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  1. Pomi Git

    BHI Mods Discussion thread

    Hello. For those of you who followed BHI on Facebook you may recall we did a poll prior to the page being taken offline. The poll raised the question of whether anyone was interested in seeing images of unreleased content from Imperial Assault. We promised to release them if the majority of our followers were in favour. 82% of those who voted wanted us to do this. With the page now offline and BHI as a team effectively finished I figure there's no harm in following thru with this promise. So here they are for anyone that's still interested. https://imgur.com/a/qKjIb All models shown in this image library were either made by individuals within the team or were used with appropriate permission. Where we did not make the model ourselves the original creator has been credited in the image description.
  2. Pomi Git

    Lightsaber System

    It's worth calling out that many of the assets used in this video are from the Imperial Assault mod. Some of it is stuff we never released. The AT-ST model was made by @Macser for his CWA Hoth mod so full credit goes to him for that. He kindly gave us permission to use it. Great work on the video mate. This could turn into a video series "The Adventures of Miller" :) EDIT: For anyone interested in seeing other unreleased work from Imperial Assault I have just posted a link to an image library https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/187178-bhi-mods-discussion-thread/?do=findComment&comment=3204355
  3. Pomi Git

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    None taken, youre entitled to your opinion and we have different ideas of what makes a mod amazing. BHI was always about more than just bringing a Star Wars mod to ARMA 3, we valued quality over quantity and invested a lot of time and energy into doing it the right way. There's a huge difference (in terms of time and effort) between making models, textures, sounds, animations etc from scratch versus simply porting large quantities of pre-made assets.
  4. Pomi Git

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    I'd like to see evidence of this because first I was being blamed and now McRuppert. I contacted everyone I was able to get hold of who had contributed to the mod and recommended to end the DMCA if they did issue it. No one has come forward and confirmed it was them so I'm dubious of this claim. With that said, if McRuppert did in fact take it upon himself to make a claim against work he invested countless hours making then I can fully understand why he would. The video shared by Uro highlights a number of items made by McRuppert for the IA mod. Right now though I'm just concerned for him because if he is being named as the person who issued the DMCA I expect he will receive a barrage of abuse which is absolutely not on. The only thing this behaviour will do is ensure talented modders like McRuppert will pack it in. Again it's not worth the abuse.
  5. Pomi Git

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    The thing that's causing a lot of confusion here is the fact that I had threatened to issue a DMCA if they released it on steam and it still contained IA assets. The DMCA was issued by an as yet unknown individual before I was even able to verify my own claim. But I've been blamed for it and have been on the back foot ever since. They're claiming it doesn't contain any IA assets (even though Uro has proven differently now) and so all the fan boys are assuming BHI made a claim because we are some how jealous of this mod and just want to ruin the party. Whether or not Hanter's Gorge has been packaged up with their maps on steam, I have no idea. My point there was that Konoa misrepresented the map as being from their mod in his video. The mod team then jumped down my throat and tried to claim it was a completely different map.
  6. Pomi Git

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    Thank you for putting this together and confirming what I think is no surprise to anyone. Unfortunately due to the large amount of negative reaction targeted at myself and the BHI team I will not be pursuing this. I'm having to swallow my pride and let it go because it's not worth the stress. As I've said here and on steam multiple times, I didn't issue the DMCA, and frankly if I had, at this stage I'd be retracting it. Despite this no doubts if the DMCA goes through I'll cop the blame and will have to deal with more abuse. So for me this is effectively the end of modding. I'm done
  7. Just to let you know, I have removed this mod from steam workshop. Given what I've had to deal with the past few days I will no longer be releasing anything on steam workshop.
  8. Pomi Git

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    Here's a full breakdown for you. 6 months ago Jmax, Clon and his little buddies messaged me and McRuppert telling us about their wonderful mod. Boasting a vast quantity of ripped content. And mixed in there was the IA mod. Not just models, but sounds, animations, blaster fx, etc. Yes they actually admitted using and redistributing our mod! Both McRuppert and I made it clear that they could not use our work. Simply put we did not want our work mixed up in ripped content which more than likely will end up in legal action. Fast forward a few months and videos continue to pop up on YouTube of their mod. Low and behold it still contains IA mod content. They contacted us again, assuming that we would be impressed by their progress but I reiterated my original message that it must not contain IA assets. EDIT: @BohemiaBeck can verify this because I reported the messages to moderators. I also still have the messages for anyone that seriously wants to challenge the validity of this. A few weeks ago a YouTuber called Konoa posted a video of the mod. Apparently he's now their official promoter. The video perported to show off the mod with a "new map sent by the team". The map in question was Hanter's Gorge which I recently released. I responded on YouTube and told Konoa the map was not made by their team and he needed to provide appropriate credit. Konoa never responded but Jmax and his buddies did. Lashing out and trying to claim it was not the same map but instead the "Strange New Worlds" map that Bushlurker made. I also made it clear that if this mod was released on steam and it still contained imperial Assault assets then I would DMCA it. Fast forward to this weekend and the mod is released on steam. I didn't even know about it until I started receiving a barrage of insults thru the BHI Facebook page (which as a result Ive disabled) and my YouTube channel. As it turned out someone else decided to DMCA it. Ive no idea who but I'm copping the abuse. I haven't even downloaded the mod to confirm yet whether it still includes IA assets. Whilst I think they're stupid for using ripped content I have no claim to that. So they're more than welcome to line themselves up in the firing line with Disney's lawyers. So in summary the angry masses have put two together, we must have DMCA'd it and we are a bunch of assholes for doing so. It really makes you question why you even bother creating mods when this is the crap you have to put up with. Not worth it
  9. Hanter's Gorge by Bushlurker is now available to download from steam workshop. Details here
  10. Unfortunately neither @m1km8n or I are getting the time to finish this terrain. As a result I've decided to release the terrain in its current state. Thanks to @m1km8n the outstanding issues I mentioned in my original post have been resolved. When we eventually find the time we'll try do a proper release with the intended assets. Here it is released on steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=929294697
  11. Pomi Git

    Farewell guys

    Best of luck. A break (short or long) from all this madness can be a positive thing for the mind :)
  12. @m1lkm8n is focusing on clutter objects. Im just adding in a few extra things, primarily for the monument.
  13. I made some stone steps, a render from Substance Painter is included in the above album. The plan is to have steps heading up the mountain. I'm also thinking of doing a rope bridge. Am open to suggestions to help popular the map with some simple items
  14. A quick update, I decided to make a platform for Kiory's monument to stand on, nothing too fancy. Both will be integrated into the map. Ill probably also release the source files for the platform for people to use once the map is out. The bollard's are a separate model so you could potentially use it for many other purposes.
  15. This is getting way off topic :) Happy for you to raise any questions about the BHI team in the dedicated discussion thread we have