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    Been playing OFP since 2001 and still have no real clue about scripting language or coding but can make really great missions. I never played a life game and never will. I can't understand why anyone would waste their time and not play this game the why bohemia and god wanted it to be played lol. My motto is agree to disagree and all will be good in the world. Thank you bohemia for the 3D editor it took you long enough. I play arma for the love of the editor and mission designing not for the company of others lol.

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  1. I have this code in a a trigger to delete a group when all the units in the group are killed except for the squad leader who is usually away from the group with a dostop command. Trigger expression Call {{alive _x} count [ m1, m2, m3, m4, m5, m6, m7,m8,m9] < 1} On Activation DeleteVehicle GL Is there a way I can have the group deleted if say the group only has < then 3 units still alive in the group. So if the GL and one of the unit is still alive I would like the entire group to get deleted.
  2. It really doesn't make a difference specific what editor place building we're talking about. I will give you the class name but like major said if the vanilla asset does not have a ruined model then it can't be accomplished. So I guess that answers my question.
  3. That's what I was assuming but I was hoping there is a cheat around it.
  4. Is there a way to allow damage true for a editor place building that does not have damage enabled from its vanilla phone. There is a factory building type from the editor that the building will not take damage. Is there a way to allow damage ?
  5. As well as I I don't play multiple missions anymore to old for all the BS with open missions and certainly too old for all the clan bullshit people thinking they're in the military lol. I've been playing this game since OFP days 20O1. Yes he did but it was never meant to be played with team switch function. If your playable unit got unconscious you needed to wait to get revived either by teammates or AI now you can team switch to a new unit and continue the mission. The way I have it set up if all playable units are unconscious the mission will end. If one unit remains you have the ability to revive all playable units. I still have some bugs or issues based on the initial design but works very well for my needs. I feel this is the best revive system that is not too complicated but gives you all the bells and whistles drag carry load and with a revive system that is not too complicated like Ace in my humble opinion.
  6. hey panther42 I have fooled around with this for a few years to make a version that can be used with team switch function. I call it last man standing mode. All playable switchable units will never die only go unconscious. The mission will end only if all playable switchable units are unconscious. It was design mainly for small co-op play or solo play. I am going to try to incorporate your changes with my changes to see if this can work the way you designed it and with may design needs for last man standing mode.
  7. @pierremgi I am taking the family on vacation when I get back will check out the new code suggestions you posted. Thank you for the assist. I test played this mission it took me over 2 hours but I completed the mission and all work will the other codes. The scientist and the aliens are not playable units. I have a few questions to ask you about addaction on object vs unit vs radio/area trigger. Talk soon thanks avibird
  8. OK I am very satisfield with the outcome of this. If anyone is following this post. there are three options for this to work and I am using all three. option 1 *addAction to unit init this addAction ["join us",{[VIP]join player;},nil,1.5,true,true,"", "alive VIP",2]; this addAction ["Dismiss",{[VIP]join grpNull;} ,nil,1.5,true,true,"","alive VIP",2]; - this is used for a scientist you need to rescue and evac out of the area. option 2 *addAction to unit init this addAction ["HELP US",{[cursorObject] join group player}, nil,1.5,TRUE,TRUE,"","alive cursorObject && cursorObject isKindOf 'CAManBase'",3,FALSE]; this addAction ["LEAVE US",{[cursorObject] join grpNull}, nil,1.5, TRUE,TRUE,"","alive cursorObject && cursorObject isKindOf 'CAManBase' ",3,FALSE]; - this is used for alien hostages that you have the option to free them, leave them in the prison cell or have the join your side but if you just free them there is a chance of them killing you lol. option 3 *Radio trigger - Battlefield Recruitment- this is used for any air units that are shoot down in the OA. You could have them join and fight with your group or just leave them on their own to fight. Condition call{player == TC || player == P4 || player == P8 || player == P11 || player == P14 || player == P18} On activation player addAction ["<t color='#11ff11'>Join us</t>", {params ["","_caller","_id"];private _menu = (_caller actionParams _id) #0; if (_menu isEqualTo "<t color='#11ff11'>Join us</t>") then { _menu = "<t color='#ff1111'>Dismiss</t>"; if (isNil {cursorObject getVariable "oldGrp"}) then {cursorObject setVariable ["oldGrp",group cursorObject]};[cursorObject] join _caller;} else { _menu = "<t color='#11ff11'>Join us</t>"; [cursorObject] join (cursorObject getVariable ["oldGrp",grpNull]);}; _caller setUserActionText [_id,_menu];},nil,1.5,true,true,""," cursorObject isKindOf 'CAManBase' && {_this distanceSqr cursorObject < 100} && {alive cursorObject}"]; *For some reason I can't get the cursorObject distance more then 15 meters regardless of how much distance parameters into the code. I don't know if it has a hard limit of distance - {_this distanceSqr cursorObject < 100}
  9. @pierremgi I think I am going to use both ways in this my mission the quick and dirty way will be used for the POW and the two alien captives works well for rescue the Code right in the unit init. While your more elaborate way will be used in a radio trigger to call the code. Only the two squad leaders and four team leaders can use it to recruit downed air units that were called in for CAS or transport. This works out well and almost meets all of my scenario needs. I really do appreciate it. Come stop by and see some of your work in action.Thanks Avibird.
  10. @pierremgi thank you both work well. What is the best way to add to my mission the better player addaction code you provided. Mission init.sqf initserver.sqf or initplayerlocal .sqf. Is there a way to increase the number of units the player can have join using this code like 5 or 6 different units avibird
  11. Hey pierremgi still not working after respawn of disruptor units in the hanger using your last attempt. if the vehicle was destroyed before the units respawn the units will move. I have a second trigger only with the units and if any of the units are killed before and after respawn the units will be able to move with the enable pathway command in the trigger. So it's working for the units but not the empty vehicle in the hanger only. If the vehicle is destroyed before any respawn of the units. The units will movement enabled pathway trigger kicks in. if any of the units are killed in the hanger then the group will move. The group uses jebus respawning system and the vehicle is an empty vehicle placed on the map with no respawns of that vehicle. In theory when I destroy the vehicle and look at the debug console it says false not alive so the trigger should kick in but does not. Thanks for the help I just don't understand if the units variable names are carrying over after respawn and the trigger works before and after respawn for the units why not the empty vehicle ? Three separate triggers to allow for the units to move enabling pathway again. 1. Units are killed- works 2. Steal the research data - works Both work before and after respawn however 3. vehicle only works before respawn of the hanger units. Just don't understand why.
  12. Hey thanks for all the help and feed back on scripting. Question what to you mean player unit. This mission is for coop mission not really join in progress. It has 20 playable units with team switch enabled. Divided up into two squads of 10 they can be subdivided into six groups or into one large size group of 20 playable units this is all done through radio commands. So in theory best played alone two players or six players. This code is for two alien hostages that are in prison cells in the research facility you can rescue them and have them assist you in the mission. The ultimate goal is to get a working script that you can recruit any bluefor unit into a player group by using cursorobject command when anyone see a downed pilot during the mission from CAS vehicles that you can call in during the mission. I hope you understand what I'm trying to do.
  13. Can't get this to work using cursorObject command. this addAction ["join us",{["cursorObject"isKindOf "Man,bob2"] join player;},nil,1.5,true,true,"","alive bob2",10]; this addAction ["Dismiss",{["cursorObject","bob2"]join grpNull;},nil,1.5,true,true,"","alive bob2",10]; this code works fine without cursorObject command this addAction ["join us",{[bob]join player;},nil,1.5,true,true,"","alive bob",2]; this addAction ["Dismiss",{[bob]join grpNull;},nil,1.5,true,true,"","alive bob",2]; I am not getting errors but not working bob2 will not join lol. The issues is with a undefined variable ie bob2
  14. Explain this to me. I took out the vehicle from the mission and I kept all the triggers the way they were set up. So in theory or my assumption once the hanger group spawns into the game world the trigger should be activated because the vehicle is no longer alive or existing in the game world. Am I wrong to assume that's how it works. The trigger should be fired if it's checking for the vehicle in the trigger and the vehicle is not there. Dead or non existing. Another test I deleted one of the eight group members that are in the hanger that will move into the vehicle. This is setup with a few trigger. 1. If any bluefor units get to close to the hanger doors. 2. If the vehicle itself is destroyed 3. If any member of the eight are killed. So when I deleted one of the group members and then started the mission. The triggers will not fire at all if any of the group members are killed. I am so confused on the reason why this does not work how I think it should.
  15. @pierremgi it gives a sting error message and does not work. Ty @Harzach at the start of the mission I check and it says true after I killed the group then I destroyed the vehicle it says false. When the group respawns back because I did not take the data from the research facility to stop the group from respawning. The group respawns back into the hanger but disabled pathway is still active even though it says the vehicle is false. Then I killed one of the units of the group to see if the trigger to enable pathway fires and it does. So I know the units variable names do carry over after respawn or that trigger that allows the group to move if one of its members are killed. It seems like after the group respawns it does not recognize the vehicle was in the game. Confused 🤔