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  1. Yeah amazing isn't it - since this charade started almost no one in China has grasped the fact that there is a huge political vacuum because the next leader Xi Jinping disappeared from public view with health problems and the succession process was halted with events cancelled. There is great uncertainty over the future and the political elite are nervous. Those looking for a gift wrapped, cast iron conspiracy with a gift tag that says "To whom it may concern, this is a giant conspiracy!" might find it here. Who knows, since he seems to be getting back to good health and has appeared once in public it may start to calm down now? Or, if it is some demonstration of power by China, as some suggest, it will continue until they get their way. They seem to have a fetish for land and resources at the moment. I half suspect the Chinese have something to do with the trouble in South Africa with the mines. Mugabe is their chief ally in the area and it's his friends that are doing much of the organising. Someone has decided the time is right to unseat the ANC which would benefit those looking for mining access with a new Gov't.

    US Stealth Air Fleet mostly grounded?

    Not missing anything at all and realised that from the beginning, we have had PM's in the past, it was where I warned you that your behaviour would cause a mutiny on the forums which happened about 3 weeks later, in return I got some psycopathic rant, was called a troll and I had to complain through official channels. I am glad to see you act in a slightly more mature fashion these days and try observe the rules you enforce, it's always good to see a wayward soul return to the path of righteousness. I think that established once and for all that the problems are yours alone, good day and best wishes to you sir, keep up the good work.

    U.S. Ambassador to Lybia Killed

    If anything I say is wrong please prove it......otherwise I can only conclude your memory is not working the way it should.

    U.S. Ambassador to Lybia Killed

    Good grief the genius comments once again, no Kuwait was recently never part of Persia and neither was Iraq (back in 550BC it was), they were part of the Ottoman Empire. Kuwait was established as a semi independant area in 1899 and it's borders were marked long before those of Iraq in 1920, it wasn't colonial at all and was a legal process under the League of Nations. According to your logic Saddam would therfore have claim to Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Bulgaria and Greece because they were once governed under the same empire. Utter nonsense. The slant drilling accusations were never proven. The actual reason for the argument was that Iraq owed Kuwait $65 Billion in loans and Saddam couldn't pay up. So he started this debacle as a way to get out of repaying the loans. He wanted higher oil prices and simply decided to annex Kuwait as a way of making the debt dissapear and increasing Iraq's resources. Yep it's OT but bollocks and this will be my last word on it. That's all based on 1 sentence uttered by a diplomat that is often interpreted incorrectly, she by no means meant the US would tollerate an invasion, she simply meant they were not interested in getting involved in the diplomatic argument between Iraq and Kuwait. The tin foil hat mob have based an entire conspiracy theory on that 1 sentence and it's often quoted out of context. Is it reasonable to assume that Saddam Hussein would base the security of an invasion on 1 sentence? He was warned in the same conversation that the dispute should be settled peacefully and stated he would do so. Even Tariq Aziz agreed with that version of events and other Iraqis present at the meeting say no green or yellow light was given by the US. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Glaspie It's certainly possible that Saddam could have misinterpreted other events at the time and given himself the illusion that he could do as he pleased. After the invasion Saddam had 6 months to realise his mistake as the international forces in Saudi Arabia were assembled. He refused to leave Kuwait and had to be pushed out. The military action was quick but the whole saga from begining to end took around 9 months, it was a big deal and was on the news every night. I watched the whole thing from beginning to end and took a great interest in it.

    U.S. Ambassador to Lybia Killed

    WTF! Where do you get this stuff? In Gulf War 1 1990 the coalition had nearly 1 million troops on the ground to liberate Kuwait, the 2003 Invasion only had 265,000. That was Rumsfelds mistake, because the 1st was so quick he thought he could get away with a smaller force for the 2nd war. Gulf War 1 on false pretences? So Iraq didn't invade Kuwait?

    U.S. Ambassador to Lybia Killed

    Nothing fake about that video, it's just reporters fooling around off camera as they always do. Perhaps you are too young to remember the 1st Gulf War but for a time Scuds were falling daily on Saudi Arabia and Israel. I watched it live. 28 soldiers were killed and other 110 injured when a scud fell on their barracks. 18 scuds were launched against Riyadh where that reporter is standing and people were killed there. LlOi6Gl25Lg This scud was intercepted by a patriot missile but the warhead hit a school in Riyadh killing the Janitor. The video shows the sort of thing going on at the time which is carfully edited out in the so called fake video. Wiki page on the Al hussien missile http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Hussein_%28missile%29

    US Stealth Air Fleet mostly grounded?

    Appologies, you didn't mention anything about the Raptor or Typhoon/Eurofighter recently in this thread, the above is simply being imagined by all who read it. :cool:

    U.S. Ambassador to Lybia Killed

    It's a standard WESTPAC deployment, been happening every 6 months(ish) for decades, they even produce commemorative patches and books etc: http://www.public.navy.mil/surfor/cpr3/Pages/PeleliuARGand15thMeuDepartForWESTPACDeployment.aspx#.UFfSeVHnmHs Whats new is the tinfoil hat mob have started highlighting every regular deployment or unit replacement as something suspicious. I began to notice it around the Falklands anniversary when Argentina whinged about routine things claiming they were an 'escalation' blah blah, now all the crazies have started doing it routinely. Why people are suprised to hear about Marines going sailing I just dont know, I expect most people think they sit around the US in bases doing nothing and waiting for a war to start. That is not the case, MEUs have always sailed routinely so they are close to the trouble when it starts and can be deployed quickly.
  9. Yep shutdown should have updated that by now. Read the bottom of the certificate tho, as I said - it's voluntary which means Rossi self certified it, hence: "This certificate does not constitute a "product certification" and cannot, in any way, be used for commercial purposes and / or advertising", he can't get a CE mark with that or use it for any commercial purposes anywhere in the world, I hope the investors understand that. Any machinery that produces gamma radiation would have to be licenced somehow no matter where it is produced or sold, especially if it is to be used in houses. Rossi signing off his own testing isn't good enough. In the UK there would have to be a program of inspection to test the shielding periodically. I don't see any evidence that this is occuring so what business the lincence holders are building is beyond my understanding? As for those I've quoted, you mean Sterling D. Allan, a previous supporter?: Regarding investors and money, you said this yesterday????
  10. ;) You just fell into the same trap Rossi did when giving his response to this. Gary Wright filed 2 complaints, one directly with the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control for nuclear materials, and another with the Florida agency that regulates and controls X-ray machines and other devices that generate low level radiation. The US Gov't inspector couldn't find any evidence that gamma radiation was produced either externally or internally during operation. That contradicts how the E-Cat is supposed to work (Rossi's own explanation includes gamma radiation emissions, the E-Cat requires lead shielding) and is contrary to other LENR researchers findings. You can't transmute nickel to copper without gamma radiation production. Just what WTF do you think decay heat is? Regarding the September 9th disclosure by Rossi that he has SGS safety certification (You called it "Swiss certification team") , that has also been revealed as a lie. SGS states that they have no record of Rossi or the E-Cat or any of his multiple front companies. Rossi responded on 13/09/12 that he will produce a "voluntary safety certificate, within hours", nothing has appeared yet. That is a self certification and you can't get a CE mark for the product with it as there is no independent testing so that was also another lie. His response is rather bizarre, anyone else would simply produce the reference numbers on the certificate, instead it looks like he is beginning the process for a voluntary certificate?: SGS emails here: http://shutdownrossi.com/?page_id=1774 I see you don't dispute the fact that he is taking money from people yet there is no sign of a factory or any progress. Do you think an apartment in Miami Beach, Florida is a rather odd place to be setting up a factory? Florida is probably the most expensive place in the US you could conceive to do this. But I guess it's a nice place for a long holiday if you have suddenly acquired the funds to do so? Prof. Ugo Bardi Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra Università di Firenze http://cassandralegacy.blogspot.it/2012/03/sinking-of-e-cat.html
  11. That isn't true is it? He has many investors and his company is now owned by them - his own words....... He is also selling licenses to people for manufacture and distribution. His representative asked an entrepreneur for $200,000 for the rights in Australia. LEONARDO CORPORATION NOW PROPERTY OF A TRUST OF INVESTORS http://ecatnews.com/?p=2038 If I were you I would be careful of including Rossi in your LENR debates. LENR is worth investigating and that is why the work is being done, I would wait for the reputable scientists to give their verdict rather than put your faith in a mysterious 'kettle' which no one is allowed to examine, doesn't produce the quantities of steam it's supposed to and could be nothing more than a carefully constructed hoax. Rossi's device is always covered in insulation, his own calculations suggest it would work well without it and it's not necessary for the demonstration. One other thing you should be aware of is that Rossi left Italy to set up an E-cat factory in Florida. He is sitting in an apartment which is the registered address of Leonardo Corporation not doing very much. The US regulatory authorities recently visited the apartment to ascertain if anything illegal was going on. If it worked as Rossi claimed he would have been arrested or fined due to the gamma radiation produced during operation. The production facility and the machine would also need to be licensed. There is no license/certification/registration, factory or employees. http://pesn.com/2012/03/11/9602054_Rossi_Tells_Florida_Bureau_He_Has_No_Factory_No_Nuclear_Reactions/
  12. No it's not that, will keep an eye on it and let you know if there are further developments.
  13. PELHAM

    US Stealth Air Fleet mostly grounded?

    Don't you think it's bad enough as it is? lol
  14. PELHAM

    US Stealth Air Fleet mostly grounded?

    Wasn't interested in discussing your 1st point, didn't miss it at all, what I said is simply factual, can't help if it isn't understood. You asked something about the F-22 and I responded to your other musings. If someone wants to imagine a scenario with an F-22 flying stright and level at high altitude in combat for an extended period leading to an easy shoot down by an aircraft approaching from the rear well that's just fine and dandy with me ;). The imagination is an excellent tool, used properly of course. If you want to leave GCS, intelligence resources, defensive sensors, AWACs, Missile Launch Detectors etc out of it for fun, well hell, whatever floats yer boat.
  15. PELHAM

    US Stealth Air Fleet mostly grounded?

    Partially answered above, if you use the Raptor correctly it will easily defeat IRST. AESA Radar + stealth is a very good combination as you can't detect the aircraft or it's emissions. Typhoon would be able to detect a non stealthy aircraft with an AESA in the usual way. Limitation of all these things is you have to have them pointing in the right direction, the new Radar for the Typhoon is described here, acronym is CAESAR: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euroradar_CAPTOR I read somewhere that the CAESAR will include manual steering along with AESA to give a greater scanning area than the 120 degs of the F-22's fixed antenna. Gives the Typhoon another edge as it lacks stealth.