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  1. Hythloday_

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Hey, do you have any interest in providing some simunition magazines similar to other mods (i.e. Australian Commando Weapon Pack) for the nerds like myself?
  2. Hythloday_

    Gorkas and Gear (WIP)

    Great work, looking forward to adding these uniforms to one of my custom factions! 👏
  3. Hythloday_

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Will the Mk46 and Mk48 holding animations be fixed for the next update?
  4. Is it possible to export CBA keybinds (from other mods) to share with my friends so that way we can have our own in-house defaults?
  5. Hythloday_

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Looking forward to the next update, especially some of those higher magnification optics and NV attachments! Appreciate all the hard work and effort to bring us some quality content.
  6. Hythloday_

    [UMB] Colombia

    Congrats on the release! So happy to have a terrain representing this region of the world. Excellent work!
  7. Hythloday_

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Have to admit at first I wasn't entirely sold on hiding all the uniform options, but after this update, I really appreciate what you guys have done with it. The reduced list has made it good on performance, and I can see with future planned content that's going to be needed. Big thanks to the entire team for pushing out this content. I noticed on the discord that there are plans to create a guide or templates to help the average player, kudos to that. The included PDF is also appreciated. Maybe having your average player learn how to create a config might wind up inspiring others to do some light modding themselves. Fantastic work as always USP team.
  8. Hythloday_

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Wanted to report a small config issue ( I think lol). The "tier1_harris_bipod_mlok_black_2" isn't swapping over to the deployed version when in use.
  9. Hythloday_

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Any plans for something like this in the future https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/military/gun/leupold-d-evo-dual-enhanced-view-optic-6x-scope? Would something like this even be possible in Arma?
  10. Hythloday_

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Before the LPVO change, I had the CBA keybind changed so that way both Optics Mode and Next Optic State were both the same keys (Ctrl+Sec. Mouse Btn). A little crazy I know, but generally speaking, I never had an optic with both of these features at once. So for a while, I've been enjoying generally the "optic swaping" using one keybind (again I accounted magnifier flips as part of that). I'll just have to untrain that lol. The LPVO thing just gets in the way to me, and I find the CQB version of the LPVO a little unnecessary. But hey I'm the weirdo who had an intentional double bind. It feels like the LPVO toggle would better be suited to the CBA Toggle Reticle. That's just me though.
  11. Hythloday_

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Sorry, what I'm trying to say is I'd prefer the flip magnifier mode attached to a different bind. I'm curious if it's possible for the flip magnifier to be set to the "Optics Mode" keybind. This way it puts all swap-to-other-optics style features to the same keybind. I.e. the mounted 1x's, etc. Edit: Rereading what I said above I see how I was misleading. I was trying to figure out how to word it out, whacked enter on accident, and had to scurry. My b
  12. Hythloday_

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Hey, got a request/question for you. With the introduction of CQB and Marksman mode toggle on LPVOs, it's throwing my crew's muscle memory off. Is it possible to attach that feature to base games "Optics Mode" keybinding instead? For my group, we've enjoyed one keybind being responsible for swapping to the side-mounted optics/use of magnifiers. Changing magnifiers to "Optics Mode" would be just as good even rather than CBA's "Next Optics State". Are either of these possible? For the record generally, we've attached these kinds of optics swaps to Ctrl+Sec. Mouse Btn. Whereas modifiers or changes to the sights themselves get shoved somewhere else on the keyboard. Think the default is something on numpad lol.
  13. Hythloday_

    [Terrain]: Archipelago

    Love this work, I literally just found this mod and it's exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks! Even unfinished it's a gem. I can't tell you how much I love this map because you've included more than just residential zoning, we have industrial, commercial, and the way you stitch it all together is believable and grounded. Not just buildings flopped next to a road and called a day, hell no. Clutter, fencing, and other elements create a sense of liveliness. Clever to use all A3 assets as well, that is super appreciated. The terrain looks excellent too. Rocks/rock surfaces don't look like sore thumbs; instead, they accent the topography as they ought to. The way you painted/textured areas on the ground to support concrete areas, pathing, mud, etc. is superb. This is a work of art that makes me want to figure out how to do it myself. 👏
  14. Hythloday_

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Second the tracers every four rounds. Thanks for the latest update!
  15. Hythloday_

    Tier 1 Weapons

    Yikes, yeah sounds like having duplicates for 2D will be needed then.