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  1. Steam Workshop ? i dont think that the author has uploaded this to the workshop...
  2. me either i thought that there are custom values for Ai skills applied with most ai mods that overwrites the game skills setting, but i think that the one in the game option is the overall while mods changes the specific skills like spot time, courage, reload speed...etc i could be wrong though, however the value in the difficulty option is always an effective factor. it happens with many ai mods not tcl in particular...
  3. definitely, if your cpu can handle it ofcourse.. because the spotting feature has a lot of performance impact , speaking about the accuracy and slowliness of the Ai is actually due to the arma 3 movement animations and their speed that are set, and have nothing to do with the Ai system, after long years of testing i found that the A2 animations fixed most of these issues like the robotic movements or reaction speed in CQB i was surprised that the Ai will no longer shoot the ground or off shooting a target with rocket launchers and such ,also be sure that the accuracy in the game difficulty options is set to 0.80 or higher /0.80 is the most realistic value i think ,about the A2 animations there are some mods there that ports them over.
  4. thanks, thats exactly what im using right now 😛 however and tbh the arma 2 anims surprisingly works the best for the ai prospective than the masterwolfs ORA or vanilla the only big issue i had with the arma 2 anims is the stamina that drops 3 times faster than the actual speed when sprinting. other than that it rocks, it increases the ai reaction speed and reduces the robotic movements. anyway thanks for the info above i much needed it 🙏
  5. AirShark

    3CB Factions

    i think that because the penetration system and damage handling was different back than, im unable to kill the crew realistically without completely destroying the tanks.
  6. AirShark

    3CB Factions

    hello ^ ^ i have found that the crew of the T-55 (commander and gunner) are actually positioned in the hull instead of the turret and that somehow explained why they didnt died each time i hit the turret with HEAT rounds or RPGs here is a picture : https://imgur.com/oCbG7Q0 as for the gunner in the T-72s his position is lower than the commander for some reason which also increase their survivability against shells picture: https://imgur.com/9Fbkj46 edit: even some drivers are bad positioned picture: https://imgur.com/0rl2AA6
  7. hello again ^ ^ when adding cast_arma2_anims & cast_ace_arma2_anims & cast_auto_lower_rifle along with cast i have found that sprinting speed is the same as running speed or vice versa (with rifle or launchers) however unarmed works fine though not huge difference except in stamina
  8. the only thing that bothers me in addition to mission breaks, is that it happens with the player vehicle as well, i mean for the ai may be understandable but when i drive the tank and suddenly the fuel set to 0 its just annoying sometimes :)) edit: besides it happens with every iskindof tank, which includes IFVs and some APCs 😛
  9. hello there ^ ^ i have found that your mod sets the fuel in vehicles to 0 when close by units may i ask to disable it for players vehicle, and an option to disable it because sometimes the Ai disembark when the fuel is off especially with the unarmed vehicles however im using Ai mods so i dont know if it is the same case in vanilla .
  10. AirShark

    Forward Scan Sonar for ships

    my bad it was me who was using the old version, it is updated in armaholic, there is a guy called foxhound who reupload the mods that are here in the forums to armaholic
  11. AirShark

    Forward Scan Sonar for ships

    am not using the workshop i downloaded it from armaholic
  12. AirShark

    Forward Scan Sonar for ships

    when you open the sonar GUI and disembark from the boat it will still be opened in the screen when you are in foot
  13. AirShark

    3CB Factions

    ah yes thats the IR searchlight the commander's optic is below it i think, even though thats how it suppose to be IRL and its better like that so the gunner covers the front and you cover the rear in some situations, also it just creates confusion i really got adapted using the RHS tanks (the T-72B) and they have their DSHKm in the back so idk for me i prefer it that way 😜
  14. AirShark

    3CB Factions

    the commander scopes in the T-72s in 3cb are extremely slow to rise and lower (elevation on the Ys) however there are good on the rotations Xs also the view direction of the commanders scope is reverted compared to the scope itself on the T-72s here are some pictures: https://imgur.com/TNFlcME https://imgur.com/kO5DMiu
  15. AirShark

    Forward Scan Sonar for ships

    not really, with the Ace night vision i cant see anything with them inside aircrafts as they have limited distance and harder to see the ground with them from high altitude, so these during night time in game will be significantly helpful for gameplay purposes at least to detect moving targets ^ ^