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  1. 1. Under general settings in the editor 2. Use forcedDifficulty in your server cfg https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Server_Config_File
  2. CW4 Carrera

    Cytech Industries

    The yellow elevators are place holders for areas to be expanded on later.
  3. CW4 Carrera

    help with server config

    Its a startup parameter so it goes into what ever you are using to launch the arma server.
  4. The server is missing a mod that is required for the mission to run, specifically the mod that contains that Barrier.
  5. Both of you can place any commands you need to use in the Server.cfg in the mission override text field like this for example: class Missions { class Mission_0 { template = "mission.Altis"; difficulty = "custom"; }; }; zeusCompositionScriptLevel=2; /* the /* will comment out the rest of the file so if you have any HC or other settings below this in the file make sure you put the configs for them in here as well. as for the Basic.cfg what are you changing manually that isnt already in FASTER? There may be a fix for thins in the next version.
  6. Missing Vidda from bludclot. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1282716647
  7. Everything you need to know is on the Wiki if you still have questions hop on the discord, the community there is great.
  8. What is your definition of launcher/manager? you can def change server settings and launch the server with faster.
  9. FAST2 hasnt been updated in awhile and from what i can tell is missing a few important features and/or is buggy. I recommend checking out FASTER is like FAST2 but was rewritten in a better (newer) coding language and dev and community is very active on the discord.
  10. CW4 Carrera

    Server command line?

    @marki980908Just did some looking around, In your server config file change steamProtocolMaxDataSize = 1024; to steamProtocolMaxDataSize = 8192; that should allow you to load 8x as many mods.
  11. CW4 Carrera

    Server command line?

    Not sure you can. Ive never heard of changing the cpp file, as that wouldnt affect this issue, the mod line would look something like this: -mod=@CBA_A3;@ACE3;@TFAR; ect. you would need to change the mod name to increase the amount of mods you have... I think.
  12. CW4 Carrera

    Server command line?

    He might be talking about `Steam Protocol Max Data Size`. This affects the vanilla launchers ability to list a servers mods and set up the mods automatically when joining. Unfortunately TADST is horribly out of date and I dont know if you would be able to change that setting with it. We use FASTER which gives us the ability to increase this `Max Size`. If you can convince your server manager to switch to FASTER (It will be a fairly involved process) then I highly recommend it. If you can make the switch stop by the FASTER discord for any help, the community there is very helpful and the developer its active on there every day.
  13. Check out FASTER, we use it and its so much better than the .bat files we use to use. Updating mods is a breeze now, and the next update will overhaul the mod updating system and completely dump steamCMD!
  14. In the Steam updater page you must select Creator DLC branch, then under the performance tab put -mod=vn; in command line arguments.