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  1. Enhanced Movement

    Glad to hear it!
  2. Enhanced Movement

    He's not been here since early October and not signed into steam for 4 weeks (or he blocked me at that time), so I fear he's gone. :(
  3. Paul “Bushlurker” Pelosi (1960-2017) Rest in Peace

    Two years since we lost this lovely chap. RIP, my best and deafest squad medic.
  4. Authority 20 player coop.

    Hehe. When my players complain the AI outwit them, I know I'm doing a good job.
  5. Why are there clouds in your VR terrain?
  6. The game does a pretty good job of having a server and a client on the same machine. Local variables are not shared, nor are global ones. Public variables are shared as you'd expect. Remote execution works on this type of setup in the same way as if the two instances were physically apart. Given both instances are on the same hardware, it does a surprisingly good job for keeping them separate.
  7. In this case, he doesn't need CBA. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_runLater
  8. Finding Vehicle's Height

    I've not read the context, but that will create a loop that goes from -5 to + 5. The + symbol is not required but it won't break anything.
  9. Authority 20 player coop.

    Until I change it lol
  10. Missing images that are not missing

    I find this happens mostly when changing missions without shutting the game down. The images are there and nothing is broken in the mission, but these errors to pop up.
  11. Mantrain. No mods - Authority mission
  12. Authority 20 player coop.

    It's more of a New Years present to ourselves from Haz and myself, but here's a rather incoherent vid of our persistent saving system in its first outing on a dedicated server. What you're actually seeing, if you're still interested, is a game that was underway saving itself to profilenamespace on the server. The map shows the airbase and a town having been taken by players. We then leave the server, rejoin, do a slash hash missions (so the server has ended the mission) and then in parameters, tells the mission to reload the mission progress. It's quite slow and I've edited out the boring bits (and me putting in the server admin password) but eventually, the mission comes back on with the airbase and the town owned by BLUFOR. It also saves and restores the position of all friendly vehicles.
  13. Oh yeah, I remember the mythical 5775c that was killed while being delidded less than a month after it's arrival. It goes to show that if you're ultracapable at the overclocking game, you can achieve some impressive results. Most of us, however.....
  14. ext_drive_dirt errors.

    I do get the rattling_03 error, but not, apparently, any time near the dirt error. For me, the errors that occur nearby are the :Some of magazines weren't stored in soldier Vest or Uniform? These are seen a few seconds after EVERY dirt error.
  15. I too await the new engine. :) About the 3 CPU's you mention, single thread benchmarks do seem to bear out your theory. The gulf between the 4790k (I have one) and the 9600k is about the same between the 9600k and the 9900k. If you look at overall benchmarks, the 9900k is way ahead (based on multicore performance) but it's not really a gaming CPU. Sure it's turbo is impressive but it cannot sustain that for any longer than the cooling will allow. Theoretically, it can remain on boost indefinitely. Provided, presumably, you can get the heat away. But the CPU doesn't tell the whole story. Our 4780ks are held back by DDR3 and the rest use DDR4. Arma 3 and even more so Enfusion based games are still moving around vast amounts of data and time and time again, we read here of users doing nothing more than installing faster memory for significant performance improvements. The myth that DDR4 latencies are not much better than DDR3 also doesn't help because the base clock of the 1151 motherboards means everything they do is faster. In other words, DDR4 is way faster than DDR3 in the real world. I guess what I'm saying is; the more money you throw at a gaming PC, the better it will be. Who knew? :)