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  1. The problem with waiting until tomorow is... tomorow never comes. :) Buy it now, get the enjoyment now. Not tomorow.
  2. I'd have thought so. I suggest looking for recommendations from other gamers, or splashing out on a business grade router
  3. That sounds about right. Be careful with your choice of router too - buy a good one.
  4. Not a pipedream at all, very achievable. I went through the same thought process you are going through now. Physically you are good to go. My home server was built from scratch, rather from bits found, so I have a modern i3 with a high clock speed, but in all other respects, my srtup is the same as your proposal. I run TS on this box too. I use remote desktop to manage it, and an android app called remote system monitor to keep an eye on it. But you won't get to 40 members with this. The problem is not the bandwidth a domestic broadband can provide - it's the number of connections it will allow. These are limited by the ISP for domestic users. My cable is pretty much out of puff at 10 users. Again, not bandwidth, but number of connections. I host my repository and bug/feature tracker using free providers, keeping them off my box. It has it's own steam account so that the game and mods are all easily updated.
  5. isNearly? function request

    That's great work. Thank you all so much. I can now remove my brute force solution. I'm sure you all know how horrid that looked. :)
  6. Forums Upgrade

    I'm having no such issues using that browser.
  7. Publicvariableserver sends the variable to the server. Publicvariable sends it everywhere, clients and server.
  8. isNearly? function request

    Perfect! Thanks @Grumpy Old Man But how can we solve the [359,0,10] call GOM_fnc_isNumInRange // false Can the function be told that it's dealing with compass degrees?
  9. isNearly? function request

    That does look like it will do. I'll check when I get off the phone and on the PC. Thanks mate
  10. isNearly? function request

    As I write this, I realise a few things. It doesn't need to be restricted to direction, any number can be supplied. But wait... direction is (sort of base 359) so, it wouldn't be able to accept any numbering scheme.
  11. Does anyone have anything in their library that could do this? I'm checking the direction of road pieces and want to get those that more or less, are a given direction. I know that road pieces don't ahve a direction so I'm getting the direction between my road piece and the next one. I'm then comparing that to the direction calculated from the original road peice to a nearby town. So basically - a road piece that heads towards the town. But clearly, the chance of the direction of that road piece being exactly the same as that to the town are vanishingly small, so I need an isNearly function, ideal syntax is below; [direction a, direction b, allowable deviation] call fnc_isNearly where allowable deviation is the allowed difference in direction. Returns a boolean. It would need to gracefully cope with directions near to 359.
  12. This function will return the 'displayName' from the config. tky_fnc_getscreenname = { // with thanks to hoverguy and tryteyker private ["_suppliedtype","_type", "_cfg_type","_data", "_ret"]; params ["_suppliedtype"]; if ((typeName _suppliedtype) == "OBJECT") then { _type = (typeof _suppliedtype); } else { _type = _suppliedtype; }; //assume classname is provided. if object is provided, get its classname switch (true) do { case(isClass(configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _type)): {_cfg_type = "CfgMagazines"}; case(isClass(configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _type)): {_cfg_type = "CfgWeapons"}; case(isClass(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _type)): {_cfg_type = "CfgVehicles"}; case(isClass(configFile >> "CfgGlasses" >> _type)): {_cfg_type = "CfgGlasses"}; }; _ret = getText (configFile >> _cfg_type >> _type >> "displayName"); _ret };
  13. Authority 20 player coop.

    MIssion updated to build 2222 on SW and dropbox. (edit. Dropbox links in first post) Primarily a maintenance release, I've made a few scripts less likely to crash, particularly the secondary mission manager and associated secondary mission files. I spent the best part of a week trying to get some status indicator lights on the GVS (generic vehicle service) pad, but gave up, I think the locality of the lights makes it too laggy and I was getting lots (30-40 a second) of warnings in the RPT, so I've removed that system and written off the time taken to make it. I'm moving on to some more secondary missions now. There will be an OPFOR counterattack mission, and a roadside IED clear mission soon too.
  14. Multiple Choice variable?

    You worked hard there, with little progress, Pierre! I read his signature. The first line is a preemptive apology for posting in the wrong forum, the second is an advert for a life server. Valuable community member right there.
  15. GetIn EH not firing

    Is this in multiplayer, on a server? I suspect locality might be the problem here. The helicopter is local to the server when it's empty and your script runs on the server too, so all is good. But when a player gets into the aircraft, it becomes local to the player. Your script and your helicopter are no longer on the same computer. You need to removeexec action and the hint.