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    Been playing OFP since 2001 and still have no real clue about scripting language or coding but can make really great missions. I never played a life game and never will. I can't understand why anyone would waste their time and not play this game the why bohemia and god wanted it to be played lol. My motto is agree to disagree and all will be good in the world. Thank you bohemia for the 3D editor it took you long enough. I play arma for the love of the editor and mission designing not for the company of others lol.

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  1. Hello gentleman I have been away from armor for about 6 to 8 months but trying to get back into playing. When I load up a few of old missions with jebus units are spawning but not producing waypoints using Gaia. It's been a problem with jeb's or do I need to look into other possible issues thanks avibird
  2. Medical tents work but military cargo house or HQ (medical) buildings do not. Even though under object hold action there are codes under the icon idle icon progress which is the same code in the medical tent. Why does the military cargo buildings medical do not work is there a simple code I can put in to allow them to heal units.
  3. Lol I setup custom squads in my mission design with a few dozen squads all being programmed by different rules and engagement ie waypoints scripts and mods ect. I would like to get a good overview of where the squad members moved and died. Plus it would be fun stacking up bodies after you neutralized opposing forces in that sector. I hope that satisfied your curiosity Avibird
  4. avibird 1

    Enhanced Movement

    Lol I just realized my key binds got deleted somehow. Reset and I am climbing like a chimpanzee again 👍
  5. avibird 1

    Enhanced Movement

    Can anyone confirm if this mod is not working now. I know we just had 2.00 update but I have not use this mod in a few weeks and yesterday it would not work and today no jumping or climbing at all. Thanks avibird
  6. Does the cover system and climbing jumping system still work! I have not used it in a while it does not seem to be working???
  7. @Janez to be quite honest with you I forgot about it and I was really looking for people's insight possible hardware for arma4. I know that's impossible cuz we don't really know about the new engine and what Bohemia is really thinking? Will the next engine utilize more cores and be better optimized. With that said. I got my FPS back to my 10-12 I know it sucks ass but I am an old OFP player and I can play with that it for the most part. I spend most of my time in the editor fucking around and making missions I never really play in big multiplayer servers. I don't have the time to play with others because of real life. As my name suggests I have a bird 🐦 and multiple dogs. I have not cleaned out my PC with air duster in a while and had probably a half of a bird sucked into my PC lol. Still pondering about upgrading or just waiting for arma4 specs to come out. Hard decision to drop $1,500 now and it's not above average for arma4. I would be extremely frustrated and unhappy with that decision. AVIBIRD
  8. So I would like suggestions on a new Arma3/Arma4 custom built around 1500 US dollars. My last build was around 2011. This is my current PC setup. 1 x ($74.99) PSU ANTEC|EA650 RT $74.99 1 x ($59.95) CASE ANTEC|THREE HUNDRED BK RT $59.95 1 x ($19.99) DVD BURNER SONY | AD-7260S-0B % - OEM $19.99 1 x ($64.99) HD 640G|WD WD6401AALS % - OEM $64.99 1 x ($224.99) CPU INTEL|CORE I5 2500K 3.3G 6M R $224.99 1 x ($279.99) VGA XFX HD-587X-ZNFC HD5870 1GB R $279.99 1 x ($159.99) MB GIGABYTE|GA-P67A-UD3P P67 1155 R $159.99 1 x ($139.99) MEM 4Gx2|CORSAIR CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8 $139.99 Shipping and Handling: $15.21 Total Amount: $1040.09 Arma2 FPS was good in the mid 40's Arma3 low 20 to high teens I was fine but now I am below 10fps most of the time and I can't take it anymore.
  9. So for bringing this old thread back up. There is not a lot of information about why vanilla waypoints disappear once a group gets into combat mode and the FSM AI behavior kicks in. I'm trying to understand why does it deletes the waypoints once it puts the group into combat. The we'll just sit idle once the threat is eliminated and never follow its waypoints again that was placed in the editor. I know groups will follow Marker waypoints that are scripted even if combat status is reached and the FSM kicks in the group will follow its Marker way points once the threat is eliminated. I'm trying to find a way to allow editor place waypoints to continue!!!
  10. @Devastator_cm I'm a little late to the party but just starting to fool around with your script. very nice! One of my biggest pet peeves about arma is the vanilla waypoints will disappear regardless if you have it on a cycle or not to close waypoint loop. once the group goes into combat mode all waypoints are deleted ( it's a arma thing I have been told). My question is in your script the waypoints can't get deleted because you use markers as waypoints. I would love to make a continuous convoy circling around an area how would I use your marker setup with a cycle waypoint to make the convoy continuous patrol and area. As as now in your demo mission the convoy will stop once it hits its final destination. Is this possible. AVIBIRD
  11. Hey @dreadpirate I know you said you had a busy week and were limited with editing scripting. When ever you get a opportunity this is giving me an error message in the editor. 0 = [this, "delay=", 600, "INIT=", "{doStop _x} forEach (units _proxyThis); (group _proxyThis) setVariable ['Vcm_Disable',true]", "EXIT=", myexittrigger3, "PAUSE=",50] spawn jebus_ fnc_main;. The error is saying it's something about disable code. The dostop command works regardless if I put it in the front or back but Vcom still takes over the group after a while in the mission. I attempted to read through your entire thread and I don't see anyone ever talking about using the "init=", parameter twice within the group leader code. Have you ever used it twice within the same code line or were you just saying theoretically it should work? More testing but if I use only the disable code for Vcom it works if I just use the dostop it works but if I use both how you told me the Vcom disable does not work and I get a message error in the editor. I hope I express myself clearly what the issue is. AVIBIRD.
  12. Yes you can pretty much add it to anything in the game you want playable units placeable objects even backpacks. Watch this video we'll explain everything.
  13. @dreadpirate you are the man👍 I can't live without your script because I still like to use the editor to design my mission. I need to see it like an artist with a canvas . Yours truly Avibird
  14. @dreadpirate just checking can you use the "INIT=" - Init string to run upon spawning Parameters twice in the same code line of the group leader. Or only one time? I wanted to use the dostop command and the disable Vcom command but can only get one to work in the same group? Example 0= [this, "delay=", 600, "INIT=","{dostop _x} forEach (units _proxyThis)",INIT=","(group _proxyThis) setVariable ['Vcm_Disable',true], "EXIT=",myexittrigger3, "PAUSE=",50] spawn jebus_ fnc_main;
  15. @dreadpirate Loving the new dostop command when spawning groups in perfect for positioning units in buildings and around a town before the shit hits the fan. Works very well but can't get the disable path command to enable with a trigger {_x enableAI "PATH"} forEach units editorGroupName