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  1. veles-zv

    Veles RPG / AT pack

    Type 70 Type 70-1
  2. veles-zv

    Veles RPG / AT pack

    Wasp 58 SARPAC If anyone has info on these sights, please post them in this forum. also if anyone has any info on how the SARPAC is reloaded.
  3. veles-zv

    Veles RPG / AT pack

    RPG-32 what do you guys think? Should I add in the GS-R2 scope in addition to the 1P81 Scope already in place? Id rather just stick with the 1P81 Since it has backwards combability with the RPG-29, SPG-9 and RPG-7.
  4. veles-zv

    Veles RPG / AT pack

    PF-11 (western Taiwan Shmel updated)
  5. veles-zv

    Veles RPG / AT pack

    RGW. im not too happy with the results will have to do a rework on them, primarily with the end caps. there are many sub variants let me know what you would like to see. also eye cup or no eye cup? and lastly I will not be making them with red dots that you might find with some countries.