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    Athena - An ARMA 2nd Screen Application

    Hey, skruis, awesome mod! I was wondering if you have any plans to expand this mod to having the ability to display MFD screens? Right now I utilize Peral's A-10 mod with ITC air systems. One thing I'd love to do is display the MFDs of ITC on my left and right monitors with Arma 3 running on the center monitor. Either that or potentially displaying the MFDs of Peral's A10 on the left and right monitors. Peral's A10 is a interactive cockpit A10 for Arma so the MFDs are interactable.
  2. Hey do you still have the files to the arma 3 mod, "dynamic air combat missions"? There is no files for the mod on steam and armaholic is gone. 

    1. sammael


      Hi. Sadly - no

  3. Kristofferson777

    [SP] Dynamic Air Combat Missions

    Anyone have a copy of these files? Since armaholic is no more and the steam link is broken does anyone have the files available?