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  1. The "@" name can be whatever you want it to be. It's just for your own sanity and doesn't _need_ to be something specific.
  2. You don't have permissions to run steamcmd apparently. Either run the script as the "gamemaster" user or fix the permissions.
  3. marceldev89

    AiA_Core Issue

    AiA is _really_ old and has been superseded by CUP.
  4. Can you upload the entire folder as a zip so I can take a proper look? EDIT: Actually, I've seen this before. You should be able to remove #include "script_component.hpp" from your config.cpp and it'll work fine. If I recall correctly anyway. Are you using a 32-bit OS and/or 32-bit Arma? The 64-bit DLL has been updated before 1.6.1 which contains the fix for this I believe. The 32-bit DLL was skipped for whatever reason.
  5. marceldev89

    creat a simple module

    Since you've mentioned ALiVE; https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/blob/master/addons/main/CfgVehicles.hpp#L133 That should get you started.
  6. All the script does is asking steamcmd to download a mod and when the new folders doesn't exist in the workshop folder after the download finishes it'll try again. Whenever I ran into this issue there was either a problem with the workshop service or some steamcmd cache issue. You can try clearing the steamcmd cache but I can't remember what the actual files to delete for that are so you'll have to figure that out yourself (probably a file named <a3_steam_id>.<some_steam_extension>).
  7. Yeah I always forget to escape the ampersand.. :D You can also leave the password field empty, steamcmd will then ask for your password the first time it runs and will use the cached authentication stuff for a while after that.
  8. Oops, haven't checked the forums in a while and turned off notification emails. ^^ I assumed that the rename command is more or less standard on the major distributions but if it comes up again I'll add it to the requirements. :)
  9. marceldev89

    PboProject who is sumof

    Just to clarify, what it's actually saying is "sum of" and not "sumof". Must be a typo or something.
  10. marceldev89

    Need dialog

    The image isn't showing. It's probably only accessible for you. (EDIT: It's showing now)
  11. I guess you could just do python3 a3update.py && ./server.sh start
  12. The script is supposed to be ran with Python 3. :)
  13. Did you use a steam account that has A3 in it's library?
  14. Arma 3 Linux server and mod updater (workshop) A python script that updates your server and mods. Just edit the variables in the "Configuration" region to your liking and run the script. :-) Features: Update Linux server binaries Download mods from the Steam Workshop Update mods from the Steam Workshop Converts all mod files and folders to lowercase Creates symbolic links with human readable names (e.g. 620260972 becomes @alive) Non-features (for now): Setting up the basic dedicated server Manage keys Requirements: Python 3 steamcmd Steam account with an Arma 3 license (only required for downloading mods from the workshop) License: MIT Download: Arma 3 Linux server and mod updater (workshop)
  15. marceldev89

    Startup Parameters on Linux, ver 1.70

    You can find the list at https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters and the -nosplash vs -noSplash was a lucky guess based on some other parameters. :)