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Found 2 results

  1. Assets seen in these images are just a sample of what is included, NOT the entire content! Everything shown is still work-in-progress, NOT the final content! Details: Coming Soon... For now I'll at least share what the main components of this mod will be made up of: USP_Gear_Acc (Accessories; GPS, wristmap, etc) USP_Gear_Body (Uniforms; pretty much just uniforms) USP_Gear_Core (Core; required by all modules to function) USP_Gear_Face (Facewear; shades, balaclavas, cool stuff, etc) USP_Gear_Head (Headgear; helmets, caps, etc) USP_Gear_Nvg (You guessed it) USP_Gear_Pack (Backpacks; mostly stuff that goes on the back) USP_Gear_Vest (Body armor; whether you wanna go rambo or snake, we got it all) Each module is standalone, and only requires the USP_Gear_Core (included) to function. Required Addons: None Signed: Most likely, and server key should be there. Overview: I'll try to keep this brief. Overall, this mod has been long in the making, even before any progress pics started popping up for it. I've owned and played the whole Arma series, back to OFP, and remained a pretty dedicated fan since the start. Never did anything more than play with scripting and develop missions/scenarios up until Arma 3, which is when I first decided to really get into modding. Started out small, messing around with patches and markers, and then I began playing with retextures as a first step into working on a full units/gear mod. Got good and far along with that, but never really mentioned it or made a release since I have a bad habit of always wanting to pack in more before going public. Then I met Hawaiian (Will) and he taught me everything he could, and shit hit the fan from there. Started messing with models, building up the foundation for a gear mod with what I could from A2 assets. Eduardo (Carlos) right by my side from the beginning, always pushing me and encouraging progress, doing everything he can to learn and help where possible. Enter OMA, the team modeller with incredible talent, shit explodes from there. So now we have this here, a gear pack that is steadily expanding to create as much authentic assets as we can...or until we get bored. Including tons of variety, hiddenSelections, various camo/texture patterns, and the largest collection of vests/plate carriers available. Why? Because we like creating new things and adding as much variety as we can to the game. Last thing I wanna say is, I can't stress enough the workload ahead. We are a very small team and even though our modeller is a speed demon, the rest beyond that will take time. So bottom line, be patient, I want this stuff ingame as much as anyone. I'll update everything with more info soon, mainly just wanted to get the thread up so I can stop posting unrelated things to the Rangers thread. Current Assets: As always, everything shown here is WIP and subject to change. Somes items still aren't shown yet, so this list will be updated as new assets are added. Accessories: Facewear: Headgear: NVG: Packs: Uniforms: Vests: Future Assets: Everything. No but seriously, we have a pretty lengthy list of 'planned' assets, but that's not to say all of them will get done. We're constantly adding to the list so we'll just see how much gets completed in the end. Just to name a few items, we have things like balaclavas, shemaghs, coveralls, beards, amphibious gear, para gear, and much more in the planning. May create a more solid list of our future-plans as we get further along, so stay tuned. FAQ: Q: When will this mod be released? ETA? A: Obviously when it's done. Q: Do you take requests? A: Absolutely. Not that we will accept all requests, but definitely consider them. Q: Is there any focus or direction that is planned for the gear? US only? A: Not entirely, pretty much adding anything that interests us for the most part. Q: Why make so many assets that have already been done before? A: Well to make an all-in-one gear pack, it's what we all want right? Q: Any plans to work on weapons or vehicles at some point? A: Not at the moment, hands are full. Q: How are you able to pump out new asset models so fast? A: The Dream Team© Q: Will this mod be made open-source so assets can be used in other projects? A: Possibly upon request. (This only applies to assets created by OMA.) Dev Team: Here's the team making all of this happen. We are a small, dedicated group and always open to experienced help from anyone wishing to get involved. Siege-A (Team lead. Model edits, config, UVs, textures, basically everything needed to get the stuff ingame and working.) OMA (3D Modeler. Created a footprint in the Arma community too big to fill.) Krogar (3D Modeler. A master of the art whom has joined us on our crusade.) Carlos (Team Assist. Filling in the gaps anywhere needed to keep progress moving forward.) Contributors: Thanks to these guys, this mod has some awesome new upgrades on the way. Helping pave the way to what's looking to be the greatest gear mod ever. Warden_1 (The one responsible for helping initiate the new ideas, methods, skills, and assets that have taken the mod to the next level.) Ardvarkdb (Another legend in the community that has stepped in to contribute his own skills and assets to the mix.) Sabre (The texture master has even offered to assist with a few items to further top things off.) Zeealex (Offering her expert assistance to the team where possible, as well as throwing in a few goodies.) NissanLawyer (A community modeler that wished to join the party and has been contributing some impressive work.) Lyy Amao (Another community texture artist that has come to provide some assistance.) Dirks (Very talented modeler, always sure to keep all of us on our toes.) Credits and Thanks: If I missed anyone here, I do apologize, I will be further updating this thread and will get everything situated in good time. OMA (The pro behind the scenes that helped kick off things with a bang.) Carlos (Kept the motivation going to see this to the end, and lending a hand in whatever he can.) Krogar (Offering his time and skills to us to help expand things even further.) Hawaiian (This guy is to thank for helping get all of this started. Many, many thanks brother, I hope you are well.) Cunico (Giving permission to use many of his high quality assets.) Lennard (Allowing use of his excellent model assets.) DaveGary (Even in A3, some top-notch assets.) RoadRunner (Allowing use of his awesome boot textures.) Syncing (Awesome GPS model.) Adacas (Allowing access to his amazing model library, even though only items from the Ranger mod have been used so far.) Fritts (Helped us out wherever he could and wouldn't let us forget how great BF2142 was.) Yogensia (Some great models/textures for the Fasthawk and Ice Axe.) Bohemia Interactive (For bringing us the best milsim game series ever and for making the A2 assets open-source.) Patron Supporters (This means a great deal to us and can't thank you guys enough for your support.) Alexander Hofmann BLACKOUT6IX Blain Mundt Coda Fetus Grimnir25 Hvymtal Joshua Crosby Lucas Fritts Oskar Hassel Pix Sparksy Switchfoot Enjoy the work you see? Care to support OMA so he can continue bringing us all these great new assets? Here's how: Just wanting to stare at some beautiful renders of things as they're made? Check it out: Wanna join our channel so you can get in on the discussions? Here ya go: Trying to just have a browse through all the WIP that has been done in the mod so far? Look no further:
  2. Still disappointed with how little love BIS gives to the entire water and underwater environment. C'mon BIS! Does anyone know, or have a config solution to make Diving Goggles VISIBLE when on LAND? And the inverse, stop facewear (cfgGlasses) from disappearing when in WATER? I don't know what they are thinking, having your gear pop in-and-out based on land or water. I thought it was just an odd alpha-phase overlook thing. But now after years it still persists. MAKES NO SENSE! Also, along the same lines... Any config so Headgear shows when wearing a Wetsuit? Why can't you wear any damn headgear? Other issues that I'm scratching my head with is you can't access your Inventory if underwater. Why? And even when they finally added Sidearms to Vest/Uniforms, the Wetsuit was neglected. BIS is sitting on a HUGE untapped area of Water-Ops and potential here. Hundreds of miles of water! And they choose to work on Jets DLC, and Tanks. We already have those. I don't get it. I've been home sick (so I'm cranky) all weekend and started looking into adding Diving Gear into my FROGS Combat Diver Project. Any Configs, Ideas, or Workarounds? 1. Diving Goggles (shown on land) 2. Facewear (shown underwater) 3. Headgear (shown underwater) 4. Access Inventory (if underwater) 5. Drop/Place Throwables (I'll script this) 6. Sidearm on Wetsuit (engine-based?)