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Found 26 results

  1. General Equpiments and Accessories (or GEAR), is something that came out of my slight impatience from the absence of this set of Uniforms in the A3 scene, I simply cannot properly do proper post-normandy scenarios without M43 uniforms, therefore, with all my almost nonexisting modelling skills, I present thee some of thee this mod, which end up including more than just few uniforms. Requires BOTH IFA3 and FoW IFA3 for helmets and some weapons, which i find better than their FoW counterparts (like the m1 carbine and m1918 for example, way better animated) and also some weapons which FoW lacks like m1a1 carbine and m1928 thompsons. Uniforms: - M1943 jackets, standard infantry version and paratrooper version with modified pockets on their pants; ranks from Pvt to S/Sgt - Mantels (With different boots) - Tanker jackets (also with different boots/pants) - recoloured IF m1941 jackets and webbings to fit better. m41 now has a more greener-beige OD3 look, compared to the yellowish look of the original - M41s, in few variants - HBT 1st and 2nd pattern uniforms - M37 wool shirts also in few variants - P41s - P41s with M41 Field Jackets Eqiupments: - Added Winter versions of 101AB helmets - Added burlap covered M1 helmets, parachute camo cover, late-war shrimp nets, scrim, and more net variants - cheap jeep cap attempt - M44 SWDGs available on Glasses and NVG slots, they fit m1 helmets of both FoW and IFA3. - US Airborne felt pads on glasses slot, compatible with FoW m36 suspenders - Helmet band that fits IFA3 helmets, available on Glasses and NVG slots - some new US bandoliers (great now theres a total of 3 models of em), available as a backpack, and also as glasses/NV for decorative purposes - M1928 Haversacks with some variants, be it M10 or M43 shovels - M43 and M10/M28 shovels in glasses/NV slots, hanging on the belt - USMC M1941 Packs (alot of em) Units: - groups of guys wearing m43s, standard infantry, winter infantry, and airborne units: 101AB and its subunits (327th, 501st, 502d, 506th, and recon units), and 82nd, available in editor and zeus - groups of US Divisions in midwar uniforms (m41s + hbts/M37s) and latewar uniforms (m41s + m43s + mantels) available in editor and zeus, including 1ID, 2ID, 3ID, 4ID, 2AD, 28ID, 29ID, 34ID, 36ID, 77ID, 90ID, and some i may forgot - Unit Patches of 17AB, 26ID, 28ID, 30ID, 79ID, and 90ID - several more unit patches made by bigstone, 1ID, 2ID, 4ID, 35ID, 36ID, 42ID, 104ID, 106ID - Reskin of P47s, depicting the 62nd FS of 56th FG - Reskin of US Panzers - Groups of marines, in few set of uniforms: Early, camos, late, and stuff( each come in landing preset with full gear and inland set with more varied headegear and stuff) Optional Files: In the directory, theres a folder called "optionale" there exists optional files: 1. simc_uaf_44_unhide: unhides assets that are hidden in the arsenal by default to avoid clutter, but they will provide you with way more options for some more in-depth-barbie-dressing. these assets includes: - Helmets with unit markings of 1ID, 3ID, 4ID, 5ID, 28ID, 29ID, 36ID, 45ID, 77ID, 88ID, and 90ID - a fuckload of paratrooper helmets, generic and with 101AB markings, that are historically accurate for post-normandy era (market garden and varsity), which has smaller net mesh and no camo scrims. - Extra uniforms with ranks from tech Sergeant to Colonel (no officer ranks for HBTs tho) credits: - IFA3 team for everything; including base webbings, m41 jackets, m1 helmets, rank and unit patches; real awesome stuff, and specifically El Tyranos for the sample webbing models that helps alot with rigging and proportions, and also Kju for introducing me to mikero's tools and giving me leads on it, helps alot - FoW team for also everythng; making the webbings and packs, and weapons etc - Bohemia Interactive for the arma sample models, made my jeep cap out of one of those beanies - Ethridge for IF M41 textures - Bigstone for advices and ideas, helmet band model, patch textures, and testing - Jaki for advices and ideas, testing, some textures, and additional screenshots - Justin N. for basically teaching me how to sculpt nice normal maps, all the newly sculpted uniforms wont happen if it wasnt for his instructies - Schwienyy for UV-mapping the haversack, advices and ideas, testings, and additional screenshots - Courtland: Garrison cap model - Motta: teaching me how to measure in blender, giving me accurate sizes for E-Tools - did i miss someone? Download (Requires FoW and IFA3): Steam Workshop Or Armaholic Old Version (Requires only IFA3): Steam Workshop Or Armaholic ^ Yes, earlier versions of this mod only required IFA3, however After some deep thinking, intense contemplation, I decided to no-longer support this version, and continue working on a new one where the uniforms fits FoW webbings instead of IFA3. This version will remain as a rather stable legacy version, incase anyone prefers the IFA3 webbings or any other reasons. the new version has more or less the same classnames so it should be backwards-compatible if one decides to switch Full Changelog: By the way, If anyone wants to somewhat help me out even more, (which will help me in a rather significant way) one can donate to me via paypal; send it to my paypal email adress arkan_ebi@hotmail.com -------------------------------more pics:
  2. FoxFort Camo Pack v1.49 by FoxFort Description: This addon contains the following camouflages with "FFCP" in prefix: A-Tacs, ACU, AOR2, Berezka, Blue, Black, CCE, CCE Urban, CADPAT, Dauget, Dauget Combo, Digital, EMR, Flora, Flecktarn, Green, Jigsaw, Izlom, Kamysh, Khaki, M81, MDU10, MDU02, MDU93, Marpat W, Marpat Desert, OCP, Surpat, RS Woodland, Desert Digital, Tiger, TTSKO, Type 07, VSR, Urban Tiger, USD (US 3-color), Nomad, Square Urban, Square Desert, Square Woodland, DPM, MTP, M90 Splinter, Partizan S and Partizan A, WZ93, DBDU, Alpenflage,GranitB,TigerVRS, Olive. That is around 414 of new items. Available via Virtual Arsenal, Virtual Ammobox System and via it's own supply box. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Usage: In Editor, on all sides, you can find examples of "FoxFort Camo Pack" soldiers. You can also use "FFCP Supply Box" in Editor to check all equipement. You can use "FoxFort Camo Pack" addon in your mod, mission or server. But do NOT make any changes on it/them and give me credits. You are NOT allowed to earn money in anyway with "FoxFort Camo Pack", without previously getting approval from me, all those who have my approval for that will be written here. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Note: - All uniforms are unlocked, which means it can be worn by BLUFOR, OPFOR and INDEP side. - You can use these uniforms/vests online in MP but other players also needs to have this addon installed or you'll appear in underwear for them. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Download links: - ModDB - Armaholic - Steam Workshop xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Changelog: v1.49 - Added: AAF vest (L,M,H) with Desert Digitial camouflage. - Added: Berezka Yellow camouflage, for AAF and CSAT uniforms. - Added: Patrol Cap in green-olive camouflage. - Added: PASGT helmet olive camouflage (from Orange DLC). - Added: Flora-Sweater, mix of Russian Flora pants and dark green sweater. - Improved: Original Berezeka camouflage texture has been improved. - Improved: Desert Digital texture. - Improved: VSR uniform texture slighty improved. - Changed: Khaki Uniform has been replaced with "Gorka" uniform texture. (Texture was improved to look kinda like Gorka-4 outfit). - Changed: Names of AAF vests, now they are "AAF *Camouflage* Vest L(ight) or M(edium) or H(eavy)" ------------------------------ License / Disclaimer: Just by downloading and/or using my mod/addon you automatically accept and apply: - You are allowed to use my "FoxFort Camo Pack" in your private or public missions and servers. - You are allowed to use my "FoxFort Camo Pack" as part of your mod/addon as long as you make that your addon/mod requires to have my mods/addons installed and running at the same time as a seperated entities. - You are not allowed to alter or to extract my assests from any of my mods/addons and to release it to public as your own work. - You are not allowed to use all or parts of my mods/addons in order to intengrate it into your mod/addon, without making "FoxFort Camo Pack" mod/addon as a requirement to be installed and run as a seperated entities. - You are not allowed to use all or parts of my mods/addons in order to make any kind of damage to my name. - You are not allowed to port my work into other games/mods without asking me. --(Basically, just do not steal my stuff and pretend that you made them.)-- ------------------------------ Screenshots:
  3. Assets seen in these images are just a sample of what is included, NOT the entire content! Everything shown is still work-in-progress, NOT the final content! Details: Coming Soon... For now I'll at least share what the main components of this mod will be made up of: USP_Gear_Acc (Accessories; GPS, wristmap, etc) USP_Gear_Body (Uniforms; pretty much just uniforms) USP_Gear_Core (Core; required by all modules to function) USP_Gear_Face (Facewear; shades, balaclavas, cool stuff, etc) USP_Gear_Head (Headgear; helmets, caps, etc) USP_Gear_Nvg (You guessed it) USP_Gear_Pack (Backpacks; mostly stuff that goes on the back) USP_Gear_Vest (Body armor; whether you wanna go rambo or snake, we got it all) Each module is standalone, and only requires the USP_Gear_Core (included) to function. Required Addons: None Signed: Most likely, and server key should be there. Overview: I'll try to keep this brief. Overall, this mod has been long in the making, even before any progress pics started popping up for it. I've owned and played the whole Arma series, back to OFP, and remained a pretty dedicated fan since the start. Never did anything more than play with scripting and develop missions/scenarios up until Arma 3, which is when I first decided to really get into modding. Started out small, messing around with patches and markers, and then I began playing with retextures as a first step into working on a full units/gear mod. Got good and far along with that, but never really mentioned it or made a release since I have a bad habit of always wanting to pack in more before going public. Then I met Hawaiian (Will) and he taught me everything he could, and shit hit the fan from there. Started messing with models, building up the foundation for a gear mod with what I could from A2 assets. Eduardo (Carlos) right by my side from the beginning, always pushing me and encouraging progress, doing everything he can to learn and help where possible. Enter OMA, the team modeller with incredible talent, shit explodes from there. So now we have this here, a gear pack that is steadily expanding to create as much authentic assets as we can...or until we get bored. Including tons of variety, hiddenSelections, various camo/texture patterns, and the largest collection of vests/plate carriers available. Why? Because we like creating new things and adding as much variety as we can to the game. Last thing I wanna say is, I can't stress enough the workload ahead. We are a very small team and even though our modeller is a speed demon, the rest beyond that will take time. So bottom line, be patient, I want this stuff ingame as much as anyone. I'll update everything with more info soon, mainly just wanted to get the thread up so I can stop posting unrelated things to the Rangers thread. Current Assets: As always, everything shown here is WIP and subject to change. Somes items still aren't shown yet, so this list will be updated as new assets are added. Accessories: Facewear: Headgear: NVG: Packs: Uniforms: Vests: Future Assets: Everything. No but seriously, we have a pretty lengthy list of 'planned' assets, but that's not to say all of them will get done. We're constantly adding to the list so we'll just see how much gets completed in the end. Just to name a few items, we have things like balaclavas, shemaghs, coveralls, beards, amphibious gear, para gear, and much more in the planning. May create a more solid list of our future-plans as we get further along, so stay tuned. FAQ: Q: When will this mod be released? ETA? A: Obviously when it's done. Q: Do you take requests? A: Absolutely. Not that we will accept all requests, but definitely consider them. Q: Is there any focus or direction that is planned for the gear? US only? A: Not entirely, pretty much adding anything that interests us for the most part. Q: Why make so many assets that have already been done before? A: Well to make an all-in-one gear pack, it's what we all want right? Q: Any plans to work on weapons or vehicles at some point? A: Not at the moment, hands are full. Q: How are you able to pump out new asset models so fast? A: The Dream Team© Q: Will this mod be made open-source so assets can be used in other projects? A: Possibly upon request. (This only applies to assets created by OMA.) Dev Team: Here's the core development team. We are a growing, dedicated group and always open to experienced help from anyone wishing to get involved. Siege-A (Team lead) OMA (3D Model) Krogar (3D Model/Texture) Warden_1 (3D Model/Photogrammetry) Ardvarkdb (3D Model/Texture) Lyy Amao (3D Model/Texture) Dirks (3D Model/Texture) FoxOne (3D Model) S.Rodge (3D Model/Texture) Contributors: Thanks to these guys, this mod has some awesome new upgrades on the way. Helping pave the way to what's looking to be the greatest gear mod ever. Sabre (Texture Master) Zeealex (3D Model/Texture) NissanLawyer (3D Model) Fingolfin (Texture) RabidusUK (3D Model/Texture) G.Smith (Cfg/Functions) Credits and Thanks: If I missed anyone here, I do apologize, I will be further updating this thread and will get everything situated in good time. OMA (The pro behind the scenes that helped kick off things with a bang.) Carlos (Kept the motivation going and lending a hand in whatever he can.) Krogar (Offering his time and skills to us to help expand things even further.) Fritts (Team Moderator. Helped us out wherever he could and wouldn't let us forget how great BF2142 was.) Hawaiian (This guy is to thank for helping get all of this started. Many, many thanks brother, I hope you are well.) Cunico (Giving permission to use many of his high quality assets.) Lennard (Allowing use of his excellent model assets.) DaveGary (Even in A3, some top-notch assets.) RoadRunner (Allowing use of his awesome boot textures.) Syncing (Awesome GPS model.) Adacas (Allowing access to his amazing model library.) Yogensia (Some great models/textures for the Fasthawk and Ice Axe.) Bohemia Interactive (For bringing us the best milsim game series ever and for making the A2 assets open-source.) Patreon Supporters (This means a great deal to us and can't thank you guys enough for your support.) Alexander Hofmann Batboy BLACKOUT6IX Blain Mundt Colton Keller Crox Fetus Graham Bedard Grimnir25 Hvymtal John John F Joshua Crosby Kenneth Santos Kilo_Bravo Lucas Fritts Oskar Hassel Pix Preacher Snowy Sparksy Switchfoot WolfeActual YonV Enjoy the work you see? Care to support OMA so he can continue bringing us all these great new assets? Here's how: Just wanting to stare at some beautiful renders of things as they're made? Check it out: Trying to just have a browse through all the WIP that has been done in the mod so far? Look no further:
  4. MAIN POST WILL BE SOON REWORKED ----------------------------------------------------------- OBSOLETE
  5. Hello people I have dire need of help with identifying the source to a problem. Pic related: http:// Ignore the missing head and texture, they have simply not been added yet. The problem is the invisible gear, like vest and weapon's. I suspect that it has something to do with the model it self, and that some thing has to be done in Object Builder. The guide's and tutorial's that I have found are ofte incomplete, utdated, or just not touching on the subject of uniforms. Many are sadly also very difficult to understand. I am sadly quite new to modeling in 3d (blender) and I fear that have missed something important during the prosess. Posting config's just in case they are the source of the problem. Model config Config
  6. I have this config for adding new uniforms to my mod. class U_B_soldier_wdl: Uniform_Base { author = "Splendid Modder"; scope = 2; displayName = "Combat Fatigues Woodland."; picture = "\A3\characters_f\data\ui\icon_U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_CA.paa"; model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_blufor_soldier.p3d"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\a3\characters_f\BLUFOR\Data\clothing_wdl_co.paa"}; class ItemInfo: UniformItem { uniformModel = "-"; uniformClass = B_soldier_new; containerClass = Supply40; mass = 40; }; }; class U_B_soldier_grey: Uniform_Base { author = "Splendid Modder"; scope = 2; displayName = "Combat Fatigues Urban."; picture = "\A3\characters_f\data\ui\icon_U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_CA.paa"; model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\Suitpacks\suitpack_blufor_soldier.p3d"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\a3\characters_f\BLUFOR\Data\clothing_sage_co.paa"}; class ItemInfo: UniformItem { uniformModel = "-"; uniformClass = B_soldier_new; containerClass = Supply40; mass = 40; }; }; The woodland camo is available even if I click the Sage uniform. Have I duplicated something somewhere? I have a unit in my config that I have added the uniforms to and it is available in the Virtual Arsenal, but I have a typo somewhere. Can someone peer review this and tell me where I went wrong? Thanks. I have already setup CfgPatches properly.
  7. Previously called the "US Army 2005" addon, now i renamed it to "US Forces 2000s", so the addon can have a wider scope and can include more branches. This pack includes Soldiers and Marines wearing BDUs in Desert camo or M81 Woodland camo and Interceptor Body Armors in M81 camo, 2004-2006 era Marines wearing Marpats, IBAs, Nomex Flightsuits, and there are also 2007 Era US Army units that wear Full UCP camo. They use RHS weapons and vehicles, GSTAVO's M16A2s are also used by most of the Marines from 2001-2003, and also rear echelon US Army units Features: - Units, primarily US Army and USMC, from 2001 to 2007, wearing appropriate uniforms and gear for each year - units are mostly available in woodland and desert variants (except for later US Army, wearing universal camo pattern, of course) - Generic Special Forces Units, from 2001s to 2005 era - Adapter for users of RH Accessories pack is available, inside the "optionale" folder found in the mod's directory (@simc_uaf_08_rhs). using RH Optics will give more period accurate attachments not found in RHS, primarily PEQ2s and Aimpoint M2s, also TA01 ACOGs Gear: - ACU Uniform (UCP camo, IR flag option) - MICH helmet (UCP, M81, and DCU camo, and coverless versions) - MICH battery pack accessories made by Lennard - PASGT helmet (M81, DCU, 6-colour, and Marpats) - LWH Helmet (Desert and Woodland Marpat) - Interceptor Body Armour OTVs (a shitload of them, really, in M81, DCU, and UCP camo, also plain coyote brown) - CIRAS vests - SPEAR BALCS vests - FLCs (on its own and on top of IBAs) - ILBVs (on its own and on top of IBAs) - BDU Uniforms (M81 and DCU) - Raid BDUs (M81 and DCU) - Units have randomised helmets - Nomex Flightsuit (model by Cinco) - ESS and SWD Goggles - few other glasses, ESS V12 and Birth Control Glasses (Made by Lennard) - Watch Caps for early years SF (Also Made by Lennard) - PVS7 NVGs on rhino mounts - optional ace compatibility for all glasses and NVGs available, config made by lizardbolo, optional config comes in a pbo located in "optionale" folder under the mod's directory - patrol caps, utility caps, and boonie hats, in DCU and M81 - Fleece jackets and MOPP suits Planned stuff: - Wound textures - m40 gasmask + hoodie - editor icons - some additional SF Vests Full Changelog: Known Issues: - Nametapes does not receive shadows (idk how to fix this yet, material issue or smthing i have no idea even) - Wound textures not yet working Credits: - Bohemia Interactive: A2 Sample models, for base of uniform model and also the pouches - bolo861: Helped me fix loades of config errors, beta testing, and made config for the glasses ace compatibility - punky: original FLC model - bigstone: Scrim helmet model, ISAF patch texture, and several other texture for other unit patches, and lots of advices - cinco: NOMEX fligtsuit model - Johannes for his awesome SF template for Arma 1 - RHS team: Awesome mod in general that becomes the base for this mod (vehicles and weapons) - GSTAVO: That wonderful M16A2 - Lennard: Several great models that he gave me, including the watch caps, glasses, and battery pack - John Hansen (of Brazilian Defense Force mod) for ALICE webbing models - everyone here who helped me discover all the bugs that appear due to mijn clumsiness, and also for all the suggestions and critics! image albums: https://imgur.com/a/hdcjLq9 https://imgur.com/a/DaEScEM https://imgur.com/a/WWkAhrA https://imgur.com/a/dVLSUVv Download: Steam Workshop ------------- Additional Units Optionally, if you want some more units, you can grab some here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1116198232 The extra units that are included in this optional pack are: - 173rd Airborne Bde (2004 and OEF) - 10th Mountain Division (2004 and OEF) - 101st Airborne (OEF) - 3rd Infantry Division (OEF) - 4th Infantry Division (2004 and OEF) - 1st Infantry Division (2004, 2007, OEF) - 1st Cavalry Division (2004, 2007, OEF) - 2nd Armoured Cavalry Regiment (2004, OEF) As always, the 2004 ones wears DCUs and M81 IBAs, and a mix of MICH and PASGT helmets. The OEF units are in Full ACU gear and they wear ISAF patch on their left arm.
  8. Hi All, On units.arma3 I load in MEDIA, my Unit Emblem logo 512 x 512px with white background. I launch arma3 client game and I see the unit correctly associated with my profile and logo image is displayed. When I enter in a public server (no mod) i don't see a unit logo in my uniform. I also noticed that in virtual arsenal I have empty slot in insignia but i don't think is the central issue. I have also been informed on the squad.xml, but if I use the steam unit directly in theory it should assignarmin the unit, I think .. Thank you
  9. i'm trying to make warlords mission with RHS and ACE. here is the problem. "fixed uniform" i'm trying to give a choice to player about loadout. vest or other gears are fine. but, the uniform has fixed by warlords init module. can i disable the fixed uniform issue? ---------- + this is not a BI or warlords issue. i can not connect to 'class.rhsmods.org/' is there any other place to check class names? i really need it for asset price change.(also with vanilla class names)
  10. Hi, I want to take a current uniform or gear item, retexture it, and upload it as a standalone mod. I know how to overwrite current content, but I want to make it a custom standalone mod. How do I do this? I cannot find any videos on mod making start to finish with this concept. Please help, thank you.
  11. GF Use Every Uniform by GEORGE FLOROS [GR] Description: GF Use Every Uniform , a simple example on how to. You are free to do anything but i would like to give me Credits for this! Simple and easy to use and adapt . Have Fun ! Installation / Usage: For usage instructions and information of how to use the GF Use Every Uniform, please refer to the included documentation and/or example mission. Place in your mission the files . There is everything included , in the example mission , to copy paste in your mission . https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/SQF_syntax Don't try to open this with the simple notepad. For everything that is with comment // in front or between /* means that it is disabled , so there is no need to delete the extra lines. You can open this ex: with notepad++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ and also use the extra pluggins (this way will be better , it will give also some certain colours to be able to detect ex. problems ) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8680 or use any other program for editing . For the Compilation List of my GF Scripts , you can search in: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/215850-compilation-list-of-my-gf-scripts/ Notes: It is just a simple example ,how to be able, to use every Uniform , from every side. You have to put a Civilian in the editor and then link him with another AI , from the desired side. You can copy the example (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) to your mission. It's working with every addon. Credits and Thanks to : Thanks to All script contributors Thanks to everyone who tries to do the best for this game! Thanks to BIS for such a great platform . Thanks to BIS Community and BIS Community Forums . Thanks to Armaholic Community and Forums . Changelog: v1.0 Forum topic: - Armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=40096 Armaholic GF Use Every Uniform
  12. WEAR WHAT YOU WANT Hi all, Fed up with the cloth restriction? You can kill civilians but not wear their clothes! You want to infiltrate enemy player places but you can't wear their uniforms. You can't count the threads about forceAddUniform with any interest in game, except for some specific action... If you want to wear what you find on corpses, crates, or ground.. just add the following code for each allowed players (initPlayerLocal.sqf seems great). Just make sure player is already defined. version Mar 13th 2018 updated 21/06/18 parameters: NONE fnc_otherUnif = { params ["_type","_return"]; if (_type == 0) exitWith { MGI_button = _return select 1; false }; if (_type == 1 and !isnil "MGI_button" && {MGI_button == 1}) then { disableSerialization; _control = _return select 0; _index = _return select 1; private _idc = ctrlIDC _control; private _text = lbText [_idc, _index]; private _picture = lbPicture [_idc,_index]; private _uniforms = ("getText (_x >> 'displayName') == _text && getNumber (_x >> 'ItemInfo' >> 'type') == 801" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgWeapons")); if (count _uniforms > 0) then { [_idc,_text,_picture,_index,_uniforms] spawn { params ["_idc","_text","_picture","_index","_uniforms","_selectedUnif","_unifContClasses",["_uniformObject",objNull],["_selectedInvent",[]],"_items","_otherItems","_g0"]; _currentUnif = uniform player; _currentInvent = uniformItems player; _selectedUnif = ((_uniforms select {toLower (gettext (_x >> "picture")) splitString "\"joinString "\" == _picture}) apply {configName _x}) select 0; if !(pl_container isKindOf "CAManBase") then { _unifContClasses = (everyContainer pl_container select { (_x select 0) select [0,2] == "U_" or ["_U_",(_x select 0)] call bis_fnc_instring or ["uniform",(_x select 0)] call bis_fnc_instring}); _cnt = 0; for "_i" from 0 to _index do { if (lbText [_idc,_i] == _text) then { _cnt = _cnt +1; _uniformObject = _unifContClasses select {_selectedUnif == (_x select 0)} select (_cnt -1) select 1 }; }; } else { _uniformObject = uniformContainer pl_container }; _selectedInvent = []; {_selectedInvent pushback _x} foreach (itemCargo _uniformObject); if (magazineCargo _uniformObject isEqualType []) then { {_selectedInvent pushback _x} foreach (magazineCargo _uniformObject); }; if !(pl_container isKindOf "CAmanbase") then { _items = +itemCargo pl_container; _unifItems = _unifContClasses apply {_x select 0}; _vestContClasses = (everyContainer pl_container select { (_x select 0) select [0,2] == "V_"}); _vestItems = _vestContClasses apply {_x select 0}; _otherItems = +_items - _unifItems - _vestItems; pl_container setVariable ["allconts",_unifContClasses+_vestContClasses]; for "_i" from 0 to count (_unifContClasses+_vestContClasses) -1 do { if (((pl_container getVariable "allconts") select _i) select 1 == _uniformObject) exitWith { (pl_container getVariable "allconts") deleteAt _i }; }; pl_container setVariable ["allconts", +(pl_container getVariable "allconts") apply {[_x select 0, itemCargo (_x select 1), magazineCargo (_x select 1)]}]; _g0 = pl_container; clearItemCargoGlobal _g0; } else { _g0 = createVehicle ["WeaponHolderSimulated_Scripted", (player modelToWorld [0,1,1]), [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"] }; player forceAddUniform _selectedUnif; {player addItemToUniform _x} forEach _selectedInvent; call { if (pl_container isKindOf "CAManBase") exitWith { removeUniform pl_container }; { _x params ["_cont",["_it",[]],["_mag",[]]]; pl_container addItemCargoGlobal [_cont,1]; _createdCont = pl_container call MGI_lastCont; {_createdCont addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1];true} count _it; {_createdCont addMagazineCargoGlobal [_x,1];true} count _mag; } forEach (pl_container getVariable ["allconts",[]]); {_g0 addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1]} forEach _otherItems; }; _g0 addItemCargoGlobal [_currentUnif,1]; _lastCont = _g0 call MGI_lastCont; {_lastCont addItemCargoGlobal [_x,1]} forEach _currentInvent; if (_g0 isKindOf "WeaponHolderSimulated" && {(count itemCargo _g0 + count magazineCargo _g0 + count weaponCargo _g0 + count backpackCargo _g0) == 0}) then { deleteVehicle _g0 }; }; }; }; MGI_button = 0; false }; MGI_lastCont = compileFinal " params [['_cont',objNull]]; private '_lastCont'; _invent = (everyContainer _cont - (everyBackpack _cont apply {[typeOf _x,_x]})); if !(_invent isEqualTo []) then { _lastCont = _invent select (count _invent -1) select 1; } else { _lastCont = _cont; }; _lastCont "; player addEventHandler ["InventoryOpened", { params ["_unit", "_container"]; pl_container = _container; [] spawn { waitUntil {!(isNull findDisplay 602)}; disableSerialization; {(findDisplay 602 displayCtrl _x) ctrlAddEventHandler ["MouseButtonClick", "[0,_this] call fnc_otherUnif"]} forEach [632,640]; {(findDisplay 602 displayCtrl _x) ctrlAddEventHandler ["LBSelChanged", "[1,_this] spawn fnc_otherUnif"]} forEach [632,640]; }; }] USAGE: just right click on uniform you want to wear. NOTE: seems a long code for forcing to wear a uniform? Just feel free to optimize without downgrading a working code on crates, corpses, or ground without multiplying gears or losing items...
  13. I want to add a new uniform to the game. My PBO file is structured like this: config.cpp : When I test my game, this is what it looks like: Is there any mistake in my config file?
  14. Hey everyone, I got a real quick question. So, I've started making a lot of custom factions with the ORBAT tool, and I'm looking to create custom camo for different uniforms in order to make certain factions for my unit's campaigns. To get to the question itself, I've extracted the .paa file from the .pbo, I've converted it into a .png using TexView 2 from ArmA 3 Tools, and now I'm stuck at Photoshop since there are no templates that I've found I ran into a problem. I tried using Overlay to apply my camo to the .png, I removed the boots, belt, and whatnot using selection so they don't get affected. But my problem is this, whenever I apply my fairly bright camo to the darker variant from RHS, it darkens my camo, basically ruining it, the old camo is still very much so visible below it and all the little details like the folds and stretching in the clothing, where the clothing bundles up and the stitches all of it just is either barely visible or gone. From what I saw I seem to need a template to properly do this, so I can apply my camo over theirs, but I haven't found a template. I know people have managed to retexture before and I asked RHS but they say they can't provide the .PSD files which I completely understand. So is there a way for me to retexture this and how did the other people do it, since I was quite a few retextures both big mods and small private ones.
  15. A small mod that currently adds three camouflage patterns for the M88 uniform: - East German "Rain" - Cuban "Elm Leaf" - Czechoslovakian "Needles" The goal is to eventually add more camouflage of nations hostile to NATO and the United States during the Cold War. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124452523 Please post if you have a problem with it, or a suggestion on how to improve it. If you have any sample textures to provide or point to that would be great as well. A lot of non-Western camo is obscure and hard to find images of.
  16. Hey, I'm working on a PMC/Contractor uniform reskin, and I'm looking to reskin the NATO Combat Uniform (Tee) as part of it. It's near-impossible to retexture Stavrou's combat uniforms as I do not like the tattoos the uniform model inherits, and the rest of the textures in my pack are just of simple cargo pants/duty pants, not the Crye G3 style pants with the integrated joint protection and stretch zones. What I'm after is a texture that converts those pants into regular cargo/BDU style pants. Preferably, I am after a 2048x2048 NOHQ file that I can use as an overlay for the pack, and the pants would ideally closely resemble the pants used on the FIA Guerilla Garment with the rolled-sleeve shirt. I would do it myself, but I have very little experience in editing normal maps to that extent. If anyone can assist, that would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I've messed around with creating basic addons and retexturing uniforms and never once have i seen an error like this. Usually i misspell something but everything seems to be right. Can someone help me out? The error (In the Arsenal the icon works fine, the error only shows up when i press the inventory key) I have no idea what the "equip\w\w_pt_items" and the double paa at the end means. The uniform code:
  18. Hey, Small topic for those who love to play around with randomness. Have you ever tried to find random point in circle? Let`s try find a random point around player in 1000 meters radius. So we can write something like. player getRelPos [random 1000, random 360]; And here we go, seems cool right? No it is not. Let`s try do that 5000 times, and put a marker for each resulting position. for "_i" from 0 to 5000 do { _pos = player getRelPos [random 1000, random 360]; _markerstr = createMarkerLocal [str random 100,_pos]; _markerstr setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerTypeLocal "hd_dot"; }; Here what we gonna have. As you can see it is not random at all. Dots are concentrated towards center. So how can we have unified distribution? We can write following: for "_i" from 0 to 5000 do { _radius = 1000; _randomValue = random _radius; _distributedValue = _randomValue; if ((1-(_randomValue/_radius)) > (random 1)) then { _distributedValue = (_randomValue + (random (_radius - _randomValue))) }; _pos = player getRelPos [_distributedValue, random 360]; _markerstr = createMarkerLocal [str random 100,_pos]; _markerstr setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerTypeLocal "hd_dot"; }; So here is what we gonna have as result Basically what we do here is: As smaller the random value we get as bigger the chance that we will add to this value a bit. (In simple words ;p) Have a good day
  19. As stated in topic, anyone know the hidden selection name for flag on blufor uniform?
  20. I'm currently working on a uniform mod for my squad, it's the HEV suit from Half-Life 2, and so far it's worked exceptionally well given that it's my first attempt. But for some reason, with a certain rifle animation, my character's arms stretch way out to the ground. It only appears to do it with whatever animation that the default MX rifles use, some other CUP rifles and all the pistols work fine. I had thought that it was a CUP issue but since the MX rifles also experience this, all I can assume is that there's some kind of animation set I forgot to assign or... something. If that's the case, does anyone know which one it is and how I would go about assigning it? Here's the contents of my model.cfg file if it's needed. class CfgSkeletons { class Default { isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = {}; }; class OFP2_ManSkeleton { isDiscrete = 0; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = { "Pelvis","", "Spine","Pelvis", "Spine1","Spine", "Spine2","Spine1", "Spine3","Spine2", "Camera","Pelvis", "weapon","Spine1", "launcher","Spine1", //Head skeleton in hierarchy "neck","Spine3", "neck1","neck", "head","neck1", //New facial features "Face_Hub","head", "Face_Jawbone","Face_Hub", "Face_Jowl","Face_Jawbone", "Face_chopRight","Face_Jawbone", "Face_chopLeft","Face_Jawbone", "Face_LipLowerMiddle","Face_Jawbone", "Face_LipLowerLeft","Face_Jawbone", "Face_LipLowerRight","Face_Jawbone", "Face_Chin","Face_Jawbone", "Face_Tongue","Face_Jawbone", "Face_CornerRight","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekSideRight","Face_CornerRight", "Face_CornerLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekSideLeft","Face_CornerLeft", "Face_CheekFrontRight","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekFrontLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekUpperRight","Face_Hub", "Face_CheekUpperLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_LipUpperMiddle","Face_Hub", "Face_LipUpperRight","Face_Hub", "Face_LipUpperLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_NostrilRight","Face_Hub", "Face_NostrilLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_Forehead","Face_Hub", "Face_BrowFrontRight","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowFrontLeft","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowMiddle","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowSideRight","Face_Forehead", "Face_BrowSideLeft","Face_Forehead", "Face_Eyelids","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidUpperRight","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidUpperLeft","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidLowerRight","Face_Hub", "Face_EyelidLowerLeft","Face_Hub", "EyeLeft","Face_Hub", "EyeRight","Face_Hub", //Left upper side "LeftShoulder","Spine3", "LeftArm","LeftShoulder", "LeftArmRoll","LeftArm", "LeftForeArm","LeftArmRoll", "LeftForeArmRoll","LeftForeArm", "LeftHand","LeftForeArmRoll", "LeftHandRing","LeftHand", "LeftHandRing1","LeftHandRing", "LeftHandRing2","LeftHandRing1", "LeftHandRing3","LeftHandRing2", "LeftHandPinky1","LeftHandRing", "LeftHandPinky2","LeftHandPinky1", "LeftHandPinky3","LeftHandPinky2", "LeftHandMiddle1","LeftHand", "LeftHandMiddle2","LeftHandMiddle1", "LeftHandMiddle3","LeftHandMiddle2", "LeftHandIndex1","LeftHand", "LeftHandIndex2","LeftHandIndex1", "LeftHandIndex3","LeftHandIndex2", "LeftHandThumb1","LeftHand", "LeftHandThumb2","LeftHandThumb1", "LeftHandThumb3","LeftHandThumb2", //Right upper side "RightShoulder","Spine3", "RightArm","RightShoulder", "RightArmRoll","RightArm", "RightForeArm","RightArmRoll", "RightForeArmRoll","RightForeArm", "RightHand","RightForeArmRoll", "RightHandRing","RightHand", "RightHandRing1","RightHandRing", "RightHandRing2","RightHandRing1", "RightHandRing3","RightHandRing2", "RightHandPinky1","RightHandRing", "RightHandPinky2","RightHandPinky1", "RightHandPinky3","RightHandPinky2", "RightHandMiddle1","RightHand", "RightHandMiddle2","RightHandMiddle1", "RightHandMiddle3","RightHandMiddle2", "RightHandIndex1","RightHand", "RightHandIndex2","RightHandIndex1", "RightHandIndex3","RightHandIndex2", "RightHandThumb1","RightHand", "RightHandThumb2","RightHandThumb1", "RightHandThumb3","RightHandThumb2", //Left lower side "LeftUpLeg","Pelvis", "LeftUpLegRoll","LeftUpLeg", "LeftLeg","LeftUpLegRoll", "LeftLegRoll","LeftLeg", "LeftFoot","LeftLegRoll", "LeftToeBase","LeftFoot", //Right lower side "RightUpLeg","Pelvis", "RightUpLegRoll","RightUpLeg", "RightLeg","RightUpLegRoll", "RightLegRoll","RightLeg", "RightFoot","RightLegRoll", "RightToeBase","RightFoot" }; // location of pivot points (local axes) for hierarchical animation pivotsModel="A3\anims_f\data\skeleton\SkeletonPivots.p3d"; }; }; class CfgModels { class Default { sectionsInherit=""; sections[] = {}; skeletonName = ""; }; class ArmaMan : Default { htMin = 60; // Minimum half-cooling time (in seconds) htMax = 1800; // Maximum half-cooling time (in seconds) afMax = 30; // Maximum temperature in case the model is alive (in celsius) mfMax = 0; // Maximum temperature when the model is moving (in celsius) mFact = 1; // Metabolism factor - number from interval <0, 1> (0 - metabolism has no influence, 1 - metabolism has full influence (no other temperature source will be considered)). tBody = 37; // Metabolism temperature of the model (in celsius) sections[] = { "osobnost","Head_Injury","Body_Injury","l_leg_injury","l_arm_injury","r_arm_injury","r_leg_injury","injury_body", "injury_legs", "injury_hands", "clan","clan_sign","Camo","CamoB","Camo1","Camo2","personality","hl", "injury_head" }; skeletonName = "OFP2_ManSkeleton"; }; class hev : ArmaMan {}; }; Thanks, Poton
  21. Hi All, Tonight we made an SDV insertion. When we changed from the wetsuit & rebreather to the uniforms&vest in our backpack... we were seeing everyone naked.... But when we looked at ourself we were all dressed up correctly with vest&Uniform. Any hint? -We are on a dedicated box, with 3 Headless managed by wearthless headless client mod. -Mission created with Eden. -Main mods : ACE, MCC, TASK-FORCE, -Script : R3F & igiload. Cheers
  22. Hi folks. I'm working on my mod (fictional, somewhat sci-fi soldiers/faction) with will include a brand new uniform model created from the sample material as well containing some elements made from scratch. I want to make the new model fully compatible with vests and stuff from vanilla as well from other mods. Since something like 90% of the model is very much the same as the sample, I was able to use the "skin wrap" modifier in 3ds with lets you copy skin/rigging data from selected source mesh. This saved me LOADS of time, with I would need to spend on rigging the whole model. However, how can I import the already rigged model into o2? I got the model ready to export from 3ds Max 2014. Textures are done, I still need to do normal maps, but since I got all the source material it will be pretty quick. When I finish my mod I'm planning on releasing all the source material files so others can freely use my work. Please help. http://imgur.com/a/Nouh4
  23. CGYU - Croguy's Uniforms - Ever felt like Arma needed more accurate uniforms of obscure countries, made with more effort and quality? Then my uniforms pack is just for you! THE MOD The whole idea behind this pack is to provide the Arma community with some more unique, high-quality character textures suited for not only the current point in time of the Armaverse, but the world as a whole! More notably, that of the Cold War. There's been a lot of factions, nations, and uniforms made throughout that period -- and I'm looking to bring as many of them as I can to the table. The periods I'm aiming at are just about anything: From World War 2, to 2035, I'm sure there's plenty of patterns, designs, and uniforms that should definitely be in the game. THE UNITS The primary drive behind the mod's foundation is creation of cold war-era faction-specific uniforms and equipment sets. Of course, that's further down the line, and what I got now is enough that I think it should be shared with the general public! They're mostly just reskins of the CSAT Officer with a bit of a twist added in to make them more appropriate, but I'm striving towards increasing the quality as much as possible for an entry modder of my type. Here is the current list of uniforms finished: BLUFOR INDFOR OPFOR WISHING YOU HAD A UNIFORM? Feel free to suggest uniforms! I'm always looking for suggestions and ideas. And, if you have proper materials, patterns, photos et al, I'd be extremely thankful if you provided some! It makes the reskins easier to make. As for other modders interested in collaborating, raw model material would always be nice! I'm looking for a greater array of models to use, and getting raw materials makes things much easier in the long run. DOWNLOAD Mega.co link CREDITS AND GRATITUDE FOR Bohemia Interactive for the model and base textures. Camopedia for some historical data and base camo texture patterns. Saul's Uniform Templates for the PSD resources. Facepunch Camouflage Thread for base camo texture patterns. FPArma, Broma, and Friends for personal advice on designing the uniforms! Stay tuned for more content!
  24. Royal Thai Armed Forces - Unit pack Unit and Uniform (ในนี้เป็นภาษาอังà¸à¸¤à¸©à¸¥à¹‰à¸§à¸™ หาà¸à¸•à¹‰à¸­à¸‡à¸à¸²à¸£à¸ าษาไทยโปรดเข้าใปดูในหน้า Workshop) Download from Steam Workshop (32.8 MB) Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/HKkOs Status: Still working in progress more content coming soon Content Unit (More unit types in future) RTAF Rifleman (Army) - RTAF_Soldier_a_f RTA Rifleman (Air Force) - RTAF_Soldier_af_f Uniform RTAF Combat Fatigues (Army) - RTAF_CombatUniform_a RTAF Combat Fatigues (Air Force) - RTAF_CombatUniform_af Vest RTAF Carrier Lite (Army) - RTAF_PlateCarrier1_a RTAF Carrier Lite (Air Force) - RTAF_PlateCarrier1_af RTAF Carrier Rig (Army) - RTAF_PlateCarrier2_a RTAF Carrier Rig (Air Force) - RTAF_PlateCarrier2_af RTAF GA Carrier Lite (Army) - RTAF_PlateCarrierIA_a RTAF GA Carrier Lite (Air Force) - RTAF_PlateCarrierIA_af Headgear RTAF Modular Helmet (Army) - RTAF_Helmet_a RTAF Modular Helmet (Air Force) - RTAF_Helmet_af RTAF Military Cap (Army) - RTAF_MilCap_a RTAF Military Cap (Air Force) - RTAF_MilCap_af Backpack (More backpack in future) RTAF Assault Pack (Army) - RTAF_AssaultPack_a RTAF Assault Pack (Air Force) - RTAF_AssaultPack_af RTAF Kit Bag (Army) - RTAF_KitBag_a RTAF Kit Bag (Air Force) - RTAF_KitBag_af RTAF Carryall Backpack (Army) - RTAF_Carryall_a RTAF Carryall Backpack (Air Force) - RTAF_Carryall_af Content Working in Progress (Include in this mod) Royal Thai Navy Uniform Royal Thai Air Force Uniform Unit types Rifleman (RTAF_Soldier_a_f, RTAF_Soldier_af_f, RTAF_Soldier_n_f) TRG-21 5.56 (ARCO) P07 9mm RTAF Combat Fatigues RTAF Carrier Lite RTAF Modular Helmet Notes: Classnames in Italic means they are not currently available in current version Uniform / Vest / Headgear of unit will different depend on faction they are on (Army, Navy, Air Force) Changelog (See full changelog here) 11/05/16 00:02 GMT+7 + Add RTAF Rifleman (Army) (Tee) - RTAF_Soldier_a_tee_f + Add RTAF Combat Fatigues (Army) (Tee) - RTAF_CombatUniform_tshirt_a 10/05/16 18:01 GMT+7 - Fix mission hydration pack texture on RTAF Carrier Rig (Army) + Add RTAF GA Carrier Lite (Army / Air Force) - RTAF_PlateCarrierIA_a / RTAF_PlateCarrierIA_af + Add RTAF Kit Bag (Army/Air Force) - RTAF_KitBag_a / RTAF_KitBag_af + Add RTAF Carryall Backpack (Army/Air Force) - RTAF_Carryall_a / RTAF_Carryall_af 08/05/16 16:35 GMT+7 - Added Air Force uniform / unit - Classname Change RTAF Combat Fatigues (Army) RTAF_CombatUniform_a RTAF Carrier Lite (Army) - RTAF_PlateCarrier1_a RTAF Carrier Rig (Army) - RTAF_PlateCarrier2_a 08/05/16 00:49 GMT+7 - Release
  25. Hello everyone, I have been trying in the past few days to make a retexture of the AAF uniform at which I succeeded. Then I needed to put it in game as an addon so I have to write a config.cpp file. No matter what I can't get it to work, so any help would be appreciated. Config.cpp Screenshots