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  1. Fine choice of motherboard. I have one here. 🙂
  2. Tankbuster

    a3_characters_f warning

    You can ignore that. It happens all the time and doesn't have any effect on the mission.
  3. I read that it was stable, but I prefer your opinion over some random child on a review site.
  4. For those of you with Ryzen systems whose performance is almost solely dependent on getting rare, fast RAM, this kit might be useful and is a good price in the UK. It wouldn't hurt Intel users who have the right motherboard either. DDR4 4000 at C15, I'd be interested to see if anyone actually gets it to run at 4000. It's Samsung b-die so is more likely to be fast-Ryzen compliant. https://www.ebuyer.com/875837-patriot-viper-steel-series-ddr4-16gb-2-x-8gb-4000mhz-memory-kit-pvs416g400c9k
  5. Tankbuster

    Detect sea

    That code predates the introduction of isEqualType, so yes, it is old. Sometimes I look back, or stumble over code from the mission that was written in 2015 and think "Which idiot wrote this?.. ah..."
  6. Tankbuster

    7erra's Editing Extensions

    I see. Thanks for looking into it
  7. Tankbuster

    Detect sea

    //fn_istowncoastal //send me a logic (from alllogics) or a position and a distance (400 is about right) and I'll tell you if it's a coastal town // if sent a logic and a 0 distance, I will use the targetradius distance from the town logic #include "..\includes.sqf" params ["_town", "_dist"]; private _ret = objNull; if (((typeName _town) isEqualTo "ARRAY" ) and {_dist < 1} ) then { _dist = _town getVariable "targetradius"; }; _nrobjs = (nearestTerrainObjects [_town, ["hide"], _dist, false, true]) select {((getModelInfo _x) #0) in ["bw_setsmall_tubey_f.p3d","bw_setbig_tubey_f.p3d","bw_setsmall_tubeg_f.p3d","bw_setbig_tubeg_f.p3d","bw_setsmall_brains_f.p3d","bw_setbig_brains_f.p3d","bw_setbig_corals_f.p3d","lavastonecluster_small_water_f.p3d","lavaboulder_04_water_f.p3d"]}; if (_nrobjs isEqualTo []) then { _ret = false; } else { _ret = true; }; _ret Here's a function I use that is reliable on Altis, Tanoa and Malden. Obviously it's ripped out of an existing mission, but I expect you can pick the relevant bones out of it.
  8. Tankbuster

    7erra's Editing Extensions

    7erra, could the watch fields output be made smaller? I've got quite a few and they begin to get in the way. I promise not to ban you from TS 🙂
  9. Tankbuster

    displaying successive hints

    This is pretty much how I did it. I sent the string to a manager script that counted the characters in the string which then displayed the hint for a time determined by the length of the string. It would also queue the hints so none got overwritten. But after a while I did not like the look of hints and switched to HazJ's notification system.
  10. It was some time ago, but FileZilla caused me problems on a rented server. Try using turning passive mode on for transfers. Or if it's on, turn it off. Can't remember which 🙂
  11. Tankbuster

    Arma3 Videos

  12. The script needs to run on all players, but it has to show the particles on the player who is using the jetpack. So, when the player starts to use the jetpack, they need to tell every other player to run jetpacksmoke but reference the jetpack user object in it. I think you might be over-complicating matters. Let's break it down . Write a function which all the players have, personally, I'd make a function and compile it in CfgFunctions. This function needs to take, as a parameter, an object which should be the person who is using the jetpack. As I said earlier, remoteexec can handle this and it's how I would do it. [player] remoteexec ["jetpacksmoke", [0,-2] select isdedicated, false]; So, player (the guy using the jetpack) is going to start the script called jetpacksmoke. The [0,-2] select isDedicated means that the server will run on all the clients and not the server, unless one of the players is the server too, in which case it will run there too. false means that JIP players won't see it if they join while it's running but it also means they won't get their join slowed down with running the function for jetpack flights that have ended. The remoteExec mean all players run the function because the jetpack user was sent as a parameter, they will all see the particles on him. I can't see anything obviously wrong with jetpacksmoke, you don't need the not isdedicated line because remoteexec looks after that. Why do you publicVariable "jetpacksmoke" in the function? It's not a variable.
  13. Got it. So the script needs to send a reference to the player itself, you were closer earlier on, I think [player] remotexec ["jetpacksmoke", [0,-2] select isdedicated, false]; Just to confirm, the script is compiled somewhere, ideally in CfGFunctions?
  14. Er, yes. Right. 🙂 So where is the script being called from? The player who is operating the jetpack?
  15. second line of your script needs to be something like _obj = player;
  16. You aren't using a target object, you want to run it on a player. Try [] remotexec ["jetpacksmoke", [0,-2] select isdedicated, false]
  17. tob is a public object - it is created and named by other scripts in the mission. It exists on every player machine so when I call the spawnsmoke function on players, it knows where to make the smoke. Don't get too hung up on the public variable thing because it doesn't really apply to you. You are creating your particles at and on the player. I was creating them at an object some distance away.
  18. It still needs to be compiled. In this syntax, remoteExec is calling the function by the way - I don't really remember quite why I did it this particular way.
  19. No, in my snippet, tob is targetobject - where I want the smoke particles to appear. The object is public across the network so all clients know where it is. I'm passing it to the clients as a script parameter. The rest of the line says basically, if this is a dedicated server, execute it on all clients. If not, execute it here AND all clients. Your script wont work on a server because player doesn't exist there.
  20. Yes, pretty much. If you get file not found errors, you know youre CfgFunctions hierarchy doesn't match your file layout. As it turns out, I don't call it as a function, I remotexec it. Apologies, I've only just arrived at my PC and got to check actual working code. [tob] remoteExec ["tky_fnc_spawnsmoke", [0, -2] select isDedicated, false]; It's a bit illogical.. I compile it, then execute it. And there's me saying I knew MP scripting, lol.
  21. Not sure. Try compiling it in CfgFunctions in description.ext. I know that worked for me.
  22. You appear to be going at the problem in the right way, so I do think you'll get it eventually. We crossposted, so there's a post above from me you've yet to read. May or may not help 🙂 It's possible your script has an error in it. The game engine is sometimes qutie poor at reporting these in compiled functions.
  23. OK, here is what I did. Particles isn't really my thing, but I'd like to think I know my way fairly competently around the MP side of scripting. This function is compiled in description.ext And here's the result, note this was recorded on a client playing on a dedicated server. So there's some serverside trickery going on to sense shen the Titan round hits the bridge, but you're not interested in that. Suffice to say, the sensing is done on the server and it calls the above code on all clients.
  24. I can't know what you do and don't know apart from looking at your script on the phone screen I'm currently using. Yes, even with particles set to low, players should see at least some particles. As you might already know (this is as much for other readers as you), the particle settings in options>video don't actually control the quality or resolution of the particles, but the number that client can display. So that leads us to think that, as you said up top, there's a problem with your script. Have you debugged it to the extent that you know for sure it is running on the clients? Put in a diag_log in it and see if that shows up in their RPTs?
  25. I have you the 2 basics for particle creation in MP. That's not irrelevant. I'll be able to look over how I did it later today when I can get Mrs Tank off the PC - she works from home. It was some time ago, but I seem to remember I created a function to make the particles on all the clients and called that from the the server.