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  1. I have changed the saved data from the server's profileNamespace to missionProfileNamespace instead. Just a better idea all around... you can use this system on multiple missions without it interfering with each other, or even share if needed you can use allVariables command on it to collect all data for deletion. I have changed the data from a single var for each piece of information ( e.g KIB_#_Pos, KIB_#_Rating ) to KIB_playerData_# ( where # is the reference to the player, as per previous either varName or uid ) which is an array holding ALL the data for that player. Makes it easier to find/delete without having to poll multiple vars. I have made an action menu for the logged in admin so they can manage the data... "Show Admin Menu" - Will display the options below "Delete Players Position" - Will delete the position data for the current player you are looking at "Delete Players Rating" - Will delete the rating data for the current player you are looking at "Delete Players Data" - Will delete all data for the current player you are looking at "Delete All Players Positions" - Will delete position data for all currently connected players "Delete All Players Ratings" - Will delete rating data for all currently connected players "Delete All Players Data" - Will delete all data for all currently connected players "Delete ALL Data" - Will delete all data EVERYTHING that has ever been saved "Close Admin Menu" - Will remove the options above other than Show Menu just so you can clear the clutter from your action menu Again totally untested, let me know if there are any problems.
  2. //initServer.sqf KIB_fnc_getPlayerData = { params[ "_player" ]; if ( vehicleVarName _player == "" ) then { _player setVehicleVarName format[ "Player_%1", getPlayerUID _player ]; _player call BIS_fnc_objectVar; }; [ profileNamespace getVariable[ format[ "KIB_%1Pos", vehicleVarName _player ], getPosATL _player ], profileNamespace getVariable[ format[ "KIB_%1Rating", vehicleVarName _player ], 0 ] ] remoteExec[ "KIB_fnc_setPlayerData", remoteExecutedOwner ]; }; KIB_fnc_savePlayerData = { params[ "_player" ]; profileNamespace setVariable[ format[ "KIB_%1Pos", vehicleVarName _player ], getPosATL _player ]; profileNamespace setVariable[ format[ "KIB_%1Rating", vehicleVarName _player ], rating _player ]; }; KIB_fnc_updatePlayerData = { params[ "_player" ]; while { true } do { [ _player ] call KIB_fnc_savePlayerData; sleep 300; }; }; //initPlayerLocal.sqf KIB_fnc_setPlayerData = { params[ "_position", "_rating" ]; //Only allow execution from the server if ( isMultiplayer && { !isRemoteExecuted || { remoteExecutedOwner isNotEqualTo 2 }} ) exitWith {}; //Set rating, not add to what they already have player addRating ( _rating - rating player ); player setPosATL _position; //Only once saved/defaults have been applied start saving data [ player ] remoteExec[ "KIB_fnc_updatePlayerData", 2 ]; }; params[ "_player" ]; [ _player ] remoteExec[ "KIB_fnc_getPlayerData", 2 ];
  3. this and { player in triggerAttachedVehicle thisTrigger } Not that it makes any difference but if you are attaching a vehicle as an owner there is a command to retrieve the said vehicle.
  4. Is just... private _selectedMission = _availableMissions deleteAt floor( random count _availableMissions );
  5. When dealing with this you can use the side of the group of the unit. _realSide = side group _deadUnit; Does this exist? This variable will be Nil until the display is being shown and its onLoad has happened. This... ... can be replaced with just... _color = side group _oldUnit call BIS_fnc_sideColor; Surely when the mission starts this is just the side/group of the player. Not quite sure what you mean by team. Could this not be done with createMarker of type ICON, then the information would be available to all maps rather than handling them individually by placing drawIcon's on them all/
  6. Well the MOVE command from the same menu ( when you add a waypoint ) has a similar function call... //--- Add waypoint _codeWP = _logic getvariable 'GUI_WP_MOVE'; _script = [_is3D,_pos,_shift,_ctrl,false,_selected] spawn _codeWP; However, I would not change this directly as I believe it is already set by the HC system... However, you will notice this code also has a call to a function stored on the HC logic. //--- Move handler _handler = _logic getvariable "onGroupMove"; if (!isnil "_handler") then {[_group,_wp,grpnull] spawn _handler}; This _handler is run both when adding a new waypoint(MOVE) or issuing an WP ATTACK. Although I am not sure if this is already in use by the system ( did a quick grep and could not see it set anywhere ). So you could use this to cancel the doStop by issuing a doFollow as suggested on the wiki doStop page. BIS_HC_1 setVariable ["onGroupMove", { params[ "_group", "_wp" ]; units _group doFollow leader _group; }, true]; Or there is always the missionEventhandlers for onGroupClicked, or it may even be possible to inject your own command into a subMenu of RscHCGroupRootMenu see how #USER:HCWPWaitRadio etc are manipulated in hc_gui.sqf . Having a good read through the hc files in \a3\modules_f\hc\data\scripts would be a good idea and may lead you to some ideas.
  7. Are you sure the onTaskCreated code is passed anything at all in _this? Try testing what is being passed... BIS_HC_1 setVariable ["onTaskCreated", {hint format["_this is %1", [str _this,"nil"] select (isnil "_this")]}, true]; EDIT: According to hc_gui_menu.sqf it is passed the current waypoint the user is hovering over on the hc map. So your then saying... [GROUP, INDEX] call CBA_fnc_taskDefend ...Which is not what CBA_fnc_taskDefend expects Are you sure your error is not coming from CBA function? If you just want the defaults from taskDefend by just passing the group... BIS_HC_1 setVariable ["onTaskCreated", {_this #0 call CBA_fnc_taskDefend}, true];
  8. //Random composition// _random_comp = selectRandom [ "Fire_Area", "Fire_Area_Big"]; //Spawn composition// random_fire_reference = [_random_comp, location1] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; //***other code***// //Delete composition// random_fire_reference call LARs_fnc_deleteComp; hint format ["Composition cancelled %1", random_fire_reference];
  9. _compReference call LARs_fnc_deleteComp; _compReference holds the returned STRING. However, you need to make sure _compReference is still valid, not nil, not gone out of scope. Maybe store it somewhere with setVariable or make it a global variable if it's the only comp you're dealing with.
  10. Store the handle on the trigger using setVariable. _handle = ppEffectCreate ["FilmGrain", 2000]; _handle ppEffectEnable true; _handle ppEffectAdjust [0.3, 0.15, 1, 0.2, 0.5, 0]; _handle ppEffectCommit 3; thisTrigger setVariable[ "ppEffect", _handle ]; //terminate with ppEffectDestroy ( thisTrigger getVariable "ppEffect" );
  11. You may also want to check kbAddTopic as well. This command is both LA and LE, so if your zeus_indfor is likely to move around ( on server as AI, or could be a player ) then you will need to add the topic on all respective machines. Either just add it everywhere or possibly use Local EH and check with kbHasTopic whether it needs adding.
  12. Im going to guess that your script is running on the server. The wiki page says this command is LA ( Local Argument ). So if zeus_indfor is a player, from a dedicated server they will not be local, where as in Single/Local MP they would be. If zeus_indfor is an AI then its likely they are local to the server hence why it works. Try remoteExec'ing the command to where the unit who is to speak is local. ie //Replace //zeus_indfor kbTell _tellArr; //With [ zeus_indfor, _tellArr ] remoteExec[ "kbTell", zeus_indfor ];
  13. Well you remove the original Condition and Activation with desactivation trigger, so with the ReloadAI_bob_enable trigger just replace them. ReloadAI_bob setTriggerStatements [ "true && round (time %60) ==1 and (({_x == '30Rnd_762x39_Mag_F'} count magazines bob) <= 1)", "bob addMagazine '30Rnd_762x39_Mag_F';", "" ]; Note the ' around the magazine name due to STRING in a STRING.
  14. Use setVariable to store the spawned group somewhere, e.g either missionNamespace or on the trigger, so you then have access to it from the other trigger.
  15. No, just easier to read, if you need to change anything it only has to be done in one place rather than multiple times in a large amount of code. So maybe yes, for your fingers and eyes 😄