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  1. Try joining game through steam not by the direct connect.
  2. Do you get a message saying he is connecting?
  3. Also a side note, have your friends join while you are looking at the missions select screen not the mission lobby, I have and issue where they connect and it immediately kicks them back out to the server browser without any reason why.
  4. Not sure why it says that, we always use join game through steam, never had anyone DC, but i assume it would be to the new IP.
  5. Use the static IP tool in the program I linked earlier. You may need to re forward those ports to the static one thats created.
  6. Is the ports you forwarded on the static IP or a dynamic one?
  7. Start here >>https://portforward.com/arma-3/ This is the software you will need >>https://portforward.com/software/download-instructions/network-utilities/ Only need the free utility for the static IP function but if you want to pay for it it can do almost the whole process for you.
  8. @Sanchez Milsim @Ivorystate We have the same issue, we found setting "acre_sys_core_terrainLoss" to 0 will fix this problem. The problem with this is radios will have unlimited range but the trade off is much better.
  9. CW4 Carrera

    Arma Zeus Cache

    Okay here we go 😉. Opening the curator for the second time causes a access violation and crash to desktop.
  10. ace_rearm, ace_dragging, ace_cargo, ace_interaction, ace_explosives, task_force_radio_items Should all be listed under the required addons section at the top of the mission.sqm delete them. Ace doesn't use modules any more, its all CBA settings now, and the TFAR dependency is the bottom one.
  11. Sounds like either TFAR isnt loaded correctly or the mission your trying to run was made with an outdated mod, try going into your mission.sqm and delete any TFAR dependencies should be near the top (somewhere around line ~20-60 depending on how many mods were running). Then load the mission in the editor and replace any TFAR modules and that should solve the problem.
  12. Be sure to set the filepatching to "2". 0 = off 1 = HC only 2 = All clients
  13. CW4 Carrera

    Arma Zeus Cache

    Works for me, I've never had an issue with it.
  14. CW4 Carrera

    Arma Zeus Cache

    Exiting Zeus interface and reentering sometimes makes some units throw the Insufficient Resources prompt. Exiting and reentering again seems to fix it. Tested with Gendarmerie men, keep exiting and reentering until it breaks seems to only happen sometimes. ^^ also can confirm this, pressing *space* then *backspace* is the easiest way to bring back the entire tree.
  15. Does all clients need this or just the server and the person doing the saving?