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  1. You are seeing screen tearing because your GPU or monitor isn't up to the job. Vsync is probably making it worse. I too use TrackIR. That sometimes causes flickering if one of the emitters is blocked, but you're probably onto that already. I don't know if your talk of seeing objects a KM away is rhetorical? Here's what I see when I look at a warehouse building 1000m away (its right in the middle of the bino reticule). You're just aren't tracking any object at that distance with the naked eye. Note that I'm seeing it on a 32" monitor in 2560 x 1440 and a man object is single pixel high there. The warehouse is 12 pixels high. I'm getting the sense here you are unwilling to accept advice you don't like. Framerate drops are all part of the rich tapestry that is being a Bohemia Interactive customer. You haven't even experienced the world of frustration and joy that is content creation in this game. This $700 you mention? Add another $300 and we'll talk.
  2. I've only played a couple of the SP campaigns. I rarely get 'solid 60' FPS (presumably 'solid' means 'constant'?), but you don't need 60 FPS in this game unless you plan on taking a fast jet through the valleys at treetop height. In which case, there are better games for that. You're new to Arma. First things first, get the FPS fixation out of your head. We don't sideways bunny hop, emptying 3 magazines into a player you saw as a silhouette through a wall 20 seconds ago. Secondly, some missions run at 60 FPS, others run at 30 FPS, and that's fine. If you're prone in a bush for half a minute, waiting for that patrol to come back, or you're glaring at the map, choosing your next vantage point, 60 FPS isn't going to help you. If you're on a hilltop with a shoulder launched AT rocket, waiting for that APC 800 meters away to turn around so you don't have to risk a shot to it's stronger frontal armour, 30 FPS is plenty. Trust me on this. If you take the best current advice and buy one of the new AMD CPUs, you do have to get the right memory for it. Others here know more about this than me, but I will say this - if you impulse buy, you'll regret it. Other things to consider - get the fastest and biggest SSD you can afford. The motherboards you are looking at probably support M.2. You'll be needing an SSD to go in that slot and be big enough to have the OS and the game and ny mods you want to use. Have a secondary drive for the rest of your stuff, another M.2 drive if your mobo supports that. Don't get too hung up on a GPU. In this game the GPU you want is decided by the resolution of your monitor. Most of the GTX 1070 and upwards will drive a 1080p monitor. My 1440p monitor is happy with my GTX 1080.
  3. For the last 2 decades, I've been religiously buying Intel CPUs. Not because I have any fanboi attachment to them, but because they have made the best CPUs. Until now - AMD is the best choice for a gaming CPU.
  4. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Mission updated to 1.10.4129 Google drive links on first page for downloads. This is mostly a bug fix release.
  5. Authority. The mission A coop mission on Altis and Tanoa. The CSAT forces hold the island and a small BLUFOR force are going to take them back BLUFOR will be landed on a beach with an ammo box and 4 ATVs. You'll have a Forward Point vehicle that you can spawn at. It will have a small selection of magazines in its inventory. Artillery support is provided by a distant battery. The Forward vehicle will be replaced if it's destroyed. It's a Prowler, the 50cal one. Your first task is to secure a nearby airfield to use as an airhead. Clear all the enemy assets and forces out. There will be a radar system to destroy, that will stop the enemy bringing in airborne reinforcements and there will also be a HQ vehicle. Destroying that will mean the enemy has no more air support. One the airfield is taken, you will be given a small base area with vehicle and aircraft servicing and a respawn point. The arsenal box from the beach will be moved here too. Players can spawn a quad here too. Also, another vehicle - A Hunter MRAP - will be delivered to the base. This is the FOB vehicle. This can be deployed and unpacked into a small FOB. You can respawn at the fob, plus it also has an arsenal box. If the engine is off, the player in the back seat can deploy and undeploy the FOB. This seat also has access to the artillery. After the airfield, you'll be given orders to assault another nearby target. If it's a town, it will have some roadblocks at the city limits. Destroy them to stop enemy road reinforcements. Small towns will be mostly infantry, bigger targets will be better defended. Each successful target taken wins you another vehicle. Aircraft that are won are delivered to the helipad at your airhead in the form of a crate. An engineer must 'unbox' them. Non aircraft prizes (and respawning FOB/ Forward vehicles) are delivered to the closest friendly position. If the primary target is a civilian town, once you've cleared out the enemy, you will have to complete other, secondary tasks, often rebuild or reparation type assignments. How many you have to do will depend on how the assault phase went. Killing civilians, damaging their buildings and such like will all mean more secondaries to complete. The mission runs BI revive. Anyone can revive although the medic is much quicker. Press (default) Left windows key for the mission progress dialog. Under the bonnet When the mission starts, it chooses one of the airfields (though not the salt flats or the main airbase on Altis). The mission then chooses a nearby beach for the beachhead position. Subsequent towns are chosen so that they are close by - it will never choose a distant town when there are closer alternatives. It will also always choose a target on the same island until there's no choice but to island-hop. When this happens, players are airdropped a Blackfish vehicle transport to allow them to move, at least, the forward vehicle and the FOB vehicle. No addons required, though we use urban rappelling client side. Note for mission admins and server operators This mission is designed to run on dedicated servers with persistent battlefield. File patching should be allowed on the server. It's not required but does allow better diagnostics. This mission should provide 20+ hours of dynamic gameplay. Leave difficulty settings at default and select custom difficulty. You don't need a Zeus. All of what a Zeus does is done automatically in code by the mission. In fact, if you do use a Zeus, you will break some things. The mission is best played with all available BI DLCs. cDLCs are not supported. ACE is not supported and the mission doesn't need CBA. Downloads http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758581029 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1577912956 Public download links. Authority Altis https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QCSRUUnjMm0ANe8Bwy18ijiB_IURxq-I/view?usp=sharing Authority Tanoa https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xG6CvKg3Ns0i3JvqF2mlJktdwvAPynAa/view?usp=sharing Authority Altis RHS https://drive.google.com/file/d/1plaaDf_wLVM3EOYH-wOz2GKjCS93Bp-C/view?usp=sharing Authority Tanoa RHS https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oYjRvV76fnraMmt5Qq_ytTsDuHMpupcf/view?usp=sharing CBA users, the mission doesn't use or require CBA, but if you do, read this post about the CHVD View Distance manager.
  6. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setMarkerPolyline I went into dev build earlier to have a little play with this (I've got a lot of use for isNotEqualto as well, but that's for another day) the biki page says it needs 4 elements in the array. The first 2 elements are the pos of the start of the line, the next two are the end of the line, but markerPolyLine returns a 6 element array, the last 2 being a pos near the end of the line. I can add elements to the array and send it back to setMarkerPolyLine to get straight lines with turns in it, that's all great. The biki says setMarkerPolyline requires 4 elements but if it has any less than 6, the line disappears, though allMarkers still has it. Do we know why the array has these 2 apparently spuroius elements on the end?
  7. I've got the Intel version of this board (the Aorus Pro) , it's excellent.
  8. Tankbuster

    knowsAbout value display

    The 2 videos you post show expected behaviour of AI as documented on the Biki. The reason it might get complicated in multiplayer is that where _who knowsAbout _target , who (the AI) must be local, so in your example, you must run where the AI is local and if that is on a dedicated server, the command player cannot work, as player doesn't exist there. I don't use TFAR or ACRE, others might have more information than me.
  9. Tankbuster

    knowsAbout value display

    Is this in single player? Because this might not work on a server.
  10. Ah, right click the profile! That will do just fine, thank you. The tactical ping thing isn't documented here, but I promise it works. In fact, you can tactical ping in either the map of the main game window and it shows up on the other if that is set to 2. It's not seen by other players, though, as far as I can see.
  11. This is a long standing problem. Last year, I had to pay over the odds to get fast RAM with low latency to go with my 9900K. And my CPU is less finicky about the RAM you use with it, unlike these nice new AMD parts.
  12. Keep looking. The CPU is out of stock everywhere.
  13. Tankbuster


    We don't know how big his monitor is. If's a run of the mill 1080 monitor, then a 1060 will be good enough. My 1080 just about powers my 2560 x 1440. If the SSD is a good fast M2 type and big enough, I'd not worry too much about seperating the game and the OS. Some people have dozens of huge mods and so need a lot of space, it makes sense then, but otherwise, I'd prefer 1 big SSD over 2 smaller ones.
  14. Hi @Keelah,I've got a couple of things on my mind. 🙂 First, can we have an 'open RPT button' that opens the rpt file in the default application? FAST used to have it and I miss it. Also, FASTER only allows us to set custom difficulty for tactical ping to zero or one - off or on. The game allows it to be set to 2, which renders the tactical ping on everyones map as well as in the main screen. Could FASTER allow that too please? *correction* the tactical ping doesn't appear on everyones map when it's set to two, only the person who pings it, but nevertheless, a useful tool I'd lve to have. I can edit the profileoutput from within FASTER to make it work, by the way, just the application dropdown box doesn't have the option.
  15. Tankbuster


    @oldbear, I was just about to say that the onboard sound systems on modern motherboards are very reliable and for the average user, they are more than good enough, but then I remembered, this user isn't using a 'modern' motherboard, he's using an 8 year old motherboard when onboard sound systems were junk. The specific occasional stuttering sometimes points to a sound card - the game is trying to play a particular sound effect that might be a big file or in a format the soundcard doesn't support - but this is usually just a driver issue. The simplest, most correct, but probably most unwelcome answer is - @TurtIeeee, your PC is old and knackered. Time to upgrade.
  16. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    MIssion updated to 1.10.4086. Dropbox links on first page updated. Bug fixes and performance fixes using new BI scipting commands, statements and functions. There's no real highlights in this release - mostly fixes and tweaks. The rewrite mentioned in the previous post didn't need to happen in the end. A new secondary mission where players are tasked with going plain clothed in a civvy car to sneak around an enemy held town has taken longer than expected to finish. I was hoping to have it ready for this release, but it has turned out to be a really big and complex mission so it'll be in a subsequent version. Fantastically dull changelog in spoiler below.
  17. Tankbuster

    7erra's Editing Extensions

    Top work. Thanks mate.
  18. Tankbuster


    Usually, sudden changes in performance are widely reported among users with low end machines, and there hasn't been a flood of reports, so you have to think @TurtIeeees problem probably isn't related to game update.
  19. Tankbuster


    It's an old CPU and yes, the slow RAM is holding it back even more. As to why the game is stuttering now when it wasn't before? Perhaps an overheat?
  20. I could never make it work either. I do remember reading ages ago that I was doing something wrong, but I don't remember exactly what.
  21. Ok, well it's not just me. I take some small comfort from that 🙂
  22. Tankbuster

    You've played to much Arma when:

    I'm sure you're right.
  23. This is going to be the most unreproducable bug report ever. 🙂 My dedicated server is here, next to me and I use remote desktop to access it. When I first look at the FASTER interface using RD, it all looks fine. If I shut down RD and reconnect, the text of the names of the server profiles on the main menu, turn black and is very hard to read. Now I'm not sure if this is related to remote desktop, I've seen no other applications do things like this on that machine. I'm running the version you released a day or two ago and both this and the previous version show this behaviour. Any thoughts?