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    Been playing OFP since 2001 and still have no real clue about scripting language or coding but can make really great missions. I never played a life game and never will. I can't understand why anyone would waste their time and not play this game the why bohemia and god wanted it to be played lol. My motto is agree to disagree and all will be good in the world. Thank you bohemia for the 3D editor it took you long enough. I play arma for the love of the editor and mission designing not for the company of others lol.

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  1. avibird 1

    Supply drop

    @Larrow That is what comes up in the black debug box when I attempted to put your code into the init box of the ammo crate.
  2. @wogz187 I am not using the carrier carrier just a runway😊 @pierremgi I'm setting waypoints through the UVA terminal. I can get the sentinel up with a move waypoint with an altitude of 2000 meters. The greyhawk will just crash every time. I will try to use the loiter waypoint next time. Hopefully that does the trick 🤪
  3. Well I can now get the sentinel in the air but giving it a altitude of 2000 m at the strat from the waypoints but the greyhawk still just goes down using only the waypoints to get it into the air.
  4. No gentleman I am referring to any runway. I have a UAF operator in my squad. I have a vehicle spawn module down sink to four different drones set to respawn to twice for 1.Darter 2.sentinal 3.greyhawk 4.falcon The the runway I'm using located a distant distance away from the squad. The sentinel and greyhawk are set up that they will not interfere with each other's taxi in on the runway. Both of them are able to taxi down to get lift for a bit but will end up crashing if I don't switch into the controls to manually get into orbit. the drones cannot follow the waypoints to get a good take off that you set from the UAV unit you must manually get it in the air. Now the darter and falcon no problem because they do vertical takeoffs Elmo follow the waypoints to take off. The drones cannot follow the waypoints to take off properly from a runway you must do it manually.
  5. avibird 1

    Supply drop

    @Larrow it's still stays it's an error missing '... False ] |#| ]; ]; ]; This call F...' Error missing ] I have attempted to add and take away some stuff but no luck. Could you please look at the code again and see if you can adjust. Avibird!
  6. So you really have to take control of both greyhawk and sentinel when attempting to take off from the runaway. This is a bug that should be a easy fix if Bohemia is really aware of. How dumb that nobody from bohemian did not notice the issues with these two units.
  7. @killick I use MCC4 mod as well as the stand alone. I mainly use JEBUS for all my respawn needs. Jebus has GAIA integrated into its respawn scripts. Is this a possible conflict I don't think so. I use the stand alone for secondary zones and not the main AO. The issues ibam having is only with opfor MSE3 marid and the BTR K kanysh. It has a full crew with all it's cargo space with units in the same group as the crew. In some ways it's kind of cool because you really have no idea where the group will be in the AO as well as it will move to different location to pick up new groups calling for transport. It does lose its original waypoints assigned from the editor which was sentry and guard.
  8. @genesis92x what up. I fooled around with vcom a while back but one of the things that did not work was groups would stay in combat mode even if the areas was cleared and no enemies in the AO. I had groups in a empty AO running around like chickens yes in full combat mode. I usually like to use a few different AI scripts to control the AI in my missions it makes things less predictable if you have different groups working on different scripts yes there's always compatibility issues so picking the different scripts is key to get it to work. When I was thinking adding a few vehicle only units using vcom and not infantry units unless you change that combat behavior back to geen when no enemy units in the AO.
  9. @genesis92x or anyone else who would know if Vcom AI is compatible with MCC4 and GAIA? GAIA is my go to for my AI random waypoints and zone setup in my missions. I would like to have both in a mission for different zones.
  10. I never really used the greyhawk drone in a mission before. The issue I am having is getting the greyhawk to take off from the ground. It always crashes. The reason it needs to start from the ground is I am using the vehicle spawn Modules to allow the UAV unit to have three greyhawks to use during the mission. Is there a trick to get it in the air safely from the ground.
  11. @killick did not work ACP's will still get a transport waypoint generated by GAIA and then lose its original waypoints that had a sentry and guard waypoints next to Bridges they are protecting. Each APC has a full squad in it's cargo space so there is really no room for it to pick additional troops up but it still moves attempts to pick them up then moves with the group is attempting to pick up to its destination point and then just sits there idle until it receives another transport waypoint. Very frustrating.
  12. Hello @Theo Thalwitzer Welcome to the forum a simple Google search will give you a half a dozen scripts that allow you to recruit units. Also this forum armaholic and stream workshop you will find all you need. This is one I use a lot for recruiting units during a mission. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26312 Just beware sometimes you will get conflicts using different scripts and mods together as well as scripts and mods may stop working after game updates it's one of the downfalls of using scripts and mods and Arma.
  13. avibird 1

    Supply drop

    @Larrow thank you sir! I will test play in a game situation to see if any bugs or issues using vanilla units weapons and a few chosen scripts/mod's that I have in the mission. MCC4 and JEBUS are a must for me in any mission I use GAIA for most of the AI logisticsband over site for the AI🥰. Zeus enhanced Eden enhanced Achilles and possibly VCOM AI driving because we all know that the AI pathfinding for driving sucks.
  14. avibird 1

    Supply drop

    Found a possible solution but a pain in the ass. It would be so much easier if @Larrow Solution code above still worked by just adding the items you want in the supply box. My issue is I have a 18 man platoon and each unit uses a different weapon some will use the same caliber magazine but that is a lot editing. Lol. Support Provider: Supply Drop (Virtual) {SupportProvider_Virtual_Drop} Methodology Place Player / Playable Unit(s) that you want to be able to call supports Place Systems > Modules > Supports > Support Requester {SupportRequester} module Set any support limits you require Sync Player / Playable Unit(s) to Support Requester module If you are using physical helicopters: Place Systems > Modules > Supports > Support Provider: Supply Drop module Sync the Support Provider: Supply Drop module to the Support Requester module Place Physical Transport Heilcopter(s) Sync Physical Transport Helicopter(s) to the Support Provider: Supply Drop module If you are using virtual helicopters: Place Systems > Modules > Supports > Support Provider: Supply Drop (Virtual) module Sync the Support Provider: Supply Drop (Virtual) module to the Support Requester module Variables: System Specific - Support Provider: Supply Drop Crate Init: Code executed upon crate spawn (Affected crate: _this) System Specific - Support Provider: Supply Drop (Virtual) System: Transformation > Position sets where virtual aircraft will spawn Vehicle Types: Types of vehicles available (Empty array = defaults loaded) UH-80 Ghost Hawk {B_Heli_Transport_01_F} CH-67 Huron {B_Heli_Transport_03_F} CH-67 Huron (Unarmed) {B_Heli_Transport_03_unarmed_F} UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Sand) {B_Heli_Transport_01_sand_F} UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Tropic) {B_Heli_Transport_01_tropic_F} Vehicle Init: Code executed upon vehicle spawn (Affected vehicle: _this) Crate Init: Code executed upon crate spawn (Affected crate: _this) Flitered By: Default pool of vehicles to use Side Faction Cooldown: Support availability delay in seconds Crate Init Removing existing items from the crate: clearWeaponCargo _this; clearMagazineCargo _this; clearItemCargo _this; clearBackpackCargo _this; Adding Weapons: _this addWeaponCargo [weaponName, count]; _this addMagazineCargo [magazineName, count]; _this addItemCargo [item, count]; _this addBackpackCargo [packClassName, count]; You will need to look up the Class Names for the items you wish to add and use the appropriate addXXXCargo command for each. Links to lists of the most common Class Names you'll need are given below. Add Smoke to Crate _signal = "SmokeShellGreen" createVehicle (position _this); _signal attachTo [_this, [0,0,0]]; Adding Virtual Arsenal to a crate: 0 = ["AmmoboxInit", [_this, true]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; Now let my test to see if it still works.
  15. avibird 1

    Supply drop

    Yes I know but want to keep as vanilla as I can. You know there are things that always go wrong when adding different scripts into a mission. Updates compatibility scripts interfering with other scripts ECT. there must be a simple way just to be able to edit to put the ammunition I need for my specific layouts of units in this mission. I will keep looking. And I'm still need to look at your framework and feedback.