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Found 54 results

  1. Hello! So a bit of backstory, so you know the scroll wheel arsenal that has a restricted option where only "x" amount of items can be in the crate, cargo, etc. until it is used up, similar to how Antistasi has it in their mod? My question is that is there a way I could apply the restricted arsenal concept to an ACE Interaction arsenal or is that impossible? Thanks!
  2. Hi I have a problem fixing the code, so I ask for help like this. In Arsenal, I modified the code so that only engineers can bring explosives, but the error continues to be printed if am i wrong language was used. any ideas? [] spawn { waitUntil{ if (("B_engineer_F") = false) exitwith { [format ["<t size = '.6' color='#ff3030'>%1은(는) 사용할 수 없습니다.</t>", getText (configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _x >> "displayName")], 0, 1, 1] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; player removeMagazines _x; } forEach ([[], magazines player arrayIntersect removemagazinexiplosives] select ARSENAL); }; false }; korean mean : %1can't use this error list : if ("B_engineer_F" = false) then [format ["<t size = '.6' c> 22:00:12 Error position: <= false) then [format ["<t size = '.6' c> 22:00:12 Error ) is missing 22:00:12 File C:\Users\1234\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Taru\mpmissions\RSF_DEVELOP3.Altis\initPlayerLocal.sqf..., line 422 (english translated, sry)
  3. I created a mission in the Eden Editor and I wanted to add a little script which is going to allow me to access the virtual Arsenal in anytime I want, anywhere through the scroll wheel, and another little script which is going to disable the fatigue system and thus I could have infinite stamina. Here is the code:(the file is saved in the mission folder[Documents]) Init.sqf player addAction ["Aresenal", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;}]; player enableFatigue False; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {player enableFatigue false}]; So here is my problem, the script works just great in the editor when I test the mission. but when I try to host a server[not a dedicated server] It doesn't work. I'm not really good at ArmA3 scripting I'll be so happy if someone could just tell me what code should I use and where do I need to put it. I'll be happy if someone could help me, thanks...
  4. Virtual Arsenal is not working. It returns an Error on Initialization and its Inventory is not full. An Error may be seen on the Screenshot. The Inventory lacks at least the 'Mk200' Weapon. The Screenshot of an Error: Text of an Error: Sample Script Code which demonstrates the Effect: Thank you.
  5. Sup! I need advice to approach a solution. I'm coding a persistent stash (like Diablo 3 stash), allowing a player to save items (weapons, clothes, etc) into a box or an arsenal. By some external .dlls and dark sorcery, the stash contents are persisted into a database. By design, the item count must be kept, i.e.: if the players "saves" 3 binoculars, will be able to retrieve only 3 binoculars. Long story short, when the player opens his stash it gets populated with the database info, and when closes it, the database is updated. Tried to code the stash using a container (a box) or Arsenal, but I'm having some issues: Using a container: Simple objects (the ones with no attachements) are easy to add to/get from container via scripting, but the complex ones (a weapon with attachements for example, a backpack with items in it, or a half-used magazine) are a headache. With a unit, I can "getUnitLoadout/setUnitLoadout" it, and get/set all items along with its configurations, but there's not "getCargoLoadout/setCargoLoadout" functions (at least none of I'm aware of). Using Arsenal: by design the arsenal have an unlimited item count, wich goes against my intention; i can "unlock" an item and the player will have unlimited amount of it, wich I don't want. If i could preset the Arsenal with an array of items/count available when the players opens it, and get it state after he closes it (to persist the stash in the database), it will be the optimal scenario. Thanks in advance and please excuse my english (not my natural lang). Edited: I'm using CBA_A3 and ACE3, if it helps.
  6. VASS - Virtual Arsenal Shop System Introduction VASS provides a simple to setup shop system and is the successor to the Arsenal Shop. The system provides several functions to handle traders and items. As of now it does not come bundled with an economy system but the implementation of an external one is easily possible. Setup Enable system: Download the GitHub repo: https://github.com/7erra/VASS-Virtual-Arsenal-Shop-System Place the VASS folder inside of your mission folder where the mission.sqm is located Copy the description.ext to the same directory or modify your own with the content of the provided one Add trader: Execute the addShop function: [this] call TER_fnc_addShop Add an inventory with the addShopCargo function: [this, ["itemclass0", 15, 5, ..., "itemClassN", price, amount]] call TER_fnc_addShopCargo For easier setup of this cost table I have created a mod that does this task with a user interface: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1760193128. The settings can be changed by opening the object's attribute window and scrolling down to the "VASS" section. Handle money: Edit the TER_fnc_VASShandler in "VASS\fnc\fn_VASShandler.sqf" Change the getMoney and setMoney functions to match your economy system Documentation GitHub will have a wiki on all aspects of the system. In addition to that all relevant functions have a header at the beggining of the file to show you what arguments they expect and what they do. Further links GitHub: https://github.com/7erra/VASS-Virtual-Arsenal-Shop-System VASS 3den mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1760193128 BI forums: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/219677-release-virtual-arsenal-shop-system/ Screenshots That's all for now and I hope that you find this useful! 7erra DISCLAIMER - This post was edited nearly a year after the original post. Don't expect comments from the previous discussion (up until page 5) to be applicable to the new system
  7. {ubb1}TheBeast

    how to...

    Just need a little start up. If you edit a vehicle in the Virutal Arsenal (Garage), like doors open, beacon on. I thought you press Export and than you can place that in the Init field when you place the object in the Editor. Example, I want to place some cars that block the road. The Offroad Comms (new with the DLC Contact). I open the back doors and put the becon on. But placing the export in the init field doesn't work. Also pressed import and save it.. but that I cannot find back Hard to find something about this... virtual arsenal give all the times results in virtual ammo-boxes. Export is like this: _veh = createVehicle ["I_E_Offroad_01_comms_F",position player,[],0,"NONE"]; [ _veh, ["EAF",1], ["hidePolice",1,"HideServices",1,"HideCover",0,"StartBeaconLight",1,"HideRoofRack",0,"HideLoudSpeakers",0,"HideAntennas",0,"HideBeacon",0,"HideSpotlight",0,"HideDoor3",0,"OpenDoor3",1,"HideDoor1",0,"HideDoor2",0,"HideBackpacks",1,"HideBumper1",1,"HideBumper2",0,"HideConstruction",0,"BeaconsStart",0] ] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; So, a little start up on this would be great. how do I use this? Thanks in advance!
  8. In Arsenal within EDEN, I have tried to add the sand Laser Designator to a NATO unit like a rifleman and then of course the battery, but the battery disappears when I play the mission or reopen the arsenal editor. I've tried adding the item with commands like addItem and assignItem in the init field but it doesn't work either. I've also tried adding it to the vest and the uniform. Is this a bug? It's ruining my mission making induction. I seem to always come across bugs like this that stop me in my tracks and they don't seem to be resolved for years. Sometimes these bugs cripple massive features or my dreams of drag and drop combined arms missions that should take seconds to put together. I tried searching the bug report system and couldn't see anything exactly like this. Pls tell me this is my fault and not a bug so I can live out my dreams.
  9. Hi all, Perhaps I missed something, but, for whatever reason, it's impossible to make difference between sides or factions for an OPFOR Katiba and a BLUFOR MX . So weapons haven't side. I never found something useful in cfgWeapons to make a filter for faction, side, even group or unit using such or such weapon. I imagine that if you want to filter all BLUFOR used weapons for arsenal or any loot script, you have to grave in marble the array of all weapons you want to manage... Typically, that's what I want to avoid: elaborating fixed lists for any mods... boring! So If you have a solution... thanks for sharing it. At this time, I have a little workaround, not the best I'm afraid. If you want weapons used by BLUFOR: private _wpnsWestList = []; private _cfgMen = "getNumber (_x >> 'scope') >=2 && configName _x isKindOf 'SoldierWB'" configClasses (configFile >> "cfgvehicles"); { _cfgWpnsW = getArray (_x >> "weapons"); {if (getNumber (configfile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _x >> "type") in [1,2,4]) then {_wpnsWestList pushBackUnique _x}} forEach _cfgWpnsW; } forEach _cfgMen; _wpnsWestList = _wpnsWestList - ["B_Patrol_Soldier_HeavyGunner_weapon_F"]; Note: I was surprised to find such unit classes like "B_Patrol_HeavyGunner_F" and its "B_Patrol_Soldier_HeavyGunner_weapon_F" as primary weapon which is a simple "LMG_Zafir_F". Don't ask me why this exception... For OPFOR, anyway, change 'SoldierWB' to 'SoldierEB' (and remove the last line of course) , and for INDEP, 'SoldierGB' will do the trick. Any improvement or better idea is welcome! Thanks
  10. When I put the arsenal call function in the init field of a vehicle (a truck for example), the arsenal functions normally... ...up until the point where the vehicle is destroyed. Is there a way I can be able to have the arsenal script automatically placed onto the example truck after it is destroyed and respawns?
  11. Good afternoon! In this topic I want to ask experienced developers how to make their own arsenal, which opens with a separate "window" (just like a regular one), but with its own models, icon binding and its functionality ?!
  12. What I want: So I'm making a mission where you start of by entering Arsenal. While you are in arsenal a timer ticks down and when it gets to 0 you get teleported away into the air. Before this happens I want the players to be forced out of arsenal so that they don't start free falling with arsenal open or (due to the fact that they should not take any damage until they have landed) can fidle with the arsenal while the mission is playing. When teleported into the air I want the player to not be killable. Once the player lands (either faceplant into the ground or by landing with a parachute) the player should then be able to take damage. What I got: All players get forced into arsenal in the begining and there is a timer ticking down. If you exit the arsenal you get a black screen telling you that the game is still preparing and that you can re-enter the arsenal with a button click. Once the timer runs out the players get teleported and enters free fall where he/she has access to a parachute. What I've tried: For forcing out of arsenal? Nothing cuz I can't find anything else than adding arsenal on google. For detecting if landed: getPos of player in Z axis, and it worked, unless you land on a roof. detect stances such as prone, crouch or standing. Did not work and got called while free falling. some weird hasLanded thing that most likely is only for helis/planes So again, what do I need help with: A way to detect if a player has landed, aka stopped freefalling and is not parachuting. A way to force the player out of the Arsenal.
  13. In the last update (SPOTREP #000900) the arsenal got fixed. The fix caused that if you use a limited arsenal you can load every loadout you saved, even if the loadout contains items which are not accessable in your limited arsenal.
  14. Steam workshop link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1652839680 BACKGROUND: The U.S. has sent our team to assist U.N. humanitarian aid forces in Chernarus. Rebels forces have been attacking the U.N. and stealing supplies. There is a blizzard moving through Chernarus, and the rebels are using it to cover their attacks on the U.N. OPERATION SNOWMAN: The rebels attacked Hope Station at 03:00 this morning under their mission name 'Operation Snowman.' Their next target is Salvation Station, where your team is stationed. Defend the location, eliminate the rebel presence in the area, and get Hope back!! FEATURES: Close-Quarter Combat Revive Virtual Arsenal Dynamic Civilians & Traffic Mobile Respawn Snow Storm! (You can disable it from mission parameters) REQUIREMENTS: CUP Terrains RHS GREF RHS USAF RHS AFRF CREDITS: Civilian scripts by Enigma Snowstorm script by ALIAScartoons Settings button by nEXaus A few scripts from Occupation by BangaBob Thanks to Yumsum, Porte and Phil for all their patience in testing.
  15. Hello, I'm attempting to get a whitelist working for an Ace Arsenal box, but I'm unsure how to use it. I don't know much about the editor but so far I got the Arsenal to work, however it's showing everything instead of limiting what I have whitelisted, I'm assuming I have to add something else to get it to work. I tried this command: this addAction["Open Arsenal", {[this, player, true] call ace_arsenal_fnc_openBox}]; However "this" didn't work so I changed the variable to "box" and changed the init line to this addAction["Open Arsenal", {[box, player, true] call ace_arsenal_fnc_openBox}]; Thank you.
  16. Hi i have this: private _fnc_getStack = { params [["_keys",[],[[]]], ["_values",[],[[]]]]; _merged = _keys apply {[_x,(_values select (_keys find _x))]}; _merged //[["10Rnd_9x21_Mag","FirstAidKit"],[1,2]] }; private _weapons = ((getWeaponCargo _vehicle) call _fnc_getStack); private _mags = ((getMagazineCargo _vehicle) call _fnc_getStack); private _items = ((getItemCargo _vehicle) call _fnc_getStack); private _bags = ((getBackpackCargo _vehicle) call _fnc_getStack); //[["10Rnd_9x21_Mag",1],["FirstAidKit",2]] private _vehicleItems = []; { for "_i" from 1 to (_x # 1) do { _vehicleItems pushBack (_x # 0); }; } forEach (_weapons+_mags+_items+_bags); //["10Rnd_9x21_Mag","FirstAidKit","FirstAidKit"] It looks pretty ugly for me. I wanna ask you guys if you have any idea how to write this better!
  17. I'm back at it again, looking for help in blacklisting a few items from a virtual arsenal crate. Some background: I'm using ACE3 (and some other mods like RHS) This will be for a multiplayer, dedicated server I want to have almost everything in the VA crate, but I want to remove a handful of things I see that ACE now adds to the editor the ability to Whitelist and Blacklist individual elements. But I can't get it to work. I looked on the ACE3 site, but nothing there was helpful. Has anyone got this working? Can it be done through the editor? Thanks in advance!
  18. So when i play in a server i cannot use the arsenal. - only blank tabs for gear - no loading of saved loadouts There are no mods in use so it is pure vanilla gameplay.
  19. Is their a way that you can create multiple RHSUSAF uniforms with a specific rank patch attached to it and than add it to the ACE Arsenal when editing in EDEN? For example using the RHSUSAF 101st Airborne uniform as the base template, and create multiple uniforms that all have specific rank insignia's on them. Names would look like "Combat Uniform OCP (101st Airborne Div. PRIVATE)." Also what are the files called for an RHS uniforms, and locations of these files to edit?? Thank you! https://imgur.com/a/x6IzB2b
  20. This script was developed for WARMACHINE game mode. Check it out.
  21. Hello, i am starting with scripting and have some ideas and a point where i want to start. The basics to multiplayer scripting are known to me and i made a couple scripts already for the purpose what i wanted to have (a personal arsenal for people). We are a merc-based group and we really liked antistasi but it has too many flaws for us so i decided to finally start our merc-based campaign. Now i started with my roadmap for the arsenal: 01: Check the amount of loot/equipment in a specific box (!) 02: Add the specific items in the box to an ace-arsenal (!) 03: Check if the amount of items in the ace-arsenal exceeds 20 (!) 04: Make items, that exceed the amount 20, unlimited. (!) 05: Save all the data so it can be restored after a server-restart/restart (!?) (!) = Figured it out (?) = Still trying to figure it out (!?) = I know where to look for this. I discussed it already with a friend of mine and we decided to go with the 'while' to keep on checking a specific inventor, a box, called "merc_arsenal_box", either with a onaction activation on the arsenal-box, or with a sleep timer of roughly 15 minutes or so. Thats practically not really hard either way. But the real problem i face now is, that i am able to put stuff int he ace arsenal without problems - unlimited already. Thats one of the basic functions i can go. Put things in the ace arsenal already unlimited available. And i dont have a clue how i can achive the same, but with a limited availability like 19 items of weapon x. Do i oversee something, a function as example? Or does the ace arsenal not have any method of having a limited amount of items in it? Please dont post any working code, just directions where i should look and specific snippets (Example: Look on ace arsenal framework, the function fnc_thisisit_lookhere [1,2,3,4];) Thank you all in advance for your help & time Narsiph.
  22. This mod gives you the ability to place static objects in any mission -Added short animations Requires ACE RHSUSAF and RHSAFRF are needed for some objects - To use, open Ace Self interaction Menus and select Build Menu, select an option and from there use the action menu to start placement. **Must Have an ACE Entrenching Tool in your inventory** **Go to MISC>AMMO CRATE this does not require an Entrenching tool but contains some, place an ammocrate, and grab one to START. - Placing a FOB and selecting "Toggle map marker" at the flag will create a respawn point, if respawn is enabled in the mission settings. You can hit toggle again for a different phonetic name. - The repair station after selecting "Toggle map marker", will engage when your are driving a vehicle in its area of influence, fully rearming and repairing after a moment. - They a.i. is able to use all the emplacements, so you can have them man your Mortars/Artillery/HMG/AA. *** You can delete a placed object by looking at it and selecting "delete object" *** *** You can remove error actions by selecting "RemoveAllActions" *** List of Current Objects: FOB , Repair Station , Hesco barriers , Sandbags Ammobox with Arsenal , Bunker , Razorwire Mortar , HMG¹ , AA¹ , AT² , and Artillery² emplacments Traffic stop: Gates, Cones, barriers and More ... ¹Requires RHSUSAF http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843577117 ²Requires RHSAFRF http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843425103 ADDED ability for Servers /Missions to disable all or partial functions. Take a look at the read me for this code. I will make a separate post about this. Known Issues: Only some objects can be placed above ground (In buildings/roofs), small things like the HMG, AT, Single Hesco and Sandbags are fine. If you have any issues with actions go to delete object in the build menu and select "RemoveAllActions" to clear errors. **** To use the FOB and Repair Station you will need to select "Toggle map marker" action . It is located right at the flag(must be within 2m) They must be toggled before they function, and they must be removed via addaction at front. Only the player who placed them has access to the actions. This is my first script addon, made for a mission I developed in Arma 3's alpha days and after years I decided to update and release, It is a real nice addition to Arma 3, as it will work flawlessly with most missions. This mod is not realistic, it adds a fun aspect to change your surroundings or to build fortifications on the fly during a mission / firefight. Credits and thanks go to Xeno for his Vehicle Rearm Script that is in my addon. thanks to the Ace mod team and Bohemia Interactive, and of course everyone who ever posted a lesson on scripting Download link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8n7jm8lbzq0ibdt/%40justbuildV0.98.rar?dl=0 Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1162098941
  23. I'd liked to restrict my arsenal in multiplay so people only can look and wear the certain uniform at uniform tab. how can i restrict them? and if those clothes are too many (like 100) how can i easly manage and restric them. I.e. i want them look and wear only RHS and VSM mod uniform in arsenal.
  24. OFPS is looking to integrate ARSENAL into BECTI. We have had great success using custom mods like CUP. However, the amount of GEAR we have now is INSANE. Our 3.5 year old gear menu that was developed by BENNY just isn't up to the task. We would like to use arsenal as a replacement. Here's what I'd like to know from you experienced scripters: 1. Is it possible to load arsenal and not go into the virtual arena? I'd like to load the menu but keep the player in the battle space he's in. 2. Is it possible to allow a player to access gear based on a team's upgrade level, assign a cost to every piece of equipment, and check that a player has that cash before granting him access to the gear? 3. Anyone here have talent with sqf scripting and would like to help us (OFPS/BECTI) implement this? :) Thanks! -SS
  25. This is an expansion and enhancement built upon bis_fnc_garage wich was modified by iconic and then opec666 in this thread https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/180297-virtual-garage-possible-to-use-as-spawner-like-vvs/ Thanks to these guys for thier hard work and great code. I added some things like mapclick where you want the vehicle spawned. If you add any AI to vehicle then It will add only required crew / no passengers and when you escape or close virtual garage mapclick where you want vehicle to move and patrol. If you select static emplacement then the second mapclick will set static direction relative to first mapclick weather crewed or not. Multiplayer compatible textures if available. Replaces the blue VR guys with native vehicle crew. Will make local descriptive markers at mapclick positions than delete them shortly afterward. Working with ships, fixed wing, helicopters, land vehicles and statics crewed and uncrewed. This is only a proof of concept that Virtual Garage can work/be useful in multiplayer environment and may also bring enhancements to sp environment though sp aspect is untested. The Virtual Garage UI is probably the most intuitive, feature packed, quickest to browse through and find what your looking for and why not its by BIS. Unfortunately this has been overlooked by most because of its lack of MP support. Short comings: If vehicle is not placed on relatively flat area the it could slide and move then script may not complete (could be improved with isflatempty maybe). It probably could use some optimizations for those tweakers that are interested though the performance asis is not bad at all. The purpose of this post is really to help get upvoted encouragement to BIS on Feedback tracker to improve detection of more moded vehicles. Some vehicles that are available in editor are not listed in VG such as from RHS - all the Melbs, all the apachies but one, all the cobras but one etc. Please upvote or complain of issue here https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124991 Currently its a one time use. Execute from debug console local to use/reuse. VG_map_click = { if (count _this > 1) then { (_this select 0) removeaction (_this select 2); }; if ({_x in (items player + assignedItems player)}count ["ItemMap"] < 1) exitWith {hint "Missing Map Item!";true}; if !(getMarkerColor GarageMkrName isEqualTo "") then {deleteMarkerLocal GarageMkrName}; hint ""; GetClick1 = true; openMap true; [] spawn {[format ["MapClick for %1 Positioning", GarageMkrName],0,.1,3,.005,.1] call bis_fnc_dynamictext;}; ["VGarage_mapclick","onMapSingleClick", { private ["_nearestRoad","_roads","_marker","_dir"]; if (isOnRoad _pos) then { _nearestRoad = objNull; _roads = _pos nearRoads 15; if (count _roads > 0) then { _nearestRoad = ([_roads,[],{_pos distance _x},"ASCEND"] call BIS_fnc_sortBy) select 0; }; }; _marker=createMarkerLocal [GarageMkrName, _pos]; _marker setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON"; _marker setMarkerSizeLocal [1, 1]; _marker setMarkerTypeLocal "mil_dot"; _marker setMarkerColorLocal "Color3_FD_F"; _marker setMarkerTextLocal GarageMkrName; if (!isNull _nearestRoad) then { _marker setMarkerDirLocal ([_pos, _nearestRoad] call BIS_fnc_dirTo); }else{ _marker setMarkerDirLocal (direction (vehicle player)); }; GetClick1 = false; }] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; waitUntil {!GetClick1 or !(visiblemap)}; ["VGarage_mapclick", "onMapSingleClick"] call BIS_fnc_removeStackedEventHandler; if (!visibleMap) exitWith {}; mapAnimAdd [0.5, 0.1, markerPos GarageMkrName]; mapAnimCommit; sleep 1.2; openMap false; sleep 0.1; [] spawn { private _m = GarageMkrName; sleep 30; private _VG_open = player getVariable ["VGopen", true]; if (_VG_open) then { waitUntil {sleep 30; !(player getVariable "VGopen")}; }; if !(getMarkerType _m isEqualTo "") then {deleteMarkerLocal _m}; }; if (GarageMkrName isEqualTo "VG_Vehicle") exitWith { null =[(GarageMkrName)] call opec_fnc_garageNew }; GarageMkrName }; Prep_VG_Aquisitions = { params ["_veh_list", "_textures", "_cc", "_veh"]; private ["_mcMkr", "_wGrp", "_speed", "_height", "_grgMkrPos", "_desMkrPos", "_relDir", "_vehDir", "_vel", "_bellDir", "_mrkDis", "_midLength", "_midPos", "_pointC", "_wpArray", "_i", "_wp0", "_wp1", "_wp2", "_patrol", "_count"]; { _count = 0; { _veh setObjectTextureGlobal [ _count, _x ]; _count = _count + 1; } forEach _textures; if (_cc > 0) then { if (alive _veh) then { createVehicleCrew _veh; sleep 0.1; if (_veh isKindOf "StaticWeapon") then { if (GarageMkrName isEqualTo "Destination") then {deleteMarkerLocal GarageMkrName;}; GarageMkrName = "Direction"; } else { if (GarageMkrName isEqualTo "Direction") then {deleteMarkerLocal GarageMkrName;}; GarageMkrName = "Destination"; }; private ["_mcMkr","_wGrp"]; _mcMkr = [] call VG_map_click; _wGrp = (group (crew _veh select 0)); switch (true) do { case ((_veh isKindOf "Plane") || (_veh isKindOf "Helicopter")) : { private ["_speed","_height","_bellDir","_grgMkrPos","_desMkrPos","_mrkDis","_midLength","_relDir","_midPos","_pointC","_vel","_wpArray","_wp0","_wp1","_wp2"]; driver _veh action ["engineOn", _veh]; if (_veh isKindOf "Plane") then { _speed = 180; _height = 400; } else { _speed = 65; _height = 2000; }; _grgMkrPos = getmarkerPos "VG_Vehicle"; _desMkrPos = getmarkerPos "Destination"; _relDir = [ _grgMkrPos, _desMkrPos ] call BIS_fnc_dirTo; _vehDir = direction _veh; _vel = velocity _veh; _veh setpos [( position _veh select 0 ) + (sin (_relDir -180)), ( position _veh select 1 ) + (cos (_relDir -180)), _height]; _veh setVelocity [(_vel select 0)+(sin _vehDir*_speed), (_vel select 1)+(cos _vehDir*_speed), _vel select 2]; if (round(random(1)) isEqualTo 0) then {_bellDir = 90;}else{_bellDir = 270;}; _mrkDis = _grgMkrPos distance _desMkrPos; _midLength = _mrkDis / 2; if (_mrkDis > 2200) then {_midLength = 2200}; if (_mrkDis < 1200) then {_midLength = _midLength + 1200}; _midPos = [ _grgMkrPos, _midLength, _relDir ] call BIS_fnc_relPos; _pointC = [ _midPos, _midLength - 1, (_relDir + _bellDir) ] call BIS_fnc_relPos; _veh sidechat "Aircraft Enroute"; _wpArray = wayPoints _wGrp; for "_i" from 0 to (count _wpArray -1) do { deleteWaypoint [_wGrp, _i] }; _wp0 = _wGrp addWaypoint [_grgMkrPos, 200]; _wp0 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp0 setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; _wp0 setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _wp0 setWaypointStatements ["true", ""]; _wp1 = _wGrp addWaypoint [_desMkrPos, 200]; _wp1 setWaypointType "MOVE"; _wp1 setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; _wp1 setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _wp1 setWaypointStatements ["true", ""]; _wp2 = _wGrp addWaypoint [_pointC, 200]; _wp2 setWaypointType "Cycle"; _wp2 setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; _wp2 setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; _wp2 setWaypointStatements ["true", ""]; }; case (_veh isKindOf "StaticWeapon") : { private _relDir = [ ( getmarkerPos "VG_Vehicle"), (getmarkerPos "Direction") ] call BIS_fnc_dirTo; _veh setDir _relDir; _wGrp setBehaviour "COMBAT"; _wGrp setCombatMode "RED"; }; case (_veh isKindOf "Ship") : { if (surfaceIsWater position _veh) then { private _patrol = [ _wGrp, (getMarkerPos _mcMkr), 75 ] call bis_fnc_taskPatrol; _veh sidechat "Ship Enroute"; }; }; default { private _patrol = [ _wGrp, (getMarkerPos _mcMkr), 75 ] call bis_fnc_taskPatrol; _veh sidechat "Vehicle Enroute"; }; }; }; }; if ((_cc isEqualTo 0) && (_veh isKindOf "StaticWeapon")) then { if (GarageMkrName isEqualTo "Destination") then {deleteMarkerLocal GarageMkrName}; GarageMkrName = "Direction"; private _mcMkr = [] call VG_map_click; private _relDir = [ ( getmarkerPos "VG_Vehicle"), (getmarkerPos _mcMkr) ] call BIS_fnc_dirTo; _veh setDir _relDir; } else { if ((!isOnRoad _veh) && _cc isEqualTo 0) then { _veh setDir (direction (vehicle player)); }; }; } forEach _veh_list; }; opec_fnc_garageNew = { private ["_fullVersion","_veh","_displayMission","_marker","_pad","_veh_list","_vehType","_textures","_crew","_cc","_veh","_vehDir","_count"]; hintSilent format ["%1", (_this select 0)]; disableSerialization; uiNamespace setVariable [ "current_garage", ( _this select 0 ) ]; _fullVersion = missionNamespace getVariable [ "BIS_fnc_arsenal_fullGarage", false ]; if !( isNull ( uiNamespace getVariable [ "BIS_fnc_arsenal_cam", objNull ] ) ) exitwith { "Garage Viewer is already running" call bis_fnc_logFormat; }; player setVariable ["VGopen", true]; { deleteVehicle _x; } forEach nearestObjects [ getMarkerPos ( _this select 0 ), [ "AllVehicles" ], 10 ]; _veh = createVehicle [ "Land_HelipadEmpty_F", getMarkerPos ( _this select 0 ), [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE" ]; uiNamespace setVariable [ "garage_pad", _veh ]; missionNamespace setVariable [ "BIS_fnc_arsenal_fullGarage", [ true, 0, false, [ false ] ] call bis_fnc_param ]; with missionNamespace do { BIS_fnc_garage_center = [ true, 1, _veh, [ objNull ] ] call bis_fnc_param; }; with uiNamespace do { _displayMission = [] call ( uiNamespace getVariable "bis_fnc_displayMission" ); if !( isNull findDisplay 312 ) then { _displayMission = findDisplay 312; }; _displayMission createDisplay "RscDisplayGarage"; uiNamespace setVariable [ "running_garage", true ]; waitUntil { sleep 0.25; isNull ( uiNamespace getVariable [ "BIS_fnc_arsenal_cam", objNull ] ) }; _marker = uiNamespace getVariable "current_garage"; _pad = uiNamespace getVariable "garage_pad"; deleteVehicle _pad; _veh_list = ( getMarkerPos _marker ) nearEntities 5; { _vehType = typeOf _x; _textures = getObjectTextures _x; _crew = crew _x; _cc = count _crew; { _x spawn { _this action [ "Eject", vehicle _this ]; sleep ( random 2 ); _this setDamage 1; sleep ( random 5 ); deleteVehicle _this; }; } forEach _crew; deleteVehicle _x; sleep 0.5; _veh = createVehicle [ _vehType, getMarkerPos _marker, [], 0, "NONE" ]; sleep 0.1; if !(_veh isKindOf "Ship") then { _veh setPosATL [ ( position _veh select 0 ), ( position _veh select 1 ), 0.25 ]; }; _vehDir = markerDir _marker; _veh setDir _vehDir; player setVariable [ "VGopen", false ]; [_veh_list, _textures, _cc, _veh] spawn Prep_VG_Aquisitions; } forEach _veh_list; }; }; (vehicle player) addaction ["<t color='#FFFF00'>Virtual Garage Mod</t>", {GarageMkrName = "VG_Vehicle"; call VG_map_click}]; Comments and suggestions welcomed.