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  1. iceman77

    Dialog menu, need help

    Why not use an active text control?
  2. If the author is using weaponHolders he needs to use weaponHolderSimulated.
  3. iceman77

    GUI Help?

    A wiz?! LMAO. I always did what I could to make shit work, and I never minded sharing what little knowledge I had with others. Anyhow, I'm glad I could help.
  4. Thank Larrow. He wrote the CTC function aswell as the save/load loadout functions. In any case, I'm glad someone used it in some capacity. Cheers. Bottoms up.
  5. iceman77

    GUI Help?

    You need to create a display using cutRsc. Google KK's GUI blog. Also take a look @ http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184732-LWSH-A-simple-HUD-to-monitor-the-player-s-health-and-fatigue Not much to it. Just make sure you create the display on it's own layer or you'll be back here asking why other displays are cancelling yours.
  6. Yeah it doesn't matter about how many threads and loops. I think it matters about what's going on inside them. In LVR's case, it's alot of times either just sleeping or creating a new vehicle every now and again, after some pretty soft evaluations. In any case I'll post yours here for everyone to use since it's more efficient. Everyone can use it instead of LVR, because hey I don't even have the time to write code anymore. Not that I could even if I wanted to since I stay drunk. Anyhow... Here's MDCCLXXVI's leet vehicle respawn pseudo code. _arrayOfVehicleData = [ [veh1,vehicledata,etc], [veh2,vehicledata,etc], [veh3,vehicledata,etc] ]; while {TRUE} do { { _index = _arrayOfVehicleData find _x; _vehicleData = _arrayofVehicleData select _index; _vehicle = _vehicleData select 0; _othershit = _vehicleData select whatever if (!alive _vehicle) then { _vehicle = createvehicle [] _vehicleData = [_vehicle,vehicledata,etc]; _arrayOfVehicleData set [_index,_vehicleData]; } else { if (abandoned _vehicle) then { _vehicle setPos [] }; }; } count _arrayOfVehicleData; }; Look ma no sleep!! (you know instead of no hands!) ps; if you wont release a public version of yours why are you on here pm'n me about how to write it? Post a working version and then get back with me. Or not. Frankly I don't give a damn. Just saying.
  7. iceman77

    Looking for Developers

    Time to get dangerous then isn't it? :)
  8. Right... But why should the opposition be able to see where your camp is located? They should have to find it... Even if it is working as intended, it needs to be changed IMO... If i were the OP I'd make a request ticket... My 2c... ---------- Post added at 12:33 ---------- Previous post was at 12:08 ---------- Here's some shitty pseudo code. Forgive me as I can't test anything or I would provide exactly what the OP needs. But this could give an idea. Someone else should be able to run with it and provide something worth a shit. Anyhow, after camp placement... private "_tent"; _tent = nearestObjects [theMan, ["TENT_CLASS"], 25] select 0; { private "_marker"; _marker = _x; if ( ( markerPos _marker ) distance _tent < 5 && { ( ( markerType _marker ) isEqualTo "THE_MARKER_TYPE" ) } ) exitWith { { if ((side _x) in _badSidesArray) then { deleteMarker _marker; }; } forEach playableUnits; }; } forEach allMapMarkers;
  9. May be time to make a ticket then?
  10. Post the mission file. Someone is bound to have a look.
  11. Yeah well, my tutorial could use revising. It gets the job done, but I've learned alot myself since then. Austin_Medic made a dialog tutorial recently. It's floating around somewhere. I think it'd be a better "stepping stone" to KK's tuts. I haven't read it, but it has to be better than my old tut.
  12. I guess? If variablezz is the unit the Eh is assigned to..
  13. iceman77

    Looking for Developers

    I sent you a PM. We can keep it there. Then TS or w/e you use afterwords (if applicable).