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  1. As... ...the version of createUnit you have used does not return a unit, so _hvt is nil. (see warning on linked command page) Instead use... _hvt = _hvtGroup createUnit[ "O_Officer_F", getMarkerPos _hvtPos, [], 0, "FORM" ];
  2. No idea, your definition of the LnB work perfectly fine for me. TEST_MISSION
  3. Fixed code in previous post, there was a couple of hidden characters (thought I'd caught them all). Serves me right for using notepad 😄 Do you start Arma with -showScriptErrors enabled ? As it would have picked this up for you and shown you an error. TEST_MISSION - Tested on dedicated with two clients Was not sure what map you where using and I do not have Exile or CBA installed, so the test script in the above mission has had all positions, spawned character swapped for standard I_Soldier_F and few other things commented out and replaced, so its easy for you to go back through and put back the positions needed for your mission. e.g //_trig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetectorArea10x10",[3999.66,5236.21,0],false]; _trig = createTrigger ["EmptyDetectorArea10x10",[4100,4100,0],false]; just uncomment the first line and delete the second. For all places I have commented out a line.
  4. I think he means placed in the editor when he says "but even when I spawn an AI in the editor". As in, instead of using the script to spawn, instead place and test an editor placed unit. Looks like its linked up ok. From the looks of several scripts I've seen you post, they all look like editor export to sqf. You really should learn from what they show you and rewrite them. As is, they are full of unneeded stuff. Your main problem is that if your script runs from initServer.sqf (best place for it imo), of which you said is dedicated, so you need to remoteExec the hint/chats for it to show on the client machines. Hopefully correct, as I'm not at my main pc atm, so written in notepad on my htpc sat infront of the tv :ouch:
  5. Make sure display 46 is available before adding the event. InitPlayerLocal.sqf runs before it is available. //initPlayerLocal.sqf h = [] spawn { disableSerialization; _display = findDisplay 46; //Immediately get display 46 waitUntil{ !isNull ( findDisplay 46 ) }; //Wait until display is available hint format[ "D: %1", _display ]; //Show initial = No Display _display = findDisplay 46; //Get display gain sleep 1; //Quick pause just to make sure we see systemchat systemChat format[ "D: %1", _display ]; //Show after = Display 46 };
  6. _array = ( allMissionObjects "Logic" select{ !( _x isKindOf "Module_F" ) } ) - [ BIS_functions_mainscope ]; _numLogics = count _array; Maybe other logics you need to remove, e.g any created by ambient anims.
  7. This.. If your disabling the units protocol then it cannot use the protocol voice line "SentSupportReady"
  8. _unit groupRadio "SentSupportReady"; Or what ever radio command you need, group, side, command, vehicle etc
  9. Larrow

    Virtual Item Issue

    as... '[true, _item, _num] call RR_fnc_handleInv' ...is CODE as STRING passed to the event, when the event occurs and the engine runs the code it has no idea what _item and _num are as they will not exist in the current context. You need to format that values of _item and _num into the code string. _add ctrlAddEventHandler[ 'ButtonClick', format[ '[ true, %1, %2 ] call RR_fnc_handleInv', str _item, _num ]];
  10. It should be an array of GROUPS not OBJECTS. All logics spawned by BIS_fnc_ambientAnim are created in the group BIS_fnc_ambientAnim_group. player setVariable [ "MARTA_HIDE", [ BIS_fnc_ambientAnim__group ] ];
  11. Larrow,  do you know if it is possible to remove the player map icons/markers when a player enters a specific area that has a trigger. I am not trying to take them out on the whole map only in a specific area that a trigger area represents when players are in that area.  So the remove player markers would be dictated by the trigger area. 


    Not sure if possible

  12. endMissionServer does not have any parameters other than the end type. That is why it does not work as you intend.
  13. Larrow

    Call sqf?

    You pass nothing to the script.... So it has no idea what _caller is... _caller will be nil.
  14. Suppose it depends on if you want to store weapons and their current attachments, mags and ammo count and magazines with ammo count.