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  1. Will this run Arma 3 well or Squad etc

    Two things. The above post and its link are spam. The machine you are building will be fine for Arma. If anything, I'd suggest getting a 4 core instead of a 6 core cpu and look for something with a higher clock speed.
  2. "Hit" Event Handler Params

    In units group
  3. Another feature request for when you're over your jetlag. :) Can the notification open in expanded mode when the shrunk one is overfilled with text? If it's not possible to sense text overfill, can it expand when it's sent more than 200 chars?
  4. Oh absolutely. I've spent a number of evenings grinding out data. Relative positions of doorways for placement of booby traps, location data for Altis that is, unlike BI data, not shit to name but a few.
  5. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setDropInterval
  6. Yeah right. You laugh at the code I write when I'm awake. I can't imagine what you'll say about my REM code lol
  7. Last night I dreamed I was creating a script to make a dog wander about leaving a trail of 'dog eggs'! What's that all about?
  8. Wow, that's brilliant thanks. That must have been really boring to do.
  9. I'm going to expand this mission a little, having had a sleep on it. I have alternatives such as placing a car outside the building with a known numberplate and telling the players to kill the car and the building. The more fun methods, the better, I reckon. @HazJ also tells me it might be possible to make a particle emitting from an IR grenade that would be seen by players using thermal equipment, the story being that an undercover was not able to place explosives but was able to place an IR grenade as a target marker.
  10. That's excellent, Grumpy. :) Thank you. I'll probably be using your code, if not for this, then for something else.
  11. Yeah, very much. I don't want to spoonfeed players, yet I don't want to be too obtuse either. It's quite hard to get it right for a wide audience. I do like your 3dicon idea, that was sort of what I had in mind, actually. If a designator is in use, I might have HQ tell the player they are painting the right target. I've been thinking about improved descriptions of objects, particularly buildings, for some time. It would have other uses in my mission too so it might be worth my knuckling down and doing that. Showing an image of the building is a possibility too, either an editor preview or a procedurally generated live shot of the building. In the end, It's likely I'll be using a hybrid of both your suggestions. Thank you very much.
  12. Can the mission generate a tactical ping? Or is it only a player?
  13. Nasty title, apologies. One of my secondary missions is to have players destroy an object, either a building or infrastructure object (fuel tank, transformer, pylon, pipeline) but do it from distance. Players are told it must look like an accident and be deniable so I'm encouraging them to use artillery, cruisemissile or rocket from distance. Mission success is if the target gets splashed while players are > 1km away. But in practice, I've had problems telling players exactly which object to kill in a believable, non-shit way.. I have a nice function with generates a direction and distance from a known object or position, but even that's not good enough. "Your target is the Metal Bungalow (yellow roof) that is 150m east of Dorida" just isn't enough. When they look through binocs or a designator, they can't tell which object is the target. I'd like to avoid the mission code placing a map marker, if possible. I'm not using any mods, either. I've thought of placing an ir grenade on the roof of the building/object, but that can only be seen through NV, so is useless during the day. Any ideas?