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  1. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    MIssion updated to 1.16.450. Downlods links in first post 2 new secondary missions; Players are tasked with eliminating a HVT, but when they get eyes on, he bolts. The chase is on - he runs to a car and from there drives to a helicopter or boat. Kill him before he gets away A simplified rework of an existing mission, players have to fly to the nearby destroyer, collect some supplies using sling load and return safely to their airbase. 3 different patrol scripts now in use for greater variation. (Thanks to @dreadpirate) for his help in using UPS correctly) More foot soldiers in primary targets Better cleanups while server is empty Group indicator runs by default on players Improved playability for final stages of Primary Target. Last few AI don't have to be searched for, they come after nearby players Full changelog in spoiler below
  2. Tankbuster

    Urban Patrol Script

    Yes, that works - and it's given me some insight into how he works with passed parameters. Thank you.
  3. Tankbuster

    Urban Patrol Script

    Long shot as Kronzky has been away for some time.... does anyone know how to stop UPS hiding the marker you send it as a parameter? I've had a look over its code and his style baffles me a little. Anyone?
  4. Tankbuster

    Advice on server host for small group (25 People)

    If you're in Europe, Hetzner is pretty good. https://www.hetzner.com/de/
  5. It's a nasty fix, but from display settings on the desktop, you'll see that your secondary monitor is alongside your main monitor. If you the secondary monitor up or down so it's no longer in line with the primary, the mouse won't pass between the two monitors until you realign them.
  6. OP talks about right-wing extremism in Germany and wants BI to remonstrate with Valve to remove things that hark back to the Third Reich, yet his own mod echos a war in which 330 people died in a school hostage-taking, half of them children.
  7. Yes, my apolgies, I meant Ryzen, not Athlon. As it happens, the Legion 5 machine you mention is exactly the one I'm considering, though it has a 1TB SSD. I can get a small discount from their student programme.
  8. Yes, thanks @oldbear, that makes sense. Talking of RAM, I also should mention that in the range of laptops I'm currently preferring, the Athlon powered machines typically have better memory than the Intel powered ones even though the Intel machines are more expensive.
  9. Thanks for coming back to complete this - hopefully your trauma will be someone else's saviour! I have to say, I'm surprised - we don't think of CPUs as potential points of failure unless they're being overclocked hard, but this goes to show, the CPU is as vulnerable to failure as other components.
  10. Tankbuster

    Need help with editing a mod

    When you were asking the original author for permission to upload it, did you ask how you might go about adding patches?
  11. Tankbuster

    Need help with editing a mod

    Do you have permission from the original author to upload it?
  12. Guys, I'm in the process of buying a new laptop for my son for gaming and schoolwork. We have a budget of around £1,000 which gets us a mid-range 15" gaming laptop. I see that the Athlons rule the roost in CPU benchmarks at the moment. For example the Athlon 7 4800H massacres the similarly priced i5 10300H and equals the much more expensive i7-10875H on the CPU benchmark stakes. But if you look closely, the single thread performance of that i5 is pretty much the same as the 4600H. So which metric is more important for ArmA3? These laptops often have the GTX 1660ti GPU in them. Youtube and reviews seem to suggest this is acceptable for A3 at 1080p. Sometimes, they have a GTX2060 or even a GTX2070. Given the nomenclature, you'd expect the 1660ti to be inferior, but it seems, again, according to reviews, to be not far behind. I do notice the 1650 variants are quite weak so I'm avoiding them.
  13. Tankbuster

    Authority 20 player coop.

    Mission updated to 1.14.4425 Uses new content from Art Of War DLC and some new scripting commands from game 2.02 Adds new secondary mission, destroy bridge. Adds building marking system so players can quickly place a marker on the building they are in to mark it as clear (or as occupied). New compositions for airbases. Adds more civilian helicopters so players play a wider selection of secondary missions. Some secondary missions, where command know the exact location of the objective (example, destroy radio tower) now give a map reference to players.
  14. We need to know which mods you are using and if this happens across different missions. Your system is quite capable, though you don't mention what resolution your monitor runs in. What you describe is often either an overheating problem or a memory leak issue, the latter can be caused by a mission or a mod. The stamina command you mention isn't known to cause issues, but it does show a considerably larger overhead than other commands in that report. If you suspect a mod might be causing issues, we'd usually remove all the mods and test, adding the mods back each session and seeing where the problems come. I'd start by removing that stamina mod first.
  15. Tankbuster

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    The new commands, combatBehaviour and setCombatBehaviour work on individual units. The old command, Setbehaviour works on groups.