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  1. They shouldn't keep spawning AI if you have your 'Man Power Cap' set properly on your spawn AI Modules. This is exactly what this setting is for, if the number of units currently spawned is greater or equal to the man power cap then it will not spawn any more AI. This is on a per spawnAI Module, so if you need to control spawning more granular then limit the number of spawn AI Modules and instead use spawn AI SpawnPoints. Both of these ( spawn AI & Spawn AI Point modules ) are also trigger-able, so you can also use this to your advantage to limit what are currently spawning AI.
  2. Larrow

    scripted trigger question

    See second half of post, for different options.
  3. [ "task1" ] call BIS_fnc_taskExits && { [ "task1" ] call BIS_fnc_taskState == "ASSIGNED" } Edited: Realised you said task1 is created by a trigger so you need to make sure task1 exists before checking its state
  4. So 0, default to the first thing in the combo.
  5. Larrow

    Strip bodies to vehicle script

    Needs thoroughly testing
  6. I dont believe we have had a hotfix since 2.00 yet?
  7. //In your preInit function _h = [] spawn { disableSerialization; waitUntil{ getClientStateNumber >= 9 /*"BRIEFING SHOWN"*/ }; _mrkPos = getMarkerPos "SomeMarker"; _map = findDisplay 52 displayCtrl 51; //Change 0.05( zoom ) to desired level to frame marker as you wish _map ctrlMapAnimAdd[ 1, 0.05, _mrkPos ]; ctrlMapAnimCommit _map; };
  8. Messy Test Piece What the consequences are of remove BI's idle update user text seems to disappear on occasion but something for you to play with.
  9. As the expression field of a SpawnAI Module is supplied an array of [ group, module, group data ] when it spawns AI, as can be seen by mousing over the expression field in the modules attributes in the editor. player hcSetGroup [ _this select 0 ];
  10. These need to be references to your modules. So name the requester module MyReq and the provider MyProv. Then use these names in place of the _requester and _provider variables.
  11. 0 ( as in [_grp,0] ) is not a valid index, waypoint 0 of a group is given to any group when it is created and is their starting position. It is not the first waypoint assigned either by script or in editor, these will always be index 1. Although as you are adding the waypoints via script you can just use the returned waypoint from the addWaypoint commands, rather than guessing an index. _hWP synchronizeWaypoint [ _cargoWP ]; Same here in the second script, just use the returned waypoints... _wp2 synchronizeWaypoint [ _wp1 ]; As for making a group board a vehicle, maybe giving the boarding group a vehicle using addVehicle on the group could help if they are not obeying the Load?
  12. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Custom_Sounds_Tutorial
  13. Same, visually does not show, but it is being set as you can retrieve the text stored there.
  14. !isNull ( missionNamespace getVariable[ "grpResRejoin", grpNull ] )