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  1. I have a motherboard from the same generation. Mine too has an M.2 slot but it is essentially useless as it's such an early revision, it supports almost nothing. In my quest for speed I ended up buying an Intel PCI-E SSD. Although the motherboard claims not to support NVME, using the supplied driver from Intel was good enough to get the drive going at full speed.
  2. Yes, welcome back. Great to see you among us again. :)
  3. Usually in that situation, the script will quit at line 5 and not return any data. The script that called it will return an undefined variable when it tries to use the returned variable.
  4. arma freezes on splash logo

    Yes, the game is not very alt tab tolerant. If I know I'm going to be switching to other applications, I play "windowed". Much less crashy, that way.
  5. I was wondering what the accepted pronunciation of some of the new places on Tanoa are? I'll start with what appears to my anglo-saxon, monolingual tongue, the hardest...
  6. Last night I dreamed I was creating a script to make a dog wander about leaving a trail of 'dog eggs'! What's that all about?
  7. Authority. The mission A coop mission on Altis and Tanoa. The CSAT forces hold the island and a small BLUFOR force are going to take them back BLUFOR will be landed on a beach with an ammo box and 4 ATVs. You'll have a Forward Point vehicle that you can spawn at. It will have a small selection of magazines in its inventory. Artillery support is provided by a distant battery. The Forward vehicle will be replaced if it's destroyed. It's a Prowler, the 50cal one. Your first task is to secure a nearby airfield to use as an airhead. Clear all the enemy assets and forces out. There will be a radar system to destroy, that will stop the enemy bringing in airborne reinforcements and there will also be a HQ vehicle. Destroying that will mean the enemy has no more air support. One the airfield is taken, you will be given a small base area with vehicle and aircraft servicing and a respawn point. The arsenal box from the beach will be moved here too. Players can spawn a quad here too. Also, another vehicle - A Hunter MRAP - will be delivered to the base. This is the FOB vehicle. This can be deployed and unpacked into a small FOB. You can respawn at the fob, plus it also has an arsenal box. If the engine is off, the player in the back seat can deploy and undeploy the FOB. This seat also has access to the artillery. After the airfield, you'll be given orders to assault another nearby target. If it's a town, it will have some roadblocks at the city limits. Destroy them to stop enemy road reinforcements. Small towns will be mostly infantry, bigger targets will be better defended. Each successful target taken wins you another vehicle. Aircraft that are won are delivered to the helipad at your airhead in the form of a crate. An engineer must 'unbox' them. Non aircraft prizes (and respawning FOB/ Forward vehicles) are delivered to the closest friendly position. If the primary target is a civilian town, once you've cleared out the enemy, you will have to complete other, secondary tasks, often rebuild or reparation type assignments. How many you have to do will depend on how the assault phase went. Killing civilians, damaging their buildings and such like will all mean more secondaries to complete. The mission runs BI revive. Anyone can revive although the medic is much quicker. Press (default) Left windows key for the mission progress dialog. Under the bonnet When the mission starts, it chooses one of the airfields (though not the salt flats or the main airbase on Altis). The mission then chooses a nearby beach for the beachhead position. Subsequent towns are chosen so that they are close by - it will never choose a distant town when there are closer alternatives. It will also always choose a target on the same island until there's no choice but to island-hop. When this happens, players are airdropped a Blackfish vehicle transport to allow them to move, at least, the forward vehicle and the FOB vehicle. No addons required, though we use urban rappelling client side. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758581029 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1577912956 Dropbox links; https://www.dropbox.com/s/6bemvlze7jbfudr/COOP40_Authority.Altis.pbo?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/91ga2wpwmgan7wn/COOP40_Authority.Tanoa.pbo?dl=0
  8. Tanoa place name pronounciation?

    So, resurrecting my own thread and taking it off on a slight tangent. I maintain this is pronounced "Cayman" and here's why; The aircraft is a development of the KA52 Alligator, so it seemed natural BI would give it an alligatorish name. Now, "Caiman" is a type of alligator and it's sometimes spelled "Kajman", especially in Eastern Europe and the Arab world. CSAT country, in other words. @HazJ insists that it's pronounced "Kadgeman". What say the rest of you?
  9. Authority 20 player coop.

    Easy...... It is not designed for adding in other mods, but it is doable. Which mod you have in mind?
  10. update 1.86 verify signatures

    Why are you behaving like a child, then?
  11. update 1.86 verify signatures

    And I can join the exact same server with no issues. Very odd.
  12. We need Arma 3 on consoles

    End of thread. Vigor is EXACTLY what the original poster wants.
  13. Multiple Trigger Problem

    It's just one of the many things we choose to respectfully disagree on, mate :)
  14. Multiple Trigger Problem

    I have had enough problems with triggers that I stopped using them. I was getting nonsensical results, especially with the not present bits. Once, I had an OPFOR man that was 2000m outside the trigger, when I killed him, it fired.
  15. Much as I miss Killzonekid's technical input into the community, I don't miss his shitty attitude.
  16. Guys, On the Tanoa build of my mission, I get this error when running the SW subscribed mission. The equivalent Altis mission runs fine (the mission folders are identical apart from the sqm). I've examined the SQM of the Tanoa build and there are no obvious errors, there's certainly no fullstop where there should be an equals sign. .In fact, it's broadly the same as the SQM from the Altis version. Builds created using Eliteness and saved via dropbox work just fine. Any ideas, please. 20:46:18 ErrorMessage: File steamMPMission\__cur_mp.Tanoa\mission.sqm, line 0: '.': '"' encountered instead of '=' 20:46:18 Application terminated intentionally ErrorMessage: File steamMPMission\__cur_mp.Tanoa\mission.sqm, line 0: '.': '"' encountered instead of '='
  17. mission.sqm, line 0

    And the error mysteriously reappears. Exact same symptoms. Fuck Steam Workshop.
  18. Authority 20 player coop.

    Nothing makes the day better than watching a stream of a dev build of the mission and seeing @HazJ getting run over and killed by a Marid.
  19. Westerncenter, @HazJand Tankbuster locate and destroy an impromptu vehicle depot, south of Vagalala during a secondary mission. Authority mission -No mods.
  20. Pair of CSAT Tigris on the runway at a rainy Tuvanaka Airbase, wearing camo net and slat armour. Authority Mission - No Mods.
  21. For example, my suicide bombers, courtesy of @sarogahtyp script ,to look like suicide bombers, they have to be in civvy clothes, but sometimes the players suss him out before he gets to them and shoot him dead, so he can't be a real civ.
  22. mission.sqm, line 0

    I've NEVER edited the SQM using any text editor, it's just too easy to break. But I've never had Poseidon crash.. never. It's very stable for me. It'd be nice if @Tom_48_97 gave it a little more lovin', for sure, it knows nothing about the platenumber command family, for example .
  23. mission.sqm, line 0

    Followup question... I too use Poseidon and am suspecting that as we both have it common and have this issue. But it can't be... I did a binary compare of the mission folder and apart from the SQM, they were identical. I didn't have any grey hair until I got into this game!
  24. One of good things about this method is that if Blufor shoot him, they won't get a rating penalty
  25. mission.sqm, line 0

    What did you use to depbo? Sounds like that may have gone wrong