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  1. [GLT] Legislator

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Today I released a small mod update. GLT Mod 2.01.2019.09.19 changed: Victoria Divina autorifleman is now using RHS M-84 weapon disabled: GLT_Item_Car_Glass_Small and GLT_Item_Car_Glass_Small_Obj have been disabled because of technical issues fixed: Victoria Divina AA soldier had the wrong weapon fixed: GLT_Paratrooper_Grenadier_Tropentarn weapon classname error fixed: GLT Tropentarn units weapon equipment fixed new: Victoria Divina arsenal layout new: Showcase: Victoria Divina new: Showcase: F/A 181 disabled: all but of 3 Stratis missions for rework There's still a lot to do, to fix and to rework. https://github.com/Legislator/GLT-Mod/issues Hoping on smaller and more frequent releases from now on.
  2. [GLT] Legislator

    looting trash piles & bins

    Awesome, it's working 🙂 Has it been tested on a dedicated server yet?
  3. [GLT] Legislator

    looting trash piles & bins

    Hey first of all this script is awesome! Many thanks for creating it. However I'm getting an RPT error in the demo mission: 17:39:01 Starting mission: 17:39:01 Mission file: script_looting 17:39:01 Mission world: Stratis 17:39:01 Mission directory: C:\Users\legislator\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\[GLT]%20Legislator\missions\script_looting.Stratis\ 17:39:02 Error in expression <LARs_searchDebug" && { LARs_searchDebug } ) then { drawLine3D[ ASLToAGL eyePo> 17:39:02 Error position: <} ) then { drawLine3D[ ASLToAGL eyePo> 17:39:02 Error Missing ; 17:39:02 File LARs\LARs_searchLoot\fn_initSearch.sqf [LARs_fnc_lootSearch]..., line 102 17:39:02 Error in expression <LARs_searchDebug" && { LARs_searchDebug } ) then { drawLine3D[ ASLToAGL eyePo> 17:39:02 Error position: <} ) then { drawLine3D[ ASLToAGL eyePo> 17:39:02 Error Missing ; 17:39:02 File LARs\LARs_searchLoot\fn_initSearch.sqf [LARs_fnc_lootSearch]..., line 102
  4. [GLT] Legislator

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Thank you for the info. Work on the mod continues. It's currently slowed down by PC issues (I have to setup my computer from scratch soon) and a personal loss.
  5. [GLT] Legislator

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Due to changes in the Arma 3 code my missions are currently not working. Stratis missions will be disabled soon (again). Background: waitUntil faced changes in Arma 3 version 1.93.145618 https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/waitUntil I need to find a working solution for that. Until then I will focus on other problems and content. For example, currently I am fixing the HEMTT hidden selections.
  6. Oh dear god ... while it makes sense not to have this infinite loop that is considered unclean coding anyway it had no negative impact on my small missions.
  7. Hello for years I've been using this code in my init.sqf to check for ingame conditions. if (isServer) then { // Task 1 PATROL [] spawn { waitUntil {((west countSide (list trg1)) > 0)}; nul = ["task1", "Succeeded"] execVM "\glt_core\scripts\tasks\task.sqf"; obj1 = true; publicVariable "obj1"; "patrol1" setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; "patrol1" setMarkerType "mil_objective"; "patrol1" setMarkerText localize "STR_GLT_Task_Goal_Secure_Area"; }; }; Since the last big game update it resulting into this error however: 17:59:27 Error in expression <aitUntil {((west countSide (list trg1)) > 0)}; nul = ["task1", "Succeeded"] exec> 17:59:27 Error position: <> 0)}; nul = ["task1", "Succeeded"] exec> 17:59:27 Error Type Bool, expected Bool I checked the condition ingame using the debugging console: a = west countSide list trg1; Results: a = 0 obj1 = true So apparently the condition is skipped because of the error and the code is executed before it should be. Can anyone confirm if this is an intended behaviour now or a game bug? What can I do to prevent this error? This is a very big issue for me as I'm using this code in more than 80 missions. Thanks to anyone in advance.
  8. [GLT] Legislator

    Real life Chernarus gallery

    Chernarus 🙂 Still one of my favourite maps ... many good memories
  9. [GLT] Legislator

    PRACS: SLA Faction 2017

    Awesome! RACS and SLA in Arma 3 ... this is going to bring back lots of good memories from 2006 / 2007 🙂 *following your threads now*
  10. [GLT] Legislator

    Project RACS

    Hey wld427 🙂 It's so good to see that you're still around here. Project RACS was a must have for Arma 2 and I'm so happy to see that it'll come back to Arma 3 again. Keep up the good work!
  11. [GLT] Legislator

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    A small post-release fix (2.00 (Build 2019.06.19) has been published on steam. All stratis missions have been enabled again 👍 enabled: all Stratis missions fixed: MP7 classname fixed in function "fnc_crate" updated: PMD and CDF arsenal layout updated: GLT version check to current version
  12. [GLT] Legislator

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Hey guys ... so I dragged my computer to my parent's place to update the mod 😄 I still don't have a DSL line (thanks to my douchy ISP), but I hope to continue with smaller updates in the future. 2.00 (Build 2019.06.16) is now available on Steam. Despite some changes and fixes that were already done the main focus was to establish compatibility to BW mod again. Step by step I will reduce support for A2 ported content. I simply don't have the time and the skills to continue this. Besides that CUP, RHS and other mods are doing a job on this that is 1000x better! Changelog changed: PMC MH-9 config rework changed: AI spotdistance to 0.8 for GLT missions only changed: AI spottime to 0.5 for GLT missions only changed: AI commanding to 0.9 for GLT missions only changed: AI courage to 0.7 for GLT missions only changed: AI general to 0.5 for GLT missions only changed: Kitbag of ammo bearer: first aid kits reduced to 2 changed: GLT heavy grenadier mod weapon switch: GLT_M32_Black -> rhs_weap_m32_usmc disabled: GLT_M32, GLT_M32_Black (no more support) disabled: all missions on all maps for rework disabled: GLT and BW weapon and ammo spawn using function GLT_fnc_crate fixed: First Aid kits added to FIA medic respawn profile fixed: Everon mission: Return to Eden: respawn marker text fixed: RPT issues with several GLT air units new: FIA sharphooter respawn profile new: Lemnos mission: GLT 25: Rebel Souls new: AI position detection script for debugging (call: nul=execVM[[<class>]] "\glt_core\scripts\pos\pos.sqf") removed: BTK cargo script updated: Guerrila arsenal - more weapons and items updated: Stratis mission - GLT 04: Operation Delphi updated: Lemnos mission: GLT 18: Men in Fleck updated: Tanoa mission: Hostage Crisis updated: fixed class relations to BW Mod changes that happend in 2018 IMPORTANT: missions are disabled until they have been reworked. they will be included again step by step
  13. [GLT] Legislator

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Day 36 ... the withdrawal symptoms are growing stronger. Still no DSL line available. Cheers to german ISPs ... I guess june 2019 is not an option anymore.
  14. [GLT] Legislator

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Time for the next life sign .. moving to my new home is done. Now I'm waiting for my new DSL line. Then I'll take time for Arma 3 again. Haven't played it for almost half a year now and I think I'm facing some withdrawal symptoms. Besides that I really want to update and fix my mod 🙂 I'll aim for june / july 2019
  15. [GLT] Legislator

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Release Thread

    Heya ... sorry for the long waiting. The mod isn't dead nor am I 😉 After suffering some heavy real life issues I can announce that at they are resolved. Now I'm in the process of moving into a new house. There I might be without fast internet for some time because of the stupidity of my new DSL provider. Honestly, it might take until may or june 2019 until I can provide a mod update.