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  1. Yes, variable space of the control is lost when the display is closed. MissionNamespace and global variables are the same things. missionNamespace setVariable[ "test", "hello" ]; hint test; //hints hello If you want it to persist over game restarts use profileNamespace, if you want it to persist for a game session use UINamespace, if you want it to persist for a mission use localNamespace. Namespaces
  2. Larrow

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    Even the forum button on the reforger devhub page has disappeared.
  3. What are your current respawn settings? Depending on this will determine if any of the following settings are available. respawnButton setPlayerRespawnTime
  4. Doesn't use findSafePos but if you already have all your areas marked as per OP then this may help. Does land/water/elevation and can be provided with multiple white/blacklists as either markers, triggers or areas( [position, radius] ) even does within edge distance of an area. Old but still works from a quick run of the example mission.
  5. Larrow

    Center dialogs

    PixelW/H/Grid are pixel dimensions in safezone values. Grid is just a format of multiple pixels so you don't have to specify everything in pure pixels, which would be tedious. PixelGrid splits your vertical resolution by 64 (UIMaxScaleGrids) and picks the closest whole number that's divisible by 4 (UIScaleFactor). Multiply/dividing this grid size gives you bigger/smaller grids to work with. However, you should never divide by more than UIScaleFactor or multiply by anything other than n/UIScaleFactor as otherwise, this will provide positions that are not pixel perfect, potentially causing artifacts. No, he is using pixelgrids, you still need to anchor to a known position safezoneX/safezoneY/safezoneW/safezoneH to position off of. This does not really make sense. You start the element 10 grids off of the left-hand side of the screen, then the element is 40 grids wide. So only 30 grids of whatever the element is being visible?
  6. This is likely wrong. It should be the path from the base of your workdrive P: If say for instance your project folder looks like.... P:\Vaison\ProjectName\Scripts\LowGear\postInit.sqf So your packing the project ProjectName. Then file should be... file = 'Vaison\ProjectName\Scripts\LowGear\postInit.sqf';
  7. I provided an example here... Example
  8. This is a gameLogic... ... the white flag on a blue background. Double click on it to open it like any other entity and you will see it has an init area for code. You can find them in the editor under Systems(F5) > Logic Entities > Objects. Some info Meh relic is a little disingenuous, makes it sound like they are deprecated. TBH I'd describe it differently saying, a module is a gameLogic that automatically runs predefined code. Modules inherit from Logic the configName for a gameLogic. pedantic but true 😄
  9. Something like this? Example_Mission
  10. What lights? Portable lighs double (Land_PortableLight_double_F) or the rugged ones ie Land_PortableLight_02_double_black_F.
  11. correct What array? Neither of the arrays contains their original count. _randSel starts with nothing and _mercTargets does not contain its original items as deleteAt actually deletes the item at index. As the for loop iterates nine times, each time picking an item out of _mercTargets and adding it to the end of _randSel. You seem to understand this in your previous sentence so perhaps I'm not understanding your question.
  12. private _randSel = []; // do 9 times for "_i" from 1 to 9 do { // private _index = floor random count _mercTargets; // private _selected = _mercTargets deleteAt _index; // _randSel pushBack _selected; //Or just... _randSel pushBack ( _mercTargets deleteAt floor random count _mercTargets ); }; // now you have the array _randSel which contains 9 random elements out of _mercTargets private _msg = "Selected...\n"; { _msg = format[ "%1%2\n", _msg, _randSel # _forEachIndex ]; }forEach _randSel; hint _msg;
  13. Larrow

    Linked Sectors

    What do you mean by linked sectors? A sector that has multiple capture areas? Place a sector module (do not use the area the module provides), for each area needed place an Area location and sync it to the sector module, for each of these locations sync a trigger that defines the area needed. Example_multipleAreas Or, sectors that are linked in a chain? Place a sector, sync to this a MiscUnlock, sync that to a trigger whose Activation is set to the side you want to activate this trigger when that side captures the sector. Place the next sector, sync this to the previously placed trigger. Example_consecutiveSectors
  14. Most likely the only reason this works( even though incorrect ) if TEast and vn_o_men_nva_marine_01 are not defined somewhere is... getNumber( blah >> blah >> blah >> "side" ) will default too zero as TEast is undefined. zero is East. getText( blah >> blah >> blah >> "vehicle" ) likely config passer goes I have no idea what vn_o_men_nva_marine_01 is so ill just stringify it and return it. Actually, you can see this just by writing in the description.ext of a blank mission. side = TEast; vehicle = vn_o_men_nva_marine_01; Then view it in the configViewer you will see the passer has stringified both entries. GetNumber of a string value defaults to zero which just happens to be East. GetText just returns the string that the passer has already defined due to undefined symbol.