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  1. @AlexMercerIV There's a lot of variables here, how close were they to one another, were they in an open field, elevation, etc.
  2. @Duke101 Thanks for the report. @genesis92x seemingly pushed the development branch to stable without prior communication, which has left a few things without proper playtesting.
  3. See release on github here: https://github.com/genesis92x/VcomAI-3.0/releases/tag/3.3.0
  4. Freddo3000

    How to check wether a player is a curator?

    @Dedmen That is a better solution.
  5. Freddo3000

    How to check wether a player is a curator?

    Posting a solution I found for fellow googlefu users: allCurators findIf {getAssignedCuratorUnit _x == <unit>} This will return -1 if <unit> isn't a curator.
  6. @JD Wang I'd recommend placing a move waypoint between them, as VCOM doesn't check if the "HOLD" waypoint has moved. Other than that, it should work.
  7. @Jessar The way that VCOM launches changed in 3.2, from being in the init.sqf to a function called on mission start. I'll look if I can find what may make it not run on Headless clients, but again I must state that VCOM isn't tested with HCs in mind. On the topic of performance, it really depends upon the server. I can run with 100 - 150 AI without the server struggling, though I haven't done much testing beyond that number.
  8. @Explodie That wouldn't work, as #include only works in config.cpp and description.ext. You can however simply change the VCOMAI_DefaultSettings.sqf file to what you want and it should work.
  9. @Jessar I'm going to guess that the issue lies with headless clients, there is no real support for them as it stands, and I am not able to test for them.
  10. Freddo3000

    VCom AI: Script Version

    @focheur It isn't obligatory, and will not do anything unless you have CBA loaded. Also the init.sqf part that @davidoss mentioned is no longer required.
  11. @JD Wang They will not pick up weapons if unarmed, but I'll possibly look into it in the future.
  12. @JD Wang Unsure about Driving, but VCOM should never run on civilians.
  13. @Djavu I'd recommend setting the VCOM warn distance setting to 0.