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  1. TG Marksman X

    Thanks Kylania!

    kylania.com is bookmarked and a go-to for all my scripting needs. Without a doubt one of the most valuable members of the community.
  2. TG Marksman X

    Silencers - Why do they exist in ArmA 3?

    Subsonic rounds will indeed cycle. Take note of how loud the round hitting the dirt is compared to the M4 cycling... Pretty quiet ehh?
  3. TG Marksman X

    Multi-Session Operations v4.5 released

    There is. I just need to get Patrol Ops up to scratch.
  4. TG Marksman X

    Multi-Session Operations v4.5 released

    Just trying to help mate. In my experience the "client persistent data" issue is related to one thing: You haven't completed these steps correctly: In MySQL Workbench > Manage Security > Setup a user called arma (set password) and give it dba permissions, ensure user can only connect from localhost. Download and copy @Arma2Net folder to ArmA2(OA) Root directory (use download-link in attachments) Copy Databases.txt (from Arma2netMysql folder) to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Arma2MySQL (-> create the folder if not there) You MUST complete them properly in order to allow Arma to 'talk' to the database. You need to create a new user in MySQL Workbench, call it "arma", create a password for it, give it 'dba' permissions, and make sure it can ONLY connect from localhost. - If you don't do all of this it will not work. You need to download this: https://dev-heaven.net/attachments/20212/@Arma2NET.7z, and put it in your Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead ROOT directory - If you do not do this it will not work. Copy "databases.txt" from Arma2netMysql to "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Arma2MySQL" (the folder will most likely not exist, so create it. - If you do not do this it will not work. Finally, you need to modify "databases.txt". You have to delete the #, change the username to "arma" and change the password to the password you created in step one I posted above. Again, if you do not do all of this EXACTLY it will not work. You cannot cut any corners.
  5. TG Marksman X

    Question about running a modded server

    It can be done. I've seen it before on these forums somewhere.
  6. TG Marksman X

    Multi-Session Operations v4.5 released

    What exactly doesn't work? Let's work through this, because if you follow the guide to-the-letter it works first time every time.
  7. I've just upgraded from an i5 750 and a 2gb 6950 GPU. I was averaging 38-70fps in MP. Personally I wouldn't want to play with much less, though I think you could get decent frames with a 660ti. Have you oc'd you i5 yet? Mine had a mild OC of 3.2GHz
  8. Here is a tutorial. What you ask is not much more that a few waypoints. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148594-ArmA-3-Editor-Tutorials-Building-Simple-Missions
  9. TG Marksman X

    What server to play a good match ???

    The map is tiny, helo flight from one side to the other in less than a minute. Unfortunately for you this is the only official map in the Alpha. In the multiplayer server browser filter for PVP or CQB, there's a few missions up that run in just the large town near the airbase.
  10. TG Marksman X

    RH PDW pack

    ^^ I'm with this guy. Favourite RH weapon is a Tan Mk18 with all the trimmings. RH said that it uses MX magazines, as these are caseless, I would imagine there are no spent cases being ejected. In future I would hope we will see 'proper' magazines for these - and any M4's that are released.
  11. TG Marksman X

    Question about running a modded server

    I believe that you can do it, though I can't remember how. If it were Arma2 I'd tell you to set up a custom six-updater repo. That's what I've done (as my Arma2 install is something like 22gb). Edit: Teamkiller your post will most likely get deleted if you leave it like that. Problem with this is would you really want people downloading hundreds of mb from your server before they can play the mission? Join a server with a custom mission - it can take minutes to download 3mb, imagine trying to pull down 300mb....
  12. TG Marksman X

    Play Call of Duty

    At least there isn't a scroll wheel menu in COD. That's a bonus I guess?
  13. TG Marksman X

    Taking the scroll menu to the chopping block

    You could try pressing the V key whilst in the car. Pretty sure it's the default get-out/eject key. Some of you really need to look at the controls before wasting space by creating these threads. Edit: Radial Menu's died in that other game. Leave them there.
  14. TG Marksman X

    Australian Army Units

    Please fix the flags before release. Edit: Other than that, I'm sure I have a mission I could use them in.