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  1. Thanks for the reply... i assume setting the AI "guerilla as side is enemy to both east and west (can be set in the Eden editor)." these would be already on the map? and use the init field to make them hostile? how would i do this if they are spawned through this script? I will test by changing ["SIDE", "GUER"], but as for setting the spawned AI as an enemy in the editor i am not really sure what you mean. looking into something like this - independent setFriend [civilian, 0]; independent setFriend [blufor, 0]; resistance setFriend [civilian, 0]; resistance setFriend [blufor, 0]; opfor setFriend [civilian, 0]; opfor setFriend [blufor, 0]; civilian setFriend [blufor, 0]; civilian setFriend [civilian, 0]; blufor setFriend [blufor, 0]; blufor setFriend [civilian, 0]; execute this from init.sqf as i am not sure which side the AI spawn as i will use all these. EDIT - changed the side back to civilian so i will try - civilian setFriend [blufor, 0]; civilian setFriend [civilian, 0]; civilian setFriend [opfor , 0]; Cheers
  2. Steel_Dragon

    GF Kill info Script

    Works great thanks very much
  3. Steel_Dragon

    GF Kill info Script

    Fantastic thank you very much...
  4. Steel_Dragon

    GF Kill info Script

    I would like to notify the killer / shooter of 1. The person they have killed - NAME 2. The weapon used - NAME 3. The distance of the victim / killed person - IN METERS as a hint in the top right corner - using something like this - [5,"<t size='1.5'><t color='#FF0000'>PLAYER KILL</t></t><br/><br/><t size='1'>INSERT INFO HERE</t>"] remoteExec ["life_fnc_broadcast",0]; I know this above example is for all on the server - just this is the only example of what i want the killer to see Thank you.
  5. Hi confirmed it works with Frame work v5.0 Also it does support air vehicles.... One question how would i make the AI drive on the left side of the road please. I am using the Australia map and would like them to drive on the left. Also if i want the AI to be hostile to all players on the map would i just change to this? ["SIDE", sideEnemy], Using this as a guide - https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Side Thank you
  6. Steel_Dragon

    GF Kill info Script

    Thank you that would be great. Keep up the amazing work.
  7. Steel_Dragon

    GF Kill info Script

    Hi awesome idea I am trying to install it to my MP server and can only get the killed / dead player screen to work. (Framework v. 5.0) The shooter does not get any hint - about player they killed / distance / weapon etc I have added the GF_Kill_info folder to my mission folder - the codes for the initPlayerLocal.sqf and description.ext Thanks
  8. Steel_Dragon

    Backpack max weight wrong

    Try returning to default code it seems to have helped others fix it. fn_survival.sqf - } else { if (!(backpack player isEqualTo "") && {!(backpack player isEqualTo _bp)}) then { _bp = backpack player; life_maxWeight = LIFE_SETTINGS(getNumber,"total_maxWeight") + round(FETCH_CONFIG2(getNumber,"CfgVehicles",_bp,"maximumload") / 4); [] call life_fnc_hudUpdate; }; };
  9. Steel_Dragon

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    **SOLVED** - The @ZKs_iBuild mod was interfering with it - works since removing the mod.... Hi, Altis Life v5 TFAR v0.9.12 TS v3.5.1 MODS - D3 Cars pack CBA_A3 Australia 5.0.9 JSRS Sound Mod CUP Weapons iPhone X My first question is how to set the SW radio to unlimited distance / or 50klm distance - i assume it is in the task_force_radio.pbo/functions but cannot figure it out. I am using the Australia map and it is huge - players are often the otherside of the map and need to communicate with each other. I have found this - fn_getTransmittingDistanceMultiplicator there is this code - private ["_result"]; _result = TFAR_currentUnit getVariable "tf_sendingDistanceMultiplicator"; if (isNil "_result") then { _result = 1.0; }; _result; would i adjust this - _result = 1.0;? I have looked for this - tf_sendingDistanceMultiplicator and cannot seem to find it. I have found the - fn_radioRelay.sqf script but this either requires pre-spawned vehicles or objects with - [this, 10, 20000] call adv_fnc_radioRelay; in the init section and players need to manually activate it. I would prefer that the players did not have to do this. Yes there are LR radios but this takes away the backpack from the players. I am looking for away to hard code the SW radios distance. I have gone through all the functions in the .pbo and cannot seem to see where i would do this. (I am going through each function again) Testing with the help of this - https://forum.the-programmer.com/post/install-tfar-on-your-server.218/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first in game problem i and other players are having is that we can CTRL+P and open the radio interface once. After it has been opened it will not open again. I assume this next problem is related to the above mentioned one - When CTRL+ TAB players can only set the volume once - yelling then it does not change/adjust after that. Things we have tried - Have gone through this post for any answers/solutions - https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/104-tutorial-install-task-force-radio-dedicated-server-client-side/ Relogging - this does bring back up the radio interface and volume control but again only once. Rebinding keys - same result Reinstalling TFAR on all sides. - same result Tried in all factions same issue across all. root/Userconfig/task_force_radio/radio_settings.hpp // ================================================= // Server side only // ================================================= tf_no_auto_long_range_radio = 0; TF_give_personal_radio_to_regular_soldier = 0; TF_give_microdagr_to_soldier = 1; tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side = 0; tf_same_lr_frequencies_for_side = 0; tf_same_dd_frequencies_for_side = 0; // ================================================= // END: Server side only // ================================================= // Client side // ================================================= tf_default_radioVolume = 7; // ================================================= // END: Client side // ================================================= Hoping someone can provide guidance as we really love the quality of this mod/addon and it is adding an immersion value to the experience. Thank you.
  10. Steel_Dragon

    Only a certain role can open a door?

    BG_3 animate ["Door_1_rot", 0]; if (playerSide == civilian) then {this setVariable ["bis_disabled_Door_1", 1, false];}; BG_3 animate ["Door_2_rot", 0]; if (playerSide == civilian) then {this setVariable ["bis_disabled_Door_2", 1, false]; } put this in the init part of the building and it will lock the doors for civilians (Cops and medics can open them only) Door_1_rot and bis_disabled_Door_1", 1, false Change the above numbers to lock certain doors only. The door number is found if you scroll down on the object you wish to lock. Youll need to change - (playerSide == civilian) to say something that says they have to have a license to open the door.
  11. Hi V.5 Altis Life - Ported to the Australia map. I have ported to the Australia map i have it running on my PC through TADST for testing. Everything runs fine. I have transfered the mission.pbo (AU_Remastered_AU.australia) and the Life_server.Pbo to the server. Added all the keys to the server key folder. Mod setup on the server as follows - @extDB3;@JSRS SOUNDMOD;@life_server;@Australia 5.0.9;@D3S Cars pack;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@ace;@CUP ACE3 Compatibility Addon - Weapons; The game loads - but it just stays on a black screen. looking at the logs it does not seem to be loading the required mods - I have added a custom difficulty (see file below) I have changed the config file to - Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi, Running Altis Life - V.5 and still working excellently. Just wondering if there was a way to brighten the flashlight so the map is clearer. Thanks.
  13. Steel_Dragon

    GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    After testing for a few hours it is looking good thanks again for the help.
  14. Steel_Dragon

    GF Cargo Airdrops Script