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    Been playing OFP since 2001 and still have no real clue about scripting language or coding but can make really great missions. I never played a life game and never will. I can't understand why anyone would waste their time and not play this game the why bohemia and god wanted it to be played lol. My motto is agree to disagree and all will be good in the world. Thank you bohemia for the 3D editor it took you long enough. I play arma for the love of the editor and mission designing not for the company of others lol.

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  1. Well trying to figure out what could be causing this bug I think I figured out the error in the code not the actual line lol The Apex weapons that were added for some reason will only register as a weapon if the unit has has a launcher of any type if not they will have a silhouette next to them in the team switch menu the only exception is the variance with grenade launchers like the spar car and ak12GL. This is definitely a coding error that Bohemian never picked up on.
  2. This really drives me nuts. It seems that it's the majority of the Apex DLC weapons that don't register as weapons on opposite factions. For example I use NATO units with custom layouts of various weapons and sites. Most of the car spar type AK and protector (smg) will not show up as carrying a weapon 90% of the time however the variance with grenade launcher will. I can't believe that this was never reported or fix lol. Yes I am OCD and it drives me nuts when in the team switch menu or selecting a new unit after death seeing that stupid soldier head silhouette 🤪
  3. @shay_gman thank you for your work and continuing improving this work of art. I can't imagine playing arma without this tool. Bohemia really needs to have a discussion with you about implementing this into the next vanilla arma game. The Eden editor the high command modules always seemed unfinished to me with so much more potential. Did you ever think adding a side mission module or adding to the mission generator side mission options. How cool would it be to have about a dozen or so various basic side missions that will populate across the map besides the three that can be generated with a mission. Module that will generate only basic side missions across the map and then the mission maker can't decide what units will be protecting that objective by using MCC or Zeus to populate the objective area. Once again thank you for your continuing work. Avibird
  4. It appears some of the new weapons from a download content have a bug. For example spar16s and the CMR 76 do not register as weapons when assigned in the editor to a unit. A minor visual inconvenience lol but it drives me freaking nuts looking at that silhouette of a head lol. I wonder if this was ever reported?
  5. Hey @zagor64bz sometimes it will not reset at all even if you give them different primary weapons back in the editor. You need to reset layout and start over customizing your unit layout if you want to get rid of the icon. Still learning myself since 2005 lol
  6. The dilemma solved lol. So if change the primary weapon in the editor some times the primary weapon does not show that the unit is carrying a primary weapon that's the silhouette of the soldier head represents an unarmed unit. You just need to go back into the editor re click on the weapon again and it should take care of the issue 😁 this was driving me nuts.
  7. My bad it's only on the team switch menu not the squad bar menu in the game when you are in the leader slot.
  8. No it does not mean on foot. I have a custom squad that I use for recon unit. It's a 12 man squad all on foot and two of the units have this little silhouette. The leader is one and unit number nine is the second. So it does not mean there on foot. This doesn't happen all the time but it happens sometimes when I set up new units l
  9. Lol I'm well aware of that. that's what I asked is a meaning of a specific icon 😂 what is the silhouette soldier head represent. What does it mean lol. I've been playing this game for a very long time but I have no clue what that silhouette of a soldier head means or trying to tell me about the unit.
  10. I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but you guys tend to be the smartest people around in the arma universe lol. Understanding unit icons from the team switch and the ingame unit menu bar? Grenadier machine gun sniper medic engineer demolition icons from the in-game menu bar it's pretty self-explanatory however at times a unit will have a silhouette of a soldier head ? This icon appears sometimes in both menus I'm trying to figure out why. If I give that unit any of the above weapons or unit traits it will be replaced. What is the icon what does it represent. Also why did bohemian not include a marksman or an assault rifle icon. This has always bothered me lol.
  11. If I put the code in the object init box ie man tank truck this allow damage false then the object does not take damage SP or MP however it does not work if I use it in a UAV why ???? I don't understand this. this has nothing to do with single player or multiplayer code?
  12. I have not tried out the above suggestion. I definitely will but I still don't understand. If I have unit a man soldier that I check off allow damage in its attributes or simply put this allow damage in it's init box it works the unit won't take damage. A drone is just a unit I think so I don't really understand what you're saying above with the scripting jogging. Plain English no pun intended. Please explain that again in simpler terms lol 😫😭☹️ I really don't understand why this can't work. I've been playing this game for a very long time I love messing around in the editor spend 90% of my time there. I'm not really good at scripting I understand a few basic concepts I'm also able to run a few snippets together to create a function but clueless really lol.
  13. So I have 12 man recon squad that has a UAV operator that I would like to have his drone not take damage. I attempted to place a drone down and checked off allow damage inside the drone does not work. I also placed the code inside it's init box this allow damage false; still the drone gets shot down. Why does this not work when it works for other unit types. Avibird 1
  14. avibird 1

    Eden Custom Compositions into Zeus

    I'm looking for the same answer. It makes no sense why it wasn't added since we already have it in Eden.
  15. I think read somewhere you can use advanced 3D Eden mod or the Achilles mod to get access to custom compositions while using Zeus in game to add to missions is this true and is both of this mod have dependencies that every other person in the server needs to have to play the mission. For example MCC4 only needs to be running on the host server not every person in the mission.