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  1. On an intel platform, I found latency mattered more than frequency. My figures are here in this thread somewhere. I'm away from pc now, so can't be any more specific.
  2. Tankbuster

    7erra's Editing Extensions

    Another feature request I'm afraid. 🙂 The BI config viewer can preview class (spawn an instance of the object) in front of the player. Could your Viewer 73 do the same to save me switching between the two?
  3. Tankbuster

    There is a command for ...

    This covers what you want. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Mission_voting
  4. The numbers in the post are the offset relative to the centre point of the destroyer. The last one - the Spartan for example is 0.054m to the right of the centreline of the ship (it is zero to all intents and purposes) and 50m forward of the middle of the ship and then, 0.4m above the middle point. I'm not familiar with Zeus. I mean I know what it does, I've just never done it. If I write you a snippet of code, can you execute it in the game?
  5. Yes, I use a slightly modified mando chute for Arma 3.
  6. Some progress. There was a number of threads spawned by this particular mission, mostly to help the AI drive in convoy, but I carefully checked the impact of every one. The scheduler wasn't busy. What I have found is that the (loud secondary explosions) effect is more pronounced when there are other dead vehicles near by - it seems that the secondary explosions of one vehicle can set off more in another vehicle nearby. Anyway, it happened again during a different mission so we can rule out the sheduler being overworked. What I have noticed is that disabling the simulation of the objects stops the secondary explosion behaviour, so I think that's the best way to fix this.
  7. You must be doing something wrong. It works fine on a dedicated server.
  8. Tankbuster

    Mission SQF placing double units

    Because when you run it from init.sqf,it runs on every client as well as the server. So for each player, an extra object will spawn. Move the script to initserver and it only runs on the server.
  9. Tankbuster

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    Oh wow. Great to hear you're still reading us. Parenting is the most amazing thing, moreso given your circumstances. I hope you have a great time doing it.
  10. Tankbuster

    Compilation List of my GF Scripts - Mods

    No more info than you, @Gunter Severloh. You seem to have spoken with him more recently than me. He's a lovely fella. I remember him saying he's been ill and that he's been irregularly checking up here. So there's a great chance he'll be back. You might want to remove the bit of your post where you name the illness. I know some sufferers prefer not to name it and when I spoke with him, it was in confidence.
  11. Yes, more or less. 🙂
  12. I know this is a little off topic, but I prefer lineIntersects for this. Easier on the CPU and I found it more reliable.
  13. Tankbuster

    NSS Admin Console

    This is a long shot as @MAD T is long gone and I don't know if this is still widely used.... here goes anyway.. For reasons unknown, I changed 'interval in miliseconds' on the execute code tab of this to 10000. Obviously, this is too slow to be useful when using this to watch variables. But when I change it back 100, my change isn't remembered. The next time I open NSS, it's back to 10000. NSS remembers everything else, watch fields and the dropdown list of executable code lines, but I can't change this timer back. Any ideas?
  14. Some one get me some humble pie please? I jst bought my first non Intel powered machine in more than 20 years and the Ryzen 5-3500 and Vega 8 is really great value. Long story short - I had decided to buy this particular machine as a school laptop for my sons move to high school, but I couldn't find it in stock anywhere and eventually ordered the similar priced Intel power machine. The following day, the Ryzen one came in stock AND it transpired, my daughter needed a new machine too. I ordered it. So, within the space of a couple of days, I've taken delivery of two same priced (£40 difference) Asus laptops that really only differ in their CPU and GPU. And there's no doubt about it, the Ryzen machine is considerably better. It can actually play a decent game too - they are playing Ylands on it right now and we played a bit of Civ 6 too amd it really held up. Calculations show it will use it's battery a lot faster, but it will still last the whole school day and that's what's important here.