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  1. AirShark

    D.V.S Sound Pack

    Thanks for reporting, unfortunately i had to cancel the project. iirc i faced modding limitations concerning 3d sounds
  2. AirShark

    D.V.S Sound Pack

    thanks totally forgot about that, i have added the link to the front post
  3. AirShark

    D.V.S Sound Pack

    thanks for let in me know, in that case i think there are 9 sounds that i suspect will work in MP without troubles. -Trunk sounds -reverse parking sounds. -truck horn -seeker homing -door lock -collision sounds -tire blowout sound -windshield scatterer sound -cold engine startup the others uses player instead of foreach player so they are SP compatible only for now, so you can technically remove their pbos within the exception of DVS_core.pbo of course
  4. AirShark

    D.V.S Sound Pack

    does the mod work in multiplayer environment !? the mod is supposed to be sp compatible only...
  5. AirShark

    D.V.S Sound Pack

    Version 2.0 -added tireless Driving sound. -added Dammaged Engine Sounds. -added Cold engine StartUp sound. -added Eject voiceOver when ejecting from Aircrafts. -added blowup Tires sound when wheels are destroyed. -added burnout engine sound when Engine is destroyed. -added burnout fuel Tank sound when fuel tank is destroyed. -added Broken Glass sound when vehicle windows are destroyed. -added Air Blow and Air Flow Sounds when falling from the sky. -added Braking sound when using HandBrake. (keybind "X" by default) -added Open/Close Trunk sound when accessing cars inventory from outside. -added empty car unlock sound when mounting in driver position. (in Action Menu hover your selection box over of GetinDriver) -added more compatibility with vehicle mods and CDLCs thanks to (Tally). -Replaced Truck Horns with others from American Truck Simulator. -Replaced IR missiles LockOn sounds with a more realistic ones. -fixed Master Caution sounds continues to play after vehicle is destruction. -fixed screetch sound transition, Length, and delay. -fixed some sounds wont reinitialize when switching vehicles. -Tweaked screetch sound and removed its echo at the end. -disabled screetch sound when player is offroad. -More volume tweaks to the collision sounds. Optional: -added compatibility, IR missiles LockOn sounds to RHS Aim9X and Aim9M. Edit: dont forget to remove any older versions the pbo names has been renamed
  6. the problem is that the volume in say3d is capped in first person view when you are inside the vehicle, as soon as you exit the vehicle or switch the view, your ears will explode lol i think say3d is more for scripted conversation rather than effects. and playsound3D uses ASL position and cannot be attached to moveable objects. though i didnt try createSoundSource, i wonder if it can make the job done.
  7. 9 years old thread and im facing the same issue lol say3d works but cant pump the volume up
  8. AirShark

    Dynamic Vehicle Camshake

    Version 2.1.1 -improved code and increased responsivness. -fixed Typos in the init file. -fixed NFPC not working after the hotfix. -Tweaked STF, Now is disabled on VR map.
  9. AirShark

    D.V.S Sound Pack

    Version 1.1 -tweaked volume for all sounds to better suit headphones. -optimized by merge Warnning and Catuion sounds into one sound file. -tweaked Warnning/Catuion with better delay and transmition.
  10. AirShark

    D.V.S Sound Pack

    that requires to patch the cfgSounds file via configs, i think..., im still learning didnt get to the replacement part yet, all what i can do for now is adding new ones ;)
  11. Dynamic Vehicle Sounds The mod aim to fill the blanks in Arma by adding new sounds for immersion. Features: Not Compatible with: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/238508-truck-reverse-parking-sound/ (Obsolete) Notes: -the mod is SP compatible only ...for now -some works for both Ai and Player vehicles. -The Sounds are separated into different PBOs, you can remove the ones you dont like. -this mod is compatible with every other Sound mod so far. Not everything is covered in the videos, read the features list for more details Download: Dynamic Vehicle Sounds V2.0 workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2826840641 Credits: -AirShark -GEORGE FLOROS GR -Sammael -Tally -Sharp Special Thanks to: Drebin, POLPOX, NikkoJT and Lou amoung many in Arma discord for the help.
  12. very unlikely, he continued this project under the title of GLX then he dropped it 2 years ago due to the mod unpredictable behaviors .
  13. AirShark

    Dynamic Vehicle Camshake

    "H" stands for hotfix lol
  14. AirShark

    Dynamic Vehicle Camshake

    like demonstration video ? unfortunately my pctato cant handle long recordings, and my upload speed is like 100kb/s also there isnt much to demonstrate lol except maybe some cool cinematics feel free to add one if you like :)
  15. AirShark

    Dynamic Vehicle Camshake

    already there, unless you disabled the z_Others category in CBA. unfortunately bombs are parentless in class except LGBs and if i added each class to the script, the response will be terrible, i tried that to add an option to disable MGs/HMGs it didnt end up good, so i put all the parentless weapons in Z_Others instead :) btw, i just noticed that NearFPC is not working at all and throws RPT error after the hotfix, i will remake it next week thankfully i disabled -nologs by mistake lol