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  1. Tankbuster

    BMW 750 Police

    New user, joined a few hours ago, never known by the wider community springs up with the sort of content beloved of Life servers, many of whom are known for dodgy content. I'm suspicious too.
  2. Tankbuster

    Project injury reaction

    I don't use ANY mods. It's not a strange position, you just haven't come across it until now.
  3. Tankbuster

    Project injury reaction

    I wouldn't say it's bad, but I don't use it and don't want to.
  4. Tankbuster

    Project injury reaction

    @0Y0 you've been lovely taking other users feedback, so I'm going to take a big risk here... any chance or removing the CBA dependency? 🙂
  5. Tankbuster

    Arma 3 keeps crashing and freezing for me

    You're going to need to do more checks. My first suspicion is that the GPU is at fault in some way. Is this the original GPU that came with the machine? How powerful is the PSU? Have you checked the temperatures of the GPU?
  6. Tankbuster

    Arma 3 keeps crashing and freezing for me

    Problem is you don't understand what you are doing. Nobody is mocking you, but you are using help information that is years out of date. Just because your erroneous advice didn't fail with your 970,doesn't mean it still won't fail with your current gpu. *editThis pc you (very briefly) describe in the first post. Is it a desktop?
  7. Tankbuster

    Arma 3 keeps crashing and freezing for me

    Yes, you're right. Depressing, isn't it.
  8. Tankbuster

    Arma 3 keeps crashing and freezing for me

    Where do people get advice like this? It mystifies me. I mean, I know this game is a bit rough around the edges and it's unconventional in many ways, but using cpucount and exthreads is practice from 5 years ago, yet users still do it.
  9. What is not good about 40 FPS? You don't need any more. This isn't a reaction / twitchy / bunnyhop shooter. Unless you're planning on going below treetop in a fast jet, you just don't need more than 30 FPS. Don't get too fixated on the low CPU and GPU utilisation - it's perfectly normal given the game engine is old.
  10. Why are you running last April's build of the game?
  11. Tankbuster

    Enhanced Movement

    Yes, which is how it should be - an optional client-side mod.
  12. @Mack, that's the same spec as my gaming laptop. You probably aren't expecting to be clicking 'ultra' everywhere on the options screen and you'd be right. 🙂 It will play just fine, depending on the mission. The really heavy scripted content or mission with lots of mods are going to struggle, but you can usually mitigate this by turning stuff down. Aim for the top of middle and adjust from there would be my advice. Two followup questions; Does this machine have an SSD and if so, is it an M2? If so, you're going to see that technology at it's best. What speakers does it have? Laptop speakers are almost always terrible. +1 for @Valken RAM comments.
  13. Yes, I see you guys have made up, it's all good. As you were, soldier 🙂
  14. How is valken expected to know your circumstances? It is not an insult unless he knows your background and intended to insult which I don't believe is the case. It's really not fair to trigger when someone is giving what is clearly lighthearted comment. In my view what he did is no worse than your "Hey, I'm disabled. You can't talk with a joke to me!". it was a rather crass joke and misunderstanding.
  15. Two of BLUFOR team at the beachhead, as seen from the bridge of the destroyer. No mods. Authority mission.