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    BMW 750 Police

    New user, joined a few hours ago, never known by the wider community springs up with the sort of content beloved of Life servers, many of whom are known for dodgy content. I'm suspicious too.
  2. Tankbuster

    Project injury reaction

    I don't use ANY mods. It's not a strange position, you just haven't come across it until now.
  3. Tankbuster

    Project injury reaction

    I wouldn't say it's bad, but I don't use it and don't want to.
  4. Tankbuster

    Project injury reaction

    @0Y0 you've been lovely taking other users feedback, so I'm going to take a big risk here... any chance or removing the CBA dependency? 🙂
  5. Tankbuster

    Arma 3 keeps crashing and freezing for me

    You're going to need to do more checks. My first suspicion is that the GPU is at fault in some way. Is this the original GPU that came with the machine? How powerful is the PSU? Have you checked the temperatures of the GPU?
  6. Tankbuster

    Arma 3 keeps crashing and freezing for me

    Problem is you don't understand what you are doing. Nobody is mocking you, but you are using help information that is years out of date. Just because your erroneous advice didn't fail with your 970,doesn't mean it still won't fail with your current gpu. *editThis pc you (very briefly) describe in the first post. Is it a desktop?
  7. Tankbuster

    Arma 3 keeps crashing and freezing for me

    Yes, you're right. Depressing, isn't it.
  8. Tankbuster

    Arma 3 keeps crashing and freezing for me

    Where do people get advice like this? It mystifies me. I mean, I know this game is a bit rough around the edges and it's unconventional in many ways, but using cpucount and exthreads is practice from 5 years ago, yet users still do it.
  9. Guys, Not entirely sure this is the right place to ask and the background of the question is a scripting one, but I figured this is the best place to ask. I need to know the depth of the deepest ocean. I got from the config cfgworlds/ altis / underwater / deepwaterfog which is 200. That's more or less the deepest sea on Altis and on Tanoa, it returns 60, which is about right too. Is there another config value I could be using for this, or should I resort to a scripting approach, searching the map for big negative ASL numbers?
  10. What is not good about 40 FPS? You don't need any more. This isn't a reaction / twitchy / bunnyhop shooter. Unless you're planning on going below treetop in a fast jet, you just don't need more than 30 FPS. Don't get too fixated on the low CPU and GPU utilisation - it's perfectly normal given the game engine is old.
  11. Why are you running last April's build of the game?
  12. Tankbuster

    Enhanced Movement

    Yes, which is how it should be - an optional client-side mod.
  13. @Mack, that's the same spec as my gaming laptop. You probably aren't expecting to be clicking 'ultra' everywhere on the options screen and you'd be right. 🙂 It will play just fine, depending on the mission. The really heavy scripted content or mission with lots of mods are going to struggle, but you can usually mitigate this by turning stuff down. Aim for the top of middle and adjust from there would be my advice. Two followup questions; Does this machine have an SSD and if so, is it an M2? If so, you're going to see that technology at it's best. What speakers does it have? Laptop speakers are almost always terrible. +1 for @Valken RAM comments.
  14. Yes, I see you guys have made up, it's all good. As you were, soldier 🙂
  15. How is valken expected to know your circumstances? It is not an insult unless he knows your background and intended to insult which I don't believe is the case. It's really not fair to trigger when someone is giving what is clearly lighthearted comment. In my view what he did is no worse than your "Hey, I'm disabled. You can't talk with a joke to me!". it was a rather crass joke and misunderstanding.
  16. Two of BLUFOR team at the beachhead, as seen from the bridge of the destroyer. No mods. Authority mission.
  17. I want to have my players destroy bridges. I know that all the bridges are indestructible and so eventhandlers such as explosion, hit and handle damage don't work. In the past I've placed sensor objects that can take damage on the target in question and used on them to sense the damage and then hide the bridge. But that has stopped working. The Land_Track_01_bridge_F, for example, is just begging to be taken out, 'Bridge Over the River Kwai' style, but no amount of sensor objects are working. When shooting Titans at the bridge, I've placed ATVs, tyres, wooden poles sensors on top of the bridge, and underneath it, but the EH's never fire. It seems the bridge structure is shielding the sensor object from damage. But objects on the ground just 10m from the strike are not getting any hit either. Really odd. I've tried attaching sensor objects, but unless I'm doing it wrong, the objects won't attach, it seems the commands is ignored. So what are my options? Could I suspend sensor objects using rope? Should I use a nearentities loop to sense an approaching rocket/missile? Should I run a check on the position of all rockets/missiles to see if they get close to my target? Am I using the wrong sensor object?
  18. Tankbuster

    Shadow Cloud Gaming Service | Arma 3

    Are you connected with this in any way?
  19. But then.. so called indestructible bridges? Ha. Feel the power of hidden sensor objects and the hideObjectGlobal command 🙂 It's WIP, so a little rough, and we'll ignore the footage on the cutting room floor where the first Titan round hits the telephone wire in front of the bridge, lol Note this also works with the sea bridges at Harcourt. 🙂
  20. Tankbuster

    Enhanced Movement

    No reason for the mod to be on the server. Key, yes. Mod, no.
  21. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    I actually had to restore a mission using the persistent save just now. Our server had restarted after critical updates (even though I had turned them off, thanks Bill) and so I reloaded a mission that had had 7 primary targets completed on it. Of course, we had tested the system and knew it worked but to actually see it working in the wild was gratifying, It takes a long time to set the mission up, but it remembered the 7 primary targets we had done, plus all our vehicles.
  22. Authority. The mission A coop mission on Altis and Tanoa. The CSAT forces hold the island and a small BLUFOR force are going to take them back BLUFOR will be landed on a beach with an ammo box and 4 ATVs. You'll have a Forward Point vehicle that you can spawn at. It will have a small selection of magazines in its inventory. Artillery support is provided by a distant battery. The Forward vehicle will be replaced if it's destroyed. It's a Prowler, the 50cal one. Your first task is to secure a nearby airfield to use as an airhead. Clear all the enemy assets and forces out. There will be a radar system to destroy, that will stop the enemy bringing in airborne reinforcements and there will also be a HQ vehicle. Destroying that will mean the enemy has no more air support. One the airfield is taken, you will be given a small base area with vehicle and aircraft servicing and a respawn point. The arsenal box from the beach will be moved here too. Players can spawn a quad here too. Also, another vehicle - A Hunter MRAP - will be delivered to the base. This is the FOB vehicle. This can be deployed and unpacked into a small FOB. You can respawn at the fob, plus it also has an arsenal box. If the engine is off, the player in the back seat can deploy and undeploy the FOB. This seat also has access to the artillery. After the airfield, you'll be given orders to assault another nearby target. If it's a town, it will have some roadblocks at the city limits. Destroy them to stop enemy road reinforcements. Small towns will be mostly infantry, bigger targets will be better defended. Each successful target taken wins you another vehicle. Aircraft that are won are delivered to the helipad at your airhead in the form of a crate. An engineer must 'unbox' them. Non aircraft prizes (and respawning FOB/ Forward vehicles) are delivered to the closest friendly position. If the primary target is a civilian town, once you've cleared out the enemy, you will have to complete other, secondary tasks, often rebuild or reparation type assignments. How many you have to do will depend on how the assault phase went. Killing civilians, damaging their buildings and such like will all mean more secondaries to complete. The mission runs BI revive. Anyone can revive although the medic is much quicker. Press (default) Left windows key for the mission progress dialog. Under the bonnet When the mission starts, it chooses one of the airfields (though not the salt flats or the main airbase on Altis). The mission then chooses a nearby beach for the beachhead position. Subsequent towns are chosen so that they are close by - it will never choose a distant town when there are closer alternatives. It will also always choose a target on the same island until there's no choice but to island-hop. When this happens, players are airdropped a Blackfish vehicle transport to allow them to move, at least, the forward vehicle and the FOB vehicle. No addons required, though we use urban rappelling client side. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758581029 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1577912956 Dropbox links; https://www.dropbox.com/s/6bemvlze7jbfudr/COOP40_Authority.Altis.pbo?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/91ga2wpwmgan7wn/COOP40_Authority.Tanoa.pbo?dl=0
  23. 1. Yes, vanilla, sorry I should have been clearer. 2. Yes, you can setdamage1 objects that are indestructible. Unless I misunderstand you, you're telling me something I already knew. 3. Yes, I'm hiding indestructible objects to simulate their destruction. 4. Haven't looked into hiding selections within the model. Biki says it only works with simpleobjects. 5. Yes, but hitparts aren't relevant to buildings. 6. Originally, I was attaching multiple sensor objects to the bridge buildings to allow the sensors to get explosions that happen on the bridge deck, on the ground near the footings and anywhere in between. But it seemed attachto doesn't work for buildings so I worked around it. I don't want to spawn lasertargets because I want to players to be firing unguided over long distances.
  24. That thread talks specifically about road bridges and yes, I've found the same thing, you can only hide the bridge supports, not the road deck itself. Something to do with the fact it's a roadway, presumably.