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  1. Mission starting fine. No issues.
  2. I've joined an existing mission without issue, but Athena browser just gets a blank screen *edit, blank screen fixed by refresh
  3. I wasn't sure if I needed to so I exported all the maps again. I've not had an opportunity to test it in multiplayer with other players yet. That android tablet I was talking about earlier - it's junk. I'm using borrowed iPads at the moment. All good.
  4. Yes, I moved the bikeys. It's not a real problem, my server is passworded so only my players get on and they know which addons to use.
  5. Which leads me to ask; Could this be a server side thing, so the browsers connect to the game server rather than a client? I realise this would mean some funky port forwarding and similiar issues, but I reckon that's well within the capabilites of most server admins. Oh, forgot to mention, I'm still getting signature rejection. It's entirely possible it's something I'm doing wrong, so it'd be smashing if someone else could have a go at this too.
  6. It occurs to me this would be a great tool for Zeus'. Having a wider overview of the map and units could be useful.
  7. Even rooted, the Lenovo A10-70 Android 6 is too slow. We might try to ram a lightweight Linux on it. Forecode is enjoying the challenge. 🙂
  8. It's Android 6, we rooted it, @Fire_Codeis still toying with it
  9. It's fine. It's across the LAN rather than the WAN, but it's working OK. Firecode is messing with an old android tablet as we speak, tyring to get it on
  10. Also, we're less and less sober as the evening progresses
  11. Sort of. I'm running the mod, 2 are connecting to my client
  12. OK, we just started a mission with 09 version. We'll go with this for now
  13. Wow. I've just looked at that screenshot. I really like that. So professional
  14. It's an issue that doesn't affect JIP. All the joins bar one are JIP, so we can live with that. I think the issue is that my mission and your addon are trying to do a heck of a lot in that first minute. I can live with that too. I only mentioned it because of the scale of the slowdown - From 45 seconds to 4 minutes. I'm with you; It's most likely the scheduler working overtime and is unlikely to affect other missions as badly as mine. I've optimised the heck out of it in the last 8 years. The first builds used to take 10 minutes before the players got in. 🙂 Things like hilltops, valleys, large buildings, bridges, deep water, patrol routes, roads and forests were all found by the mission at run time. Now, they use preprepared arrays. Excellent work! The duplicated names thing is random. It's often the arty or cruise gunners on the ship. As we discussed yesterday, I'll be excluding them from the Athena output anyway. For reasons I haven't been able to get full answers to, the mission creates an HQ entity for each side in use at 0,0,0. Sometimes, their name gets reused. I don't remember what I do with these, I think I experimented with deleting them, but don't remember what I settled with. It's a multiplayer mission - if you go in single-handed, you will get mashed. 🙂 Even when there are a dozen or more of us, sometimes we get terribly bogged down for an hour or so. The airfield assault is supposed to be a desperate affair. It gets easier later on. You're welcome to play with us - 2000 GMT on Fridays. I read all the stuff about variables. I like what you're doing. It's good when a mod maker has a feel for the mission designer's art. For example, if the server has a lot of players, one of the secondary missions kidnaps a player, whisks him away to an enemy safehouse in an enemy town and players have to go rescue him. I'd want Athena to show zilch for the kidnapped player and not show his position to the rest ofm the players. I'll try the new version soon and report back. Monday was hard and I'm going to sleep. 🙂
  15. Yes, the time between mission start and the players being moved to the beachhead