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  1. veles-zv

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    nice dlc. hope it wont turn into a future of paid mods/ community store. reminds me of that 83 game that is coming out from tripwire.
  2. veles-zv

    Il-2 Possible Viewports?

    thanks for you reply. so there is no way in creating an alpha texture which can be only seen using another texture or some other way ? PIP is so horrible. and cut holes for some viewports wont look right. maybe ill just have to wait for arma 4 release then, if there is no available solution.
  3. is it possible to have Il-2 style viewports in arma? it seams that in il-2 tanks some of the viewports are in the middle of the interior model, not pressed against the wall like how Arma 2 OA BTR60 has it displayed or the recent arma 3 tanks DLC over here you can see that the left and right viewport is located in the middle of the player and the wall, unlike the drivers viewport which is similar to the traditional arma way of doing interiors, this can be seen when the player turns out as the driver as the viewport follows the players head until the hatch is in the open position. how i think its works is that there is a texture on the viewpoint screen which unmask the interior walls so that the player can view past it.
  4. veles-zv

    Cargo Ship Project (Static)

    I like it. reminds me of Cod MW. but I dont see the point of having curtains being interactive.
  5. veles-zv

    We need Arma 3 on consoles

    why stop there, consoles should have dcs and xplanes too :3
  6. veles-zv

    New Game engine

    enfusion is the new engine that BIS will use for future titles excluding spin off games such as vigor, and the mobile games. that is what they have said more or less in one of their post. when will it come out? only they know. why should we care about such information? we really shouldn't because everything about bis and what they do is really not in our control. when Arma 4 arrives when it arrives there is no point in asking, plus video game companies are very secretive about their projects, look at vigor that game came out of nowhere. studios are always developing new builds, sometimes starting from scratch. what I think they are doing is developing the enfusion engine further using day z as a test bed for a few things, day z and arma 4 will be two different builds so dont compare arma 3 RV 4 and what day z uses. arma 4 storyline is more then likely being written, time, factions and everything like that. aspects such as say having rivers like in VBS or unreal games has been determined. but again it doesn't matter what I or anyone else says, when do i think its going to come out? around 2020 to 2022 maybe soon or later. this was just logical speculation
  7. not with vanilla manpads im talking about the static long range sams . S-750 Rhea and MIM-145 Defender. AI config for weapons have things like Min and Max range the Ai are allowed to use their weapons. as to how you can change those stats. I do not know how and if its a mod I think you cant because its encrypted as far as i understand so you would have to know the password I could be 100% wrong on that however. what the player can do and the ai are too different things. for instance the player config for that weapon can have a range of 10km but the AI can only lock on and engage at a range of 5km. min/mid/maxRange... Class ArmaModeClass Type Integer Description Together with range and rangeProbab values, defines probability to use this weapon for AI units at given distance. For OFP these parameters were specified in cfgAmmo, rendering all rifles the same.
  8. range of the stinger is 4.8km however firing at that range is the effective range (most favorable outcome). when a target is moving the effective range is reduced by a large amount even more so when the target is flying fast and its IR output is out of sight of the seeker like flying towards the sam head on in IRL. in the game you have to consider a few things, arma maps are big but only for infantry... for a aircraft its pretty small and having a SAM like the Tunguska cover an area that is a little less then 10km and is a much more advanced system then manpads are, the balance of having a manpad which can shoot out to 5km is a little unfair. the ai weapons have set ranges, cool down for firing ect. in the AI skillset as you know values cant be placed above 1 in this instance, so yeah the weapon AI range is short at least for that weapon. I have tested the new long range Sams DLC as well as from pooks sam mod they have a BVR capability so its not a problem with arma AI but rather the weapon/vehicles stats
  9. veles-zv

    Steering wheel support

    all the arma games have controller support. joystick, wheels and gamepads all work the same way in that inputs of rheostat and switches are translated into HID.
  10. veles-zv


    стартува ARMA 3, Иди до main menu > CONFIGURE> GAME > LANGUAGE и стави на руски.
  11. veles-zv

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    brudda I rather have them work on the new enfusion engine then work on arma 3... also VBS has APS im sure someone can make a script to add an invisible wall to stop missile with a speed of less then 300m/s a limited amount of uses before being reloaded limited degree of angle based on turret direction/ hull in both the vertical and horizontal plains and a a cool down between for game play purposes
  12. veles-zv

    Enhanced Movement

  13. veles-zv

    Cannot get ingame MP to work on Internet

    Try setting up port forwarding as it allows other computers to connect with yours...
  14. great quality looks like it came out of rising storm 2.