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  1. Absolutely agree. 🙂 You'd be right if you sense my disappointment having just bought an expensive Intel CPU when it was the boss and now the 3900X rocks up and appears, at first glance to be a very good part. I'd very probably be buying one if I was in the market.
  2. Other people hold other views, you seem intolerant of that and them. Just because you say something is a fact, it doesn't make it so. A brief browse (I'm not currently in the market for a new CPU) of the tech news websites doesn't turn up anything that is recognisably the same fact you state here. You appear to be claiming, by proxy, that AMD CPUs have no security problems and that seems unlikely. Note that shouty youtube 'personalities' waving their arms about doesn't count as 'fact'.
  3. Other CPUs are available and very nice. Just because one knowledgeable user here seems to be keen on AMD parts and say they outperform a given Intel part, it doesn't mean Intel won't be best in some instances. Likewise, watercooling is widely used, yet Groove will tell you it kills kittens. Your kitten mortality may vary.
  4. My experience is, and I have 3 machines running Arma here, is that at 1080 GPU doesn't make a great deal of difference. Once you get past 1080, then the GPU becomes more important. I now have a GTX 1080 purely because my main monitor is 2560 by 1440. The old GTX 970 wasn't even close to making this work.
  5. There is a BI function that spawns and crews a load of vehicles on a grid. I forgot the name of it, I'm afk atm. Preview somethingorother
  6. Tankbuster

    Make a flowing lava effect?

    Oooh, nice. Both looks good. Shame the author of the second one has been gone since January
  7. It's a weird one, I know. For an upcoming project, I need to see lava flowing down the Tanoa volcano hillside. It doesn't have to be harmful, it's just a visual effect. Any ideas, anyone?
  8. Tankbuster

    What is this mod ?

    I think those are links to attachments in phpbb, but they are missing some of the url.
  9. Tankbuster

    Dismount Where You Look

    Yes it was me who mentioned TIR with this. I'll have another look this evening and report back.
  10. You should see them on Tanoa bridges. I'm becoming more of an author-of-workarounds than mission maker, these days.
  11. Ok thanks. My vehicles are spawned in script not editor, but I can make this work.
  12. This looks good. How is the order of vehicles decided?
  13. Good spot. Can add that info to the biki page?
  14. Oooh, hello. Something new to play with! Thanks kzk
  15. You can pass it to a group. You had it mostly right, pushback each position to an array and do with it what you will. Just be sure to give the array time to be fully populated. The way you coded it, the eventhandler hadn't finished (or even started) before you hinted the myroads variable. calculatepath can be quite slow; asking it to do a SAFE wheeled_APC all the way across Altis takes a couple of seconds, you see. Not really sure what Nomisum is finding on that linked thread. I've never seen it execute twice, though I've never used the output in the same way he did. As I said earlier, I use an adapted version of the snippet that makes markers, BUT, I get the road object at the position given using roadAt and then pushbackUnique them into an array for later use, so any duplicates would be eradicated. I use roadAt because I'm specifically interested in positioning a roadblock as I mentioned to Pierre just now.