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  1. CW4 Carrera

    ToH Characters

  2. Could we get a tutorial on how to set up god mode for the lesser code savvy of us?
  3. I believe that's just how it works, fortunately they will only have to download it once. You can try the "-loadMissionToMemory" param it might make the download faster after the first person loads it.
  4. The settings you want are detected mines and automatic reporting, I'm not sure TADST has these settings yet as they are post apex settings.
  5. The icon is a difficulty setting not an editor attribute.
  6. Yes there is a way to do that but I havent, so I would be of little help with that, there is a tutorial for that on the first page of this thread.
  7. Change to fullscreen windowed mode.
  8. -mod is required on both server and clients, -servermod is server only, none of these mods require this. Client side only mods dont require any command line entries, they do require keys if your running battleeye of which I have no experience so I cant help you with that. That being said you could just put all in -mod but they would be required to be ran by everyone. Here is the list for required and client side optionals: -mod CBA_A3 Earplugs Cup Weapons Enhanced movment Advanced Urban Rappeling RHSUSAF Advanced Towing -client side (remember to set up they keys for these if you run battleeye) JSRS JSRS Cup
  9. CW4 Carrera

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Nice feature! Would the functionality be negatively affected by ACE's new CSW system? The ammo carrier would have to be programed to reload the mortar after every shot, or just give the mortar unlimited ammo.
  10. Found this in the server logs: [CBA] (settings) WARNING: Invalid value any for setting ace_common_checkPBOsWhitelist. Fall back to default value. Would this be an error on CBA's side?
  11. We just updated to the most recent version, 3.13.1. and our PBO whitelist is no longer working. according to https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/checkPBOs-framework.html the format is ["mod1","mod2"]. i have tried this and doesn't seem to work this is how I have it setup currently in the CBA settings: force force ace_common_checkPBOsWhitelist = "["AA_LSSW", "lambs_main", "lambs_danger", "lambs_eventhandlers", "lambs_wp", "UISounds", "jsrs_soundmod_complete_edition_soundfiles", "GF_enhancedVideo", "DFS_3rdPerson", "bullet_cases", "ANZ_MissileEfxMod", "jsrs_soundmod_complete_edition", "jsrs_soundmod_boats", "jsrs_soundmod_sonic_cracks", "jsrs_soundmod_weapons", "jsrs_soundmod_environment"]"; What am I doing wrong, Have I missed something?
  12. New release! Update 1.6b Changelog : Added : - Supporter support - Architecture review : FASTER is now faster - UI rework - New icon ! - Splashscreen - Pretty bugfix - Better telemetry and error reporting - Mod size is now displayed in modlist Fixed : - UI tweaks - Changing profile name causing a crash - Deleting profile causing a crash - Cloning profile causing a crash - Fixed loading of server status taking too long NOTE : If you need a 32 bit version, contact Keelah directly GitHub Link : https://github.com/Foxlider/Fox-s-Arma-Server-Tool-Extended-Rewrite/releases/latest
  13. CW4 Carrera

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Im getting a person instead of a gunship when trying to spawn it....got me lol