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    Scripting for 5 years now. Learned by doing, didn't read one single scripting introduction. Not recommended - takes longer I guess.

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  1. v2.5 - "RPT Page" update So here it is, the next update. Change notes from the Steam Workshop: Currently WIP stuff can be found on the Github issues page
  2. 7erra

    Default paa's

    the images are spread over quite a lot of different paths. You could try out 3den Enhanced by @R3vo. There is a feature that goes through the configs and collects all the image paths. On the one hand this gives you a huge list of textures BUT it will not be complete as some textures are not used in configs.
  3. BIS_fnc_garage_center contains the selected vehicle when the scripted EH fires
  4. The Virtual Garage function spawns the vehicle only locally with createVehicleLocal. It might be necessary to replace the local vehicle with one that spawns globally when the player closes the garage. There is a scripted eventhandler that you might be able to use.
  5. 7erra

    Connecting Failed

    Are you using the ingame server browser? I also had that issue when I was searching for servers without a filter which basically blocked off my internet. I'd recommend using the server browser in the launcher.
  6. 7erra

    Default paa's

    If you have around 35 GB of space on your PC then you can use Mikero's Tools to unpack the Arma folders. For example I searched for "laptop" and found "P:\a3\structures_f\Items\Electronics\Data\Electronics_screens_laptop_CO.paa". So the texture would be "\a3\structures_f\Items\Electronics\Data\Electronics_screens_laptop_CO.paa".
  7. maybe this function could be useful: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_itemType
  8. 7erra

    ACE Slideshows not working

    I suppose you have read this: https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/slideshow-framework.html? Especially this is important: Can you share your module settings (screenshot/text)? (I am not an expert on ACE stuff, never used the slideshows before, but I do know one or two things)
  9. 7erra

    macro's in cfg config files?

    As a UI creator I sometimes use it to keep track of my y position on dialogs, see here: https://github.com/7erra/-Terra-s-Editing-Extensions/blob/master/TER_editing/gui/RscDebug.hpp. Basically this workflow: //--- Init _curY __EXEC(_curY = 0) class Control1 { ... //--- Use it to get the current y position y = _curY * GRID_HEIGHT; ... }; //--- Next control should be on grid lower, so add one to _curY __EXEC(_curY = _curY + 1) class Control2 { ... y = _curY * GRID_HEIGHT; }; So in simple terms, it let's you use really basic sqf commands in configs. They are very finicky to handle though.
  10. addItemCargo can also add magazines and weapons. Not sure about backpacks and the like. But no seperation neccessary.
  11. 7erra

    Fade out a dialog

    allControls _display apply { _x ctrlSetFade 1; _x ctrlCommit 1; }; uiSleep 1; _display closeDisplay 1; should probably work
  12. Is is possible to setup the P drive as a "real" partition of Windows? Or will there be problems with the usual tools such as Addon Builder or @mikero's Tools when setting them up or packing addons? I am asking because I am using symlinks on the P drive to have a faster workflow. Problem is that the mklink command needs an elevated command prompt in which the P drive does not exist when created with subst P commands. Solution is ofc using the "normal" drive where the directory of the P drive is, eg "C:\Armawork".
  13. 7erra

    icon Draw3D

    The correct path would be \a3\ui_f\data\GUI\Rsc\RscDisplayGarage\plane_ca.paa Leading backward slash doesn't matter for addons but normally without one it refers to the mission folder.
  14. Should be fixed now. Also edited the last update note with the text view mode that I forgot to mention.
  15. God damnit. I made that mistake the last time too. I just don't notice it because CBA is "fixing" it for me and i dont run a3 without it. Thanks for the report! I will try to update as fast as possible since that is a real deal breaker.