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  1. that mod is really nice addition except am getting RPT error with it would be cool if the ace team can create something similar
  2. when i fall unconscious sometimes the Ai drag me from a safe position to the battlefield or from a cover to the open can you enhance it or is there a way to disable the dragging feature ?
  3. strange, did you tried to disable Alive ? and you said while aiming as well ? what is you object/view distance and is the ace dynamic view distance disabled as well ?
  4. yes, it didnt happend when i disabled ace 3 may i ask how many sound samples you are using ? Edit: i meant sound sources and does your sound frequency is set to 48000 are you using other mods along with it, i remember enhanced sound scape and JSRS also gaved me that issue
  5. i had the same issue when i had 4gb of ram but when i upgraded to 12gb this issue is no longer happening for me
  6. AirShark

    3CB Factions

    the M60A3 patton in this mod can dive very Deep way under water without damaging its parts and without fording kit ^ ^
  7. AirShark

    Reduced Haze Mod v3.1

    ah yes i do use custom lighting, i reduced the saturation and decreased the brightness to suit CUP terrains but still using the default option is way more worse with this mod especially if i use the default brightness settings my eyes will bleed out here are my settings brightness 0.6 gamma 1.0 overall brightness 110 contrast 95 saturation 85 i tried to recreate your screenshot with mine: https://imgur.com/Z0KkLMl additional screenshots: https://imgur.com/1GREgcs https://imgur.com/D7JooCE https://imgur.com/wClcuYB https://imgur.com/EzIGStw too much saturated sky i think its way different than yours ; )
  8. Hi ^ ^ you may want to move aidrivingcontrol_CUP to an optional folder, because am getting error at the start up and RPT error as i dont have Cup in my load ; )
  9. AirShark

    Reduced Haze Mod v3.1

    i found that this mod works perfectly on the CUP terrains because they have less complexity and brighter textures like Takistan and Desert_E i was wondering to disable it for Vanilla maps : '( in Altis and Stratis i found it a little bit saturated than it should especially when flying, Tanoa looks fine and Malden 2035 is unplayable for me with this mod as the sky looks more like sci fi i think something between vanilla and this mod will looks better for the vanilla maps : )
  10. AirShark

    Reduced Haze Mod v3.1

    is it possible to disable it on some terrains using class names or something ? it looks great on some maps but looks oversaturated on others, it depends on the terrain itself i guess
  11. does that happens with playable units ? i have the same issue if thats what you are experiencing
  12. giving your opinion is something but comparing a mod with another is something else, you could easily say that you dont like the JSRS first person view shooting sounds or they are not good enough, then everyone could understand you,but comparing a mod with another is somehow inappropriate especially on the forums : p
  13. the "//" is for off coding more like comments and guide or tip or info the left value is the value of change for the actual feature ,the right one is the index of that feature so the system select it and connect it to its value on the right do you know how to implement this to CBA ? 0 is the minimum and 30 is the maximum value that you can use if you change that, you will change the index, so you will change the value of the wrong feature class GLX_Path { // ///////////// PBO //////////////// GLX_Root = "\GLX_System\"; // ///////////////////////////////////// // ///////////// Script //////////////// // GLX_Root = "\@GLX\AddOns\GLX_System\"; // /////////////////////////////////////// }; i think this is glx_path ,and this (GLX_Path+"GLX_Initialize.sqf"); is a reference
  14. using one setting for all missions may not be cool because it differs from situation to another, if the Ai is encountering weak opponent, fast and rush assault will look better. if the Ai is encountering even opponent, normal movement, a little bit of tactics and careful awareness may be better if the Ai is encountering Strong opponent, heavy tactical, slow moves, hit and run, seak and hide kind of games are suitable also, depends on other elements like : defense/assault/(ambush)elements of surprise so maybe making a system that categorizes the situation in the firefights will be a useful way to start with, like counting the number of the Ai and the enemy Ai that are face to face shooting and switch the values depending on the result, however, im sure the performance may not be suitable for everyone though i used to change the values in the user config for every single mission i had made, but i lost my enthusiasm at the end
  15. Welcome back snk, very happy to see you again am afraid to say after many tests between GLX and TCL TCL still on the lead, i got huge issues with GLX including performance, stability ,customisation and incompatibility issues additionally to many bugs after the arma updates, alongside with other mods that are updating frequently, TCL is running much better and smother unlike GLX anyways am glad that you are back, and im excited to see further updates on this ; )