sea Sparrows became a dual threat weapon system, and their use as an anti-ship weapon was trained to the surface warfare community. If they don't have the artillery mode in the released version I will work on a mod to add it, but it really should be in there from the start.
  13. Destroyers (Arleigh Burke), yes. Cruisers (Ticonderoga), yes. Both use the same 127mm gun mounts from the Mk45 gun system. From the wiki page: "The gun is designed for use against surface warships, anti-aircraft and shore bombardment to support amphibious operations". Besides that, I have personal experience spending hours and hours on a Spruance destroyer (which used the same guns) sitting next to the Gunners Mates and Fire Controlmen watching them and listening to their comms with the Marine Forward Observers coordinating fire orders, shelling the beaches of Vieques, Puerto Rico.
  14. The 120mm Mk45 is almost 5 inches (7mm short). From personal experience I can tell you that USN 5 inch weapon systems are indeed used as an artillery gun, and I'd assume the A3 version is patterned after the Mk45 Naval Gun System.
  15. Is there a way to add a line of code in the mission somewhere to cap player volume level? To prevent players from turning their talking volume past a defined level. Thanks.