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  1. I've no complaints. I have 16GB HyperX Predator 3333 MHz CL16. I run it in XMP 2 at C15 3333 and got a significant performance increase over running it at C14, or at stock. The latency seems to matter more than the speed.
  2. Tankbuster

    Problem whit Arma 3 performance

    You say you are playing with your clan, so we can assume this is multiplayer? Do other players report difficulties? What mission are you playing? what's your ping to the server? is the server local to you?
  3. Haz, mate, further to our chat just now, what you said works for van, but I'm struggling to get it to work for offroads. Any ideas? I've plugged in all the animationnames I could find in the config for the gendarme offroad, but nothing works.
  4. Tankbuster

    You've played to much Arma when:

    When you CAN keep track of the comings and goings of Community Managers. Who was Placebo anyway?
  5. Tankbuster

    Arma3 Videos

  6. Same here. For the first time, I had a budget that meant I didn't have to make as many compromises as I have done in the past. It's lovely being able to have your list of parts sorted by price and not having to scroll down so far.
  7. Fine choice of motherboard. I have one here. 🙂
  8. Tankbuster

    a3_characters_f warning

    You can ignore that. It happens all the time and doesn't have any effect on the mission.
  9. I read that it was stable, but I prefer your opinion over some random child on a review site.
  10. For those of you with Ryzen systems whose performance is almost solely dependent on getting rare, fast RAM, this kit might be useful and is a good price in the UK. It wouldn't hurt Intel users who have the right motherboard either. DDR4 4000 at C15, I'd be interested to see if anyone actually gets it to run at 4000. It's Samsung b-die so is more likely to be fast-Ryzen compliant. https://www.ebuyer.com/875837-patriot-viper-steel-series-ddr4-16gb-2-x-8gb-4000mhz-memory-kit-pvs416g400c9k
  11. Tankbuster

    Detect sea

    That code predates the introduction of isEqualType, so yes, it is old. Sometimes I look back, or stumble over code from the mission that was written in 2015 and think "Which idiot wrote this?.. ah..."
  12. Tankbuster

    7erra's Editing Extensions

    I see. Thanks for looking into it
  13. Tankbuster

    Detect sea

    //fn_istowncoastal //send me a logic (from alllogics) or a position and a distance (400 is about right) and I'll tell you if it's a coastal town // if sent a logic and a 0 distance, I will use the targetradius distance from the town logic #include "..\includes.sqf" params ["_town", "_dist"]; private _ret = objNull; if (((typeName _town) isEqualTo "ARRAY" ) and {_dist < 1} ) then { _dist = _town getVariable "targetradius"; }; _nrobjs = (nearestTerrainObjects [_town, ["hide"], _dist, false, true]) select {((getModelInfo _x) #0) in ["bw_setsmall_tubey_f.p3d","bw_setbig_tubey_f.p3d","bw_setsmall_tubeg_f.p3d","bw_setbig_tubeg_f.p3d","bw_setsmall_brains_f.p3d","bw_setbig_brains_f.p3d","bw_setbig_corals_f.p3d","lavastonecluster_small_water_f.p3d","lavaboulder_04_water_f.p3d"]}; if (_nrobjs isEqualTo []) then { _ret = false; } else { _ret = true; }; _ret Here's a function I use that is reliable on Altis, Tanoa and Malden. Obviously it's ripped out of an existing mission, but I expect you can pick the relevant bones out of it.
  14. Tankbuster

    7erra's Editing Extensions

    7erra, could the watch fields output be made smaller? I've got quite a few and they begin to get in the way. I promise not to ban you from TS 🙂