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  1. Sorry for the super delayed response. That is some extremely weird behavior that I haven't encountered before aside from your situation. We can start with some screenshots of your general mission setup and all the module settings and see if there's just one setting off or something like that. Next step, which would be more tedious is to diagnose something from the debug logs if you put down the debug module and enable all the logging setting within it. Then send me your rpt for both a client and the server itself after trying to run the mission (preferably when the mod fails to populate properly for all players). I think I've looked into this mod before and just didn't pursue much further. I know he was still replying to people on the workshop a few months ago, not sure of the status now though. Haven't seen any concrete evidence of complete discontinuation, but again haven't been around much to see either.
  2. No there isn’t, I had thought of taking that into consideration years ago and put it on the back burner and had since forgotten about it until now.
  3. At the moment, it’s just a circle, it’s on my to-do list to incorporate either other marker options, or just allow users to self define.
  4. getPos units playersGroup select (units playersGroup findIf {alive _x}) Finds the first alive unit in the group and uses their position to pass as the mortar target.
  5. The indirect solution to the mask override is so far the only thing. I haven’t had the motivation to really dig into the environmental effects, so that’s why it’s disabled, I would like to do it at some point. I can try and look at adjusting the layer the mask overlay is on to free up the command menu, etc.
  6. It was simple, unrelated to my mod (it happens in the editor), and has been an issue that has been reported before but I can't find a direct fix for it. When you have edited the loadout of a character to include goggles (the mask) and go to preview/play the user's identity overrides what the loadout goggles were with what the user's profile has saved as a preference for their character. There seems to not be a resolution to this still, from my short search. But what you need to do to work around it is to export the loadouts from arsenal and then apply them either via the unit's init fields or via the init/initPlayerLocal.sqf. Otherwise everything else seems to be working just fine, the reason you kept dying was simply because you didn't have a mask on after spawning in.
  7. From the two screenshots, yes those settings seem fine. And my point was you didn’t have to doubly define the gear if you also chose the “include contact gear” option. I don’t know why you had to make the point that you have a licensed game...did you not at some point? My assumption is that there is a setting or something off that you haven’t included in your original post. So the next step is one of two things: you put down the debug module and enable both options there then run the game and send me the RPT or if you aren’t running any mods (aside from mine) you can send me the zipped mission file so I can take a look. A third option I suppose is you can download my mission off the workshop and pull it out so you can open it in the editor and see how I have things setup there too. It is a process to figuring things out when we aren’t sitting next to each other. Just going BAAAHHHHH this thing isn’t working, whyyyyyy!!! Isn’t very efficient and doesn’t help me, help you and is honestly a little annoying. I get that I don’t have an example or showcase type mission readily available for people to take a peek at but I’ve got over 7500 subs on the workshop who seem to have figured it out in some capacity. In most cases when people are having similar issues to yours it’s a small adjustment and everything is working again. And it may well be the case that I accidentally moved something around on my end that messed up, but at the moment I don’t believe that’s the case.
  8. Hm, nothing seems particularly out of place there. Though since you enabled the use of Contact masks at the bottom you don’t have to define that mask again above that. The conditions aren’t different unless you change the settings in those respective modules (Player or AI settings modules).
  9. Nothing was changed on that front this update and given that mickeymen seems to have the opposite issue, something funky is going on but I can’t say for sure if it’s my mod or something else at this point. Both players and AI run the same init functions to start damage conditions, so it is weird that one would take damage over the other. I did test each of the MOPP conditions from 1-4 with the gear from Contact without any issues on my end. I presume it may just be a setting or two that needs adjusting in a module, but I would need more info/screenshots to confirm that.
  10. I did see it when I was grabbing all the classnames and such and I have had another person request something similar before Contact was released. I presume it would be possible, but I’m back at work as of today, so I can’t promise a timeline. I was just trying to get a little something out during this virus shitshow.
  11. UPDATE: v0.5.6 is LIVE OP mirror links updated. Zeus Enhanced is now compatible (and not required). Achilles can still be used if one so desires. I integrated Contact gear into the gear/mask modules, though I have run out of time to attempt some more expansive functionality sadly. ACE damage is now reliant on the presence of the ACE medical status pbo not ACE main, resolving the issue had above... Changelog:
  12. Because if a mod doesn't have a signature the server will read it as not apart of the deployed modpack, therefore, verifySignatures wouldn't allow some mods in, nullifying it's effect. Whether that mod is a personal arsenal (or other blacklisted thing) or a mod that he actually wants to run. I've also run into issues with "back" signing other mods that weren't signed originally.
  13. Can't remember if I've shared this before, but I put this together for similar issues in the past with my groups and the assortment of mods that are left unsigned by their creators. It follows similar principals to what @phronk mentioned. I know you aren't asking for this particular approach, but honestly, if you have any sort of say in the unit(s) you're running the server for, just tell anyone who tries to skate the system to screw off. This script includes checks for addons that are/were server intensive when used in a bigger multiplayer setting (Blastcore, etc.), but includes VAA and PA as well, use as you will. It essentially just boots them from the server. It could be changed to add server logs with GUID/name so you can blacklist those players as well, if that is a goal. //initPlayerLocal.sqf [] spawn { waitUntil {time > 3 && !isNull player && !isNull (findDisplay 46)}; systemChat "Checking Addons..."; //list of full mod classes private _blacklist = [ "vaa_arsenal","LEA","PA_arsenal","Blastcore_Sun", "Blastcore_SmokeCS","WarFXPE","BlastcoreTracers", "BloodSplatter","L_ES","LOSounds2Music" ]; //list of partial mod classes when a mod has a lot of pbo's, but a normalized nominclature private _prefixes = ["DynaSound_","speedofsound_","DragonFyre_"]; private _classes = ("true" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgPatches")) apply {configName _x}; private _badAddons = _classes select { _y = _x; _blacklist find _y > -1 || _prefixes findIf {_x find _y > -1} > -1 }; if (count _badAddons > 0) then { //add all bad addons detected into a string a report to the player private _kickString = ("Bad Addons Detected: " + (_badAddons joinString " - ")); systemChat _kickString; hintC _kickString; //kick them out endMission "end2"; } else { //otherwise, let them in systemChat "Addon Check Complete!"; }; };
  14. 1. Assuming you don’t need to call any other scripts for JIPs you could do it your way without issue. 2. The first line from above is the same as: private _player = _this select 0; private _didJIP = _this select 1; //which is also the same as private _player = _this#0; private _didJIP = _this#1; The reason you need to use params or access _this is because those are the parameters being provided to the script when it is executed. The name of the variables are up to you, but these are self explanatory in nature as to not confuse each other as they are named now. The special variable “_this” is the array of parameters passed into a script, and as you can see in the all three examples there are a number of ways to access that information. The “params” command is cleaner, more elegant, and allows for easy input verification (i.e. data type, etc). But it’s completely up to you and what you’re comfortable with.
  15. Create an initPlayerLocal.sqf and do this: params [“_player”,”_didJIP”]; if !(_didJIP) then { //do what you want for non-JIPs }; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Event_Scripts