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  1. Feature request: The misc tools-> make private statement is useful. I use it a lot, though I suspect you're going to tell me off for poor coding habits. :) Anyway, the make private thingy, I get that it looks through all the selected code and makes a private statement for any private variables it finds and that it cunningly excludes magic variables like _foreachindex, _this and _x. Could be made to also exclude variables which have already been privated, for example, ones created by a params statement, or ones created by the alternative syntax such as private _scripttime= floor serverTime; When it sees _scripttime used inside the selected code, it adds it to it's generated private statement and it shouldn't do. Thanks Tanky -Paul
  2. count (vehicles inAreaArray [getmarkerpos "AA_Mike26_1", 50, 50, 0, false, -1] select {((typeOf _x) isEqualto "O_APC_Tracked_02_AA_F") and alive _x} == 0;
  3. I am in partial agreement with you, @Groove_C. Asus would currently be my recommendation. My Gigabyte Z97 has been an absolute trooper and the BIOS is lovely. Overclocking headroom is limited because the 4790K it houses is already in a pretty high state of tune. When I buy a 370 board this year, there's a better than evens chance it'll be an Asus. As for power phases, we both know there is WAY more to the list of criteria we should be looking at when choosing a motherboard. Users don't seem to be reporting failures on the Gigabyte boards that might be related to board substrate or component heating, nor do they report CPU throttling. Admittedly, I've only had a quick look around - it's possible a deeper look might turn up some cases of these issues. In other words, don't pin your motherboard choice on a rather esoteric property of motherboards which realistically, only effects the most ardent overclocker. (edit for crosspost. It seems we have broadly similar systems. :) )
  4. A very quick look, and possibly entirely misleading I accept, seems to show the top 10 motherboards selling on Amazon UK have 3 Asus, 2 Gigabyte and a single MSI motherboard in their top ten. Groove_C does say that he's talking specifically about this particular generation, so figures for the 370 chipset may well be different.
  5. Can't really express an opinion there. I'd rarely change case fans unless the supplied ones are known to be terrible.
  6. I edited my above post while you were posting. :) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0764H6HC8/?tag=pcp0f-21
  7. Usually, I'd avoid anything with 'gaming' or 'rgb' in the title because the addition of these adds 10% to the price for no real gain :), but yes that's a good, if expensive, choice. The Asus prime Z370 P will be plenty good enough and rather cheaper.
  8. In a waitUntil. waitUntil {count (vehicles inAreaArray [getmarkerpos "myiconmarker", 50, 50, 0, false, -1] select {(typeOf _x) isEqualto "O_APC_Tracked_02_AA_F") > 0};
  9. vehicles inAreaArray [getmarkerpos "myiconmarker", 50, 50, 0, false, -1] select {(typeOf _x) isEqualto "O_APC_Tracked_02_AA_F"}; Will return all the Tigrii (little known fact, plural of Tigris) within 50 of your marker. Adjust the marker name to what yours is.
  10. You're going to have to be a little clearer. Do you know the radius you want to check around the position?
  11. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/inAreaArray
  12. Eh? Are you sure you got that right? Asus and Gigabyte are what I'd call the better manufacturers. MSI and Asrock are the cheap ones to avoid. And no, Asrock and Asus haven't been the same thing for 16 years.
  13. The problem with waiting until tomorow is... tomorow never comes. :) Buy it now, get the enjoyment now. Not tomorow.
  14. I'd have thought so. I suggest looking for recommendations from other gamers, or splashing out on a business grade router
  15. That sounds about right. Be careful with your choice of router too - buy a good one.