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  1. AI convoy. Best practices?

    Not yet. Will get to it in a day or two.
  2. AI convoy. Best practices?

    Thanks JB. As it happens, I have written an AI system for making hostages follow their rescuer and other associated stuff. It works fine and is way better than putting the hostages into the rescuers group. I've often thought how we could, in SQF, fix up some aspects of AI driving like stopping them crashing into other vehicles and buildings. To be honest, I worry this would be well beyond me and would be a huge investment of time and effort for relatively little product.
  3. AI convoy. Best practices?

    Actually, no, I haven't seen or tried this. Let's have a go...
  4. Guys, I wonder if we could pull together some info about AI convoys, and how to make them, here? Back in A2 and Arrowhead days, AI convoys were prety reliable and I even have some footage of a bunch of Ifrits barrelling along the roads of Stratis. But I read all is not well at the moment. I reckon we'd need to examine how wheeled and tracked vehicles work in convoy and perhaps when there's a mix of the two. So far, I'm finding that making a number (2 to 6) of wheeled vehicles on consective road pieces, drivers all in different groups then giving them all the same doMove seems to work reasonably well. I'm thinking waypoint settings, group settings, AI skills, mod or no mod, etc etc
  5. Are incap'd players supposed to be captive true? Is that how it works? I'll check their captive status in a moment. I'm using BI revive.
  6. This is happening in stable. They are 'executing' incapacitated players.
  7. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Absolutely! All my ai have a base skill set then a random variance is added or subtracted. My players have different skill levels so my ai do too.
  8. I accepted that there would be learning curve and that I would have to invest time in it to get any payback, but the curve is too steep, the investment required is to expensive and the payback is both too far and not valuable enough. I get that it's widely used and I can see how some projects might benefit from what it does, but it ain't for me.
  9. I'm sure that is part of it lol
  10. I gave up. For me github didn't do what I want and does loads of stuff I don't need. The bits that I do need are unnecessarily complex and buried deep in the application. SVN, Tortoise and Redmine do everything I need so I going back to that. I might maintain Github in parallel by pushing only major commits and milestone releases to it. Might not. ?
  11. Use of "#" instead of "select"

    Even the BASIC I learned 30 years ago was better. That said, I have some sympathy with BI here. They don't improve the language - we complain. They improve the language - we complain. :)
  12. Use of "#" instead of "select"

    Is the question I was thinking of too