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  1. Alas No.... Ive pretty much given up on Arma. Sorry to disappoint. Just havent got the time any more and I last played Arma several months ago. Glad it help nonetheless Mike
  2. mikie boy

    'Unspottable' units

    i made a script years ago - via an add action - make the sniper friendly to AI for around 20 seconds - then you would have to wait a few minutes before you could run the addaction again. Also if you stood up during that 20 seconds the script would cancel and you would become enemy to AI again.
  3. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17725328/Arma3/Fock_AI_Revive8.Stratis.rar havent looked at this in a long time - last thing i did before stopping. I think this is the correct one that mirrors the youtube video. Hopefully in November ill be returning to Arma scripting and might actually complete the MP version as well
  4. @code34 - nice work mate - MP coding is a bitch to start off with, so nice one on trying to simplify it for other users. I can see this being a big advantage for the wider audience with less coding knowledge. Found that many people in the Arma world want to make MP games straight away with little understanding, so hopefully this will assist them. Prodavec made one or two valid points about performance which hopefully you updated in your newest code. So all in all - nice work, and hopefully you can keep updating and simplifying for others.
  5. Hey all. Yeah sorry haven't been on here in a long while. Family life and uni. Gona be a while before i get the next part out. Things have changed on arma quite a bit since I was last on and a lot to catch up on. Terox haven't had a chance to look at you link mate but ill Def add it if it's useful to others.
  6. because box only represents the last box you made each time you reference box = _box ; each _box get overridden in the computers memory you are pointing to the last box you made (so to speak) box delete vehicle - needs to point to this (the current box)
  7. Glad u got it working. Like I said not local to u. That means somewhere else other than ur computer. Appricat what u r saying tajin , but in essence u have said the same thing. And I was trying to make it easier for him to understand. Set velocity should really work on its own but god knows what that doesn't
  8. unfortunately MP and certain elements can be a pain - you are trying to physically move an object that is not local to you - basically you need the server to do this for you, something that MP func etc would solve. The Addaction (although attached to an object on the server) is local to you when executed - so the effects of using this on server still wont work. For example try placing a hint on that object and it will display the hint on your screen only, nowhere else. Set velocity is executed on every computer - but i think because it is wrapped inside this addaction (local to you) it will give mixed results. So to be safe you need to create a function using the BIS_fnc_MP that tells the server to move it - easiest way (top of my head) is execute a file for everyone using BIS_Fnc_MP, but start it with if(iserver). That way only the server will execute it. Had issues with set velocity before - sometimes it works across the network and sometimes it doesnt. Sorry havent got time to write something that targets the Server directly - exams at mo... hope this helps a little
  9. mikie boy

    Timer Script

    HAZ, you don't want to be PV-ing that every second dude - best way is to get the server to keep hold of the public/global variable timer - and then send one call out to start the timer locally on all clients computers - who will all run it locally. The server will do what ever comes at the end of that timer anyway - so synching exactly to the ms is not really going to matter. for JIP, just get them to request, or get the server to send out, a call to run the timer script - with a PV of the timer so they almost synch with the timer for everyone else - this obviously when someone joins - this would be the most efficient way i think. I think i did this - without the JIP in Fockers cache hunt - rip it out of there mike
  10. if the error is not the syntax, then it depends on a few things. if obj1 is not an object on the server already loaded in before script runs, then the script will not know what obj1 is. if obj1 is an actual object on the server, and the program you are running runs after the mission file is instantiated, then its should identify obj1 and a global variable to the object you named. Therefore it should work (syntax ; aside). additionally tank is a global variable - so why do you need to reference another global variable. you should use _tank tank to save on memory when this particular script finishes. cant you just use if (isserver) then { obj1 setdir 20; };
  11. mikie boy

    [FOCK]ers IED

    no problem - ive been away from Arma for a year any how, scripting is all the same - commands are fairly similar - Arma 3 has new ones to match the new engine - thats about it. Look at my scripting guide, will carry you through Arma 2 just the same. As for this IED script, not sure what will happen with the Animation state if you hand cuff them. You can change the type of character that spawns so they don't always look the same. You could use the tutorial in the scripting guide to make those bombers just roam around an area whilst they are waiting for you... would just be a call to a script which you can then terminate on seeing Target. I would help you move, but im studying at mo for exams and just havent got the time, sorry.
  12. mikie boy

    [FOCK]ers IED

    This should work on Dedicated servers - i never tested it on a hosted server, does it work on hosted? it uses the MP framework to send the message to everyone to run the say3d command. So BIS may have changed the say3d command, or the MPfamework is not working. [nil,nil,rEXECVM,"Fock_bombcry.sqf",[_bomber,_target]] call RE;
  13. mikie boy

    Baretail RPT viewer

    nice one Tank, that seems like a handy little program.
  14. Don't think he's been around for a while. So I wouldn't expect one krem.