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Found 8 results

  1. Released! Both Vanilla and CUP versions are published to Steam, and my onedrive link here: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=5B54FC51A7917265!156668&cid=5B54FC51A7917265 CUP version is available separately! I've been playing with the different artillery selections so their max ranges should be accurately simulated. Up to 300km range on the SCUD so it should work on even the big-huge maps out there. Arty Fire Mission Improved SCUD functions! Initiates player-requested SCUD fire mission for friendly pook_SCUD launchers. Can be scripted for mission-driven "RED DAWN" or "SEARCH AND DESTROY" SCUD fire missions (e.g. "Stop General Guba before he launches the SCUD" type missions). This function is available for SCUD, and Iskander (9K720) functions are in the works. To use the SCUD launch function: To use the SRBM Function: Players can ready, load and fire the missiles, enabling the choice of HE, cluster, and 5kt nuke warheads on a player-controlled vehicle. Multiple texture sets for the vehicles. Trying to cover all the different camo variations - forest, desert, jungle, drab green for most of the vehicles. I've redone some of the previous textures from the A2 models that weren't looking too good in A3. Credit where it's due: - Citizenship models: 2S19, 2S3, 9K720 (default textures) - BIS: SCUD model, T72 chassis - MAZ chassis units all based on SA8Gecko's original A1 model. - Me: All the other models; custom textures, and logic for all vehicles. - - Also, new wheel 3D model w/ actual modeled tread. Systems so far - 2S19 'Msta' Self-Propelled Howitzer 2S1 Self-Propelled 122mm Howitzer (on the right) 2S3 Self-Propelled 152mm Howitzer (on the left) 2S5 Self-Propelled 152mm Howitzer (no pic yet) TOS-1A Mobile Rocket Artillery A-222 'Bereg' Coastal Artillery 4K51 'Rubezh' Coastal Missile Artillery 3K60 'Bal' Coastal Missile Artillery 9K58 (Smerch) Rocket Launcher 9K72 SCUD SSBM Launcher (selectable HE, cluster, and 5kt nuke warheads) 9K720 'STONE' SSBM Launcher CHANGE NOTES
  2. ThePassiveSniper

    Nerf radiation grenades

    The radiation grenades have way to much range, being able to throw one into a building and it effect the whole building is horrible, I get it so you can get rid of campers but most locked safe buildings are tiny and it covers the whole building and some of the outside, I suggest making it so it only effects the room it lands in as a grenade would
  3. Hey guys. So I want to have a radiation effect set up so that it will cause thermal burns to anyone not wearing CBRN MTP Nato and CBRN Blue suits. I'd also like it to not effect vehicles. Let's see what you've got please 🙂
  4. Inspired by MKY's blizzard script, I created functions that provide you with climatological information. The functions contain a simple climatological model and statistical data, that I gathered from all kinds or sources on the web. The climatological data can be overridden by terrain makers, using config entries. I hope that this will contribute to the creation of weather add-ons, realism- and survival mods. The archive includes a demonstration script. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mkwaLX9Mxri2tIQvB-25OJ99t-K_WPq6/view?usp=sharing FEATURES Input variables for functions are mostly limited to time, date and a position or object. Besides climatological data, the functions determine Latitude, time, date, overcast, fog, cloud occlusion, terrain occlusion, and object occlusion to calculate output values. The following features are included: * Air and Sea temperatures (array of numbers: °C) - llw_fnc_getTemperature * Date and time (text: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss) - llw_fnc_getDateTime * Shadow detection (boolean: true / false) - llw_fnc_inShadow * Solar Azimuth and Elevation angles (array of numbers: degrees) - llw_fnc_getSunAngle * Solar Elevation angle at 12:00PM (number: degrees) - llw_fnc_getSunElevationNoon * Solar Radiation energy (number: W/m²) - llw_fnc_getSunRadiation * Sunrise and Sunset time (array of numebers: hours) - llw_fnc_getSunRise Please refer to the enclosed README.TXT for further details.
  5. Intro: HazardZone is a 16vs16 game mode where opposing forces have to face each other during a biological threat from space. There are several crashed objects on Livonia from which samples need to be secured, and the side with most secured samples wins the day. The samples are located in the so-called Hazard Zones, and anyone without CBRN gear will not survive there. Each side has a team of 4 CBRN specialists (only 1 team per side) which will need to secure the samples, to support the limited number of CBRN units, 3 other teams of standard combat units are deployed. These support units need to fend off enemy forces and provide secure passage to the crash site for the CBRN units, but CBRN units need to deal with any enemy forces inside the Hazard Zones on their own. To further aid the mission, artillery & transport troops are deployed, but a radio tower needs to be secured to amplify the signal for communication of ground troops with HQ, since the strong EMF of the crashed objects is interfering with the communication and makes it impossible. Features: CBRN Gas Mask overlay & sounds Custom Game Mode Custom scoring logic Virtual Arsenal crate Player & Vehicle Respawns Hazard Zones in which only players with proper gear are safe. 5 km. of playable area Changes in V2 of HazardZone: Objectives are no longer completed by simply interacting with the objective: Players will receive a container (attached to the torso of the player) when a sample is collected. As a final step to complete the objective, players have to extract the sample/s by securing them inside a special storage box located inside base's decontamination tent. Upon completion of these steps the side of the player will be awarded with points Players will be able to pick up the sample containers from their buddies or dead soldiers A player may carry multiple sample containers To make the gamemode more interesting, tasks will now be updated with the location of the player which is holding the sample until it is extracted. This will allow opposite force to recapture the objective from the enemy. Task descriptions are updated according to the player and side who have captured a sample. i.e. "Attack" or "Defend" depending on which side you are and which side captured the sample. Task icons are updated when sample is collected according to the player and side who captured a sample, i.e. "Attack" or "Defend" depending on which side you are and which side captured the sample. Message are now displayed to screen updating players who captured the sample. Tons of small changes to accommodate the new gamemode logic Notes: Raw mission included so you can edit/modify according to your needs (If you give me credit it will be appreciated) No additional content is required (mods or otherwise) except ARMA 3 - Contact Platform Credits: Credits to bohemia forums and ARMA community for all the awesome script examples and tutorials. Credits to Chuc for the script used for the radiation/hazard areas: Credits to RCA3, the gamemode at its current form wouldn't be possible without their help! Download: steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2781568799 gdrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10YpgBVIl64OJL2mIy7T1kAsPnn_d_yi2/view?usp=sharing ^ Password for the archive is "original"
  6. Greetings Community, I needed a gas mask overlay script for a MP mission I'm making. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that works across respawns... so I modified the overlay part of the script made by ALIAS - "Radiation - DEMO", after heavy modification the overlay is now MP compatible. There are currently some issues, which I hope I can resolve in near future: * Gas mask overlay will remain after respawn until the player equips and then unequips the "Gas mask" * For some reason the script doesn't work with the "Contact DLC" gas masks. It actually works. It appears the unit (cbrn_specialist) spawns with "G_AirPurifyingRespirator_01_nofilter_F" and later respawns with "G_AirPurifyingRespirator_01_F", keep that in mind. Feel free to contribute, I'm stuck as it is. I'll provide further updates in the github repository Enjoy! Modified multiplayer compatible overlay script. https://github.com/SubXi/arma3-2d-mask-overlay Original script: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=909790601
  7. What does this mod do exactly? This mod enables you to simulate a biological attack (or anything in your imagination) within a user defined/placed area and the only way you can make it through it is if you have a certain set of gear (all user defined). This mod is modular and allows you to define any headgear/goggles/uniform/vest (check features list for more details) to be considered necessary gear for traversing the area and there is a detector with sounds when you are in the area (similar to a Geiger counter) so you know if you need to have your gear on or not. Create safe zones or vehicles as you please. Zeus integration through Achilles or Zeus Enhanced. The mod will have no outside dependencies, but will be compatible with ACE3 in the sense of how damage is applied over time to the player if ACE3 medical is enabled on the client. See also: JSHK Contamination Gear Missions: Operation Tombstone: Prelude Current version: PUBLIC v0.5.6 Notes/Updates on current version: -Zeus functionality is only present when you are running Achilles OR Zeus Enhanced along with CBA, while they are not dependencies on the overall mod they are required since I'm using their functions. -If you have an issue with the mod, please post or PM me so I can fix it in a timely manner! -I do not know how much time I can dedicate to this mod and its evolution, but I do hope to push updates with cool new features as time goes along. I appreciate your future patience. -I have done minimal MP testing on all fronts as I don't have access to a server like I once did. Please let me know if MP doesn't work... Other Notes: -Make sure that the classnames for the gear DO NOT have quotations in the module input and separate each class with a comma. -To bring up your detector, make sure it is in your active inventory (the watch slot) and press your WATCH key (default is 'O') Changelog: Features List(s): Media: Some of the community members I really can't thank enough for their help and their patience with my unpredictable schedule: Ltf: -Module icon picture -Mask overlay images -Gear textures Evil Organ: -Environmental Effects post process effects code (currently WIP) zagor64bz: -Main Modification Logo and Detector GUI Interface aspects Soolie: -Detector GUI interface and code Mr. Skellington: -For his work on CBRN Defense Units that he has graciously released for public consumption The Achilles Team & Zeus Enhanced Team -For their functionality allowing for custom modules to be made through Zeus on-the-fly DOWNLOAD and SUBSCRIBE: Note: I plan to only release on the Steam Workshop for Arma 3 and a mirror on Google Drive
  8. FULL RELEASE THREAD (link) I've had this project half finished for months now, but I am seeing what the community may think of a contamination area mod. What does this mean? It means that you can simulate a biological attack (or anything in your imagination) within a user defined/placed area and the only way you can make it through it is if you have a "mask" on or certain set of gear (all user defined). This mod would be modular and allow you to define any headgear/goggles/uniform/vest to be considered necessary gear for traversing the area (so it will work with Hidden Identities) and there is a detection sound when you are in the area (similar to a Geiger counter) so you know if you need to have your gear on or not. The mod will have no outside dependencies, but will be compatible with ACE3 in the sense of how damage is applied over time to the player if ACE3 is enabled on the client. Please let me know if this would be of any use (or if there is something already out there) and I may be able to find some time to finish it and push it out to the community :)! Features List(s): Here is some footage of what I have thus far: Aspiring/Interested Developers If you are interested in assisting me with this mod, there is a list of features below that I'm unsure I can complete myself, you will of course get credits when/if it's released! - MOPP Gear models/configs (mask, suits, etc.) -Particle effects for areas Please PM me here on the forums if you are interested!