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  1. EA-18G Growler

    Congratulations on the release
  2. jaghiti ,you make my day! Thank you so much
  3. I was make 50-60 test and 100% sure max lock on range is 20 km. Make changes in both missile and jet sensors for personal usage . It works perfect with FIR F16 ...but sadly , no matter if you set sensor range 120km . Game set lock on range max 20 km if you try set something more than 20 000m
  4. can you make it 20 km for WIP ? 20 km is maximum range for arma 3 jets sensors
  5. BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Hi zooloo75. what setting and value I must set on for ONLY One large puddle of blood per dead unit. I don`t want any other effect like bleeding e.t.c ONLY One large puddle of blood per dead unit. Is it possible ?
  6. Don`t use this script with ACE
  7. Custom Combat Patrol

    thank you mate
  8. [SP] Dynamic Air Combat Missions

    great mission. Please port this mission to one of the PMC real terrain maps and add jets dlc support
  9. ASR AI 3

    every unit in game become specops member. Even a poor rebel with AK 74 from project opfor spam 2-3 smoke granade