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    Broken controls.

    It did happen to me aswell and there seems that there isn't a way to get back your old bind in-game. what you should do Is to backup all the important files from your arma3 documents directory, then delete the folder and move your files into the new folder.
  2. Is there any chance that the MCC Sandbox is interfering with that? because there is a self-arsenal option.
  3. If there is a mode which allow it, there is got to be a script to make it possible too without mods... I can download the mod but I prefer keeping everything simple. tbh I think I would just make one VA which is accessible through a ammo box as I did before and make everything more realistic.
  4. I'm the object I guess lol what I wanted to do is that I can access the VA in anytime anywhere. anyway thanks.. at least the stamina script works...
  5. stamina is working great (there isn't stamina), arsenal doesn't work as usual. I found a method to make a virtual arsenal through the scroll wheel via the ARES mod (add full arsenal to object) and It is working great but after you respawn It doesn't work anymore. there is a way to do that and I know that, about 2 month ago I played in a server with that option...
  6. Guys I appreciate all the help from you but I have to mention that I'm not really good at ArmA 3 scripting, and everything you say here, I'm having a hard time understanding what to do. It will be awesome if someone just tell what code to put and where in the most simple way. btw It is a hosted server, not a dedicated server, sorry I had to mention it before. I just load the mission which is btw very small (just a helicopter and 8 players to choose from[playable slot] and the rest I'm doing with the MCC mode & zeus ingame) thanks you I really appreciate all the help
  7. Where did you put the script? and does It work for you in multiplayer? singleplayer isn't the problem, they are working just fine... ***Edit: I rewrote my problem, hoping It will be more clear this time, I'd be happy if you will check it :)
  8. yep, It doesn't work. My commands are good and they are not showing any error compare to the other code you mention here. the only problem I'm facing is that I can't get it to work in multiplayer, only in the editor... btw all the scripts, I put them in a file called init.sqf in the mission folder if thats matter, should I write them in another directory?
  9. the disableFatigue actually works for me in multiplayer, the arsenal doesn't. btw the difference between stamina and fatigue is big. stamina is your abillity to run ans fatigue and the stuff you carrying. if you disable fatigue its like running with nothing on you.(faster)
  10. I created a mission in the Eden Editor and I wanted to add a little script which is going to allow me to access the virtual Arsenal in anytime I want, anywhere through the scroll wheel, and another little script which is going to disable the fatigue system and thus I could have infinite stamina. Here is the code:(the file is saved in the mission folder[Documents]) Init.sqf player addAction ["Aresenal", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;}]; player enableFatigue False; player addEventHandler ["Respawn", {player enableFatigue false}]; So here is my problem, the script works just great in the editor when I test the mission. but when I try to host a server[not a dedicated server] It doesn't work. I'm not really good at ArmA3 scripting I'll be so happy if someone could just tell me what code should I use and where do I need to put it. I'll be happy if someone could help me, thanks...