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  1. setWaypointType Waypoint Types
  2. Where is this happening? There is no sense to send the player argument. If its a server remoteExec'ing to clients then the argument should be the clients local player, not the player from where the remote exec happens. If its a dedicated server then player will be null. If its meant to be added locally, then player will be correct, but there is no need to remoteExec. You really ought to add a comm menu item and look at the data structure for BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem_menu, rather than blindly setting nonsensical data. Can be expanded upon, currently if you add a second commMenu item that is the same config name "artillery" as one already added, then only the first one would get updated by TAG_fnc_updateCommMenuItem if updating only. Unless you know and send its menu ID.
  3. You can always change it at run time after menu has been initialised (BIS_fnc_addComMenuItem). The menu is held in a missionNamespace variable called "BIS_fnc_addCommMenuItem_menu" I'm not sure the comMenu supports structuredText?
  4. Yes. _target is the object the action is attached/added to. _caller is the person using the action. _id is the index of the action attach to _target, and can be used to remove that specific action, as I have done in the last line. The code given to the action when called is passed a set of parameters, as can be seen on its wiki page.
  5. () - parentheses {} - braces [] <> - (Square, Angle(unless used in a conditional statement where they are smaller/greater than instead)) brackets Remove your lines from within the simple conversation script. inspector = this addAction[ "Inspect", { params[ "_target", "_caller", "_ID" ]; [ "task1", "SUCCEEDED" ] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; [[ [ "CDF Officer", "Welcome to Altis, Captain. We're glad your here.", _target ], [ "Michael", "Glad to be here. So what's the situation?", _caller ], [ "CDF Officer", "The reds have been hitting our supply lines from the east to try and cripple us.", _target ], [ "CDF Officer", "So far we're holding them off in the south but we're noticing their strength increase by the day.", _target ], [ "Michael", "Just keep doing what you're doing and hold firm Sir. Is my lift ready?", _caller ], [ "CDF Officer", "Your carriage awaits, Captain. Board the helicopter when you're ready.", _target ] ], "CUSTOM", 0.15, true ] execVM "fn_simpleConv.sqf"; _target removeAction _id; }]; I'm presuming here that Michael is the player who initiates the conversation and officer1 is the unit that has the action attached. If not just change _target/_caller in each conversation line back to how they where.
  6. Yep this. Although I have seen index 0 used with no problems, I have also seen it cause problems like in this topic. Best option is to never use index 0 and leave it as default spawn position. TBH I rarely ever delete waypoints and only ever add to the end of the list and use setCurrentWaypoint to get the group to follow the new path. The only time I delete waypoints is when its a group that exists for along time and is repeatedly given new paths, just so as the waypoint list does not get to long ( does a long list cause problems, not really, but they must be stored somewhere and its always a good idea to clean up now and again ).
  7. Removed all the unnecessary stuff, simpleObject, createVehicleCrew etc. Used alternative syntax of some commands to do the same thing, SHK_pos, getRelDIr etc. Never use index 0 for waypoints. Index 0 is not the same as waypoint 0 in the editor. Index 0 is the position the group was spawned at, and is set by the engine when spawning. Waypoint 0 is in fact index 1. The above code works, but if you change the waypoint creation back to index 0 the heli will buzz past the waypoint position and head off the map.
  8. The condition, activation and deactivation are nothing but code blocks, so there is nothing stopping you from calculating if a tower is dead in code, as long as the code for the condition returns a boolean( true/false ). Even separate the code into functions to make editing functionality easier. //Trigger ACTIVATION: None REPEAT: true SERVER: true //Condition thisTrigger call TAG_fnc_isTowerDestroyed //On Activation thisTrigger call TAG_fnc_onTowerDestroyed; //initServer.sqf TAG_fnc_isTowerDestroyed = { params[ "_trigger" ]; //If the first time the triggers condition is called //And the radio towers have not been set if ( isNil { _trigger getVariable "radioTowers" } ) then { //Set radio towers variable on trigger _trigger setVariable[ "radioTowers", [ rad1, rad2, rad3 ] ]; //<< radio tower variable names }; //Get the towers _towers = _trigger getVariable "radioTowers"; //Find if one is dead (boolean return) _towers findIf{ !alive _x } > -1 }; TAG_fnc_onTowerDestroyed = { params[ "_trigger" ]; //Get radio towers _towers = _trigger getVariable "radioTowers"; //Get the index of the first dead one _index = _towers findIf{ !alive _x }; //Remove it from _towers (so it is never checked again) _destroyed = _towers deleteAt _index; //Update variable on trigger _trigger setVariable[ "radioTowers", _towers ]; //Tell everyone the tower was destoyed format[ "Radio tower %1 was destroyed, reinforcements have been stopped", _destroyed ] remoteExec[ "systemChat", 0 ]; //Do what ever you like here }; TBH separate triggers would be the easiest to setup for non scripters.
  9. Updated functions/commands, Contact Platform( Enoch ) only, and templates to 1.96
  10. Larrow

    Sector Control Mission

    Use the provided scripted event for sectors on owner changed.
  11. Larrow

    How can I make white smoke?

    }, [], 1, false, true, "User20", "_this in crew _target" ]; In the shortcut parameter of the addAction.
  12. Larrow

    How can I make white smoke?

    That is the base color of the image used. Swap.. for ["\A3\data_f\ParticleEffects\Universal\Universal",16,12,8,1] This I believe is the part of the image used for the smoke grenade effects. This is the image used for Universal... Where the numbers 16, 12 ,8 ,1 mean... 16 - Image atlas size is 16 images square( 16 images across by 16 images down ) 12 - The row to start on, first row is 0 8 - How many images to use to animate, so the first 8 images of row 12 1 - Means Loop animation Then you may need to play with the variables _particleDensity, _particleSize etc to get it looking as you wish. Using the pages I linked before you may want to add some rotation velocity etc In this case User20 should turn it on and off. Is this not what your seeing?
  13. Larrow

    How can I make white smoke?

    Should be }forEach [ // R, G, B //Red, Green, Blue 0-1range color of particle // | | | X, Y, Z //xyz added to _targets position [ [ 1, 1, 1 ], [0, -8, 0] ], //particle emitter 1 [ [ 1, 1, 1 ], [0, -8, 0] ], //particle emitter 2 [ [ 1, 1, 1 ], [0, -8, 0] ], //particle emitter 3 [ [ 1, 1, 1 ], [0, -8, 0] ] //particle emitter 4 ]; Change this line to effect all particles alphas, again 0-1range. _colorAlpha = 0.5; and [[0.7*_colorRed,0.7*_colorGreen,0.7*_colorBlue,0.7*_colorAlpha],[0.7*_colorRed,0.7*_colorGreen,0.7*_colorBlue,0.6*_colorAlpha],[0.7*_colorRed,0.7*_colorGreen,0.7*_colorBlue,0.45*_colorAlpha], [0.84*_colorRed,0.84*_colorGreen,0.84*_colorBlue,0.28*_colorAlpha],[0.84*_colorRed,0.84*_colorGreen,0.84*_colorBlue,0.16*_colorAlpha],[0.84*_colorRed,0.84*_colorGreen,0.84*_colorBlue,0.09*_colorAlpha], [0.84*_colorRed,0.84*_colorGreen,0.84*_colorBlue,0.06*_colorAlpha],[1*_colorRed,1*_colorGreen,1*_colorBlue,0.02*_colorAlpha],[1*_colorRed,1*_colorGreen,1*_colorBlue,0*_colorAlpha]], should be something like [[_colorRed,_colorGreen,_colorBlue,_colorAlpha],[_colorRed,_colorGreen,_colorBlue,_colorAlpha]], Think thats right, not on main pc atm. See here for details and here.
  14. Its not _x is, which _x is the current player weapon being checked from the array. This... { _x params[ "_weapon" ]; }forEach [ primaryWeapon _dropingUnit, handgunWeapon _dropingUnit, secondaryWeapon _dropingUnit ]; ...is the same as... { _weapon = _x; }forEach [ primaryWeapon _dropingUnit, handgunWeapon _dropingUnit, secondaryWeapon _dropingUnit ]; ...other than params privates the variable making sure nothing called _weapon in a higher scope is being overwritten. _x is the magic variable representing the current value being iterated from the array. _weapon is just assigned the value of _x.