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    Been playing OFP since 2001 and still have no real clue about scripting language or coding but can make really great missions. I never played a life game and never will. I can't understand why anyone would waste their time and not play this game the why bohemia and god wanted it to be played lol. My motto is agree to disagree and all will be good in the world. Thank you bohemia for the 3D editor it took you long enough. I play arma for the love of the editor and mission designing not for the company of others lol.

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  1. @Harzach thanks for the correct syn text for that part. How would I call this in if the group are not actively moving ie having a waypoint generated issued or attached to it. What would I ever look at to put into the trigger condition ?
  2. ,{ _x setCombatMode "BLUE"; _x set behavior"SAFE"; setSpeedMode "LIMITED"; } forEach [group1, group2, group3]; Not working ?
  3. I think I could use this as a first part. But now how can I see if a group has a waypoint still attached or how can I issues this command from a trigger setup ? { _x setCombatMode "COMBAT"; _x setSpeedMode "FULL"; } forEach [group1, group2, group3];
  4. Hello I am trying to get UPMONS and UPS working a little better with infantry groups. I was just wondering if there is a code that I could but into a trigger that covers my AO that would switch particular units back into SAFE behavior and LIMITED speed for groups of units for example patrol 1 patrol 2 and patrol 3 and patrol 4 if the group is not moving after 6O seconds. This has been an issue with these two scripts for a while once a group goes into combat once contact has been made or know information of enemy units the groups will never go back into safe or limited speed again.
  5. avibird 1

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Try Vcom AI I like it overall better then LAMBS but it's not being updated like most things ARMA3 scripts and mods will be broken with updates and original designers no longer update them. The bottom line some of these mods and scripts should be incorporated into the vanilla game SMH
  6. Thank you I will give it a go. GAIA script issues century waypoints to every APC units and the sentry waypoint will say for over 80 minutes. There is a section of a code that you can adjust it but it's just messes up other things. Hope this would work so I can still use GAIA in some instances when design a. Mission. I will let you know how it works out. Avibird
  7. I was just curious if there's any type of code you can place in a game logic that will prevent a particular waypoint type to be able to be issued to units while using a patrol script that randomly generates waypoints. I can't find how the waypoints get generated within the particular script but was just wondering if there's any code you can place in a trigger game logic mission in it that will prevent a particular waypoint type from being assigned during a mission. Just curious if such a code exists.
  8. FYI - Well after a few days messing around with some of the best patrol scripts they was around 1 GAIA is working somewhat. Standard alone or with MCC4 mod. Air units are broken. APC units gets a sentry waypoint that can last for over 80 minutes. Any vanilla waypoints will get deleted once combat takes place or a specific time has elapsed. MCC4 mod is very laggy and lots of bugs now. Can't use it anymore. 2. Upmons works for air units and infantry but not vehicles. 3. USPS. Works somewhat still testing it now with all the parameters. 4. UPS is the winner. Still works with all units air cars/armor vehicles infantry and sea.
  9. I am looking for a solution a workaround with an few issues I am Having with a script that I use in a lot of my missions. Is there a way to delete any sentry waypoints that are randomly generated from a script. For example can I put a code in a trigger or gamelogic with something like this see below. To delete any sentry waypoint for specific units in my mission. And is there a way to have a waypoint to be completed after a specific amount of time has elapsed. For example if a vehicle is issued a move waypoint but can't reach it destination because of environmental obstacles ie heavy forests ect can I put a code that will make the waypoint completion done after like 5 minutes attempting to reach the destination. if(count waypoints sentry >0)then{ {deleteWaypoint((waypoints sentry)select 0);}forEach waypoints sentry;};
  10. Is there any code that I can put into a mission that would prevent the sentry waypoint to be used on a particular vehicle! This is my issues. I like to use GAIA for random zone waypoints. I am currently using standalone script vision of it. Works great for infantry and lightly armored cars but when using it with APC and tanks it will mostly use the move waypoints with a sentry at the end of the waypoint chain. The issues the wait time for the sentry waypoint is very long like 30 minutes or if enemy units are located in the area then a new set of waypoints get issued through Gaia and Vcom. The issues is want the APC and tanks in the mission to move around the zones like the cars and infantry do. I looked in every folder and files to try to locate how the sentry waypoint are being issued to remove it but cannot find it. I was just wondering if there's some type of code to place down to prevent century waypoints for being used on a particular unit. Or does anyone know how to remove the sentry waypoint from getting generated and issued with GAIA unfortunately the original creators of mcc4 and standalone or no longer active in the community.
  11. Hello the MCC4 mod is no longer being updated and very buggy laggy and a lot of the functions do not work at this point. One of the the best features of this mod is GAIA. The standalone still works except with air units. Infantry and armor units are good but with armor units there can be a significant weight period to generate new waypoints once a unit reaches its final destination and sometimes a waypoint is located on a terrain that the vehicle cannot get to. Does anyone know where the the folders is located so I can adjust the issues of waypoints. Waypoints in the standalone version Areca little broken out and needs to be adjusted. Unfortunately the author of The standalone version is no longer active with Arma. Avibird
  12. Gunter let me clarify. I know there's a big difference between single player coding in versus multiplayer coding but I really don't understand all the nuances between the two. With that said. A mission that is design for a host server that has two squads of 20 playable units with team switch enabled that has two JTAC units one in each squad. I have try to setup it up with one requestor module for each unit with all the vanilla support modules link. I have tried to set it up with only one requestor module with both units syn to all the vanilla modules and only a few to each unit individually. What I get it who ever a switch into first gets the support icons available the second units my switch into it does not get the icons and does not have the modules available. When you say you can have multiple units with the support module working ? This is not the case for me. Can you please explain to me what I'm doing wrong or I misunderstanding what you're saying. My solution is to use other mods the mimic all the vanilla support modules so each unit has equal abilities. Thanks avibird
  13. Are we talking about your mod or vanilla. I am talking about vanilla. What I have seen yes you can syn as many user to the the modules but the first unit that use it is the allow one who gets the icons and the ability to use the support modules with vanilla. I had a script that allows the support modules to follow the player when he switchs to a new unit but that is not what I wanted. I wanted two different JTAC units in different squads to have access to the vanilla modules but only the first units that uses it will get the support modules working. I am wrong about this. I have not tried to syn multiple units to have them.use the vanilla modules. For my second unit I use a few other mod to give me CAS art supplies pickup. I use @ just to indicate the question is directed to you and not somebody else my brother
  14. @Gunter Severlohe I never understood why you could not have multiple support requesters assets (modules) vanilla linked to different units to use in the same mission. Why can you only have one link to the vanilla modules.
  15. Is there a way to set the number of times a group spawns in a area I see you can see the cooldown time but not the number of times. Is there a way to stop the spawning of a group or groups in a area for good if I complete a task like killing by a unit or blowing up an object or simply reaching a destination. As I see it the script module is more designed to population area for ongoing open mission design rather for a specific object mission if there's no way to set the number of times the units can spawn or have the ability to stop the spawning of groups in that area avibird.