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    @Thales I've had this problem numerous times, and gets really frustrating. I can understand that losing connection mid-siege shouldn't be an easy way to refund your units, however there ought to be a decent solution that addresses this. It is a mobile game after all. If resetting the state prior to the attack isn't an option, then would it not be possible to get the last known outcome of the attack? For example, if you are attacking you've gained 50% of the available loot and lost 50% of your troops before connection is lost, would it not be viable to keep that as the final outcome of the battle? I assume the simulation is done server-side as well? If so, the above seems very much like a viable option, since an attack is actually determined the moment you've placed all your units, since you cannot affect the battle once it has started. I've spent money into this game and having to "regroup" your units is actually very very expensive. At higher levels, losing connection mid-battle usually means losing $5-$10 worth of oil. That is just completely unacceptable. I have noticed drops like that both on 4G but also on Wi-Fi - both of which have excellent reception. Please fix this. Thanks.