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    Been playing OFP since 2001 and still have no real clue about scripting language or coding but can make really great missions. I never played a life game and never will. I can't understand why anyone would waste their time and not play this game the why bohemia and god wanted it to be played lol. My motto is agree to disagree and all will be good in the world. Thank you bohemia for the 3D editor it took you long enough. I play arma for the love of the editor and mission designing not for the company of others lol.

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  1. avibird 1

    Enemy counter

    A simple way is just use a radio trigger. place a trigger down anywhere. Size of the trigger 0 Type none Activation radio alpha ect Activation present Repeatable Trigger exp Condition player ==P1 (P1 is your player's name) if you want more then one guy to check how many enemies are left then player ==P1 || Player ==P2 On activation hint str ({side _x == east && {player distance _x < 6000} count allunits}; if your AO is bigger then make it 10000
  2. Hey dreadpirate the issue I think is your script that call for gaia zones and the standalone template there is a big delay if I have the MCC4 mod running. I use the MCC4 mod for a bunch in game. I never setup zones in MCC4 that is always in the editor with editor placed units and zones is using Jebus. It's a sad day I think I need to remove MCC4 from my mission lineup of mod's.
  3. Is there a way to have gaia contol over editor placed groups rather than using the gaia button in the command interface. I know about the standalone gaia but I want to have access to the full MCC4 mod. Is there a way to give contol to group from the editor. If I run MCC4 mod and use jebus or standalone the time for generating waypoints within the zones can be over 10 minutes. Does anyone have any ideas.
  4. They will act according to their normal rules of engagement (Fire at all, engage at will, etc). When a group either starts fleeing or is destroyed, any other groups standing by with a Guard waypoint will move in to take their place.Sep 8, 2020. You don't really need any other trigger or setup just a group and a guard waypoint. That's it. Why are you so arrogant about this. Didn't your mother tell you don't always believe everything you read wiki😂😂😂.
  5. Test update information. If I only have 15 groups using Jebus and gaia zone waypoints. Generation time is less than 2 minutes. If I have 35 groups in the mission 15 groups using Jebus and gaia. 10 groups using Jebus to respawn with editor waypoints. 10 groups with no Jebus (no respawns) and only editor waypoints or no waypoints at all It's taking about 6 1/2 minutes to generate all gaia zone waypoints. What I am seeing when observing through Zeus. The editor waypoints are the first to get spawned then gaia but it will spawn blufor then opfor and then independent group waypoints in that order. I had a few armor units with a shit load of editor waypoints circling around my AO over 20 waypoints for each of the 5 vehicles. The majority of units using gaia zones/waypoints was IND groups which is the last thing that gets spawned what I am observing. I had 45 groups initially in the mission but I am going to downsize and keep my total groups less then 40. I don't know if real issues was having Jebus gaia folder and the codelines in the mission init and description. I think it's based on how Jebus spawns in editor waypoints first and then gaia waypoints blu opfor and then ind groups in that order as well as this PC was built for Arma2 lol. GPU I5-2500k @3.30ghz boosted 4.20 Only 8 GB of memory Only a standard hard drive not SSD GPS AMD Redeon HD 6900. AVIBIRD.
  6. Lol demonstrate what go open you mission editor placed a few groups of infantry mechanized infantry and armor groups all with just guard open fire and allowed to move out of formation. Then view mission go to Zeus interface start a battle somewhere on the map with opposing forces and watch the guard groups move to the conflict to support it will be different every time depending on the situation of conflict. Why are you so hostile lol
  7. Lol it's more then a move waypoint. Units will move across the entire map ad times. With a move waypoint units will only react with visual contact or what ever is the vanilla default audio reaction distance to gun fire. Go test play and you will see.
  8. @ dreadpirate and @killick great call killick!!! even though I did not have the standalone template Jebus pretty much had it within its folders as well as codelines in mission description and init calling for GAIA. So I am assuming as you stated the mod and the script files were in conflict causing the long delay 15 groups in 5 different zones using gaia takes around 4 1/2 minutes now which is very acceptable consider I have a lot of stuff going on with in the mission including around another 20 groups spawning in with Jebus until certain events occur to stop the groups from respawning. Thank you guys for the assist 👍👍 sincerely avibird. The only downside is you can't tweak gaia parameters adjust AI behavior you need to stay with the mod setup but the positives outweigh the negatives with waypoint creation time and all the other stuff you can add using MCC4 mod to a mission.
  9. @dreadpirate no words can express my gratitude 😎 this really should be a module. imagine jebus functionality in a module.
  10. OK the issue is Jebus has the GAIA folder inside the jebus folder so if I take out the jebus which I will never that is my respawn go to script for all my mission then I don't know how to setup the GAIA zones and give control to the groups from the editor? I like to use MCC4 for a lot of things extra the new fire module IED random mission armed civilians air drops air transport CAS food ect. How can I use the MCC4 mod but still make most of my mission using editor placed groups.
  11. I am not getting the long delay times when I am using gaia standalone template but if I use jebus with gaia build in code with the standalone template no major delays but if I use the MCC4 mod with Jebus to call gaia I am getting a very long delay between initiation of waypoints into zones. How do you guys make zones on the fly or editor placed zones? How do you guys call gaia to control a group by mcc4 and hitting the G (gaia button) or do you added a code into the group leader init when you use editor placed groups. Need help here I don't want to take out MCC4 I love the mod but 7-10 minutes to initiate waypoint zones is way too much.
  12. Hey dreadpirate I just DL the demo mission of gaia stand alone it has 6 groups three bluefor and three opfor. I added 6 more on both sides for total of 18 groups less then 90 seconds all opfor groups got waypoints and after 3 minutes all 18 groups moving towards the zone. Maybe there's an issue actually with MCC4 itself. I just uninstalled and reinstalled it. Now to test play to see. Thank you guys for attempting to help me out on this.
  13. @dreadpirate I never used thev standalone template template of gaia always have the MCC4 mod and never had an issue with waypoints taking this long to beb generated in the zones. I do not set up the zones on the fly using the MCC4 interface they are always zones drop down through the editor
  14. No Jebus was design purposely to use MCC and GAIA. I have spoke with dreadpirate. He checked his demo mission for me last night and groups get their way points 20 to 40 seconds that's with him using gaia parameters in his code. What I was thinking that I need to uninstall mcc4 and reinstall it. Perhaps something got messed up in one of the files. I took out Vcom but still having the same issue with groups get there waypoints 7 to 10 minutes.
  15. @sertica you are so wrong the wiki does not really explain the guard waypoint. Hands down it's the best waypoint to use for reinforcements without any scripting. If you just give a group of units a group of units a simple guard waypoint or a sentry guard combination waypoints the group will move all over the map when contact is made and if the in-game AI system feels the units that are in contact needs help. The groups with the groups with the guard waypoints will move towards the conflict. The great thing about it is it's random of how many groups will come to help. Go place a few infantry squads mechanized squads and armor vehicles randomly throughout the map and just give them the guard waypoints go some where on the map and strat a skirmish between opposing forces and watch how many of the guard groups will come to support the conflict. the great thing about this it is random every time you use it based on the conditions of the conflict what and how many will come to help. What was your understanding of how the guard waypoint works?