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  1. nvm i found a different way i did the respawn the old school way by using an empty marker and adding respawn_west as the name and it fixed the spawning into the roof
  2. silly question where would you put this line of code
  3. hellstorm77

    Spawn Ai Help

    just have a simple question what does the 500 do which is next to mark1 and also the 400 next to call Bis_fnc_taskPatrol _randomPos = [[[getMarkerPos "mark1", 500]],["water","out"]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; [_spawnGroup, _pos, 400] call Bis_fnc_taskPatrol;
  4. hellstorm77

    Spawn Ai Help

    @barbolani & jshock thank you both for the help this is what i have now, just one last question do i need if (!isServer) exitWith {} if (!isServer) exitWith {}; _pos = getMarkerPos "mark1"; for "_i" from 0 to PARAMS_UpsSquadsPatrol do { _randomPos = [[[getMarkerPos "mark1", 500]],["water","out"]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _spawnGroup = [_randomPos, EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfSquad")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; [_spawnGroup, _pos, 400] call Bis_fnc_taskPatrol; sleep 0.5; if(DEBUG) then { _name = format ["%1%2",name (leader _spawnGroup),_i]; createMarker [_name,getPos (leader _spawnGroup)]; _name setMarkerShape "Icon"; _name setMarkerType "mil_dot"; _name setMarkerText format ["Squad %1",_i]; _name setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; [_spawnGroup,_name] spawn { private["_group","_marker"]; _group = _this select 0; _marker = _this select 1; while{count (units _group) > 0} do { _marker setMarkerPos (getPos (leader _group)); sleep 0.1; }; deleteMarker _marker; }; }; };
  5. hellstorm77

    Spawn Ai Help

    this is the error im getting now after adding "mark1" 16:27:56 Error in expression <ust be a Group!"; false};if ((typeName _pos) != (typeName [])) exitWith {debugL>16:27:56 Error position: <_pos) != (typeName [])) exitWith {debugL>16:27:56 Error Undefined variable in expression: _pos16:27:56 File A3\functions_f\spawning\fn_taskDefend.sqf, line 2616:27:56 Error in expression <all BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; [_spawnGroup, _pos, 400] call BIS_fnc_taskDefend;_en>16:27:56 Error position: <_pos, 400] call BIS_fnc_taskDefend;_en>16:27:56 Error Undefined variable in expression: _pos
  6. hellstorm77

    Spawn Ai Help

    just was updating the op
  7. hellstorm77

    Spawn Ai Help

    i forgot to add that part 15:01:51 "Reading main init.sqf" 15:01:51 Error in expression <oup","_i","_dt"]; _pos = getMarkerPos (_this select 0); _enemiesArray = [grpNu> 15:01:51 Error position: <_this select 0); _enemiesArray = [grpNu> 15:01:51 Error Undefined variable in expression: _this
  8. im trying to spawn ai on a marker pos but a random place around it ie 500m just say. My marker is named mark1 my script is this. nothing is spawning. _pos = getMarkerPos (_this select 0); _enemiesArray = [grpNull]; for "_i" from 0 to PARAMS_UpsSquadsPatrol do { _randomPos = [[[getMarkerPos "mark1", 500],_dt],["water","out"]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _spawnGroup = [_randomPos, EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfSquad")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; [_spawnGroup, _pos, 400] call BIS_fnc_taskDefend; _enemiesArray = _enemiesArray + [_spawnGroup]; };
  9. Happy New Year everyone Just an update. We had a break over xmas and new year now we are back. We offer operation 2 times a week plus we have a public mission with no mods so anyone can play. Thanks to the group we also have a dedicated server now instead of a game server, we can offer more in the line of missions types. We are recruiting new members so feel free to get in contact with me. my steam name is Gaffey.M
  10. hellstorm77

    dialog trouble

    I already have RscFrame in my dialog
  11. I was wondering if some could help me with an error im getting with a dialog dialog.hpp, line 13: /gaf_dialog/controls.gaf_Frame: Undefined base class 'RscFrame' this is the test mission http://www.mediafire.com/download/y32rz5s50c5agf1/test_di.Altis.pbo
  12. Hello i was wondering if someone could help me. I trying to spawn Vehicles on markers. I would like to be able to set how may markers to use. So if i wanted 3 markers there would be 3 hunters on the map _veh = createVehicle ["B_MRAP_01_F", getMarkerPos "car1", ["car2","car3"], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];
  13. Nice script you have made wondering if i could get a little help I just cant get it to work _x = 0; for "_x" from 0 to PARAMS_GarrBuildings do { _randomPos = [[[getMarkerPos currentAO, PARAMS_AOSize],_dt],["water","out"]] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; _spawnGroup = [_randomPos, EAST, (configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "Infantry" >> "OIA_InfSquad")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; if(random 1 > 0) then {"O_Soldier_AA_F" createUnit [_randomPos, _spawnGroup];}; [_spawnGroup, _pos] call BIS_fnc_taskDefend; nul = [currentAO, _spawnGroup,(random(300)+25), true, true, true] execVM "scripts\Zen_OccupyHouse.sqf"; _enemiesArray = _enemiesArray + [_spawnGroup]; };
  14. hellstorm77

    BIS arsenal

    I'm looking for a script for a class base arsenal. Where only certain classes can see certain weapons ie machine gunners can only see MG's in the arsenal and not any other weapons
  15. We are in pre deployment, with training starting on the Wednesday 14th October @ 1900 hours GMT. Deployment will start on Saturday 17th October @1900 hours GMT We will be deploying into Iraq. Our operation will be against ISIS.