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  1. yesterday, i did more tests and the results was amazing ! the Ai split, few of them took cover and mount static turrets others advanced and engage however when i flanked them they somehow got confused and all of them start engaging on one side even when they knew the situation and the position of the flankers... i noticed something... one of the Ai mounted AT turret (static turret) while the enemy Ai s where infantry side only, no vehicles in the field... he stays there till my Ai s group killed him 😄 im sure it will happens with the AA (static turrets) too, however i will do more tests next week 😉
  2. after the updates sometimes i get this error picture: https://imgur.com/8MXpiba
  3. hello, im getting these Errors: pictures: https://imgur.com/JzsR11y https://imgur.com/DB0QkkQ
  4. AirShark

    WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    nope, i tried it even without mods only (CBA) pictures: https://imgur.com/A7JgnQt https://imgur.com/oTsLFFd https://imgur.com/S5nivPZ
  5. and if there is no driver like in turrets ? so when the driver dies the gunner will disembark... iirc i saw that happens in GL4 I killed driver and the gunner disembark while he could finish me with his heavy machine gun... disembark with combat behavior is an issue here unless its in safe/aware im currently using this code to keep vehicles crew in _veh = vehicle _x; _veh allowCrewInImmobile true;
  6. AirShark

    WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    there is an issue with WMO.. when climbing vehicles and get down you can actually get through them pictures: https://imgur.com/xjoF1db https://imgur.com/gjUQbYQ https://imgur.com/rqkqoHq https://imgur.com/WVtEt6Z https://imgur.com/VKgG1UQ https://imgur.com/yBJC4tt https://imgur.com/sX3bG6D https://imgur.com/q5J2SxJ
  7. i was getting the same issue with arma 2 when I used GL4 so... RHS is using arma 2 configs because most of their stuff are ported from vanilla A2... same for cup and 3cb factions 🤔 I tested it with ZSU-23... which is configed as a real turret and the same thing happened
  8. its not only with RHS I tried it with 3cb factions... technicals and cars were more likely to disembark when I tested however maybe your right some 3cb faction units are using RHS class names... maybe RHS is using different configs they add a lot of stuff into the game wich leads to incompatibility sometimes even with vanilla but this bug is known from GL4 wich put aside the suspicion of RHS so it's definitely TCL thing.
  9. AirShark

    3CB Factions

    thank you very much for the T-55s main weapon class, however im unable to find them in the config viewer right now im searching for the Hilux ZSU-23... I also tried to find the "UK3CB_D10TG" in the config viewer but couldn't the same for the Hilux ZSU-23.
  10. AirShark

    3CB Factions

    where can I find the class names for the vehicle weapons... im searching for the T-55s cannon class name
  11. there is something annoying I found in GL4/TCL along time ago, sometimes the Ai is disembarking for no reasons from armed vehicles/static turrets during combat I tested it today with the Zsu-23 if more then 1 airplane flys around it they disembark and run away... even if there is 4 Zsu-23s and only 2 airplanes they disembark and flee away I wonder if you can improve Ai static Turrets crew/Armed vehicles crew for example like Tank crew by obliging them to stay on their armed vehicles if any enemies nearby when the vehicle is damaged... sometimes for small scratch like damaged tracks will force them to disembark and get their selfs killed... and TCL/GL4 to be honest makes that a little bit worse 😛 because you are trying to make new features/improvements my suggestion is to force them to stay in their vehicles/turrets unless Fatal explosion will happen or there is no spotted enemy nearby when the armed vehicle/turret is damaged.
  12. nice features you are working on there... I wonder if A.I. Rearm support other weapons class rather than just vanilla... not many people are using Vanilla content these days including myself so it will be cool if you add part in the userconfig where we can add more class names to it for other mods support 😛 A.I. Heal / A.I. Medic Support im sure this one will use the vanilla medical system... but I wonder if it will be compatible with ace mod A.I. Flanking ( Highly Enhanced ) the symphony of GL4/TCL... the most important part in the whole mod I cant wait to test it A.I. Surrender if I remember correctly the chance will be adjusted via Ranks right ? ..I hope you add more options for it in the user config like the ability to Flee 😜 I cant see any options for it in the userconfig
  13. speaking of features are you porting the GL4 ones... like simulate death, advance, suppression and rearming... there is a lot of stuff that need to be ported 😛
  14. AirShark

    3den Enhanced

    in addition to what Private Evans said is there a way to keep the default faction sections close, each time I open the editor I find the NATO/CSAT/AFF sections open while I don't use them at all and close them each time I use the editor I found that somehow really annoying..
  15. AirShark

    Tactical Wrist

    they appear only in 3d person view ??