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  1. Where can I find a copy of the Beast Bandana IRL?

    /ignore list.
  2. Stuck on map screen

    My extra sensory perception isn't working today. Apologies for that. What mission were you playing?
  3. Authority 20 player coop.

    Build 2811 is on Steam Workshop and Dropbox. There's aren't many features to this build. I had to restart my server and thought it was a good time to update the mission with what I had. I'm planning to get the convoy interdiction missions going next - I've been fiddling with them for weeks, perhaps months if you include summer breaks. There's been a lot of new routines added to the mission init. It uses quite a lot more memory now, but it prepares some large arrays for use later in the mission. Deep water, destroyable buildings, road bridges etc. All of these now are found during the mission init, rather than when the mission is running, so should hopefully clean out some lag spikes. I've fixed the broken BI triggers either holding up, or completing too early, the assault phase of the primary targets. Don't know why they were broken, just that they were. Also, the reinforcement guys that are dropped or driven into the PT should now be less superhuman.
  4. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    You're quoting me out of context. Removing the words "in my opinion" puts a rather different texture on what I said. I never said there was a rule, your reply implies I did.
  5. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Just my opinion, but pictures that are primarily to promote a mod or script belong in their release/development topic, not the screenshots topic.
  6. 7erra's Editing Extensions

    Bisign is the one that the player has in with the PBOs. Servers need the .bikey file in the keys directory for key checking to work. Old thread, but might help with finding something more recent...
  7. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    George is a prolific poster in that thread. With that volume of exposure, I guess one can expect some unusual reactions. Personally, I'd advise him to ignore it.
  8. 7erra's Editing Extensions

    Started using this this morning and really like it. Can we get a server key to go with the bisign, please?
  9. Great stuff. Looking forward to it!
  10. AI convoy. Best practices?

    Thanks for the help, mate, I really appreciate it it. I'm going to rewrite the script and jiggle the order it does the stuff around a bit to see if we can shake the marids lose.
  11. AI convoy. Best practices?

    Right OK. Bearing in mind this is all done in code rather than in the editor, I'll have to have a think about how to do this. At the moment, they are put in the group as they are created, so I think I'll create the vehicle then group them later on. But this doesn't shed any light on why the Marid and the Ifrits misbehave, while the Qilin works perfectly. There is an array of escort vehicle (Ifrits, Marids and Qilins) and these are chosen at random to be the first and last vehicles in the convoy, so they are create, grouped and set up in exactly the same way. The only difference is that the Qilins drive in the convoy, the Marid's don't. Further info, if I watch them using spectator, I can hear the Marid driver getting his group waypoint, but he ignores it.
  12. AI convoy. Best practices?

    Oh forgot to mention, since 1.84, bridge driving has been greatly improved. They will drive over the Harcourt bridge now! They'll still drive up forest footpaths though.
  13. AI convoy. Best practices?

    @pierremgi, I've taken your advice and it's working well. Devas's stuff had features I didn't want and it was always going to be quicker to make from scratch rather than edit existing code and risk FUBARing it in the process. One question, Ifrits as lead vehicles don't do anything, they just sit there. Have you observed this too? edit: In fact Ifrits and Marids refuse to convoy, they just don't drive and the rest of the convoy leaves them behind. Qilins work just fine.
  14. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Your reply before you edited it shows a failure to understand what is and isn't acceptable.