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  1. Scripting tutorial for complete Noobs This is a tutorial for all those who have no idea how to start scripting. Anyone with half the knowledge of Arma scripting will not require this, it was written as a complete beginners guide and nothing more. The tutorial leads you through a very simple process of making small scripts to carryout certain actions. I've done my best to make this as simplistic as possible and not to confuse anyone. A few people have seen it and have found it very useful, so i thought id finish the first chapter and post it here. Plan is to move on to show how to make a MP game. This is purely something to give back to the community, which over the last 5-6 years I have thoroughly enjoyed. It can be downloaded from here http://fockers.moonfruit.com/ click on the A2/3 scripting page I've written the first chapter which covers the basics of... Setting up a file, showscripterrors, and window mode Variables, assignment, initialization, and variable types. Init.sqf, interactions between the game world and the scripts. Alignment of code, bracket usage and setting out code. If/else statement, nested if/else statements. While, and both for-loops types. Commands - player, waituntil, getpos, createvehicle, createunit, hint, format, sleep and a few other bits. And a lot of reference on using BIS forums and the Wiki. I've done my best to check for errors, both spelling and coding errors and its looking ok. Anyone find any please email me and ill correct it. Direct link - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17725328/BIS_forum/Fockers%20Arma%20Scripting.rar Chapter 2 released... Download from http://fockers.moonfruit.com/#/arma-23-scripting/4566406735 Chapter 3 released... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17725328/BIS_forum/Fockers%20Tutorials/Fockers%20Arma%20Scripting%20-%20Chapter%203.pdf See last posting from me for contents.
  2. NEW VERSION 6 RELEASED!!!! - New updates again to fix FOB issue Not sure if anyone is interested, But between Pelham, myself, and members of the fockers team we have created a new rank based co-op map. No Mods required - OA is required. Three fold game. Assist locals, attack main targets, identify location of 10 terrorist leaders. Game designed to promote team play so at present it does not run in Single player. what to do Game starts out with the computer randomly identifying villages (from the available 16) which are held by Opfor (terrorists). Markers on the map either show red or green to identify whether they are controlled or not. Red controlled markers spawn enemy who seek out green markers to control. Left unchecked the whole map could turn red. Long story short. Attend any red (clear enemy first) or green marker and provide the supplies. Red markers will only turn green when you provide supplies - killing all the enemy will not change the marker's colour. Do this twice, either at the same location or different locations in order to be provided with a main objective to attack. Once the main objective is completed - search the towns in order to seize various supplies left behind, which in turn you can then provide to the villages. From providing supplies and clearing the main objectives - intel markers are obtain to highlight location of terrorist leader - Insurgency intel markers have been used for this as they work well (cheers guys). 10 terrorist leaders in total - only one on a map at any time. kill all ten and mission is complete. [R3F] arty, logistics, and first aid scripts have been used - massive thanks for these scripts. Ranks structure has been implemented throughout for weapons and vehicles. This also applies for ordering vehicles. no rank no vehicle! Loads of other stuff in the game - hope people find it enjoyable. Its been tested with 5-6 players continuously and no network problems. Not sure how the scripting holds up on a larger scale. However the game is not quickly completed and has been left running for weeks at a time with no real issues. Basically this game was an end result of a years worth of scripting practice. So in places it may be a bit flaky but some cool stuff in their as well. Instructions (WORD 2.4mb) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17725328/Fockers%20MW%20InstructionsBackUp.docx Instructions (PDF - not fully updated) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17725328/Fockers_MW_InstructionsBackUp.pdf 4 maps ported...Arma OA is required for Takistan - the rest require both A2 and OA. Takistan: - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17725328/Most%20Wanted%20V.%206%20all%20maps/FockersMostWanted.Takistan.pbo Duala: - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17725328/Most%20Wanted%20V.%206%20all%20maps/FockersMostWanted.isladuala.pbo Chernarus:-https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17725328/Most%20Wanted%20V.%206%20all%20maps/FockersMostWanted.Chernarus.pbo Celle2:- https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17725328/Most%20Wanted%20V.%206%20all%20maps/FockersMostWanted.Celle2.mbg_celle2.pbo This game can be un-PBO and transfered to any map as far as i am aware - Simply copy and paste all from the map to new map and copy files across. Arma OA is required as a minimum. NO mods required. Not tested with any mods but users have been playing with ACE with no issues. Changelog in the files along with a few lines of known errors. additional main target missions to be added and smaller side missions to the villages. Enjoy - feel free to jump on the FOCKERS Server to test it out.
  3. Alas No.... Ive pretty much given up on Arma. Sorry to disappoint. Just havent got the time any more and I last played Arma several months ago. Glad it help nonetheless Mike
  4. mikie boy

    'Unspottable' units

    i made a script years ago - via an add action - make the sniper friendly to AI for around 20 seconds - then you would have to wait a few minutes before you could run the addaction again. Also if you stood up during that 20 seconds the script would cancel and you would become enemy to AI again.
  5. Working in Progress..... [FOCK]ers AI_REVIVE WIP In early stages, but so far seems to be working without any major issues. This is a Single player utility at the moment, but hopefully once I've sorted most of the basics out will move across to MP. It is supposed to be a fairly light weight revive script of the AI. The idea is for the AI to mimic the revive scripts for Human players currently in rotation in A3. At present the AIs will revive one another and the player can revive an AI, I haven't started the revive player by AI yet. Basically...AI gets shot, he calls (activated via AIRev = [this] execVM "AI_RespawnInit.sqf"; in any units init) for the medic, who can be any player currently designated by... medArray = [this] execvm "AI_MedicTest.sqf"; AIRev = [this] execVM "AI_RespawnInit.sqf"; The computer works out who is the closest medic available (not dead, or not currently assisting anyone else), and then that medic will make his way (using doMove) to the injured AI. Due to the use of the "doMove" command, it seems that the Medic AI will get to them when he can, and wont run aimlessly into harms way. Once close enough the medic will revive the AI. If however the player revives the AI first then the medic AI will disengage. If no human player has got to the injured AI, and the AI medic on route to the AI is killed, then a second call is made to the closest AI Medic Available. If there are no medics available or the timer runs out, or they have been revived twice already, then that AI dies. (Each AI has a limit of 2 revives - they die on the third). Any AI medic injured (post revive) is removed from the AI Medic list, once revived he is added back to that list. During revive AI Medics are invincible. The code is a bit messy at the moment, and the animation niceties have not been fully address until this is complete. Only found a few bugs at present, bit it seems to be working ok. Think the plan is to incorporate a whole system of AI and human revive on a MP format... Youtube clip added Download - basic mission for Testing purposes ONLY at the moment, not fit for Actual release https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17725328/BIS_forum/Fock_AI_Revive7.Stratis.rar Let me know what you guys thinks. Mike
  6. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17725328/Arma3/Fock_AI_Revive8.Stratis.rar havent looked at this in a long time - last thing i did before stopping. I think this is the correct one that mirrors the youtube video. Hopefully in November ill be returning to Arma scripting and might actually complete the MP version as well
  7. @code34 - nice work mate - MP coding is a bitch to start off with, so nice one on trying to simplify it for other users. I can see this being a big advantage for the wider audience with less coding knowledge. Found that many people in the Arma world want to make MP games straight away with little understanding, so hopefully this will assist them. Prodavec made one or two valid points about performance which hopefully you updated in your newest code. So all in all - nice work, and hopefully you can keep updating and simplifying for others.
  8. Hey all. Yeah sorry haven't been on here in a long while. Family life and uni. Gona be a while before i get the next part out. Things have changed on arma quite a bit since I was last on and a lot to catch up on. Terox haven't had a chance to look at you link mate but ill Def add it if it's useful to others.
  9. because box only represents the last box you made each time you reference box = _box ; each _box get overridden in the computers memory you are pointing to the last box you made (so to speak) box delete vehicle - needs to point to this (the current box)
  10. Glad u got it working. Like I said not local to u. That means somewhere else other than ur computer. Appricat what u r saying tajin , but in essence u have said the same thing. And I was trying to make it easier for him to understand. Set velocity should really work on its own but god knows what that doesn't
  11. unfortunately MP and certain elements can be a pain - you are trying to physically move an object that is not local to you - basically you need the server to do this for you, something that MP func etc would solve. The Addaction (although attached to an object on the server) is local to you when executed - so the effects of using this on server still wont work. For example try placing a hint on that object and it will display the hint on your screen only, nowhere else. Set velocity is executed on every computer - but i think because it is wrapped inside this addaction (local to you) it will give mixed results. So to be safe you need to create a function using the BIS_fnc_MP that tells the server to move it - easiest way (top of my head) is execute a file for everyone using BIS_Fnc_MP, but start it with if(iserver). That way only the server will execute it. Had issues with set velocity before - sometimes it works across the network and sometimes it doesnt. Sorry havent got time to write something that targets the Server directly - exams at mo... hope this helps a little
  12. mikie boy

    Timer Script

    HAZ, you don't want to be PV-ing that every second dude - best way is to get the server to keep hold of the public/global variable timer - and then send one call out to start the timer locally on all clients computers - who will all run it locally. The server will do what ever comes at the end of that timer anyway - so synching exactly to the ms is not really going to matter. for JIP, just get them to request, or get the server to send out, a call to run the timer script - with a PV of the timer so they almost synch with the timer for everyone else - this obviously when someone joins - this would be the most efficient way i think. I think i did this - without the JIP in Fockers cache hunt - rip it out of there mike
  13. Chaps - A cheap and cheerful IED system - taken from [FOCK]ers Most wanted. Only needs a game logic in centre of map called "centre", and a function module. Copy the line from the init.sqf to your init.sqf and thats it. The script creates a load of IEDs along and to the side of roads - all of which are near towns, cities etc. You can change the amount you want to spawn in FOCK_iedinit.sqf - You can disarm the IEDs - disarm enough and you can discover the IED making factory. Continual process When you disarm an IED another is created elsewhere on the map. Engineers can disarm quicker. place iedid = [this] execVM "FOCK_ied\Fock_iedveh.sqf"; in the init of any vehicle and it acts as a detection system (activation on entry to vehicle). It will tell you within 40 metres or so away if there is an IED near by - Slower you driver the better. Example mission provided :) files for missions - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17725328/Focker_Scripts/%5BFOCK%5Ders%20IED.rar Example Mission - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/17725328/Focker_Scripts/%5BFOCK%5D_IED.Zargabad.pbo Any probs - let me know - otherwise Enjoy :)
  14. if the error is not the syntax, then it depends on a few things. if obj1 is not an object on the server already loaded in before script runs, then the script will not know what obj1 is. if obj1 is an actual object on the server, and the program you are running runs after the mission file is instantiated, then its should identify obj1 and a global variable to the object you named. Therefore it should work (syntax ; aside). additionally tank is a global variable - so why do you need to reference another global variable. you should use _tank tank to save on memory when this particular script finishes. cant you just use if (isserver) then { obj1 setdir 20; };
  15. mikie boy

    [FOCK]ers IED

    no problem - ive been away from Arma for a year any how, scripting is all the same - commands are fairly similar - Arma 3 has new ones to match the new engine - thats about it. Look at my scripting guide, will carry you through Arma 2 just the same. As for this IED script, not sure what will happen with the Animation state if you hand cuff them. You can change the type of character that spawns so they don't always look the same. You could use the tutorial in the scripting guide to make those bombers just roam around an area whilst they are waiting for you... would just be a call to a script which you can then terminate on seeing Target. I would help you move, but im studying at mo for exams and just havent got the time, sorry.
  16. mikie boy

    [FOCK]ers IED

    This should work on Dedicated servers - i never tested it on a hosted server, does it work on hosted? it uses the MP framework to send the message to everyone to run the say3d command. So BIS may have changed the say3d command, or the MPfamework is not working. [nil,nil,rEXECVM,"Fock_bombcry.sqf",[_bomber,_target]] call RE;
  17. mikie boy

    Baretail RPT viewer

    nice one Tank, that seems like a handy little program.
  18. Don't think he's been around for a while. So I wouldn't expect one krem.
  19. This might be a bit too much for some people but when studying in uni if found this youtube video, both helpful and actually interesting. For those of you interested in tackling FSM - have a look at maybe it will shed some light on the concept if you have no clue. Dont worry, the stuff in the video is not what you will have to do in Arma, but an understanding of what a FSM can and cannot do.
  20. _ammobox addEventHandler ["HandleDamage",{((_this select 4) == "SatchelCharge_Remote_Ammo") || ((_this select 4) == "DemoCharge_Remote_Ammo");}]; should do it
  21. mikie boy

    Automated medic?

    feel free to have a look at this and use bits from it - i havent got the time at the mo to complete the project due to uni.. any questions let me know http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170893-WIP-FOCK-ers-AI-Revive-(SP)&highlight=fock
  22. like i mentioned before - you will not find a brand new device anywhere near as good as you will get from Medion. As for the build quality..its that old label issue. honestly the built quality is of a sound standard. I've been builing pcs since 1997, and ive seen some crap in my time. And as for laptops theres been some right old piles of poo even with named brands. So really and truthfully, recommendations and having a test yourself is the only way to try. I think my brother did spend ages looking for a laptop that super seeded my Amd A8 - 6620g (which played A2 on low/med - and A3 just) - and he was overly impressed with what he got from medion. As for the graphics cards - we got nvidia 670mtx - which runs arma 3 on full. The Nvidia 740 will definitely play A3 - enough for testing anyway, but you need to be hitting the 760s to get a solid gaming experience. Keep trying with those Medion ones - MEDION ERAZER X6823 Laptop MD98253 15.6" 16GB - paid £520
  23. i had no problem with them or my brother - brand new as well you have to be patient and bid on them accordingly - think my brother had to bid three times but got one in the end - only way your gona get a good laptop - anything close to what i had was over £850 - Customer service with them was really good i found
  24. http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/medionshop-uk?fol=9ba32f6089addfdb1918ed7dc1968700e18f5b0949df6b0e19a036baf3904003&pwid=medionshop-uk both my brother and i picked up an awesome laptop for 500 bucks - worth a £1000- plays arma on that as good as my home pc you wont beat the price as we looked every where failing that the cheapest you can do is get an amd A10 with anything better than 6640graphics card - you will be able to play it at min settings