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  1. We need to know which mods you are using and if this happens across different missions. Your system is quite capable, though you don't mention what resolution your monitor runs in. What you describe is often either an overheating problem or a memory leak issue, the latter can be caused by a mission or a mod. The stamina command you mention isn't known to cause issues, but it does show a considerably larger overhead than other commands in that report. If you suspect a mod might be causing issues, we'd usually remove all the mods and test, adding the mods back each session and seeing where the problems come. I'd start by removing that stamina mod first.
  2. Tankbuster

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    The new commands, combatBehaviour and setCombatBehaviour work on individual units. The old command, Setbehaviour works on groups.
  3. Good news! I tell you what would be interesting... is your friend able to install your RAM in his PC?
  4. Ah, OK, this CPU has on onboard graphics - that rules that out - good. I hope your OS reinstall fixes this, very best of luck. I have that feel too about the RAM. Have you reseated it? Physically take it out of it's slots, blow some air into the slot, make sure the RAM board is clean and doesn't look structurally damaged and put the RAM back in. I can recall a number of situations where a reseat fixes, or reveals, the problem. I once found a staple lodged in the AGP port (shows how long ago it was) of my own PC. The motherboard went on to serve another year or so, the GPU... not so much.
  5. Initial thoughts are that despite the RAM testing good, it might actually be faulty. As GS says, make sure the onboard gpu is disabled.
  6. Tankbuster

    Tactical Ping issues

    That author has a second tactical ping mod, called 'enhanced' I think. Not look at that one yet.
  7. Tankbuster

    Tactical Ping issues

    I havent tried it yet, to be honest. I'm hoping it's both.
  8. Tankbuster

    Tactical Ping issues

    I hope you find out what makes it work and what breaks it. Meantime, I've ben mulling over using this instead. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1188482020
  9. The more mods you load, the more likely you are to have problems. Your players are probably timing out. You are loading at least 4 terrains here. You should not load the terrains you aren't using in the mission. Have a critical look through your mod list and decide which ones you must have. If you are using a mod for a single thing that get's seen once in a four hour mission, maybe consider not using that. Hidden Identity, for example, has not been updated for 4 years and according to the author, most of what it does is in RHS, which you already have.
  10. I always rented a dedicated box with them. Very good value if you can spread the cost over clan members
  11. If you're competent with remote desktop and working with dedicated servers, Hetzner have always been good. https://www.hetzner.com/
  12. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Mission updated to 1.14.4336 A small update that was supposed to include a new secondary mission that wasn't finished in time. Adds feature - a dynamic respawn timer system that rewards players who die less often with shorter respawn times. Will improve this later to reward medics and engineers who heal / repair. Adds feature - players respawning at the forward vehicle are placed inside it if the vehicle is moving and outside it if its stationary. Thanks to @larrow for his help with this - I've not yet fully implimented his fixes
  13. Yey! I see you've updated the wiki too. Much obliged. 🙂
  14. Tankbuster

    The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    Yes, I remember it well. That caused a few of us to be very vocal. @ballistic09tore a few new chocolate starfishes over that, and quite rightly so. The stupid names annoy me less now, perhaps I've mellowed and come to accept them.