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  1. Community Factions Project

    any chance that you add post-soviet countries armys which have conflict:? For example Azerbaijan and Armenia army. They both use old russian weapons
  2. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    More pages ago one of the RHS team member say , that AINET smart fuse system for HE-FRAG rounds are WIP and will be in the next update. So will it be in the next update ?
  3. CRAM in this mod can`t detect and destroy incoming artillery, rockets and mortar rounds in the air before they hit their ground targets like IRL....
  4. This mod is amazing. Is there plan to add manual controls to radar and launchers? question. CRAM in this mod can`t stop mines 82 > 105. ALso make some tests..no one AA (even s21) in this addon can`t shoot RHS TOCKA- U missale. This functions is not implemented yet ?
  5. awesome mod. But sadly I can`t confugure it to load settings by default
  6. SCmod v1.42

    thank you very much CheyenneAH56. Addon makers give us so much variety in arma 3. That is awesome
  7. Viper UGV

  8. Download now. cool update. Again the question about the 9K333 Verba. Can it lock on a target max 4500m like IRL?
  9. Reduced Haze Mod

    is it work with CUP terrains ?
  10. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would like to see a mod that removes restrictions on the lock on for ground and air targets with jets. At the moment, the game is nonsense, when I have to fly with 5th generation Stealth aircraft for 1-2 km (yes , vanilla lock on limit is 2km and but in game around 1-1.2 km cause Pythagorean theorem ) and only after that I can lock on target. Maybe someone knows a aircraft mod or missiles config where you can get at least 8km lock on range or more?
  11. 3den Enhanced

    I clicked on flag above the unit and the unit itself...as I said before - no garisson menu for me.... can this bug may be from -my game language russian?
  12. 3den Enhanced

    for strange reason I don` t have garrison menu anymore in edit menu....
  13. any chance to see non steam dl option?