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  1. I wish I'd thought of a way to both help and plug my own content.
  2. Agreed. It's nonsense
  3. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Mission updated to 1.20.4787 Fixes a bug that would prevent Linux servers starting. Thanks to @squiffy for report. Improved despawn of some Independent assets - try to have them not despawn in view of players Boat patrol secondary mission cannow use the fixed Shantou OPFOR boats (and what beasts they are!) Scoring for players who run down enemy with vehicles Scoring for players who get kills with artillery and cruise missiles Google drive updated. Links on first page
  4. You're right, as ever. Let's not tell her though. 😀
  5. cardinaldirs = ["north", "northeast", "east", "southeast", "south", "southwest", "west", "northwest", "north"]; tky_fnc_cardinaldirection = { params ["_dir"]; private ["_cardinaldir"]; _cardinaldir = cardinaldirs # (([_dir, 45] call BIS_fnc_roundDir) /45); _cardinaldir };
  6. Tankbuster

    Shadowplay not recording audio

    Wow. Setting OBS up with my Streamdeck was a mission. It took an hour or so, but it's working finally
  7. Tankbuster

    Shadowplay not recording audio

    Does OBS do that funky record-last-5-minutes thing? Edit... ah... Replay Buffer... excellent!
  8. Tankbuster

    Shadowplay not recording audio

    I've googled this to death. Until I got the new GPU and with it, a reinstall of the drivers, I was able to have the all sound ( ts and game) in my headphones and Shadowplay could capture them all. Very frustrating. Looks like I might be switching to OBS then.
  9. This used to work just fine, then I got a new graphics card and Shadowplay isn't recording game audio. It records my microphone, but all my captures are otherwise silent. I've got the game set to output sound (Arma3 > options >audio) to my headphones (Logitech G533) but Shadowplay will only record game sound if I set that to my monitor, which it says is Q3277 Nvidia High Definition Audio (Q3277 being my monitor) This was working until I got the GPU and reinstalled it's drivers, along with, presumably, the Nvida Audio drivers too. Any ideas why I can't have the game audio through my headphones and Shadowplay record game sound?
  10. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Mission updated to 1.20.4776. Lots of optimisations, many related to the Cam Lao Nam version Other new features include the ability to laser guide cruise missles in the terminal phase Working tactical ping (suggest disabling the BI one as this uses, by default the same keystrokes) New secondary mission, boat patrol Hopefully fixed graphics glitch on destroyed Kamish and Tigris Siren sounds in primary target when last few enemy AI rush players. Download links on first page. To reiterate, this mission is designed to work on dedicated servers. It will work on a hosted server too, though you might see some things that are supposed to be on the server only.
  11. Tankbuster

    You've played to much Arma when:

    That's quite a high price to pay for such an experience. How was your framerate? PS, Get well soon.
  12. Is it wrong that I have framerate envy? 🙂