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  1. Still working on it... v1.6 - "BIKI Links" Update Added a new feauture to the second debug console page: BIKI Links. You can save the comands you look up on the BIKI (or in fact any link) in this list. Also removed second pbo and new folder structure (again). Updated the forum description. I hope nothing is broken, 7erra
  2. I was referring to your original code. Larrow's code will work as an addAction. Personally I use the onLoad script for the dialog myself: class TER_3den_RscFontList { idd = 73090; enableSimulation = false; onLoad = "_this execVM ""script.sqf"";"; class controls { }; }; You now can use this in the addAction: player addAction ["Open GUI",{createDialog "TER_3den_RscFontList";}]; @Larrow Did you create this? This is one hell of a dialog!
  3. AddAction doesn't support suspension, which means that you can't use any commands that halt the code execution (sleep, waitUntil, uiSleep...). Instead the code will terminate after the error.
  4. Hm. I should rethink how I handle dialog scripts ^^. What I'm doing is adding the eventhandlers in the onLoad script/function of the dialog itself so it is something like this: #define FONT_DISPLAY (findDisplay *IDD*) #define LB_FONTS (FONT_DISPLAY displayCtrl *IDC*) waitUntil {!isNull FONT_DISPLAY}; LB_FONTS ctrlAddEventHandler ["KeyDown",{ params ["_listbox", "_key", "_shift", "_ctrl", "_alt"]; //code }]; The advantage of using #define instead of a local variable is that it can be used in the EH of the control. The drawback is that it is less efficient I suppose since you don't store your value in a variable but rather evaluate it each time. @Larrow's solution is also used by BI as far as I can tell. execVM'ing the script is fine too, doesn't have to be a function since it is not that performance relevant. BI does it too.
  5. The default debug console still has some more features than my one does. Especially the buttons below the watch fields (config viewer, animation viewer, etc.) won't get implemeneted into my version. Another thing is that BIS' version is well thought through and sometimes used by other mods (CBA eg). I don't want to reinvent the wheel I want to improve it :-)
  6. Pickpocket

    When you are opening the inventory with the addAction you will see the inventory of the unit. When you now take something out of the units inventory the container will depend on where you got the item from. If it was directly on the unit it will return the unit (object). If it was taken from the uniform it will return the uniform (object, but not typeOf "Man"). Same goes for the backpack and vest.
  7. Pickpocket

    If you want to check if the item is equipped you can use the second param of the "Take" EH. If the container is a unit it will is assigned: // action to open unit's inventory _this addAction ["Pickpocket",{ params ["_target","_caller","_id","_args"]; _caller action ["Gear",_target]; }]; // take eh player addEventHandler ["Take",{ params ["_unit", "_container", "_item"]; if (_container isKindOf "Man") then { systemChat "noticed"; } }]; Well I tried to find a solution over the last half an hour so I'm posting this anyway
  8. Pickpocket

    How about saving the loadout with getUnitLoadout when pickpocketing starts and when canceling the take restore it with setUnitLoadout?
  9. getPlayerUID unit tbh your description is missing something. Something important. The information about your problem.
  10. Yeah. I've done nothing of that. Here is a new version: v1.5 - "Structured Text Editor" update I added 3 new Dialogs for easier structured text creation, color picking and font selection. I also created a GitHub repo so feel free to take a look. Leave a comment at the >>> Steam Workshop <<< if you find anything fishy since I restructured my folders. Until next time! 7erra
  11. You can connect the static AA turrets to the NATO UAV terminal. I'm not quite sure what your problem is?
  12. Storing Zeus Editing Areas

    That is because _HQ isn't defined in the eventhandler. Change this myCurator removeCuratorEditingArea (_HQ getVariable "_EA"); to this myCurator removeCuratorEditingArea (_unit getVariable "_EA");
  13. Option 1: Use the standard setting: Options >> Game >> Difficulty >> Misc >> Multiple saves Option 2: Disable the save button: while {true} do { waitUntil {uisleep 0.1; !isNull (findDisplay 49)}; ((findDisplay 49) displayCtrl 103) ctrlEnable false; waitUntil {uisleep 0.1; isNull (findDisplay 49)}; };
  14. Well here is a very basic option: _3DMEH = addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D",{ _unitArray = [testMan]; { _curObject = _x; { _curSelectionName = _x; _posIcon = _curObject modelToWorld (_curObject selectionPosition _curSelectionName); if !((_curObject selectionPosition _curSelectionName) isEqualTo [0,0,0]) then { drawIcon3D ["\A3\ui_f\data\map\markers\military\box_CA.paa",[1,0,0,1],_posIcon,0.5,0.5,0,""]; }; } forEach (selectionNames _x); } forEach _unitArray; }]; It simply marks each selection point of the unit with a red square. Even though it uses the MEH it still lags out but as I already said it is a very basic function. The next step could be to draw lines between the selction points.