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  1. Tankbuster

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yes, very much. Aimed at your players, hopefully those more experienced with RHS than me.
  2. Tankbuster

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Guys, mission maker question; I'm making a small inventory of magazines for BLUFOR RHS players and I was wondering what are the 8 most commonly used type of grenades by RHSUSAF players? Hand grenades, smokes, frags, even the UGL types. The ones that go in the funky 6 barrel launcher too. The most used 8 types please?
  3. I'm not sure. I always assumed the description.ext settings, if given, took precedence.
  4. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    A very quick and unpolished video of player deploying the RHS FOB.
  5. Tankbuster

    SQFLint - Syntax error checker CLI

    @SkaceKachna, I'm still getting loads of 'Possibly undefined variable' yellow warnings on variables defined in a global variables file earlier. All my own functions too - it's not getting stuff out of CfgFunctions. Finding the red warnings is brilliant and it's a valuable tool because it's very reliable at getting these. I was wondering; in the documentation, you say it works best with Armitxes SQF support extension and I use a different one, the Vladislav Sazonovs extension. Is it likely this is what is causing these yellow warnings?
  6. A symbolic link. I thought it's 'just' a link too, but the target folders can be made into a PBO just as I'd hoped. I now have 3 target folders coming off the source folder and it's working a treat. The subfolders and stuff like that all work just fine. Something to bear in mind.. If you create a new file or folder in the root of the mission folder, you have to create a new link. Also, don't select the SQM as for me, they have to be different in each destination folder. As we discussed earlier, this is primarily for making copies of a mission folder for multiple builds of a mission. For example, all my scripts are in my authority.altis folder. When I make changes, they are copied to the authority.tanoa, authority_rhs.altis and authority_rhs.tanoa. The folders are identical APART from the mission.sqm.
  7. Oh yes. I've been using it since the discussion started and @Grumpy Old Manpresumably using it even before that. Always submit the files to your virus checker, obviously.
  8. Here's how to actually do this thang. Because I have to refer to this thread every time and I know a couple of other users want to know because they've asked me. 🙂 If you haven't already, install link shell extension. Create a new mission folder, give it an appropriate name - the extension is typically the terrain name. Go to the source directory. Select everything in there except for the mission.sqm and any files or folders created by IDE applications. Mine, for example has a hidden .svn folder and a .vscodefolder. You don't want to select any of those . While they are selected, in the right click menu select Pick Link Source. Go to the folder you created earlier and right click in there, select Drop as, then select Symbolic Link. The files will all appear after a short delay. You will need to make your own mission.sqm which you can do in the mission editor. In the mission editor, go to Attributes>General and change the Title to something appropriate. Now, every file edit you make in the source directory is quickly copied over to the new directory. Note that you need to be disciplined and careful when loading mods and saving the mission in the editor. If you load up a vanilla mission into the editor while you have mods loaded and save it, you will overwrite your vanilla SQM with a modded one and that's never good. Keep a backup of those SQMs. I suggest turning autosave off in settings>preferences in the mission editor.
  9. Tankbuster


    I've just remembered why I stopped using FileZilla, may or may not be relevant. I was running a coop competitive tournament with BI and a gaming magazine and they gave us a server to use. I remember it was a Linux server and we wanted Windows but the hosting provider, one of the sponsors, only had Linux available. Anyway, we determined that Filezilla was corrupting the file during the upload because we changed FTP client and all the problems went away.
  10. Tankbuster


    Are you using Filezilla in 'active' mode? Change it to passive mode. Also, try different FTP. Its a long time ago, so I don't remember specifics, but I had to stop using Filezilla for a similar reason.
  11. As you say it's easy to break sqm. I see this is actually an a2 question, it is even harder to do in a3, the sqm is much more complicated
  12. Yes, when you refer to an object, don't put speech marks around it.
  13. Best of luck. It might be easier now or I was just noob, but I really struggled to remove ACE from my mission. In the end, I generated a brand new sqm.
  14. It won't come true no matter how much you say it. Supporter edition was for all Arma 3 DLC. I've shown you the link already. There's no denying what it says.