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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone, lately, I have been looking for ways to improve quality of life as a long time Zeus mission maker. Is there a way to switch SIDE on All players currently in session with the press of a button. One button for each side or, better yet, make it toggle between two sides such as West and Civilian on the press of a button? This would be very convenient for me, as I would otherwise have to be quick on my feet at times, constantly bringing up modules back and forth in order to change it and I am quite busy as is during the sessions. Any pointer or tip is very appreciated.
  2. Hello, guys! Could someone please tell me what is wrong with this script? It doesn't work and I have no idea what could be wrong. It's a script to be used on a dedicated server, I'm running it via initServer. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. sleep 5; if (side _x == WEST) then { { removeVest _x; removeBackpack _x; removeHeadgear _x; _x addVest "rhs_6sh92"; _x addHeadgear "rhsgref_helmet_pasgt_erdl"; _x unlinkItem "ItemRadio"; _x Skill 0.65; }forEach allUnits; };
  3. 1CoReX1

    Internet issue´s

    every 10 seconds to 10 min the connection drops and the game loses connection from the server ??? last 2 weeks And the game automaticly won't connect again to server ... my question is if someone has a similar or the same problem and how to solve it?
  4. In my mission, when a Bluefor player enters an area, the trigger causes Independent AI forces to respawn. Altogether 16 Independent soldiers. The problem is that when another Bluefor member also enters the area, another 16 Independent AI enters the game. What should I do to be born only 16 enemies for the entire Bluefor team? Trigger Config Tipe: None Activation: BLUEFOR Activation Type: Present Repeatable: DISABLED Server Only: DISABLED My code: (How to perform this only 1 time to the side (Team). But it can be activated by any player on the team.) if (!isDedicated) then {null = [this] execVM "Gatilhos\Defesa\Alpha\Ind\Squad1.sqf";};
  5. Hi all, Perhaps I missed something, but, for whatever reason, it's impossible to make difference between sides or factions for an OPFOR Katiba and a BLUFOR MX . So weapons haven't side. I never found something useful in cfgWeapons to make a filter for faction, side, even group or unit using such or such weapon. I imagine that if you want to filter all BLUFOR used weapons for arsenal or any loot script, you have to grave in marble the array of all weapons you want to manage... Typically, that's what I want to avoid: elaborating fixed lists for any mods... boring! So If you have a solution... thanks for sharing it. At this time, I have a little workaround, not the best I'm afraid. If you want weapons used by BLUFOR: private _wpnsWestList = []; private _cfgMen = "getNumber (_x >> 'scope') >=2 && configName _x isKindOf 'SoldierWB'" configClasses (configFile >> "cfgvehicles"); { _cfgWpnsW = getArray (_x >> "weapons"); {if (getNumber (configfile >> "cfgWeapons" >> _x >> "type") in [1,2,4]) then {_wpnsWestList pushBackUnique _x}} forEach _cfgWpnsW; } forEach _cfgMen; _wpnsWestList = _wpnsWestList - ["B_Patrol_Soldier_HeavyGunner_weapon_F"]; Note: I was surprised to find such unit classes like "B_Patrol_HeavyGunner_F" and its "B_Patrol_Soldier_HeavyGunner_weapon_F" as primary weapon which is a simple "LMG_Zafir_F". Don't ask me why this exception... For OPFOR, anyway, change 'SoldierWB' to 'SoldierEB' (and remove the last line of course) , and for INDEP, 'SoldierGB' will do the trick. Any improvement or better idea is welcome! Thanks
  6. a simple script to change faction allegiance retaining their waypoints here it changes AAF to fight for opfor faction if you want them to fight the LDF INDG = allgroups select {faction leader _x == "IND_F"}; { _groupold = _x; _groupnew = createGroup east; (units _groupold) join _groupnew; _groupnew copyWaypoints _groupold; } foreach INDG; // -------------------------------------------------------------------------- /* null = [] execVM "INDtoOPFOR.sqf"; */; drones work fine, helicopter behaviour issues - transports don't unload troops as per waypoint
  7. I'm starting this thread to put an end to all the confusion here :) Below are facts of how they currently work on the dev branch. "Main missions" - classic campaign missions "Scouting missions" - optional missions, where you can explore the wonderful places of Stratis and Altis, collect equipment from the deceased you find or make and improve your tactical and combat skills "Side-quests" aka Side missions - optional tasks of various kinds included in the scouting missions itself Scouting missions 1. How to start the scouting mission? - leave the base by foot in any direction. - activate the "Start scouting" action from the quad-bike (Survive, Adapt) or offroad (Adapt only) at the base (if you cannot find it, open map and zoom in, there's a marker "Patrol"). The map will open and you'll be able to choose from few predefined starting points. They are dependent if you go on foot or with a vehicle. You can only go for scouting before being informed about an upcoming main mission. 2. How many scouting missions are there? There are five scouting missions, one for each base. All enemy patrols have a certain chance to be present in each playthrough - so stay aware even in the areas which were enemy-free in your previous scoutings. All empty vehicles and "unique sites" (corpses with valuable equipment etc.) have also a certain chance to be present. However after you have found them already, they will be taken/stolen/looted/buried by locals afterwards. 3. How many times can I go to the scouting mission? As many times as you want before you move to another base or have to go for a main mission. 4. Is there any time limit for the scouting missions? Yes, it's the remaining time for the next main mission briefing. If you fail to get back before timeout for next mission, you will be automatically moved back to base. 5. Where can I get any vehicles? There is always a default vehicle at the base you can use. There are also usually some vehicles close to the starting positions of the mission. Beside these, you can find some vehicles in almost every city and mostly also in the AO of the side-quests. 6. Can I take some comrades-in-arms to the scouting? Yes, at Gori and Topolia in Adapt you are able to go on scouting with a small team. - both bases have a limited pool of warriors which can accompany you - they are always already waiting for you in the vehicle (offroad or a different one you take from the scouting) - to go on scouting with them, activate the "Start scouting" action on a vehicle they are in 7. What equipment I collect in the mission is saved? All equipment is saved. 8. Are the vehicles saved in some car park? Yes, there is always a default vehicle at the base you can take to the scouting. Beside this, the vehicle you return to the base with is also saved. If you return with more vehicles at Gori or Topolia, only yours will be saved. 9. Do any of the actions I make in the scouting missions or side-quests have an impact on the main missions? You can 'only' have a better equipment for you and your team. 10. How can I fully heal myself if I don't have a medic? - there are some medical trucks you can use or you can return back to base (a very skillful doctor will take care of you before you enter the base :) ). - there is also one medic willing to accompany you while at Topolia. 11. My vehicle got immobilized, can I repair it somehow? As you are not a repair specialist, you cannot. Try to find a new one and drive more carefully next time :p 12. I got killed by a sudden explosion, is this some sort of script? Yes, the area you can move in is limited, yet clearly marked on the map. 13. I found/got killed by a real mine, can I defuse it somehow? As you are not an engineer, you cannot. However some mines can be triggered by a nearby explosion or you can step over them. A mine detector is a vital instrument in some areas. 14. It's pitch black and I don't have NV goggles. You can always find some flashlights and chemlights in the armory. NV goggles can be otherwise found on certain types of enemy units, mostly the commanders and special forces. Or, if you don't like dark adventures, you can first go to a next main mission (if it's not the last available mission from the current base) and go scouting later. 15. Are there any static weapons I could use? Yes, there are few of them and some are carried by infantry support teams. Side-quests 1. What are the side quests? They are the optional tasks included in the scouting missions. To learn what exactly are you supposed to do in them, please read the task info. 2. How can I receive the side quest? There are two ways - you either overhear a conversation between some men in the camp, or when you reach a pre-defined distance from the side quest's AO in the scouting mission. 3. How are the side quests distributed among the scouting missions? Each side quest belongs only to one scouting mission. If you move to another base before completing some of them, they won't be active anymore. 4. How's it with saving the game? The game will be automatically saved when you 1. enter the side quest's general AO and 2.when you complete the task. Be aware that some save games may happen when you are in contact with enemies, though we made our best to have the save game areas enemy-free. I'd advise to return to base after you finish one or two side quests. 5. What happens to the objects included the side quests when I complete them? All units, vehicles and ammo boxes will be deleted when you go to the scouting mission again. Therefore decide carefully what you want to take with you back to base. 6. How many side quests are there in total?
  8. Hello all!! Im trying to create some script that every 2 minutes (maybe handled with a trigger) will share all knowsabouts of between side groups. What i want to achieve is a side total awareness on the mission, if group A is engaging with an enemy BMP, group B, far away, will se that BMP on the map. I tried with triggers, and using this script someone shared: "AnyGroup" knowsAbout _target; { if(side _x == East) then { _x reveal _target; } }forEach AllUnits; I use it on a trigger and it gaves error. Any ideas? It's for a multiplayer mission using zeus. Shouldn't be hard, but im kinda a rookie on arma editing. Thanks!!
  9. Hello all, this is a helper function that converts a side into their side number, and side number into side. Thought I might just share. There may be other ways to do this, I'm open and excited to hear your alternatives if you have them. /* Author: Midnight Description: Helper script, side converter Parameter(s): 0 - Number OR side : if side, this will be converted to a number if number, this will be converted to a side Returns: number or side */ params[["_s",NO_SIDE,[civilian,0],1]]; switch(_s) do { case 0:{east}; case 1:{west}; case 2:{resistance}; case 3:{civilian}; case east:{0}; case west:{1}; case resistance:{2}; case guerilla:{2}; case civilian:{3}; default{false}; };
  10. I want to set the faction Syndikat to enemy towards everyone, but i want to keep the other Independent factions friendly towards Blufor, is it possible? or perhaps some work around to make it so? The command independent setFriend [blufor, 0]; makes all independent factions hostile, surely there is another way?
  11. Basically, I have this situation similar to a deathmatch (free for all), and I'd like to "addscore" to players ONLY when they kill other players, not AI's. Digging the internet, I found some scripts (meant for punishing teamkills), worked around them a little bit and got this: I must admit that I could not create such a thing, but I did some modifications and it ALMOST worked as intended. And this keeps happening like: I believe that this is happening because of the accumulated bodies of players, but I wasn't able to delete them to test it out. If any of you guys can help me, it would be appreciated! :)
  12. Basically, I have this situation similar to a deathmatch (free for all), and I'd like to "addscore" to players ONLY when they kill other players, not AI's. Digging the internet, I found some scripts (meant for punishing teamkills), worked around them a little bit and got this: I must admit that I could not create such a thing, but I did some modifications and it ALMOST worked as intended. And this keeps happening like: I believe that this is happening because of the accumulated bodies of players, but I wasn't able to delete them to test it out. If any of you guys can help me, it would be appreciated! :)
  13. I just got back in to making Arma 3 missions and I found the anvil editor which is like a beefed up MCC mission maker. The only problem is there are very few advanced tutorials out there and I cannot figure out how to change which faction spawns in the objective zone. I looked through all the .sqf files and found one that defined the factions then it had open blank templates to add your own faction but I don't know how to go about adding an addon faction such as ChDKZ or any of the factions from the rhs_afrf3 mod. // ADD CLASSNAMES if (_faction==5) then { _InfPool= []; _ArmPool= []; _MotPool= []; _ACHPool= []; _CHPool= []; _uavPool= []; _stPool= []; _shipPool= []; _diverPool= []; _crewPool= []; _heliCrew= []; }; and here's and example of the CSAT one that's already in here. // EAST CSAT FACTION if (_faction==0) then { _InfPool= ["O_SoldierU_SL_F","O_soldierU_repair_F","O_soldierU_medic_F","O_sniper_F","O_Soldier_A_F","O_Soldier_AA_F","O_Soldier_AAA_F","O_Soldier_AAR_F","O_Soldier_AAT_F","O_Soldier_AR_F","O_Soldier_AT_F","O_soldier_exp_F","O_Soldier_F","O_engineer_F","O_engineer_U_F","O_medic_F","O_recon_exp_F","O_recon_F","O_recon_JTAC_F","O_recon_LAT_F","O_recon_M_F","O_recon_medic_F","O_recon_TL_F"]; _ArmPool= ["O_APC_Tracked_02_AA_F","O_APC_Tracked_02_cannon_F","O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_F","O_MBT_02_arty_F","O_MBT_02_cannon_F"]; _MotPool= ["O_Truck_02_covered_F","O_Truck_02_transport_F","O_MRAP_02_F","O_MRAP_02_gmg_F","O_MRAP_02_hmg_F","O_Truck_02_medical_F"]; _ACHPool= ["O_Heli_Attack_02_black_F","O_Heli_Attack_02_F"]; _CHPool= ["O_Heli_Light_02_F","O_Heli_Light_02_unarmed_F"]; _uavPool= ["O_UAV_01_F","O_UAV_02_CAS_F","O_UGV_01_rcws_F"]; _stPool= ["O_Mortar_01_F","O_static_AT_F","O_static_AA_F"]; _shipPool= ["O_Boat_Armed_01_hmg_F","O_Boat_Transport_01_F"]; _diverPool= ["O_diver_exp_F","O_diver_F","O_diver_TL_F"]; _crewPool= ["O_crew_F"]; _heliCrew= ["O_helicrew_F","O_helipilot_F"]; };
  14. okey so when ever i got some off my new work in to oxygen and i take a look on it in the viewers thing i can see true the walls if i wach the right side i can only see true the right side wall