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  1. infiltrator_2k

    Alien Invasion Series?

    Bad ass alien adversaries would of course require some bad ass upgrades :D
  2. infiltrator_2k

    Alien Invasion Series?

    It obviously wouldn't appeal to everyone. Some people hate the sci-fi genre. But, if a sci-fi movie can succeed then so could a computer game. I think it really is about creating something that's believable to the biggest of sceptics that's the key here. I think the biggest challenge would be the appearance and capabilities of the aliens themselves. If the community can get upset about the bug helmets you can imagine the scrutiny an alien would attract.I think BIS would need to consult the community and have them put forward ideas and artwork. Maybe a competition? The vast ocean the maps feature could even play a prominent part. I mean, who's to say an alien species didn't also inhabit the ocean? But using the Arma engine we could have both an alien and WWII series for example. I certainly pay for both.
  3. infiltrator_2k

    Alien Invasion Series?

    I'm not going to agree or disagree with you on that one. All I will say is if it wasnt feasible and believable sci-fi movies based on alien invasions wouldn't exist. An alien species may want our resources or the planet as a whole to live on themselves. Because the prospect of other intelligent extraterrestrial being out there cannot be ruled out, I'd say if done correctly, an Arma 3 Alien Invasion series could potentially work and breath new life into the series, simply because it would be believable and it wouldn't be anything far-fetched or outlandish.
  4. Hmm... I have a 5820K which scores higher than the 6700K in CPU Benchmark, but it seems the 6700K is quicker in single core tests. So I guess this means Arma runs better with a 6700K.
  5. infiltrator_2k

    Alien Invasion Series?

    I think you'll find humanity actually won the war because the aliens fell ill and died due to having no immunity to the germs and other harmful microorganisms that inhabit this planet.
  6. infiltrator_2k

    Alien Invasion Series?

    I think aspersions can be taken from movies such as the Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion and The War of the Worlds. An alien such as the 'Alpha' featured in EoT would work. The series could begin in like 2050, ten years after the arrival perhaps? Set in an apocalyptic landscape where humans have retreated to fortified bases; their mission to cleanse and take back territory from the invading alien species. If it were ever possible, underground fortresses would be a welcomed addition, as it would provide an immersive experience of leaving the relative safety of a underground bastion to liberate the periless lands above that's been colonised by the new arrivals. Weapons could incorporate alien technology, as it's a tactic that's currently used around the world where countries spy on each other and steal each other's military technical advances. I think BIS could potentially create something fresh and exciting with such a new series, as they'll be free to create new content that's currently not possible/believable due to this world's physical and technological constraints. An example would be to have an enemy that's able to climb a structure's vertical walls and ceilings. Cloaking technology perhaps that occasionally require players to use specialised optics. And what if our new visitors had the ability to control the minds of players if they come into direct contact with the alien species? Can you imagine your team mate screaming down the coms at you that it's them but not them coming towards you whilst pleading to shoot them, but not with bullets but with a tranquilliser gun that you must carry in order to free the minds of players. Such ideas would create an incredible tension and a dynamically changing situation where there was the fog of war throughout battles. Access to EPM and gravitational weaponry naturally :)
  7. infiltrator_2k

    Alien Invasion Series?

    No doubt BIS have something already in the pipe line for the next series. Admittedly many hated the futuristic theme and the infamous bug headed enemy. It seemed to neither here or there. But would a series involving an alien invasion be totally off the table? Could it work? Why should we rule it out? Are there aliens out there right now watching us? Doubt it. But you cannot not totally dismiss it as a possibility. If H.G. Wells can write an epic novel based on the idea of an alien invasion here on earth, what's to stop BIS creating a series based on it? Thoughts for and against?
  8. infiltrator_2k

    Should BIS Implement A Player Stats Database?

    Yes, such a system would to a degree be obviously limited. However, if it were to be successful, there's always a possibility that mods and add-ons could also run on a server running this kind of system if it passed a check and became certified to be friendly/compatible - meaning the mod/add-on's code wasn't flawed or inadvertently capable of exploiting such a system. As I mentioned previously, such a system would take a lot of testing and would require considerable input and feedback from the community. It would initially contain more flaws and exploits than you could shake a stick at. But with time I'm sure it would no doubt evolve into something very intelligent. Taking away human interaction to make decisions based on binary oppose to emotions can only be the right way forward.
  9. infiltrator_2k

    Should BIS Implement A Player Stats Database?

    It is possible to implement. It's just finding the right balance of control and transparency. It's a no-brainer people who intentionally TK are going to cry foul if they are kicked or banned from playing on enabled servers. So there would have to be some kind of event log that lead up a ban. Then there's the question of how long a ban lasts? It could be an incremental system which ban period increases for repeated offenders. 10mins, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week etc. An algorithm could suspend penalising players until definitive intentioal TK has been clearly established. Then penalise the player retrospectively for the number of team kills made in a session. Of course, everyone is going to want to know exactly how it works, and players will test it through curiosity. I think it would take a lot of initial testing to iron out flaws and exploits. The community would have to be heavily involved. But it could work well. I think it could be one of the best thing to happen to the game, purely because by nature people crave discipline and rules. Just like a child will test the boundaries, it's because the child by nature needs them. The virtual world is no different to the real one. Without rules, law and order there's anarchy. I just believe that such an official automated system is the way forward to bring a single standard to the series that brings a fair and balanced method of maintaining order on servers who's admins and players opt to host and play on. Computers are afterall smarter than humans when given a formula to work by and they don't discriminate either which invalidates a penalised offender's accusation.
  10. infiltrator_2k

    Ports Closed on Dedicated Server?

    Refreshing Windows is just an option W8.1 offers where it re-installs Windows fresh, but keeps your documents and personal settings. If you refresh you'll have to just reinstall the program files again. The old program files are kept in the windows.old folder of the root.
  11. infiltrator_2k

    Overlooked Attention To Detail

    The secondary explosions from a destroyed tank is pretty immersive and great attention to detail how sporadic they are. It's incredibly life like.
  12. infiltrator_2k

    Overlooked Attention To Detail

    I've noticed Arma gets bashed quite a lot by disgruntled players. Mainly from the younger generation who've never heard of a 286 or who can't remember the days of the Binatone. If they had I'm sure they'd appreciate how beautiful Arma is and they'd stand in awe at its magnificence. The devs are IMO not appreciated enough for the work they do. Just look at Tanoa in all of its glory and it's an awesome spectacle with literally thousands of hours of pure passion put into it. With that said, what "attention to detail" impressions you the most?
  13. infiltrator_2k

    Should BIS Implement A Player Stats Database?

    Are you saying Arma's engine couldn't detect the Ai were unarmed, who killed them, where, when and how? An algorithm would prevent that kind of exploitation. But of course, nothing's 100% But it begs the question of would it be practical to use a more sophisticated method to circumvent a player's kill ratio if it were time consuming and a tedious process? Not to mention a ban - albeit temporary - could be imposed on player's who are detected attempting to exploit such system to prevent them joining kill ratio enabled servers That I'm itself would act as a deterrent. I think to assume that it wouldn't work is only undermining what Arma's currently capable of. But as I've previously mentioned, what's important is people have a choice whether or not to play on servers with this kind of feature enabled, and server admins also have the choice whether or not to enable it. Giving players the choice whether or not to penalise players for TK like BTC's punishment script would give players a lot more control too. I think many are sceptical, but not because it couldn't work, but because it's not something they'd like to see implemented. But, it does have the potential to eradicate the excessive malicious team killing. I believe in time such a system would be welcomed.
  14. infiltrator_2k

    Should BIS Implement A Player Stats Database?

    This isn't about me and my needs, it's just an overall idea. I'm happy enough to use Dart and BTC's Punishment script. But if such a system could be devised and implemented it could potentially solve the problem of prolific intentional team killing and there wouldn't be any more need for ban lists and scripts. It could work flawlessly with enough thought and testing. More importantly, players and admins would have the 'choice' whether to use it or not. It was mentioned about troll servers exploiting the system. But if the ratio was only valid on enabled servers it would be prove fruitless.. I think by nature Arma players are subconsciously always continuously trying to exploit the game to gain the upper hand, and the fact they fail is proof such a system would eventually become reliable and trustworthy. You've only got to look at how crude ban lists work to realize how sophisticated and much more reliable such a system would be in comparison. I'm wondering what Dwarden has to say about it.
  15. infiltrator_2k

    Should BIS Implement A Player Stats Database?

    Guys just to be clear, I didn't mean any kind of scoring records as such. I'm simply talking about a simple calculation to decide if a player's team kill percentage exceeds a threshold set by a server in order to be the determining factor whether or not to allow them to join. Not the amount of kills, but if a player has for example over 50% TK to an accumulative score regardless of what it is. I wouldn't want a scoreboard as that's totally arcade and it would indeed encourage people to play lone wolf. Of course, it would be unfair for players to be penalised for accidentally crashing a chopper full of players. But given the game's engine can detect how a player is killed those kind of events could be whitelisted. Your player profile could simply display a pie chart oppose to numbers to give a graphical representation of your TK percentages so you could monitor your performance. If the engine knows how players are killed and by who or what an algorithm could iron out any flaws in such a system. Scripts are good and I've used BTC's punishment script. But I'm talking about something that's an integral part of the game and of course optional like BE. If it could be designed to be fair and to gave admins control it can only be a good thing.