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  1. scope = 2; // 2 = class is available in the editor; 1 = class is unavailable in the editor, but can be accessed via a macro; 0 = class is unavailable (and used for inheritance only). scopeCurator = 2; // 2 = class is available in Zeus; 0 = class is unavailable in Zeus. scopeArsenal = 2; // 2 = class is available in the Virtual Arsenal; 0 = class is unavailable in the Virtual Arsenal. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Characters_And_Gear_Encoding_Guide
  2. Appreciate the input. I’ve been extremely busy trying to graduate college recently (shooting to be done by December). Hopefully I will have ample time to look into some fixes/additions in this next year. The geiger counter sound is certainly the topper of the list given the major demand of it. Before I took my most recent sabbatical I was probably about to rework the entire system from scratch using scripted EHs, which would allow for much more versatility and condense down a lot of the loops and other events. But I will look into adding the ability to use editor placed markers and/or expand on the types markers that are already available. Again I apologize for my most recent disappearance 😅.
  3. Hm, I’m hoping to have some time on my hands here soon. So maybe I’ll be able to take a look.
  4. No, not at the moment. I had thought about reworking that calculation so it wasn’t just an arbitrary distance value within the zone but got caught up with life stuff. Your thoughts seem logical enough though.
  5. A PVEH is only ever triggered when the assigned variable is broadcasted via the publicVariableXXX command family. If you need to ping pong info back and forth there needs to be a separate PVEH on the server and the client where the client requests the info and the server sends it. Basically the client PVs to the server saying “hey I need this info and here is my unique ID” server queries it and sends it back to the requesting client via publicVariableClient. On my phone or I would throw an example up.
  6. format [“%1_%2”,_prefixName,_i] And after you assign the marker into your _x variable, which I would recommend changing to something more specific, you shouldn’t do ‘_x = setMarkerXXX Y;’ just do ‘_x setMarkerXXX Y;’ And you may find some use in this newer function: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_stringToMarker
  7. You put the private key path then it compiles the public key bisign when you build it.
  8. Well, technically everything is apart of the main game loop in the end, which I'd assume is the case with the conditions of the regular EHs, which is what I believe you meant. Dedmen may have misunderstood the scope of your statement.
  9. There is no difference when calling, however, you can add any number of scriptedEH of the same name (each with their own behavior) and subsequently call all of them at the same time. So say OP here had an addon that added a scripted EH for localized messages to a player (let’s name it sendMsg). Now say you have a function that i want to use in my mission that adds sendMsg and your message says “Hello!”. And now I’ve also added a sendMsg of my own with a message that says “To infinity and...well that’s about it”. Now when sendMsg is called the player would see both our messages. Think about Respawn EHs, every mission maker out there probably does their own thing for respawn as well as every outside script that accounts for respawn in their mission. When the player respawns the EH fires and all of that code gets called, the mission maker, outside scripts, etc. You can essentially “stack” executions of different code on one event and when that event fires (i.e. called) the entire stack is called.
  10. Uploaded to GitHub, OP updated. So I can be publicly shamed for terrible coding practices . Any contributions are welcome (still trying to figure out all the GitHub stuff too). However, I do have limits on the scope of this mod because I would prefer to not compete with Ravage or other similar addons.
  11. Figured out the long hand for my concept (using OEF)....probably a little messy and could use some fine tuning here and there, especially when accounting for more than just one player in SP. At least some sort of reference for what you would have to do. But open the editor, place a unit, any number of markers, follow the example function calls at the bottom, copy all and paste into debug and exec: Then move in and out of the marker areas as desired to see results. And yes I know my “hash” function isn’t really quite that....
  12. Now I haven't dug too deep into understanding the extent of CBA's system but my question is with either system is it possible to make a custom event handler for say, entering and leaving the area of a marker, without having to create any sort of while loop or OEF handler? In basic vanilla EH terms (I know there are some major assumptions here): player addEventHandler [ "EnterMarkerArea", { params ["_marker"]; if (_marker isEqualTo "mySpecialMarker") then { hint "You made it!"; }; } ]; player addEventHandler [ "ExitMarkerArea", { params ["_marker"]; if (_marker isEqualTo "mySpecialMarker") then { hint "You left the marker area!"; }; } ]; Because with how I understand either system atm it seems like there would still need to be some sort of loop or similar handling to call the "event" code?
  13. Eh, one could argue that without fundamentally understanding event handlers in general you can't truly understand the difference between the base EHs and scripted ones . I for one have had the similar questions too.
  14. Make sure that the marker is set properly in 3D space in the editor (as in the proper height on the ship) and make this small change to your code. If the first option doesn't work, try the second and change the marked value. Info: getMarkerPos set _slingammo = "B_Slingload_01_Ammo_F" createvehicle (getmarkerpos ["huron_pickup",true]); //getMarkerPos ["myMrk",true] returns a position array with [x,y,z] /////OR _slingammo = "B_Slingload_01_Ammo_F" createvehicle (getmarkerpos "huron_pickup") set [2,*properHeightOfShipSurface*]; //getMarkerPos "myMrk" returns a position array as [x,y,0] //subsequently using 'set [2,someNumber]' overwrites that zero to whatever value you input EDIT: After seeing that you actually can't easily set the marker height via editor and noticing the return of getMarkerPos [array] is positionAGL you may run into problems since you're on a ship. Second option is your best option.