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  1. Number 1 is most likely the best option. Still have the server authoritative on when to stop/start the movement but with each client having their own local object and then just use serverTime to sync the vectorLinearConversion across all machines.
  2. Not Server Side Only, rather their locality is the server. Distinct difference. Which is correct. An addAction is local where the addAction's command is run. Any code the action runs will also be local, so the actions user sees the ETA sideChat, as sideChat is EL( effect local ). No, the addAction is local where the addAction command is run, any code the action runs is also local, so player will be the user of the action. As _desPos is in the actions code and the actions code is run on the machine where the user used the addAction then _desPos is client side( local to the addAction's user ). I'm going to guess that doArtilleryFire is AL( argument local )( wiki does not state the locality of this command ) which the mortars are not, their locality is the server. ....5 minutes laterrrr.... TEST_MISSION
  3. Then player should be fine. As its an addAction then the code it runs is always going to be local to the user( player ), unless you are doing some weird remoteExec.
  4. Both suffer from exactly the same problem. The keyframe animation uses setposASL from the server, the module is server execute only and is server authoritative. This is me as a client on a local dedicated server. Tell me which is a timeline keyframe animation and which is my script from above.
  5. Or.. Is the helo present in the editor? Set the helo as triggers owner( RClick trigger > connect > set trigger owner, select helo ). Or is it spawned during the mission? see triggerAttachVehicle . Then set triggers activation to present and condition to... !alive satPhone && { this } && { allPlayers select{ alive _x && { _x in triggerAttachedVehicle thisTrigger } } isEqualTo ( allPlayers select{ alive _x } ) } No need to check if the each player is in the trigger, if the helo is in the trigger and the players are in the helo, then the players must be in the trigger.
  6. Don't use desPos at all, as per my post just use a local variable( _target ). Then you have no problems with having to reset anything.
  7. Larrow

    Script.sqf not found

    Should be in your actual mission folder, something like... \My Documents\Arma 3\missions\nameMissionWasSavedAs OR If using a different profile to your default. \My Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ProfileName\missions\nameMissionWasSavedAs Where ProfileName is replaced with the name of your character profile. Where nameMissionWasSavedAs is the name given in the editor when saving your mission. In the editor, after saving, you can use the menu option Scenario > Open Scenario Folder ,this will open the folder where you need to place your folder/scripts for the current mission open in the editor.
  8. Use the function BIS_fnc_respawnTickets from a killed eventHandler, either MissionEventHandler from server or EventHandler on clients machine. e.g
  9. Make your mind up 🙂 Then they should not be strings( unless using missionNamespace getVariable ). Remove the quotes from around target1/2/3 and go back to using getPosATL. Due to using getMarkerPos on a non existent marker, which will return [0,0,0] as a position.
  10. _target is a STRING of marker name. Use getMarkerPos instead.
  11. Can not see it effecting performance much if each iteration your only checking if time for next queued message has been reached (simple numerical evaluation). If not reached then just do nothing. Plus its only something handle by each client.
  12. Hmm, i thought I remembered direct working in A2. Glad to know I'm not going crazy.