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  1. sammael

    South Asia v1.5 No errors!!

    I can`t create vehicle with scripts on South Asia v1.6 ANZACSAS. I think it is cause this map don`t have proper roads maybe..
  2. It will be cool if we will have that custom option to set in flyInHeight. Also I can`t create vehicle on South Asia v1.6 ANZACSAS. I think it is cause this map don`t have proper roads... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1571581816
  3. sammael

    UCAV Sentinel Enhanced

    Can you make config to incrase vanilla aircraft sensors range?
  4. Why 90 % of RHS bullets presets in ATragMX have incorrect pre-established parameters ? Also - How I can find and calculate Drag Coeficient table ?
  5. I am trying to create a copy of a LPRS scope with maximum zoom and ace . Coefficients remain unclear to me. For example, what is the minimum and maximum zoom in the config of my example ? Can anyone give a formula, for example, so that the minimum zoom will be 8 and the maximum is 80? What is the maximum zoom possible? I will be glad for any help class Max_optic_LRPS_Max: ItemCore { author = "MaxOptic"; dlc = "MaxOptic_New"; _generalMacro = "Max_optic_LRPS_Max"; scope = 2; displayName = "Optic LRPS MAX"; picture = "\A3\Weapons_F_EPB\Acc\Data\UI\gear_acco_sniper02_CA.paa"; model = "\A3\Weapons_F_EPB\Acc\acco_sniper02_F.p3d"; descriptionShort = "LRPS MAX"; ACE_ScopeHeightAboveRail = 4; ACE_ScopeAdjust_Vertical = {-10, 50}; ACE_ScopeAdjust_Horizontal = {-10, 10}; ACE_ScopeAdjust_VerticalIncrement = 0.100000; ACE_ScopeAdjust_HorizontalIncrement = 0.100000; class ItemInfo: InventoryOpticsItem_Base_F { mass = 20; opticType = 2; weaponInfoType = "RscWeaponRangeZeroingFOV"; optics = 1; modelOptics = "\MAX_optic\Optic_LRPS.p3d"; class OpticsModes { class Snip { opticsID = 1; useModelOptics = 1; opticsPPEffects = {"OpticsCHAbera1", "OpticsBlur1"}; opticsZoomMin = 0.011000; opticsZoomMax = 0.045000; opticsZoomInit = 0.045000; discretefov = {0.045000, 0.011000}; discreteDistance = {100}; discreteDistanceInitIndex = 0; distanceZoomMin = 100; distanceZoomMax = 100; discreteInitIndex = 0; memoryPointCamera = "opticView"; modelOptics = {"\MAX_optic\Optic_LRPS.p3d", "\MAX_optic\Optic_LRPS_Z.p3d"}; visionMode = {"Normal"}; opticsFlare = 1; opticsDisablePeripherialVision = 1; cameraDir = ""; }; }; }; inertia = 0.200000; }; };
  6. sammael


    +100 realism
  7. sammael

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is there a script way to add vanilla pilot camera to the aircraft that don`t have RHS pilot camera at this moment?
  8. What is deafault Altitude of heli and aircraft? Is there a way to set for example 1500m altitude?
  9. Question regarding Superior Intelligence. Do you plan to add suppressing AI fire at long distances with support of any addons weapons? I noticed that it is impossible to make a firefight at a distance of more than 900m (for example 1200m) if AI don`t have optics and long barrels they don`t shoot even with scripts. I understand that the fire will not be aimed, but I would like to spread more or less towards the player. In reality, this is how any military conflict works, and 90% of the bullets fly simply to suppress the enemy at long distances.
  10. Is there a script way to add all mod rocket and bombs to vanilla CAS module? There would be a great CAS mod- for example, the player calls the CAS via I-TGT tablet and missiles and bombs spawn from virtual planes
  11. sammael

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Is there a way (waypoint or script ) to make AI don`t run in my direction and do not move far from where they are ? Just so that they shoot back in my direction without rush me
  12. sammael

    Deserted VR

    Very cool idea . Any chance for non steam link?