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    Server command line?

    @marki980908Just did some looking around, In your server config file change steamProtocolMaxDataSize = 1024; to steamProtocolMaxDataSize = 8192; that should allow you to load 8x as many mods.
  2. CW4 Carrera

    Server command line?

    Not sure you can. Ive never heard of changing the cpp file, as that wouldnt affect this issue, the mod line would look something like this: -mod=@CBA_A3;@ACE3;@TFAR; ect. you would need to change the mod name to increase the amount of mods you have... I think.
  3. CW4 Carrera

    Server command line?

    He might be talking about `Steam Protocol Max Data Size`. This affects the vanilla launchers ability to list a servers mods and set up the mods automatically when joining. Unfortunately TADST is horribly out of date and I dont know if you would be able to change that setting with it. We use FASTER which gives us the ability to increase this `Max Size`. If you can convince your server manager to switch to FASTER (It will be a fairly involved process) then I highly recommend it. If you can make the switch stop by the FASTER discord for any help, the community there is very helpful and the developer its active on there every day.
  4. Check out FASTER, we use it and its so much better than the .bat files we use to use. Updating mods is a breeze now, and the next update will overhaul the mod updating system and completely dump steamCMD!
  5. In the Steam updater page you must select Creator DLC branch, then under the performance tab put -mod=vn; in command line arguments.
  6. Those are normal just ignore them
  7. Dont know what to tell you then, I dont deal with arma hosting services or keys. You should fill out a help ticket with Nitrido, they should be able to help you.
  8. oof i didnt even see the second picture in the first post. you have to copy all of the keys from the mod's folders to arma's keys folder.
  9. It looks like your using the 32 bit version, try using the "arma3server_x64.exe"file instead.
  10. Dont use -servermod, put everything under -mod.
  11. Graphic User Interface. I use FASTER and here is a link for their Discord server.
  12. Whereever your mod line is. Probably the batch file but im not sure as I dont use them. Also i noticed i made a typo in my first post its supposed to be -mod not mod-. I recommend ditching the batchfiles for a GUI program.
  13. Its not loading any of your mods change -mods parameter to mod-.
  14. You must also assign a static IP on your computer and forward the ports to that IP. Check https://portforward.com/ they have a very nice tool you can use for free to set the static IP and see which ports you need to forward for which games. They also have a port checker to make sure you did it correctly. Edit: The static IP is an internal one and differs from your external IP.
  15. Host Identity created means the server has started successfully, are you still having trouble seeing it in the server browser?
  16. We have the same issue, we use another mod that has a chance to eject crew/passengers as a workaround for it.
  17. CW4 Carrera

    GRAD Trenches

    Yeah I had some of my community members report this to me over the weekend (community Server manager).
  18. All of these settings can be set in the editor, try that with no .ext. They have been mostly deprecated for awhile now.
  19. Here its saying that the mods you are trying to load are not in the file path you gave, make sure your filepaths are correct. If you are using steam workshop which i highly recommend your mod line should look like this: -mod=@CBA_A3;@CUP Terrains - Core;@CUP Terrains - Maps;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@RHSUSAF Servermod- is for server side only mods such as LAMBS which is a AI enhancement mod that does not need to be run by the clients in order to work.
  20. You need to load the mods under -Mod= not -servermod=, -Servermod= is for server side only mods which you have none. Try that and let me know. Also you should turn off -enableHT and -hugepages, they ether don't do anything or may negatively affect performance.
  21. @V1irus they are there make sure you have the most recent version 1.7a.
  22. Could we get a tutorial on how to set up god mode for the lesser code savvy of us?