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  1. trigger, unexpected behaviour

    Ah yes, this and might work. I'll try that. I do use spawngroup but, for less than half of my foot mobiles. Also, it's done quite slowly, the spawn of a towns force takes around 20 seconds. There's no way the trigger exists before the men. But, and I'm going to come back to it, the activation of trg2 was done by a man more then 2km outside the trigger radius
  2. trigger, unexpected behaviour

    Yes, it does. It means exactly that. You aren't reading or understanding what I wrote. If you have statements AND activation on a trigger, the activation is IGNORED. So, the activation on trg3 is irrelevant, though I admit, potentially confusing to the reader. The activation for trg3 could be anything, but you must put something in there. There was no OPFOR units inside the trigger. I confirmed this with spectator. Not only that, I only had to kill one OPFOR, a long way outside the trigger for it to activate.
  3. trigger, unexpected behaviour

    Yes, I'm begining to come to the same conclusion. I'm going to have to have a repeated check, though I'll use inarea rather than counting the created units because this being Arma, they often run away from the AO.
  4. trigger, unexpected behaviour

    I do execVM the creation of the units, but there's a waituntil at line 47. The triggers are created after the units are spawned. there's another trigger because you can't have statements and activation on the same trigger. If you do, the activation is ignored. That's why trg3 has triggeractiveated trg2 as one of it's conditions in the statements. But we're getting away from the central question. Most of the time, the triggers work as expected. Sometimes, the activation of trg2 is held up by a unit being alive when he's well outside the trigger.
  5. trigger, unexpected behaviour

    I'm out too. I'll edit the post to show formatting better. ** done. the code is in pastebin now *** pastebin formatting supports sqf? cool.
  6. trigger, unexpected behaviour

  7. trigger, unexpected behaviour

    That's not how this works. setTriggerStatements do take priority over setTriggerActivation, but as you can see, they are blank.
  8. trigger, unexpected behaviour

    cpt_position is the centre of the target town. The variable is created by an earlier script. There's also a marker created there that is the same size as the trigger. It doesn't happen every time.. this is what's so annoying. What so odd is that this particular guy was so far out of the trigger area, he was nearly 2500m away from the trigger centre (so, ~2200m OUTSIDE the trigger area), yet when I killed him, the trigger activated immediately.
  9. trigger, unexpected behaviour

    The The trigger is created after the enemies are spawned, there's a few seconds between them. cpt_position is defined earlier by another script.
  10. in the case, cpt_position was [11003,9711.09,0] and cpt_radius was 225. trg2 = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", cpt_position]; trg2 setTriggerArea [(cpt_radius),(cpt_radius),0,false]; trg2 setTriggerActivation ["EAST", "NOT PRESENT", false]; trg2 setTriggerStatements ["this", "", ""]; Players reported the trigger wasn't firing, so I went into the server and using spectator, found the area (Vagala, Tanoa) was clear of OPFOR. The nearest one was some distance away so I teleported there and killed him - and the trigger activated. The problem is that this guy was 2500m from the cpt_position. I don't understand? What's going on?
  11. Even if it did happen, you'd still have to be a dribbling lunatic to choose the AMD part. The price difference alone tells the story even before you consider the amount of tweaking and fiddling that went into that.
  12. Script obfuscating

    I write naturally obfuscated code. Lol
  13. i'm aware of ACE Pointing, but I don't use ACE. :)
  14. Excellent. I've cleared my intray. :)
  15. Misunderstanding! Tactical Ping is broken on TADST. :)