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Found 35 results

  1. Hey all, In the last update (1.60) that introduced some new respawn menu features, I have my own respawn loadout role defined. However, there seems to be a default "rifleman" role that's always there which I can't figure out how to get rid of. The wiki states: "Mission designer can use roles already created in the game config, or custom roles can be defined in description.ext file." https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Respawn:_New_Respawn_Screen But it does not describe how to use only custom and not pre-existing roles. Image below: My custom role that I want is "Insurgents". The role that won't go away is "rifleman" Thanks for any help.
  2. GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadout V1.35 by Grumpy Old Man Features: Change serial (tail) number on compatible aircraft (currently supported: Gryphon, Shikra and Black Wasp) Change pylon priority (makes multiple pylons act as a single weapon if they have the same priority) Works with all addon aircrafts with properly configured pylons Preset function to save presets and load them, mission/server independent deleting a preset works only when holding down CTRL to prevent mishaps Option to set pylon ownership to either gunner or pilot, also works with presets Change the livery of the aircraft if it's configured for one Allows certain players to modify aircraft loadouts, as well as rearm the pylons and repair/refuel the aircraft Can be restricted to work only if fuel/ammo/repair sources are within 50m of the object holding the menu You can simultaneously only refuel as many aircraft as you have fuel sources Can sort for compatible weapons or allow to mount all weapons on all pylons Ability to set reporting, receiving of remote targets and own position One click to clear all pylons if you changed your mind Can be operated by a lone pilot or a designated logistics crew Multiple players can install multiple pylons on the same plane, one pylon at a time Pylon installation will take some time, depending on mag size (twin cannons or gatlings will install faster than a 12 missile dagr pod) Rearming with engines on How to use this script: Unpack the downloaded .rar and check out the demo mission. Copy the file structure besides init.sqf and mission.sqm into your own mission. Don't forget to back up before overwriting any files! Functions for mission makers: List of commands used by remoteExec (changed in 1.33): Read: The addAction on objects will only show up if the players weapon is lowered. Make sure you have aircraft placed that are dynamic loadout compatible (especially for missions made pre 1.70!). The script now by default needs to have at least one ammo source, repair source or fuel source within 50m of the object that is holding the loadout menu. The respective options will be greyed out otherwise. This can be changed however. Simply adjust the variables in the of GOM_fnc_aircraftLoadoutParameters.sqf to your liking, the comments tell you what each variable does. (!) Check out the included mission file on how to add this menu to objects, players or triggers, dedicated server and local hosted server compatible. Aircraft Loadout V1.35 Download Armaholic V1.35 Download Known issues: If you encounter any errors please send me a PM containing details (screenshots,.rpt,error messages etc). If you encounter vehicle resources not working with ACE3 check out the functions for mission makers section above. Changelog: V1.35 Fixed: Players are no longer able to load presets created with a different pylon restriction setting, thanks @magicsrp Due to this change all presets needed to be reset V1.342 (Most likely) Fixed: Error with CUP Aircraft not returning getAllHitPointsDamage V1.341 Fixed: "Unknown attribute t" .rpt spam, thanks @magicsrp Previous changes: Enjoy
  3. ZLoadOut

    Description : Small ingame loadout cheanger for planes and helicopters, save and load custom presets In game '?' is only in english, if some one know english and russian perfectly any help will be accepted How to import it in your map/scenario? Just add following text in files, and obviously files downloaded -description.ext class CfgFunctions { #include "ZLoad\functions.hpp" }; #include "Zload\defines.hpp" #include "Zload\dialogLoadout.hpp" #include "Zload\dialogHelp.hpp" #include "Zload\dialogSave.hpp" -initPlayerLocal.sqf [player,"MarkerNameFromEDITOR",20] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone;//[PLAYER,MARKERNAME,RADIUS] -onPlayerRespawn.sqf [player,"MarkerNameFromEDITOR",20] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone;//[PLAYER,MARKERNAME,RADIUS] -stringtable.xml just add all from file in mission to your stringable.xml(if exists, else just put in your mission folder) -in editor add marker to use in scripts, it will be the marker near the menu will apear (ps:sorry for my bad english) Exemple : _Radius_From_center = 20; [_OBJ_TO_ADD_ACTION,"Zone_Center",_Radius_From_center] spawn zlo_fnc_CreateZone; #v1.0 First Release Download <-> Steam Workshop
  4. I was wondering if there is any way to require data from .json files inside q .sqf file. Or anything that covers that functionallity. The thing is: when a player buy a new custom loadout on the website, a post request is made with his ID to a file. Then, the if statemant checks the json file to watch for the player ID instead to watch for it on the array. the execVM function can do this? there is other way? Thank you all. //Default way for doing this if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["456789123"]) then { //Donators: Nobody DefaultMagazines = [{custom_items}]; DefaultWeapons = [{custom_items}]; DefaultBackpack = "{custom_item}"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = "{custom_item}"; }; //Exepected way loadout.sqf if ((getPlayerUID player) in {file.json} ) then { //Donators: Nobody DefaultMagazines = [{custom_items}]; DefaultWeapons = [{custom_items}]; DefaultBackpack = "{custom_item}"; DefaultBackpackWeapon = "{custom_item}"; }; //JSON with the buyers ID's file.json {[ '123456789','987654321', '159753468',..... ]}
  5. Hi, I recently started to get addicted to Zeus missions and I'm currently working on a second mission for my friends. However this mission is a Campaign. I want to "recreate" the Arma Cold War Assault: Resistance campaign. The Idea is: The players would be spawned in as civilians, each with a different profession for instance, Mechanic, Motorcrosser, Doctor, Chemistry Teacher, etc. Their loadout being matched to that profession. Shorty after the players spawned they will get a radio message signalling the start of the russian invasion into Nogova and they'll have to find the Resistance and support it. They are supposed to recruit civilians, find weapons and ammo and claim vehicles and eventually turn into resistance commanders with the forces they gathered. Now I can deal with the recruits they get and the vehicles they find but I still need a solution for their personal loadout that needs to get saved between missions and a solution to keep all the items they find and store in crates. The problem is I want to keep editing the mission in the editor so I can plan the next mission, enemy moves, etc, etc. But I need to know what my players collected in the crates and on their own loadouts. Maybe there is some way to save the mission while it is in progres or when it ends and to then edit that mission in the editor with every loadout and container inventory saved? I do not want to use arsenal since I know my players and they WILL take weapons and items that are not related to the mission. Also I'm not a scripter. I do understand a few little things but I cannot write a simple script without help. Just so you guys know my level. Thanks in advance.
  6. WEAR WHAT YOU WANT Hi all, Fed up with the cloth restriction? You can kill civilians but not wear their clothes! You want to infiltrate enemy player places but you can't wear their uniforms. You can't count the threads about forceAddUniform with any interest in game, except for some specific action... If you want to wear what you find on corpses, crates, or ground.. just add the following code for each allowed players (initPlayerLocal.sqf seems great). Just make sure player is already defined. version Mar 13th 2018 updated 21/06/18 parameters: NONE fnc_otherUnif = { params ["_type","_return"]; if (_type == 0) exitWith { MGI_button = _return select 1; false }; if (_type == 1 and !isnil "MGI_button" && {MGI_button == 1}) then { disableSerialization; _control = _return select 0; _index = _return select 1; private _idc = ctrlIDC _control; private _text = lbText [_idc, _index]; private _picture = lbPicture [_idc,_index]; private _uniforms = ("getText (_x >> 'displayName') == _text && getNumber (_x >> 'ItemInfo' >> 'type') == 801" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgWeapons")); if (count _uniforms > 0) then { [_idc,_text,_picture,_index,_uniforms] spawn { params ["_idc","_text","_picture","_index","_uniforms","_selectedUnif","_unifContClasses",["_uniformObject",objNull],["_selectedInvent",[]],"_items","_otherItems","_g0"]; _currentUnif = uniform player; _currentInvent = uniformItems player; _selectedUnif = ((_uniforms select {toLower (gettext (_x >> "picture")) splitString "\"joinString "\" == _picture}) apply {configName _x}) select 0; if !(pl_container isKindOf "CAManBase") then { _unifContClasses = (everyContainer pl_container select { (_x select 0) select [0,2] == "U_" or ["_U_",(_x select 0)] call bis_fnc_instring or ["uniform",(_x select 0)] call bis_fnc_instring}); _cnt = 0; for "_i" from 0 to _index do { if (lbText [_idc,_i] == _text) then { _cnt = _cnt +1; _uniformObject = _unifContClasses select {_selectedUnif == (_x select 0)} select (_cnt -1) select 1 }; }; } else { _uniformObject = uniformContainer pl_container }; _selectedInvent = []; {_selectedInvent pushback _x} foreach (itemCargo _uniformObject); if (magazineCargo _uniformObject isEqualType []) then { {_selectedInvent pushback _x} foreach (magazineCargo _uniformObject); }; if !(pl_container isKindOf "CAmanbase") then { _items = +itemCargo pl_container; _unifItems = _unifContClasses apply {_x select 0}; _vestContClasses = (everyContainer pl_container select { (_x select 0) select [0,2] == "V_"}); _vestItems = _vestContClasses apply {_x select 0}; _otherItems = +_items - _unifItems - _vestItems; pl_container setVariable ["allconts",_unifContClasses+_vestContClasses]; for "_i" from 0 to count (_unifContClasses+_vestContClasses) -1 do { if (((pl_container getVariable "allconts") select _i) select 1 == _uniformObject) exitWith { (pl_container getVariable "allconts") deleteAt _i }; }; pl_container setVariable ["allconts", +(pl_container getVariable "allconts") apply {[_x select 0, itemCargo (_x select 1), magazineCargo (_x select 1)]}]; _g0 = pl_container; clearItemCargoGlobal _g0; } else { _g0 = createVehicle ["WeaponHolderSimulated_Scripted", (player modelToWorld [0,1,1]), [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"] }; player forceAddUniform _selectedUnif; {player addItemToUniform _x} forEach _selectedInvent; call { if (pl_container isKindOf "CAManBase") exitWith { removeUniform pl_container }; { _x params ["_cont",["_it",[]],["_mag",[]]]; pl_container addItemCargoGlobal [_cont,1]; _createdCont = pl_container call MGI_lastCont; {_createdCont addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1];true} count _it; {_createdCont addMagazineCargoGlobal [_x,1];true} count _mag; } forEach (pl_container getVariable ["allconts",[]]); {_g0 addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1]} forEach _otherItems; }; _g0 addItemCargoGlobal [_currentUnif,1]; _lastCont = _g0 call MGI_lastCont; {_lastCont addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1]} forEach _currentInvent; if (_g0 isKindOf "WeaponHolderSimulated" && {(count itemCargo _g0 + count magazineCargo _g0 + count weaponCargo _g0 + count backpackCargo _g0) == 0}) then { deleteVehicle _g0 }; }; }; }; MGI_button = 0; false }; MGI_lastCont = compileFinal " params [['_cont',objNull]]; private '_lastCont'; _invent = (everyContainer _cont - (everyBackpack _cont apply {[typeOf _x,_x]})); if !(_invent isEqualTo []) then { _lastCont = _invent select (count _invent -1) select 1; } else { _lastCont = _cont; }; _lastCont "; player addEventHandler ["InventoryOpened", { params ["_unit", "_container"]; pl_container = _container; [] spawn { waitUntil {!(isNull findDisplay 602)}; disableSerialization; {(findDisplay 602 displayCtrl _x) ctrlAddEventHandler ["MouseButtonClick", "[0,_this] call fnc_otherUnif"]} forEach [632,640]; {(findDisplay 602 displayCtrl _x) ctrlAddEventHandler ["LBSelChanged", "[1,_this] spawn fnc_otherUnif"]} forEach [632,640]; }; }] USAGE: just right click on uniform you want to wear. NOTE: seems a long code for forcing to wear a uniform? Just feel free to optimize without downgrading a working code on crates, corpses, or ground without multiplying gears or losing items...
  7. I have a problem with not being able to load saved loadouts and it makes no sense because I have all the mods when I make a new loadout.This problem only became a problem in the last two months, before it was fine. I can make a loadout right now and try and load it a second later and it wont work. I can load saved loadouts that I made before it was a problem but thats it, not new ones. Please someone help, its a retarded problem that I need fixed.
  8. Basically, I'm building a bunch of custom Arsenals by using the "BIS_Fnc_addVirtualCargo" functions. I'm just whitelisting all the weapons/magazines/items/etc I want as part of each custom VAB. It all went well so far. Whitelisting weapons, magazines, clothing and items worked perfectly. However, I've run into a problem when trying to whitelist weapon attachments. For some reason, the "BIS_Fnc_addItemCargo" function only adds bipods and rail attachments to the VAB, but does not add any of the optics or suppressors I specify. Any help?
  9. HI All, I have a quick question. Everyone (players and AI) in Chernarus knows that there is going to be a big fight but ALiVE mod only gives AI units one bandage and one morphine each. So, I want to add a loadout.sqf to my mission file. The purpose of the loadout is to add 4x basic bandages and 4x morphine syringes to all units spawning (ALIVE mod) all factions only at the beginning of the scenario. My loadout.sqf looks like this: forEach allUnits; {_x for "_i" from 1 to 4 do addItemToUniform "ACE_fieldDressing";}; {_x for "_i" from 1 to 4 do addItemToUniform "ACE_morphine";}; Added: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "loadout.sqf"; to init.sqf I could be barking up the wrong tree but I have not written a script before and perhaps could use some help for this one. I am using latest version of ACE3 and ALiVE mods among others. Please help with this loadout.sqf script. Thanks
  10. Hey guys, I am currently working on a mission where I want to use the respawn menu from the MenuPosition template in Description.ext. It works basically but when I add coustom respawn positions they are displayed with a generic name created automatically by the game, e.g.: "near Lavalle". The main issue I have is that I want to label a ModuleRespwnPosition_F with a coustom name like "HQ" but it displays two spawn locations in the menu. One is the spawn with my coustom name and another duplicated one with the generic description, mentioned above. Unfortuneatly creating a classic map marker with respawn_west is not solving the problem either. Do you know what happens here? I couldnt find any help how to turn those generic respawn names off. Thank you! Description.ext: respawn = "BASE"; respawnDelay = 3; respawnButton = 1; respawnOnStart = 1; respawnDialog = 0; respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuPosition","Wave"}; disabledAI = 1; showSquadRadar = 1; joinUnassigned = 0; disableChannels[] = {0,2,4,3};
  11. What I'm trying to do is show current load out/gear information like guns/equipment ect though dialogs on respawn, so people can make a informed choice. I already have a system in place but I feel there is a better way that's cleaner or more modular or a way to refine it? Would be cool if you could customise from a pool of items and each of those items has a value attached to them to balance them out. I think that's out of my reach, but if you have something I could look at to learn, that is very appreciated. Any ideas? I'm all ears. These are all listboxes and the items change based on the class selection, also when you click the uniform/vest/backpack the Capacity value ect will show. Thanks.
  12. Sorry, Wrong Forum

    Sorry, Wrong Forum
  13. the "load" button is grayed out on most loadouts. even just recently created loadouts. anyone have any insight?
  14. Hello everyone! Lets suppose that I am making a mission in Eden Editor. How do I make a person have something like a HE grenade by going into his loadout? How do I customize how much smoke grenades he as, etc. Thanks!
  15. I'm trying to implement the new loadout system to an aircraft with undercarriage bay (the ArmA 2 F35B actually) but I can't find enough info about that (the bays setup in order to work when some weapons will be chosen) except what is written on WiKi (which is not helpful at all). Is anyone familiar with this matter ? I need to know if there is any specific points or parts inside the model which has be named and somehow stated into config ... generally I'm blind on this matter so far but before trying to add this future the aircraft bay was working fine on given condition. Any help will be much appreciated.
  16. respawn loadouts module

    Dabbling with the respawn loadout module. Dropped it in while playing mission, selected some of my loadouts, asked my guinea pigs to respawn and see if the loadouts I shared were available and they were. After selecting one of the kits I shared, when they respawned they just had some random kit. It's worth noting that we are using mods such as ACE and RHS. Is there something else I have to add to the mission structure to allow the loadouts to actually transfer (aside from the name of my shared loadouts being available in their list)? Running on rented dedicated server. Zeus Respawn Loadouts Saved loadout can be given to players as respawn loadouts by Zeus. Works only in scenarios with MenuInventory (CHECK) respawn template enabled. Save your loadout CHECK Play a scenario as Zeus CHECK Place Modules > Respawn > Loadouts CHECK Select side tab CHECK Expand Arsenal category CHECK Select the saved loadout. CHECK After confirming, players of the given side will be able to respawn with your loadout. NOPE!
  17. Loadouts in patrol

    Why is it sometimes I can use my own weapon loadouts in patrol but most of the time, it will not list it, and I am forced to use what the game has picked for me? And even if I do get my own loadout, 50% of the time, if I respawn, my loadout options are removed and Im forced to the 1 weapon the game picked for me. Is this a bug or by design? The following I do think is a bug: At the map respawn screen, there has been a few times that I can pick from my own loadout, but it is not shown in the list. I can select a invisible item (in the location where it would be listed at), click details and there is nothing displayed (no weapons, no attachments, etc) but then when I spawn, I will have one of my own loadouts.
  18. Hey (: I've made a TDM Map and set it include respawns 6vs6. but when i change the loadout inside the virtual arsenal and save as, i got an problem. the first time the soldier (for example a sniper) spawns, i got the choosen loadout. but everytime after the first spawn when the soldier spwawns, he gets the standard loadout from the soldier i had changed. for example. i take a marksman with MK14 and give him an CMR and silencer in team blue. but when he dies, and spawns a second time, he got his MK 14 again. how can i edit this to become the custom loadout also on every spawn?
  19. Ok so for my missions I want all my unit members to be able to select premade loadout that I made depending on the role they want to play, I cant figure out how to do it. My idea was: There is the scroll menu (the different options that you have for actions in the scroll menu ), and somehow in the attributes of an ammo box there would be a script containing custom loadouts that I premade, and when someone would to check the different options of the ammo box there with the scroll menu there would be different roles that contain different loadouts. If any body could help me that we be amazing, if you didn't understand my question let me know ill try to be more understandable.
  20. Is there a way to customize default loadouts or enabeling peronal loadouts when you host private match? The thing is that I want to play 1v1 or simply test weapons and tactics with my friends, but when I host new private match we can only use default loadouts with starting weapons. It would be great if I could just allow personal loadouts, so that we can play privately with weapons that we unlocked.
  21. is there a function for calling and setting players loudout ? for example something like this player setArsenal ["axonArsenal"];
  22. Hello chaps I'm not really good in scripting. I just started to create custom missions in Arma 3 so I need your little help. What I'm trying to do is to save the exact loadout on unit after death and respawn with same gear. can somebody tell me how to do that?
  23. So your typical Arma3 tank, apc has some predefined stuff in it for infantry. A couple of rifles, some ammo, smoke grenades etc. You can customize it. What you want in cargo depends on your mission and I realize this is the case in real life, so there is no ultimate cargo or maybe even typical cargo. I am still curious though, about what real missions take on in their vehicles. There are probably some guidelines, even if its only the financial cost of extra things you want to take, or the physical capacity or weight and size that play a role. - For instance, in many Arma missions, there are some spare rifles stowed in vehicles. Is this realistic? Is this standard? are rifles considered cheap or expensive? - I usually chuck some extra ammo and grenades in the vehicles if the mission allows that. How is that in real missions? Is it normal to have 20 extra mags on a patrol vehicle? or a 100? Are grenades important to have lots of extras? What kind of formula's are used to calculate vehicle cargo supplies? Who decides? If you have a squad on a vehicle, would you want to double the load they have on their bodies with the cargo? multiply it by a factor of days on mission and expected ammo use? Does anyone ever take a bow and arrow on a mission in the cargo? (this is the most important question) I know that real-life military personnel regularly enlightens the Arma community on issues of realism, so I would be very happy if some could give pointers to take into account for creating Arma missions, or even just an interesting comparison between the game and RL.
  24. Gruppe Adler Script Modules This is a list of modules that we built for various missions. All of them multiplayer and JIP proof. All of them easy to implement into your mission. Download and insert them manually, or use npm. More information on each module as well as installation, configuration and dependencies can be found on github. Most require CBA and ACE. grad-loadout - class based, reliable loadout system grad-leaveNotes - write notes on paper, pass them to other players, place them on the ground, compare handwriting grad-makeFire - build fires (if trees are near), add more wood to make it bigger, add leaves to make it smoke grad-listbuymenu - class based buy menu, very versatile, categories, pictures, descriptions, buy-permissions grad-moneymenu - money framework, can be used in conjunction with listbuymenu or standalone, give money to players, take money from (dead/captured) players, store money in containers, bank accounts grad-scoreboard - a dynamic scoreboard, displays what you give it, (does not save statistics for you) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Loadout GRAD Loadout is a class based loadout system that applies loadouts on missionstart based on unit type. Works on AI as well as players. Organizing loadouts in classes makes it very manageable and easy to read. Most importantly though, it means you can use inheritance. A medic can inherit his loadout from a rifleman and add a backpack full of medical equipment. Check out these loadouts for US Army soldiers with OCP camo as an example. class USOCP { class AllUnits { uniform = "rhs_uniform_cu_ocp"; vest = "rhsusf_iotv_ocp_Rifleman"; headgear = "rhsusf_ach_helmet_ocp"; primaryWeapon = "rhs_weap_m4a1_blockII_bk"; }; class Type { //Rifleman class Soldier_F { addItemsToUniform[] = { "ACE_MapTools", "ACE_EarPlugs" }; addItemsToVest[] = { LIST_2("HandGrenade"), LIST_8("30Rnd_556x45_Stanag") }; }; //Asst. Autorifleman class soldier_AAR_F: Soldier_F { backpack = "rhsusf_assault_eagleaiii_ocp"; addItemsToBackpack[] = { LIST_2("rhs_200rnd_556x45_M_SAW"), "rhsusf_100Rnd_556x45_M200_soft_pouch" }; }; }; }; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Leave Notes GRAD Leave Notes allows players to write messages on a notepad. Notes can then be placed on the ground, passed to other players or stored in (virtual) inventory. Notes that you found on the ground can be inspected for their handwriting. Every handwriting is represented by a font as well as a modifier+adjective combo. For example, on inspection a note's handwriting might show up as "very elegant". Now if you find another note with "very elegant" handwriting, you know that it was likely written by the same person. Number of notes that a players can write, or if a player can write note at all can be configured in mission config and with script commands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Make Fire GRAD Make Fire allows players to build fires if there are trees nearby. More wood can be added once, making the fire bigger. Leaves can be added twice making the fire smoke. Fires will burn out after a certain time (configurable). An extinguished or burned out fire can be inspected, giving you information about the time since it went out (e.g. "The embers are still slightly glimming."). We are using this module in a TvT mission in which a downed pilot is to be rescued/captured by two opposing teams. The pilot can build these fires as a way to signal his position. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD List Buymenu GRAD List Buymenu is a fully configurable buy menu supporting inventory items, weapons, vehicles, units or even your own script code. All of these can be given prices, categories, item stocks, descriptions and preview pictures. Multiple sets of buyables can be configured, giving you the possibility to buy different items at different locations. Inventory items will be either placed directly into the buyer's inventory, into the trader's cargo space or on the ground. Vehicles will be spawned at a suitable location nearby. Optionally you can set permissions on items, allowing you to control who can buy what. Here it is in action in an early version of an upcoming mission. Note that I have yet to configure the description of some of these items in the mission. GRAD List Buymenu also has the ability to track what users buy. Even across multiple missions. Admins can then use a chat command to view the statistics: An example of a config for this menu can be found here. class Items { displayName = "Items"; kindOf = "Items"; class ACE_fieldDressing { displayName = "Bandages (x10)"; description = "10 simple bandages in sterile packaging."; amount = 10; price = 100; stock = 40; }; }; class Vehicles { permissionLevel = 3; displayName = "Vehicles"; kindOf = "Vehicles"; spawnEmpty = 1; class rhsusf_m998_w_s_4dr_fulltop { condition = "uo_missionParam_ISWOODLAND"; displayName = "Commandvehicle"; description = "Functions as a backup respawn and buymenu access position."; price = 10000; stock = 1; code = "[_this select 2] call uo_fnc_setCommandVehicle;"; }; }; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Money Menu GRAD Money Menu can be used supplementary to GRAD List Buymenu, or as a standalone money system. It allows you to give money to players, take money from captive, surrendered, or dead players and store money in containers. Storage containers can have an owner or be accessible by everyone. Deposit and withdraw money at an ATM and do bank transfers to other players. Check your account at an ATM and see your latest receipts. Lots of pictures in the readme on github. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Scoreboard GRAD Scoreboard will take an array of statistics and display them for your in a nice and tidy dialog. It supports any number of columns and rows and will automatically adjust its size as well as the width of each column accordingly. It will try to find the local players name and highlight it. Below the actual scoreboard, you can optionally display a second dialog for additional statistics. Here it is with some fake statistics. Note that the winrates are unrounded. Rounding has to be done before feeding the array.
  25. Hi all, I'm new to the forums but I have been playing for a while now, with a special interest in the Cold War era. I came here hoping for some assistance on a question that has been bothering me. I have something of my own personal headcanon for the events of the Armaverse, and I wanted to start making missions that take place during the Cold War. The timeline I've worked up involves a conflict between the US Army's 193rd Infantry Brigade and the Soviet 2nd Guards Motor Rifles in the year 1988. Now, I know that the M16A2 was phased into US Army service in 1985-6, but I was wondering about the feasibility of equipping my US Army infantry assets with M16A1s. I have the RH M16 pack with its well-textured and modeled M16A2s, but I recently downloaded Unsung to see the variety of Cold War assets I could translate into the 1980s setting. The M16A1 model they have is quite exquisite, and the selection of Cold War vehicles, aircraft in particular, is also very interesting. I wanted to know see if I could get some input as to what model of M16 I should use, because I can't decide. For anyone who takes the time to read this and comment, thank you very much in advance!