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    After Life RPG

    What is After Life RPG? After Life RPG is a fun, friendly community. We are a life modification for Arma 3 being made from scratch. How will some of the things work? Shops: Shops are where you can go to buy whatever it is that you want Tired of driving the same old car? - Head on over to the car dealership and get yourself a new ride. Are you hungry? - Head on over to the food shop to get a bite to eat. There are many many more different kinds of shops. Website: It is important that your ingame name MUST match your website name while playing on After Life. When you join the server it checks the website to make sure you have registered and your name matches, if it returns false for either one of those it will ask you to make an account first, and then you must rejoin the server. (credits to Zooloo75 for the program) Role: There are countless roles you can play in ALRPG, feel like being a criminal? a cop? a car salesman? a EMT? , whatever you can think of can be roleplayed. The three main sides are Civilian, ALPD (After Life Police Department), and the ALES (After Life Emergency Service). Factories: Factories will work like, well factories. Lets say you finish mining for the day, you take your minerals back to a factory where you turn it into materials. Then you take those materials to a different factory and turn them into an object or an item, such as a new car, or food. Everything in the mission can be produced in a factory. Mining: Mining is a skill that you need to be able to manufacture things. You have to take the correct tool needed for the mineral and go to the correct spot on the map, there you can start mining. Mining is a very useful tool in ALRPG if you're the kind of person who wants access to all the items for free... BUT there is a price to pay, mining is not by any means the fastest thing to do in the mod, it takes time - so you will not be able to just start mining and making stuff right away. Companies: You don't like mining but still want to make a company who makes cars? Awesome, all you need to do is partner with someone who does like mining and start a company with them. Companies are player ran and the players in game are the ones who are in charge of placing orders and paying the people. Anyone can make a company in After Life. Stats Save: After a long day of working and playing in AFRPG, the last thing you want to hear is that all your stuff will be erased when the server restarts, well good for you that After Life saves all your stats, storage, paycheck amount, skills, etc. EVERYTHING IS SAVED! These are just some of the things you will see in the game... What map will we be using? After Life RPG will take place on Applegate. We believe this map is perfect for a life community. You'll be able to see screenshots of the map below. http://imgur.com/a/zWKK6 (if you would like more information about the map click here) We really want to thank and credit EL76 for his map design and models and also opteryx for his terrain data. We would also like to thank Falcos for continuing the map and his support. Want to learn more? We would love whoever is interested to make an account on our website ( www.AfterLifeRPG.com ) because it is there where we will be providing information and status updates on what we're up to. We are still working on getting the website setup but it is functional. We also have a teamspeak server (will be listed below) where you can talk to us or your friends or even meet new people. We have been interested in arma roleplay and have played it for a while before starting this project recently, so we always have the mindset of an actual player in mind while developing and setting up. Website: www.AfterLifeRPG.com Teamspeak IP: Changelog: http://afterliferpg.com/index.php?threads/mission-changelog.2/ I will also be posting some development pictures below. Some Screenshots of development so far! Shop Menu: http://4.imgland.net/hfCh7F.png Message System (top right): http://1.imgland.net/clK_RU.png WIP Police Skins: http://afterliferpg.com/index.php?threads/wip-alpd-uniforms.8/ We are working hard at developing for this project, we need all the help we can get. We are currently looking for modelers (or people who can work with models or make addons) and people who can work on maps/terrain as Applegate needs a bit of work. If you are interested in helping contribute to this project, just send me a PM on here or register on the ALRPG forums and send "Hayden" a PM (Hayden is me) - you could also join our teamspeak and just poke/message me or email me at Hayden@AfterLifeRPG.com
  2. ToxicMuffin


    Hey drunken, long time no see :D , but to your question, i'm not sure if you can move the whole text to the bottom left with BIS_fnc_typeText .. But you could always try BIS_fnc_infoText (it appears on the bottom right of the screen), maybe something like this: _text1 = "Coast of South ALTIS"; _text2 = format["%1", [color=#ff0000](not sure what the %1 was for in the other code you sent but you could fill it in here, it would appear on a lower line - under _text1) [/color]]; [_text1,_text2] call BIS_fnc_infoText; Someone else may know more about the BIS_fnc_typeText or how to move it, but i'm not 100% sure so i thought i'd just post an alternative that you could possibly use. Hope i could help a little, ~Toxic
  3. hey aaron, i noticed that one of the "variable"'s was spelled wrong and also i switched '=>' to '>=', try this and see if it works for you :) hope i could help! if(driversLicense == 1)then{ if ((player getVariable "moneyHand") >= 300) then { player setVariable ["moneyHand", ((player getVariable "moneyHand") - 300)]; _veh = "C_Quadbike_01_F" createVehicle (position player); vehiclelock = _veh addAction ['Unlock / Lock','veh\lock.sqf',[],7,true,true,'','(_target distance _this) < 4']; } else { hint "You need more money!"; }; } else { hint "You need a license!"; }; ~ToxicMuffin
  4. Thanks Mike! haha I've known the basics of arma scripting for a little while now but this has helped me tie them all together and allowed me to make bigger and better things! I was very happy to see Chapter 3 release. I've passed them on to some of my friends who have also wanted to learn scripting and they've given great feedback so far! The guide itself is awesome but thanks for the time and effort you put in to make it, it really shows! thanks again man!
  5. We are currently waiting to see if Turn 10 Studios will allow us to use these models in our modification. The models being shown here were merely for practice until are modeller has appropiate models ready. Since we are still working on the mission, having models available at this time is not of that much importance. However, when we get models, we would like to be able to port them without much of an issue. Hence the practice, and hence this post. I don't want to come across as crass, we do value the content other people make and have no desire to use anything in the final mission without the creators permission.
  6. Hello everyone! I actually just got into working with models (mostly car models) for arma 3, i can get the models into oxygen and get everything working in there but what really confuses me is getting them into the game and eventually get wheels moving etc., i understand i need a model.cfg and a config.cpp file - but im not sure where to even start with writing one , ive looked at examples and the wiki but if anyone could give me a simpler description, an easier way to write them or just point me in the right direction, i'd really appreciate it ! what i've been messing around with : removed & removed (credit goes to 'turn 10 studios' for the models, i did not create them!) thanks, ~Toxic
  7. Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to port over a life mission (RPP:R, credit to unforgiven for writing it) that we were using on Arma 2 to Arma 3 but running into a problem, i understand that arma 3 has gotten rid of setVehicleInit but its causing problems with a couple of the scripts and i'm not exactly sure how to rewrite it or even if its possible so i was hoping someone here could help :) (If you need anything else just let me know) private ["_class", "_position", "_registration", "_vcl", "_text", "_name", "_trunk", "_siren", "_hasSiren"]; _class = _this select 0; _position = _this select 1; _registration = [] call RPP_fnc_generateRegistration; if (count _this >= 4) then { _registration = (_this select 3); }; _vcl = objNull; _name = _class call RPP_fnc_itemGetName; _trunk = []; _text = format["<t size='0.6' color='#4876FF'>%2</t><br/><t size='0.35' color='#4876FF'>%1</t><br/><t size='0.45'>(Press F to lock/unlock)</t><br/><t size='0.45'>(Press T for Menu)<br/></t><t size='0.45'>(Press B to Pullout)<br/></t><t size='0.45'>(Press U to Unflip)</t>", _registration, _name]; _damage = 0; _fuel = 1; _siren = _class call RPP_fnc_itemGetSiren; _hasSiren = false; if (count _siren >= 2) then { _hasSiren = _siren select 0; } else { _hasSiren = false; }; if (count _this >= 3) then { _trunk = (_this select 2); }; if (count _this >= 5) then { _fuel = (_this select 4) select 0; _damage = (_this select 4) select 1; }; call compile format [' _vcl = "%1" createVehicle %2; [color=#ff0000] [b]_vcl setVehicleInit "this setVehicleVarName ""%3"";[/b][/color] [this, ""%4""] spawn { if (isNil ""RPP_fnc_create3DText"") then { _script = [] execVM ""core\text3D.sqf""; waitUntil {scriptDone _script}; }; [[] call RPP_fnc_generateID, (_this select 1), (_this select 0), 0.8, 5, true] spawn RPP_fnc_create3DText; }; _vcl = this; _vcl addEventHandler [""GetIn"", {_this spawn RPP_fnc_event_onVehicleEnter;}]; _vcl addEventHandler [""GetOut"", {_this spawn RPP_fnc_event_onVehicleExit;}]; _vcl addEventHandler [""Engine"", {_this spawn RPP_fnc_event_onVehicleEngine;}]; _vcl setVariable [""hasActions"", true, false]; "; player reveal _vcl; _vcl setFuelCargo 0; _vcl call RPP_fnc_addVehicleToServer; _vcl call RPP_fnc_addToKeychain; _vcl setVariable ["locked", false, true]; _vcl setVariable ["trunk", %5, true]; _vcl setVariable ["maxSize", "%1" call RPP_fnc_itemGetTrunkSize, true]; _vcl setVariable ["isPublic", true, true]; _vcl setVariable ["RPP_siren_mounted", %8, true]; _vcl setVariable ["RPP_siren_state", 0, true]; [{ ClearWeaponCargo (_this select 0); ClearMagazineCargo (_this select 0);}, [_vcl]] call RPP_fnet_execPublic; _vcl setFuel %7; _vcl setDamage %6; [color=#ff0000][b]processInitCommands; [/b][/color] ', _class, _position, _registration, _text, _trunk, _damage, _fuel, _hasSiren]; thanks in advance! ~Toxic
  8. Are you using the arma 3 gui editor? If so (well for anything i guess), as killzone_kid stated above, make sure you press safezone and not GUI_Grid (GUI_Grid will not be in the exact spot you put the gui) Im not exactly sure about your second question Hope i could help!
  9. Hello! I was looking at it and was able to get the first value to say the correct value ( http://2.ii.gl/GhH2E.png ) but the last two say MIDDLE, not sure if that is correct! but this is what i did, just moved _position and the hint to the bottom of the script if (isDedicated) exitWith {}; waitUntil {!isNull player && player == player}; getStance = { _animation = animationState player; _stance = stance player; _vPosition = "MIDDLE"; _hPosition = "MIDDLE"; if ( [_animation, "down"] call findStr ) then { _vPosition = "DOWN"; }; if ( [_animation, "up"] call findStr ) then { _vPosition = "UP"; }; if ( [_animation, "left"] call findStr ) then { _hPosition = "LEFT"; }; if ( [_animation, "right"] call findStr ) then { _hPosition = "RIGHT"; }; [_stance, _vPosition, _hPosition] }; findStr = { _str1 = toArray(_this select 0); _str2 = toArray(_this select 1); _substr = []; _result = false; for "_i" from 0 to ((count _str2) - 1) do { _substr set [_i, _str1 select (count _str1 - count _str2 + _i)]; }; if([_substr, _str2] call BIS_fnc_areEqual) then { _result = true; }; _result; }; _position = call getStance; hint format ['%1 - %2 - %3',_position select 0, _position select 1, _position select 2]; Hope this helps! :)
  10. ToxicMuffin

    Arma 2 Money script help.

    Each external script (such as those above) would need to be placed as .sqf documents (.txt document renamed to .sqf) and would then be placed into the mission folder with the mission.sqm file (mission.sqm is made by the editor when you press save in-game) then you would pack the mission file into a .pbo (by using this tool http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1434) and placed into the mpmissions file in the main arma 2 directory... then you should be good to go :) that may not have been very clear lol :D
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    Modern Life-RP

    awesome, ill send you a pm! :)
  12. ToxicMuffin

    Modern Life-RP

  13. ToxicMuffin

    God mode for AI officer

    not quite sure if this would work for you but here goes nothing :D this allowdamage false; or possibly this: [color=#000000][font=Verdana]addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}];[/font][/color] Hope i could help!
  14. Updated with brand new info
  15. dont worry, i made sure to ask a moderator before i posted this, just to make sure