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  1. Just an idea, thoroughly untested other than the linked scripts( see top comment ). Likely mistakes that need fixing.
  2. Check their threat value in the config, this is the value used by sectors as the influence towards capturing a sector. Taken from moduleSector code...
  3. Larrow

    Sling Load X vehicle

    You cannot use the local variables _CHeli and _Vehicle in the waypoint statements as they will be out of scope. Rather than having the _vehicle spawn a script that is always waiting from its initial inception as shown by @pierremgi use the waypoint where you unhook it to start adding waypoints once it's touching the ground.
  4. Updated my links in this thread, this is old I have not confirmed these are working or any longer the correct way to handle this, I have just updated the links to the original files.
  5. So this is the deciding factor on whether these code blocks (forEach/apply/select) get improved execution through Simple VM? What constitutes setting a local variable? ie do local vars within the immediate scope of commands code block count or are we talking about anything currently in scope ( What is this, something related to accessing the stack )? Sorry if this is a stupid question, just trying to understand what constitutes improved execution.
  6. Can someone elaborate on these changes, please... In what sense? LA/GA or LE/GE? Or just something that will not be noticeable to the end user? What is meant by 'Simple VM support'? I get no hits in the wiki. How does if/then/else support it? (maybe answered if I knew what it was :D) I see no changes to the wiki pages.
  7. Larrow

    Reveal and condition

    Dont think it will be the easiest thing to accomplish well, but I would experiment with something like... key/mouseDown event > check inputAction "reveal" > check there is a cursorObject > check targetAggregate maxAge of the cursorObject to make sure it is only just been seen. possibly?
  8. What about changing the groupIconParams for all BIS_marta_mainScope enemyGroups when the map is open? Something like... ...untested, just thinking out loud.
  9. The MARTA system has some rules and variables for setting individual groups/faction/sides, but not sure about just for the 3D icons.
  10. As some times the selectRandom in your initServer script is selecting the markers "EastRESPmkr_2" or "EastRESPmkr_3" which have not been created yet/been removed (sector not captured). So getting the position of these markers returns [0,0,0] so the "MGIRespEastAI" gets placed there ([0,0,0] == corner of the map). [] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 5; //Only markers that currently exist _activeMarkers = [ "EastRESPmkr", "EastRESPmkr_1", "EastRESPmkr_3", "EastRESPmkr_2" ] select{ getMarkerPos _x isNotEqualTo [0,0,0] }; "MGIRespEastAI" setMarkerPos getMarkerPos(selectRandom _activeMarkers); }; };
  11. addMissionEventHandler[ "Map", { params[ "_mapIsOpened" ]; if ( _mapIsOpened ) then { _display = uiNamespace getVariable "RSCDiary"; _ctrl = _display displayCtrl 1202; _ctrl ctrlEnable false; _ctrl ctrlSetTextColor [0,0,0,0]; _ctrl ctrlSetTooltip ""; _ctrl ctrlCommit 0; }; }]; untested
  12. Should work, if your heal action works I'm not sure why the other wouldn't. Just exec the script to apply the menu from the initPlayerLocal.sqf if the player is Alpha_1 or Bravo_1. May have to wait on the player being not null and alive depending on your respawn settings, but again if your heal is working I would expect the other to work also.
  13. Sorry been ill for a couple of weeks and really didn't have the mindset to look into this at the time, did you get this sorted @ARCH93? or you still need help?
  14. Better off using some of the new event handlers nowadays rather than this while loop. See addMissionEventHandler Map.