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  1. Gruppe Adler Script Modules This is a list of modules that we built for various missions. All of them multiplayer and JIP proof. All of them easy to implement into your mission. Download and insert them manually, or use npm. More information on each module as well as installation, configuration and dependencies can be found on github. Most require CBA and ACE. grad-loadout - class based, reliable loadout system grad-leaveNotes - write notes on paper, pass them to other players, place them on the ground, compare handwriting grad-makeFire - build fires (if trees are near), add more wood to make it bigger, add leaves to make it smoke grad-listbuymenu - class based buy menu, very versatile, categories, pictures, descriptions, buy-permissions grad-moneymenu - money framework, can be used in conjunction with listbuymenu or standalone, give money to players, take money from (dead/captured) players, store money in containers, bank accounts grad-scoreboard - a dynamic scoreboard, displays what you give it, (does not save statistics for you) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Loadout GRAD Loadout is a class based loadout system that applies loadouts on missionstart based on unit type. Works on AI as well as players. Organizing loadouts in classes makes it very manageable and easy to read. Most importantly though, it means you can use inheritance. A medic can inherit his loadout from a rifleman and add a backpack full of medical equipment. Check out these loadouts for US Army soldiers with OCP camo as an example. class USOCP { class AllUnits { uniform = "rhs_uniform_cu_ocp"; vest = "rhsusf_iotv_ocp_Rifleman"; headgear = "rhsusf_ach_helmet_ocp"; primaryWeapon = "rhs_weap_m4a1_blockII_bk"; }; class Type { //Rifleman class Soldier_F { addItemsToUniform[] = { "ACE_MapTools", "ACE_EarPlugs" }; addItemsToVest[] = { LIST_2("HandGrenade"), LIST_8("30Rnd_556x45_Stanag") }; }; //Asst. Autorifleman class soldier_AAR_F: Soldier_F { backpack = "rhsusf_assault_eagleaiii_ocp"; addItemsToBackpack[] = { LIST_2("rhs_200rnd_556x45_M_SAW"), "rhsusf_100Rnd_556x45_M200_soft_pouch" }; }; }; }; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Leave Notes GRAD Leave Notes allows players to write messages on a notepad. Notes can then be placed on the ground, passed to other players or stored in (virtual) inventory. Notes that you found on the ground can be inspected for their handwriting. Every handwriting is represented by a font as well as a modifier+adjective combo. For example, on inspection a note's handwriting might show up as "very elegant". Now if you find another note with "very elegant" handwriting, you know that it was likely written by the same person. Number of notes that a players can write, or if a player can write note at all can be configured in mission config and with script commands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Make Fire GRAD Make Fire allows players to build fires if there are trees nearby. More wood can be added once, making the fire bigger. Leaves can be added twice making the fire smoke. Fires will burn out after a certain time (configurable). An extinguished or burned out fire can be inspected, giving you information about the time since it went out (e.g. "The embers are still slightly glimming."). We are using this module in a TvT mission in which a downed pilot is to be rescued/captured by two opposing teams. The pilot can build these fires as a way to signal his position. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD List Buymenu GRAD List Buymenu is a fully configurable buy menu supporting inventory items, weapons, vehicles, units or even your own script code. All of these can be given prices, categories, item stocks, descriptions and preview pictures. Multiple sets of buyables can be configured, giving you the possibility to buy different items at different locations. Inventory items will be either placed directly into the buyer's inventory, into the trader's cargo space or on the ground. Vehicles will be spawned at a suitable location nearby. Optionally you can set permissions on items, allowing you to control who can buy what. Here it is in action in an early version of an upcoming mission. Note that I have yet to configure the description of some of these items in the mission. GRAD List Buymenu also has the ability to track what users buy. Even across multiple missions. Admins can then use a chat command to view the statistics: An example of a config for this menu can be found here. class Items { displayName = "Items"; kindOf = "Items"; class ACE_fieldDressing { displayName = "Bandages (x10)"; description = "10 simple bandages in sterile packaging."; amount = 10; price = 100; stock = 40; }; }; class Vehicles { permissionLevel = 3; displayName = "Vehicles"; kindOf = "Vehicles"; spawnEmpty = 1; class rhsusf_m998_w_s_4dr_fulltop { condition = "uo_missionParam_ISWOODLAND"; displayName = "Commandvehicle"; description = "Functions as a backup respawn and buymenu access position."; price = 10000; stock = 1; code = "[_this select 2] call uo_fnc_setCommandVehicle;"; }; }; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Money Menu GRAD Money Menu can be used supplementary to GRAD List Buymenu, or as a standalone money system. It allows you to give money to players, take money from captive, surrendered, or dead players and store money in containers. Storage containers can have an owner or be accessible by everyone. Deposit and withdraw money at an ATM and do bank transfers to other players. Check your account at an ATM and see your latest receipts. Lots of pictures in the readme on github. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GRAD Scoreboard GRAD Scoreboard will take an array of statistics and display them for your in a nice and tidy dialog. It supports any number of columns and rows and will automatically adjust its size as well as the width of each column accordingly. It will try to find the local players name and highlight it. Below the actual scoreboard, you can optionally display a second dialog for additional statistics. Here it is with some fake statistics. Note that the winrates are unrounded. Rounding has to be done before feeding the array.
  2. Hello, I recently made an Iron Dome mod: Steam workshop link I am also releasing a standalone script used for guiding the missile, currently, 3 modes are available: Augmented proportional navigation APN Proportional navigation PN Pure pursuit LOS Here is the code: You can call this function (script) by using: [missile, target, [parameters]] execVM... Parameter is an array containing: Missile max speed: The speed the missile will travel (good values between 200 and 1000) Guidance law: The law that will be used: 0 - APN (best), 1 - PN, 2 - LOS Guidance gain: A constant typically between 3 and 5 Time to max: Missile speed will increase linearly until it reaches the max //params ["_missile", "_target", "_speed",]; private _missile = param[0]; private _target = param[1]; private _parameters = param[2]; //Speed, guidance, N private _speed = _parameters select 0; private _guidance = _parameters select 1; private _N = _parameters select 2; private _timeToMax = _parameters select 3; if(isNull _target) exitWith {}; //Weird issue with APN when engaging missiles idk _targetIsMissile = (_target isKindOf "MissileBase"); //Variables for the missile and logic private _increment = 0.02; private _currSpeed = _speed / 100; private _k = 1; private _initialDist = (_missile distance _target); private _closeEncounter = false; private _medianLoops = 5; _lowestDist = _initialDist; _incrementSpeed = (_speed - _currSpeed) / _timeToMax; //Vectorial quantities _guidVel = [0,0,0]; _leadAcc = [0,0,0]; _lastB = [0,0,0]; _tgtAccNorm = [0,0,0]; private _time = time; _loop = 0; while {alive _target and alive _missile} do { //Elapsed time _deltaT = (time - _time); //Speed _currSpeed = _currSpeed + _incrementSpeed * _deltaT; _currSpeed = _currSpeed min _speed; //LOS _posA = getPosASL _missile; _posB = getPosASL _target; _LOS = _posB vectorDiff _posA; _steering = _posA vectorFromTo _posB; _dist = _missile distance _target; //Relative velocity _velA = velocity _missile; _velB = velocity _target; _relVelocity = _velB vectorDiff _velA; if(_dist < _lowestDist) then { _lowestDist = _dist; }; //Was close if(_dist < 1000) then { _closeEncounter = true; }; //Now is far if(_closeEncounter and (_dist > 1500)) then { _mine = createMine ["DemoCharge_F", getPosATL _missile, [], 0]; _mine setDamage 1; deletevehicle _missile; }; switch (_guidance) do { //APN case 0: { //Impact Time Control Cooperative Guidance Law Design Based on Modified Proportional Navigation //https://www.mdpi.com/2226-4310/8/8/231/pdf //formula [30] _tGo = (_dist/(speed _missile)*(1+ ((acos(_velA vectorCos _steering)/90)^2)/(2*(2 * _N - 1)))); if(isNil "_tgo") then {continue}; //Zero effort miss _ZEM = _LOS vectorAdd (_relVelocity vectorMultiply _tGo); _losZEM = _ZEM vectorDotProduct _steering; _nrmZEM = (_ZEM vectorDiff (_steering vectorMultiply _losZEM)); //Weird behaviour when attacking missiles if(!_targetIsMissile) then { if(_loop == _medianLoops) then { //Target accelleration _tgtAcc = _leadAcc vectorMultiply (1/_medianLoops); _tgtAccLos = _tgtAcc vectorDotProduct _steering; _tgtAccNorm = _tgtAcc vectorDiff (_steering vectorMultiply _tgtAccLos); _loop = 0; } else { _tgtAcc = (_velB vectorDiff _lastB) vectorMultiply (1/_increment); _lastB = _velB; _leadAcc = _leadAcc vectorAdd _tgtAcc; _loop = _loop + 1; }; }; //augmented prop nav with ZEM and lowered proportional gain _leadAcc = (_nrmZEM vectorMultiply _N) vectorMultiply (1/(_tGo ^ 2)) vectorAdd (_tgtAccNorm vectorMultiply (_N/4)); _guidVel = (_leadAcc vectorMultiply _increment) vectorAdd _velA; }; //PN case 1: { //Calculate omega _rotation = _LOS vectorCrossProduct _relVelocity; _distance = _LOS vectorDotProduct _LOS; _rotation = _rotation vectorMultiply (1/_distance); //Desired accelleration to intercept _leadAcc = (_relVelocity vectorMultiply _N) vectorCrossProduct _rotation; _guidVel = (_leadAcc vectorMultiply _increment) vectorAdd _velA; }; //Pure pursuit case 2: { _guidVel = _steering; } }; //Set new speed _guidVel = ((vectorNormalized _guidVel) vectorMultiply _currSpeed); _missile setVectorDir _guidVel; _missile setVelocity _guidVel; //drawLine3D [_posA, _posA vectorAdd _LOS, [1,1,1,1]]; sleep _increment; }; //If the target died or the missile timedout make it blow in mid air if(alive _missile) then { waitUntil {(getposATL _missile select 2) > 100}; if(alive _target) then { sleep random 1; }; deletevehicle _missile; _mine = createMine ["DemoCharge_F", getPosATL _missile, [], 0]; _mine setDamage 1; }; true; This is more aimed at developers who want to build missile-based systems and for one reason or the other can't use the missile locking capability.
  3. Hey peeps, A little history: As many of you know (or may not know), I originally created an online reference library of non-editor/non-configured Arma 3 assets over 2 years ago as a community resource for things not available on the Biki after repeatedly seeing similar questions being asked on the Arma 3 Discord from many users new and old, that site initially lived on a Github Pages static website. The Github solution was fine for those purposes, but whilst I was busy on an large update to expand the library in February/March of 2019 for the Contact DLC - which was requested by regulars in the terrain channel on the Arma 3 Discord server (Hi Jakerod 😁) - I had to move the entire site over to GitLab due to GitHub limitations, GitLab has far superior repository options - especially for the website's needs and is much better suited to the project overall, so it will be staying there going forward - for the bookmark savvy amongst you the old url on Github will auto-redirect you to the new home after 10 seconds. The Library: The library as it stands consists of Terrain Asset Libraries with each item having the relevant P3D name, PBO path and asset Classname (where applicable) right next to each item as well as a Terrain Config/Extras section. This makes it a valuable resource not only for terrain authors but also mission authors who need to be able to reference the important information about assets they intend to use in thier projects, or if they don't know the details of a particular terrain asset and need to find it. Sections: Terrain Asset Libraries: Arma 3: Non-Eden section consists of an image library containing all of the terrain non-config assets from vanilla Arma 3, Apex and Argo, these are assets such as Clutters, Bushes, Trees, Rocks and Dead vegetation. Arma 3: Contact section consists of an image library containing all of the terrain assets as well as all non-config assets from the Contact Expansion. Global-Mobilization section consists of an image library containing all of the terrain assets as well as all non-config assets from Global-Mobilization CDLC by Vertexmacht. Terrain Config/Extras: Buldozer Cheatsheet - Buldozer keyboard controls Terrain Split PBO Config - A commented PDF explaining how to split a terrain PBO into seperate config/data/layer PBO files and an explanation of the requiredAddons arrays. CfgWorlds - A commented CfgWorlds class CfgLight - A commented CfgLight class CfgAmbient - A commented CfgAmbient class That's a teardown of what the site contains, you can find it at: https://arma3library.gitlab.io/ Enjoy! As for site updates, I do them as and when I have free time as this site is a hobby project. If you find an issue ping me on the Arma 3 Discord terrain channel or send me a PM on here, thanks. 👍 NB: For any webbies out there I generated the entire website using PHP & CSS which was exported as a plain HTML5 document with JavaScript for interactivity. All images were created in-game using Arma 3 along with custom mods I wrote to setup the p3d's to be loadable in the editor and to have organised export paths. Work smarter not harder as they say
  4. Hi guys, im here for asking u some help about xcam. Im using it for working on my map and i want to use the objects and buildings of tanoa and livonia. Can u tell me how can i take the pbo for put it on xcam librarys??
  5. Scripting General & Library Information : Feel free to share and discuss , about Ravage Scripting and Scripting general. # Follow the same form , as the first Post please . A list with the certain page , will be here available. _____________________________________________________________________________________ I also suggest to follow , the BIS Forum Members below , who really help and share their work and knowledge : # the list is off course on random. https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/900806-pierremgi/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/770615-larrow/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/832107-grumpy-old-man/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/773718-hazj/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/842941-davidoss/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/906542-schatten/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/759255-mrcurry/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/792430-dedmen/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/1145462-mr-h/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/801328-fn_quiksilver/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/745971-johnnyboy/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/754658-beno_83au/ https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/771259-sarogahtyp/ I thank personally and public , this members , for everything so far. _____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________ List : ______________________________ 1. Custom zombie spawner script, that works alo in USS Liberty or USS Freedom 2. How to add a Custom texture respawnable uniform on players or units 3. Ravage Zed Detector 4. How to create a trigger that counts the number of zombies in its radius and spawns a new horde if there are too few 5.How to keep Zeds within a 10-20 meters radius 6.How to disable the access of an item 7.How to make a certain unit/s to handle more damage 8.How to add message on player death 9.How to create a Mod Check 10. How to make Ravage zombies drop items when killed 11. Object Spawner Script 12. How to destroy a certain area 13. Check if player kills members of his own side, CIVS or certain animals and make him a renegade for that 14.How how to suicide bomber zombies , in editor 15. How to script a safe zone marker that deletes any unit (besides player) entering it 16. How to make AI shoot only after the player shot 17. How to create a moving rad zone 18. (Ravage) huntable animal spawner 19. How to create a restriction for the pickable items 20.How to add a random or certain , loadout for everyone 21.How to add ifinitive ammo for your group units AI 22.How to add crows over dead bodies/animals/zombies 23. How to set a Zed face to a unit 24. Template mission that will spawn haleks Ghosts 25. How to make reserved slots 26. How to make a Hostage , Join-Disband / Release-Tie addaction 27. How to make a simple teamkiller 28. How to make a Simple weapon jam, with or without overheat 29. How to Eject from air vehicles
  6. A few days ago I decided to put most of the code to public that I created in many years working with ArmA file formats. So I put it on GitHub here. While there are a lot of PBO libs already floating around it is quite rare for other files like PAA, RTM etc. My idealistic goal for this project would be that it evolves to an active open source project where contributors add useful and easy to use APIs and add more features. This would facilitate creative tool developers to create tools that are working with those files, which they could not before, because they did not know the file format or it was too much work to implement it. So don't be shy, make some Pull Requests and improve or extend the code. Or Post ideas how to improve/extend the API. I will also add more file formats like OPRW (binarized wrp) and probably MLOD (editable p3d). However, ODOL (binarized p3d) will be not included for certain reasons.
  7. BattlEye Protocol Library and Client BattleNET is a C# (.NET) library and client for the BattlEye protocol written by me and Vipeax. BattleNET client The BattleNET client basically replicates the official BE RCon client but uses the BattleNET library to do all of it's work. Usage: BattleNET client.exe -host [ipaddress] -port [portnumber] -password [password] -command [command] Command line options: -host [ipaddress] RCon ip address -port [portnumber] RCon port number -password [password] RCon password -command [command] Sends command to RCon server and exits again Note: If no arguments are specified the client will ask for the login details. Examples: BattleNET client.exe -host -port 2302 -password 123456789 BattleNET client.exe -host -port 2302 -password 123456789 -command "say -1 Hello World!" BattleNET library Code example: https://github.com/marceldev89/BattleNET/blob/master/BattleNET%20client/Program.cs GitHub project page https://github.com/marceldev89/BattleNET Licence LGPL Changelog