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    Been playing OFP since 2001 and still have no real clue about scripting language or coding but can make really great missions. I never played a life game and never will. I can't understand why anyone would waste their time and not play this game the why bohemia and god wanted it to be played lol. My motto is agree to disagree and all will be good in the world. Thank you bohemia for the 3D editor it took you long enough. I play arma for the love of the editor and mission designing not for the company of others lol.

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  1. Yes MCC still works very well. It adds so much to gameplay with a ton of additional options that can be enabled. It is a perfect adjunct to Zeus for real-time editing while playing a mission. The downside is you will get a lot of errors while playing the game through the editor but will not affect gameplay.
  2. @pierremgi lol well I would say that a good portion of my scripting dilemmas are user error 🤪. For some reason when I broke down my 16 man squad into for individual squads the radio operator unit synchronized to the support requester module was delete it without my knowledge resulting in giving me no access to the support modules. Could the moderator please delete this whole post it will serve as no reference or help to anyone else other than remind in me that I'm an idiot at times when it come to arma3 editing.
  3. I will try to explain this sometimes it's hard to explain exactly what the issue is in the Arma editing world lol. I have a 16 man sqaud with one unit link to the five support modules. Transportation supply drop close air support plane close air support helicopter artillery. That is not the issue. The radio operator link to the modules work fine. However I decided to setup radio triggers to allow the 16 man squad to be broken down into four different groups of 4 men and back into two separate groups of eight and back to the original 16 man squad when needed throughout the mission. This works fine using alpha bravo charlie delta echo with codelines I added to the trigger. I was test playing the mission the radio commands used to disband the groups and reorganize the groups works fine but when I attempted to use the radio operator link to the support modules I have no access to them now. When I pull up radio on the command menu it's blank Is the link broke since I disbanded the original unit from its group. Did I overwrite the radio commands with my personal ones to reorganize the squad groups. I am at lost I do not understand what could cause this. Help would be appreciated what are some direction that I can look into solving this. Avibird.
  4. For the majority of my missions I use editor place waypoints and GAIA https://mccsandbox.fandom.com/wiki/GAIA Random patrol waypoints and reinforcements set to units under fire. So yes a good bulk of my AI units use random waypoint's generated from Gaia. What do you use for the AI command system for your missions. Alive DAC EOS ect...
  5. @pierremgi hey brother thank you for the help but it's not adequate for my needs. The general pathfinding and AI driving skills especially on Tanko with the wood bridges are very problematic to say the least. I am just using editor place waypoints for the Jeeps to Ensure a patrol area of the AO with Jeeps. Using random waypoint's just gives more issues then benefits of having random waypoint's generated for this mission.
  6. Yes I did name all the Jeeps car1 car2 car3 and took out jebus because of the variable names do not carry over once the units gets spawn into the mission at start. I will look into your respawn script but the reason why I use jebus cuz it has GAIA Incorporated into it and I use that for one of the AI Behavior and reinforcement control in the AO zones.
  7. @pierremgi getting a undefined variable error with the code. I can't get the code to work. I placed it in a trigger game logic and a server.init. The car type I am using is the Qilin (minigun) with a drive and a Gunner crew and a fire team of 4 that will jump out when the vechicle engages units. Issues I for see is if the fire team jumps out to engage units the Jeep and crew may hold position and if the time reaches the two minute mark the script will delete the group! Jebus will delete units at start of mission then respawn them into the mission. when this happens the variable name and custom call sign of the vehicle if you gave one will be deleted. So I don't think it will work using jebus however I still want to get it to work not using jebus only editor placed waypoints so I can make sure most of the waypoints will be in reachable sections of the map however I'm using Tanoa and vehicle sometimes gets stuck on the bridges and can't move to the next waypoint. I would still like to have it work for that reason alone.
  8. @pierremgi you are the man! thank you again for the help brother. One question? Where do I put the code/script in to call it during the mission. Trigger Game logic Server.init ECT.
  9. @pierremgi ty you for you help and the code above but I need it only for cars/Jeeps not for armor and ACP's The armor and ACP in the mission use set waypoint patterns and or sentry+ guard waypoints the Jeeps use the GAIA random waypoints that will get stuck at times in the forests and high elevations within the zones. I just want it for Jeeps (vechicle) or can it be set for particular vehicles with variable names. That will be the best if I can have it setup to delete vehicles with variable names that get stuck.
  10. Does anyone know how to setup GAIA that she will not give waypoints to cars/vechicles into forests or high elevations within the mountains. I love GAIA but for vechicles it gives waypoint that the vehicle can't reach thus making the unit in Mobile at times.
  11. I am using GAIA as my AI HQ to order around 50% of the enemy units in this mission as well as JEBUS for my respawing needs in the mission. I am using tanoa as a map. GAIA gives the units random waypoints with a set zone and will call in for reinforcements from other units from the same zone or other zones if desired. The issue I'm having is sometimes on Tonka vehicles will get stuck on Bridges or the vehicle group will get a waypoint out of its reach inside a forest or unreachable elevation for a vehicle. Is there a way I can setup a trigger to delete a vehicle if it is not moving for a set time period like 2 minutes. Once the vehicle get stuck I would like that vehicle to be deleted. The vechicle will then respawn in and giving random waypoints again in it's set zone . I just don't know how to delete a vehicle if there is no movement from that vehicle in a set time..
  12. @engima Let me ask you then if there is a OR command then why can't I setup a trigger with it for three objects for example radar tower and radio operator. These units objects link to reinforcements to the AO. If one is killed or destroyed then the trigger is set stop the reinforcements for that particular unit/object the trigger is set to repeat. If I understand what you're saying the trigger needs to be then reset to false using code in the deactivation box of the trigger. So the trigger can repeat if the other two unit or object is killed or destroyed. Is this correct. Then what is the OR command and how would I set up the deactivation code? Question how many Triggers are much for a mission? Some people suggest it is not the most efficient way of writing code using triggers and it will result in game lag. I've always used a lot of triggers in my missions. What I find causes more lag is multiple scripts/mod running in the mission over a large number of triggers in the mission.
  13. @Larrow Thank you I will probably just use three different triggers for radar tower and radio operator it will just be easy for me to fully understand and implement into my mission. I will definitely full around with the code you posted above because I like to know how to do things multiple ways to expand my knowledge with arma scripting. But the question was never really answered? How come no OR command within the scripting language. We can use AND with && || to add multiple objects as well as this setup. {!alive _x} count [ radar, tower, radio operator ] < 1
  14. Just curious how come there is none. If there is AND command for example && || why no OR command.
  15. I will try my best to explain what I mean on this.🤪 When setting up triggers I know how to add multiple units (man vehicles object) to a trigger with !alive ect. There are various ways you can add multiple things. The trigger can only be activated if all of the man vehicles object are killed or destroyed. Is three a (or command) for example if I have three objects radar towers that need to be destroyed each one when destroyed stops reinforcements to the AO. I can set individual triggers for each one but is there a way to set a trigger to be activated if one of the radar towers is destroyed not all three with a hint reinforcements have been stopped. if I set it to repeat. Will it activate again when the second tower is destroyed giving a hint reinforcements have been stopped again. And again for the third tower. My question is there a command code I can pur into the trigger that will allow or to work in a trigger setup. I know how to use && || ECT to make a trigger for multiple objects.